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Hero Sandwich Mix Tape- Side B: Nerdy Stuff You Need to Get Before It Sells Out, Transformers, Mailbag Answers- "vintage vs. new?'

Dave's out of town at a comic convention, so we flip over the Mix Tape and give a nerdy potpourri of topics in Side B. First off, Dave & Marty answer a couple questions from the Hero Sandwich Mailbag, one being "vintage vs. new" toys when buying for a kid. Marty poses a curious question about "old looks," and finally the boys each pick am few items at stores (a lot of new Transformer stuff) to buy before it sells out and you regret missing it. All this and a ton of laughs. Listen now and...


Hero Sandwich Mix Tape - Side A: Red Dead Redemption 2 discussion, Halloween review

Dave and Marty are back and ready to have a few random discussions all thrown together in a Mix Tape: From left over Halloween talk, to Dave’s Facebook Marketplace craziness, Marty’s love for kid’s meals at restaurants, and a pretty in depth discussion on Red Dead Redemption 2’s record breaking success. Start your day with Side A of our two part pod, Side B next week! Great for your morning drive or while running the treadmill! Don’t forget to Subscribe!!


The 2018 Holiday Movie Preview! Creed 2, Into the Spiderverse, Aquaman, & Bumblebee- Episode 67

Dave and Marty are back and ready to lick their wounds from their low rated Kramer vs Kramer episode with something every nerd can enjoy- The 2018 Holiday Movie Preview. In this episode we tackle Creed, Into the Spiderverse, Aquaman & Bumblebee. These are the four geekiest films the rest of this year has to offer and Hero Sandwich discusses them in typical Hero Sando fashion. Give it a listen and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!


Hero Sandwich Vs. The Classics #1: Kramer Vs. Kramer - Episode 66

Get excited folks Hero Sandwich is doing something different this week. We're reviewing one of the most critically acclaimed films in modern cinema, Kramer vs Kramer. Winner of four Oscars including Best Picture. Here's the catch... they can't remember any real details of it. Dave & Marty will discuss what they remember about 1.) Characters 2.) Plot 3.) Third Act /Plot twists. This isnt so much a movie review, as it is two dopes trying to break down a modern masterpiece using just their...


The Spooky Mount Rushmore Pajama Jammy Jam - Episode 65

Buckle up kiddos, because Hero Sando is about to get scary!! Actually that’s not very true, but the boys did decide to dust off Mount Rushmore and get in the Halloween spirit by ranking the top four Universal Studios monsters, the best “Slasher” movie characters (like Leatherface or Freddy), and finally the top “Modern Day movie creatures & monsters!” You don’t have to be a horror movie fan to like this one, Dave & Marty go on so many tangents there’s plenty for you to love, including...


Star Wars "Where Do we Go Now?" : The Future of the Franchise - Episode 64

Fresh off the recent news about The Mandalorian TV show, Dave reviews Solo and the boys decide its time to take a look again at Star Wars, resurrecting "Where Do We Go Now?" a discussion on current projects like The Mandalorian, The new Resistance animated series on the Disney Channel, as well as the Star Wars Story films - Including what they'd like to see- and end on key things Episode 9 will have to address. If you're a Star Wars fan, this one is a must. Subscribe now on iTunes and You...


Running Man talk & The eBAY Game!! - Episode 63

This week starts out like many a Hero Sando does, mocking a film from the 80's, this time it's The Running Man. After a little of that nonsense Dave & Marty get right to the bulk of the show- The eBay Game! Marty scoured eBay and found two items, Dave has to use his skills to determine which sold for more. Play along and see how you do! Different BONUS ciontent on You Tube. (Video of the pod can be found on You Tube, search Hero Sandwich Podcast). All that and a new Nerd Rage. Listen now...


Does new Joker suck?, "What Happened to Roger Rabbit", & stories of Superman's codpiece -Episode 62

This week Dave & Marty break down their thoughts on Joaquin Phoenix's JOKER. In true Hero Sando fashion this leads us to a pretty detailed discussion on Who Framed Roger Rabbit... what happened to Disney's white-eared rising star? What made it so great, and why hasn't a company obsessed with franchises taken advantage of its own once big box office hit? As you might expect, an animated rabbit segues nicely into a discussion of Superman's dork and Dave missing the boat on wooing his wife...


We're Back: Dave's V-Stock comic score, Marty's Game boy box snag, and cheap GI Joe Walkie Talkies? - Episode 61

Dave and Marty are back from their summer hibernation and ready to talk nonsense. The show starts with Dave's talk on Canadian TV, and a story about a comic book find in the V-Stock dollar bin that had us both amaze. Marty tries to top Dave's score with one of his own at a recent Estate Sale... lets just say they were $2 empty Gameboy Pocket boxes that sold for a number you won't believe. The show ends with Dave's story on using GI JOE walkie talkies at a comic con and Marty remembering a...


The Hero Sandwich "COBRA Draft Papers!" - Episode 60

Join the boys on their 60th episode by celebrating with nearly SIXTY MINUTES of nerdy nonsense. First off Marty makes Dave choose his optimal "end of the world" scenario, then both of them discuss what else? Recent nerdy aquisitions, this week: The USS FLAGG and a vintage HE-MAN toy box!! In the second half we play COBRA DRAFT PAPERS, a game where we pick evil characters from movies and pop culture to replace a current member of the Cobra team. Even if you're not into GI JOE, this game...


