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Show No. 39 - Armada Notorious Gypsy - The Heavy Drinking Podcast

This week Jeff grabbed us some beer from one of our favorite breweries around, Armada Brewing’s first sour “Notorious Gypsy”. We talk current events, catch up on what everyone’s been up to (sorry it’s been a while), and we field calls from Tom M and everyone’s favorite Nebraskan (is that a word?) Daine. We also find out that Dave has signed up to represent the podcast as a member of Team Craft Beer with New England Brewing for the Closer To Free charity bike ride, supporting the Smilow...


Show No. 38 - Ipswitch Cranberry Beret - The Heavy Drinking Podcast

We have a couple of surprise guests in the studio this week, and Jeff brings us our next Summer of Sours beer, Cranberry Beret, by Ipswitch Brewing. As always, you can call anytime – 203-463-4043 and leave us a voicemail, or check out Facebook and Instagram to see when we are recording and give us a call live with any questions or comments, or just to say hi – If you don’t suck it’ll stay in the episode. You can also email us, tweet, message…whatever you like. Don’t forget to follow...


Show No. 37 - Stony Creek Hibiscus & Ginger Gose - The Heavy Drinking Podcast

The Summer Of Sour train keeps chugging along with an offering from Stony Creek Brewery out of Branford, CT in the form of their Hibiscus and Ginger Gose. This thing pours like a rose and drinks……well listen to the episode and find out what the guys think. I can’t put everything in here. We want you to actually listen. Geez. We field a couple calls from listeners and find out what you fine people drink on a weekday night. Turns out you guys are just like us! As always, you can call...


Show No. 36 - Sumo Slam 2018 at No Worries - The Heavy Drinking Podcast

We went over to No Worries Brewing in Hamden for the 3rd annual Sumo Slam competition hosted by the man, Ken Tuccio. This event was killer and if you couldn’t be there, this is the next best thing. We talk to Ken about where this came from and some of the things he’s learned along the way. We speak to 2 brave contestants, and you can hear our commentary live through the rounds in 2 segments and follow their journey in the competition. We speak to owner and brewmaster of No Worries Kevin,...


Live From Sumo Slam - Part 1 - Heavy Drinking Podcast

WE ARE LIVE!!!! Kind of, only like an hour delay. We are set up at No Worries Brewing in Hamden, CT for the 3rd annual Sumo Slam event hosted by the one and only Ken Tuccio. He comes on the segment to talk about what this all is and what you’re missing if you haven’t gotten down here yet. So get down here!


Show No. 35 - Supah Phunk and Tom M - The Heavy Drinking Podcast

Hold on to your butts people, the Summer Of Sours nearly gets hijacked this week when the infamous Tom M stops by the studio to tell us all “It’s Always Stout Season”. The boys persevere though as Jeff comes through with the “Supah Phunk” from Hermit Thrush. There are hot dogs flying, we find a connection between Limp Bizkit and Andy Griffith, and Tom M takes away Jay’s craft beer card. Remember…. #tommisadick As always, you can call anytime – 203-463-4043 and leave us a voicemail, or...


Show No. 34 - Lolita - The Heavy Drinking Podcast

Buckle up and make sure to use incognito mode, this week we are joined in studio with one of the owners of Elm City Party Bike, and, spoiler alert….he’s also a cop! Not sure how we let that one get by the screeners, but Christian sat down and shared a few beers with us, chatted about how the Elm City Party Bike got started, questioned our morals when Jeff started talking about OxBalls, and we even taught him about the Sour Toe Cocktail. For this weeks beverage, Jeff stopped and grabbed...


Show No. 33 - Mango Dream - The Heavy Drinking Podcast

The “Summer Of Sours” continues with an offering from Stillwater Artisinal in the form of their Mango Dream, a juicy, dry-hopped sour made with, you guessed it, Mangos. We also got our hands on the unlreleased (as of the recording anyway) new track from As I Lay Dying “My Own Grave” and preview that sumbitch on air. As always, you can call anytime – 203-463-4043 and leave us a voicemail, or check out Facebook and Instagram to see when we are recording and give us a call live with any...


Show No. 32 - Orange Blossom Gose - The Heavy Drinking Podcast

The “Summer Of Sours” is here!! (much to the dismay of Dave, but he’s supposed to be running the computers anyway, not drinking on the job) We have been getting more into sours lately and they are so refreshing in the hotter months…if we ever get them…that we decided to dedicate the summer to reviewing sours, and we kick it off with the Platform Beer Co. Orange Blossom Gose from their Kettle Sour Series. This week someone actually got called out for using the T-word and actually did a...


Show No. 31 - Heavy Pours LA Gear - The Heavy Drinking Podcast

We have a special one today! This one is a bit of a “crossover” as we are joined by 50% of the crew from the Full Pours podcast. Pat Dicaprio comes in the studio and hangs out with us for the show, tries to add a little knowledge to our shit show, and helps us get through all the beers that Jeff’s sister so graciously sent us from L.A. - it’s a long one but well worth the listen. After you’re done, head over to www.fullpoursradio.com and give those guys some love! As always, you can...


