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John Finnemore

This week Radio 4's John Finnemore (The Souvenir Programme, Cabin Pressure) lies comfortably back on the High Anxiety couch with Chris & Leon. John explains to us the problems he's had with insomnia throughout his life and the processes by which he tries to combat it. Tom Jones' nut bag comes up in conversation as does twitter followers, Leon's supposed friendship with Terence Stamp and the job security (or lack of) being a writer. Please sit back and relax to some proper Radio 4, high...


Alexandra Paul

A bumper podcast episode this week! Not only recorded in LA, not only do we go in seriously deep in the anxiety stakes but we do it with a bona fide American icon... This week's star guest is Alexandra Paul; actor (actress...she prefers it anyway and her christian name could be confusing) star of Baywatch, numerous movies, health coach, vegan, eco-warrior and model. Even though she is clean-living, we get down and dirty as she generously opens up about eating disorders, addictions,...


Patrick Kielty

Chris & Leon manage to catch up with Patrick in his LA home that he shares with his wife Cat Deeley and their two young kids. For anyone that is interested in stand up, fame, ambition and contentment then this episode for you. Patrick talks with a great honesty about where he is at now in his career and his life. We touch on being a comedian in the US, the dynamic of arena comedy, the skill of using a laugh and a story that is 'out of this world'. That's the sort of terrible pun that would...


Romesh Ranganathan

Welcome back faithful angst riddled followers. It took a while but finally a new 5 episode season of the High Anxiety Pod is back. We'll release a new episode every fortnight to make you feel like there is more content than there actually is. Chris & Leon's first guest is a favourite of ours and I suspect yours.... ROMESH RANGANATHAN!!! He took time out to come and play with Chris & Leon and open up about his success, his own self doubt, his life on the road, his Misadventures and his...


Rich Hall

The legendary Rich Hall is this week’s High Anxiety guest. From Saturday Night Live with Eddie Murphy and Billy Crystal through the Carson show, Letterman and turning down a role on Seinfeld, Rich Hall is the comedian’s comedian. His latest achievements are a string of critically acclaimed BBC4 documentaries about US culture and history. With nearly 40 years in the business he shares his love of running everyday, avoiding stress, staying current and his eagerness to continue his...


Doc Brown aka Ben Bailey Smith

Rapper, Comedian, Writer, Actor Ben Bailey Smith aka Doc Brown is this week's gift to you. His soporific, gentle tone is like an aural massage popped, intermittently, by Leon and Chris. Ben is a fantastic guest with a smart angle on life as well as a huge creative output. He talks about his stand up career, how much he gives of himself to ‘show business’, his work with Ricky Gervais and some fresh views on rap and literacy. We play some of his most recent album Stemma and chat through the...


Amber Tozer

Amber is our first American guest on High Anxiety. She is a comedian and the author of the brilliant book Sober Stick Figure - we've even added a link so you can have a look at it https://g.co/kgs/qKg6ru Get the book and read it. It's the insanely funny story about Amber's struggle with alcohol. Yup, it's hilarious and about alcoholism. Amber is brilliantly candid about her addiction, her whirlwind romance with her new husband, the pointlessness of social media and the hypocrisy of really...


Steve Mackintosh

Brimming with anxiety this week is Steve Mackintosh (Lock Stock, Luther, Stan Lee’s Lucky Man, Memphis Belle). Steve is an actor with an insanely long CV (or Resumé for our Stateside friends.) Steve has been in the biz since he was a carefree, young nipper. He got married in his early 20s and managed to run a successful acting career alongside bringing up two kids with his wife. He takes us through his life’s quibbles and thoughts; the anxieties of acting, making the right job choices,...


Rhashan Stone

Actor, Musician and Dad - Rhashan Stone (Apple Tree Yard, Strike Back, The A Word, Agatha Raisin) joins Chris and Leon for Episode 6 of High Anxiety Pod. Rhashan talks about his anxiety as a black teenager in Norfolk in the 80s, his passion for music and authenticity and his shunning of any sort of social media. Less important things that we chat about are famous people's penis size and the use of the word 'panties'. If you listen right to the end of the podcast you get little treat... It...


Kerry Godliman

Want to know what Corporate Comedy gigs are? Interested in masturbation on the dark web? Do you know the difference between prostate and prostrate? Kerry Godliman is this week’s guest with all the answers. Kerry, as a successful stand up and actor, (Derek, Mascots, Bad Move, Carters Get Rich) shares her thoughts about age, depression and anxiety with grace and insight. What made it very special was that she shared these thoughts with us on her actual birthday. It’s difficult not to love...


Ash Atalla

Bafta winning, potty mouthed, comedy wizard Ash Atalla (The Office, IT Crowd, People Just Do Nothing, Trollied) is this week's chatmonger. He moans a bit about the lonely life of a producer as well as talking about his numerous awards. He gives some bona fide good advice about producing top drawer comedy which is his speciality. His anxiety about clutter and what people think about him is a particular highlight. Leon breathes quite heavily throughout and Chris is a bit of a prick......


Marc Warren

This week it's the turn of Marc Warren to face the Paxman style grilling from Chris & Leon. Marc has been in a tons of stuff from The Hustle, Band of Brothers, Snatch, Mad Dogs to big Hollywood movies like Wanted in which he stars alongside James McAvoy, Morgan Freeman and Angelina Jolie. This last batch of epic name dropping leads to a particularly good impression of Mr. Freeman. We cover addiction and sobriety, hair loss and close hand magic. The episode is packed full of anxiety as Marc,...


Danny Wallace

This week’s guest on the High Anxiety Pod is Danny Wallace: author, actor, presenter, journalist, screenwriter and ‘humorist’ (as stated in wikipedia). Danny talks about his experiences in Hollywood when his novel The Yes Man was made into a hit movie with Jim Carrey, his worries about the apocalypse, finding time to do everything and bemoaning the fact that he finds it difficult to run for a train. Leon gives us an incredibly detailed account of when he fainted and Chris shares his worry...


Isy Suttie

In the first of our High Anxiety Podcasts Chris & Leon talk to award winning writer, actor, comedian, songstress and novelist about the difficulties of finding time to write and create as a mother, crap building up in the house and how to deal with being recognised in Nandos. There's a bit of sweary stuff on occasion. @highaxietypod