Marvel's "Infinity War" talk & Rushmore Roulette: Chinese Food, Time Machines, & Action Robots!! - Episode 59

In maybe Hero Sandwich's most bizarre episode yet, the boys decide on a random Thursday to record a pod... you know, just wing it. What ensues is a crazy trip that makes stops at John Carpenter's "They Live," a Toys R Us closure joint Nerd Rage, an in depth Marvel Infinity War discussion, and an impromptu game of Mount Rushmore where Dave & Marty rank Chinese food, Time Machines, and Action Movie robots. You REALLY have to hear this one to get it... but you'll be happy you did. Tons of...


The Hero Sandwich "1985 Toy Run Time Machine" - Episode 58

Marty is back from Disney which sparks a conversation on Disney's contract with Marvel in regards to its theme parks, then dave tells a story about a crazy trade/deal he made. Then... grab your skateboard and Walkman, Hero Sandwich is going back in time and YOU'RE going with them! Thats right, this episode Dave and Marty travel back to 1985 to participate in one of those awesome Nickelodeon Toys R Us Toy Runs where you get five minutes to fill as many shopping carts as you can before time...


The Hero Sandwich Mix Tape: Labo, Solo, & Video tapes? - Episode 57

Marty is heading to sunny Orlando so the boys decide to tyake it easy and just have another casual mix tape session. On the tape today: Teen Titans 12, a vintage toy Dave snagged, Nintendo Labo, Marty's talk about childhood fears, Solo; A Star Wars Story, Dave's dirty secret, and the dark side of video tape renting? It make not make sense now, but it will after you listen. Well, hopefully. Either way we think you'll enjoy it! Give a listen now!!


The Superhero Fantasy Football Draft II - Episode 56

It's almost the end of football season and that means SUPERBOWL time! But how do nerds celebrate? Here at HERO SANDWICH we do The Superhero Fantasy Football Draft Superbowl!!How does it work? Just like a real fantasy football draft, Dave & Marty take turns picking players- but instead of professional athletes they draft Superheroes and other characters from Pop Culture to play a real football game. QB, RB, two WR and a Defense comprised of your favorite heroes, but before that they hit the...


The Nerd Stock Exchange - Episode 55

Welcome 2018 in the best way possible- By building up your "nerd" portfolio with a new Nerd Stock Exchange. For those who aren't familiar, the NSE is a bit where Dave & Marty talk all things nerdy: Movies, hobbies, trends, etc, then determine if now is the time to "invest" or cut bait and spend your time with other stuff. Tons of laughs, Dave sings, the "Skeletor voice" is heard... essentially classic Hero Sando Discussed: Star Wars, Ready Player One, X Men/Fantastic Four under Disney......


Our SPOILERIFIC Star Wars The Last Jedi Review!! - Episode 54

OK, you've seen Star Wars The Last Jedi, you have all these thoughts, emotions, theories and fellings and you're looking for something to process it all- look no further. Dave & Marty spend nearly an hour talking it out, the good, the bad, and the downright nitpicky. If you haven't seen Episode 8, download this episode and come back to it after you do because its SPOILER HEAVY!!! We really think it's the perfect post Last Jedi companion in terms of clearing your head. Surprisingly deep,...


The Hero Sandwich eBay Game! - Episode 53

I know we said we wouldn't be back until our SPOILERIFIC Star Wars Ladt Jedi pod in a few weeks, but we missed you and wanted to play a game! What game? Our eBay game. How do we play? Marty takes two nerdy collectible items and Dave has to guess which sold for more. Its that easy. Play at home with us and see how you do. Are you a better toy nerd than the Hero Sandwich crew? Listen now and find out! Tons of laughs in this little impromptu mini-sode.


Last minute Star Wars The Last Jedi theories & Our Pop Culture Avengers Team - Episode 52

The boys return on a Cyber Monday to discuss everything from Fart Blasters to Oozinators, and find time to have a really great discussion on last minute theories regarding Star Wars The Last Jedi. If that wasn't enough, they do a bit where each person must pick a person from Pop Culture who technically has a super power (but has never used it to fight evil), and have them fight The Legion of Doom. Its 100% as ridiculous as you might think. All that and an all new Nerd Rage! Over 50 minutes...


The "Spooky Heavy Metal Thanksgiving Leftovers" Bonus Pod - Episode 51

The boys didn't want tou guys to go hungry for content this Thanksgiving break, so they scrounged around in the Hero Sando vault and found two different "lost files" of Episode 36. Originally intended to drop a few weeks before Halloween years ago, Episode 36 was never aired because of tecvhnical issues (but we think we got that all sorted out) Discussed: Vintage comic book ads, writing Marvel, why the Walking Dead stinks, literally, and Dave and Marty's creepiest rock album covers. All...


Our 50th Episode ALL NERD RAGE "Anniversary" Show!! - Episode 50

We've come a long way baby, and at times it felt like we'd never get here, but alas, here we are at our 50TH EPISODE!! We couldn't think of a better way to celebrate than to talk about old cartoons and Joanie Loves Chachi... PLUS DO AN ENTIRE SHOW OF NERD RAGE!! So much nerdy stupid anger, so little point. Big thanks to all those who have stuck with us, you're literally the only reason we do this. :) Join us in our celebration- Listen NOW!