Show No. 30 - Stop Whispering - The Heavy Drinking Podcast

Our buddy Aaron stopped by the studio this week and brought us in some delicious beers. One of which was “Stop Whispering” from Keg & Lantern out of Brooklyn, NY who he happened to find because it was across the street from a film set he was working on. Based on this one, I’m not sure I would have gotten much work done on those days! Check out the full episode as we dive into a few other beers and all the hot topics of the week! As always, you can call anytime – 203-463-4043 and...


Show No. 29 - Citrus Suraj - The Heavy Drinking Podcast

Show number 29 is here, and it’s a train wreck! (in the best way possible, lol) We are joined in studio by Ravi from Karmic Daaru, who was gracious enough to bring in some fresh Citrus Suraj straight from the tank before they started canning it, and a number of his favorite brews from other breweries as well. We are also joined by Hunter from Tap Room Tackers who we are announcing our new sponsorship with! If you haven’t yet, check them out, and mention the podcast for free samples!!! How...


Show No. 28 - Raspberry Sleight Of Hand - The Heavy Drinking Podcast

This week are joined in studio by a few friends in the band Sgt Scag (aka Sgt Scagnetti) to talk about their comeback to the scene and what they have planned for the future. The boys went up to the new Hoax Brewing and grabbed their ”Raspberry Sleight Of Hand” for us to try out on this episode. Earlier in the day, we headed out to the Blind Rhino in Norwalk for the 3rd annual (maybe?) Blind Beer Tasting Awards hosted by Ken Tucci, and we talk about that experience a bit here too. As...


PB and J - Episode 1 - 420 - The Heavy Drinking Podcast

We are back with the first PB&J episode (Paulo, Beer and Jay). Dave was busy pretending to work at a Cheech and Chong show, and Jeff was hanging out with a bunch of other dudes for a stag, but we felt it would be a missed opportunity to do a special episode in honor of the 4/20 holiday, seeing as how the hops plant and Mary Jane are cousins, and a few local breweries had some special releases on this day. So we went out and stopped by Armada to pick up their 420 NHVIPA, and Bad Sons to get...


Show No. 27 - Boyoboy - The Heavy Drinking Podcast

It’s another glorious day in the land of the Heavy Drinking Podcast. Paulo comes through this week with a really unique pick in the Collective Arts and Sillwater Artisanal collaboration Boyoboy. It’s what they are billing as a Breakfast Sour, brewed with Boysenberries. Jay comes up with a pretty sweet take (literally) on how to enjoy this one, and it worked!! As always, you can call anytime – 203-463-4043 and leave us a voicemail, or check out Facebook and Instagram to see when we are...


Show No. 26 - Dick Kicker Malt Liquor - The Heavy Drinking Podcast

Get kicked right in the dick! This week we have an offering from Founders in the form of a malt liquor. Coming in at around 14% this thing has some kick! We are also joined in studio once again by Justin Philips to discuss last weeks Brewer’s Ball, a look at some of Smoke In The Valley’s other events, and we delve into his music career with that volleyball from the Tom Hanks movie, you know the one I’m talking about. As always, you can call anytime - 203-463-4043 and leave us a...


Show No. 25 - The Brewers Ball - The Heavy Drinking Podcast

We’re back bitches! March was a slow month for us, mainly because Dave decided to finally work a few days and boned our schedule, but we have returned right where we left you. We are back at Bad Sons Brewery in Derby, CT for the Brewers Ball Homebrew Competition presented by Smoke In The Valley. This was a kick-ass event with a lot of great beers, and we got to meet a bunch of you as well! If you couldn’t make it, check out what you missed, if you were there, maybe this can recall those...


Show No. 24 - Probation and Brewers Ball - The Heavy Drinking Podcast

We are on location at Bad Sons Beer Co this week, trying out the new Probation IPA they just tapped that morning, and talking with 3 special guests about the upcoming Brewers Ball taking place there on March 24. Bad Sons brewer Cameron Pollitt joins us, along with Justin from Smoke In The Valley, who runs the Brewers Ball, as well as a featured home brewer they brought in to talk with us. As always, you can call anytime - 203-463-4043 and leave us a voicemail, or check out Facebook and...


Show No. 21 - Sap - The Heavy Drinking Podcast

We are back with new episodes, and this is a fun one! We are joined in studio by local comedian Dave Sheehan - a semi-finalist on Mohegan Sun’s Last Comix Standing competition. Tasty beverages this wee come from another offering of Treehouse that Jeff was so kind to bring home to us, and as always we discuss all things interesting that graced us in the newsfeed recently. We also start floating a couple ideas that we will need your help with in the near future, so be sure to listen and...


Bonus Clip Show No. 1 - Devin - The Heavy Drinking Podcast

Who doesn’t like bonus material?! No one, that’s who! We bring you a few lost bonus clips from an episode that didn’t quite make it out to the public. Cheers! As always, you can call anytime - 203-463-4043 and leave us a voicemail, or check out Facebook and Instagram to see when we are recording and give us a call live with any questions or comments, or just to say hi - If you don’t suck it’ll stay in the episode You can also email us, tweet, message…whatever you like. Don’t forget...