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Why I'm Starting a Patreon - Hot Breath! Comedy Network

This is exciting news! We have now entered the Patreon pantheon to start ramping up the comedy mastery content. We now have a platform to interact directly and share all the exclusive content you've been asking for. Click the link below to check it out for yourself. **[](** Thank you for all your support Hot Breathiverse! This is an exciting step we are all taking together. **Get Hot Breath! Merch Here:**...


#156 - Amber Nash: Booking Archer without Audition, Voiceover Work Tips, Diversifying Your Comedy Resume

Amber Nash has been working on Archer 10 seasons now and shares all the fun, the sad, and the business of being in the comedy game so long. This interview is a road map for comedians looking to diversify their portofolio and develop multiple comedy skills that lead to more bookings and opportunities. Listeners will learn: * Getting Archer without an audition * Creating characters * Breaking into voiceover industry * Finding your character voice * Improv vs stand up comedians * How comics can...


#PhoneSessions | Candid Conversation with Lavar Walker on the Comedy Game

Hot Breathren Lavar Walker called me up to share some comedy game and motivational praise for the podcast. Enjoy! Lavar's First Interview: []( Lavar's Second Interview:...


#Tight5Podcast | Hosting Your First Show feat. Olivia Joy Steele

Olivia Joy Steele is only a few months into her comedy career and has already hosted her first show. She shares the good, the bad, and the funny of this milestone in every comic's journey. Olivia's Social Media: []( []( * * * Hot Breath! Pod Merch: []( * *...


#155 - Nick Gibbons: Working at Adult Swim, How to Pitch TV Shows, Finding Your Uniqe Comedy Voice

I recorded this interview on an early morning at Adult Swim Studios. Nick Gibbons has been working at Adult Swim for over ten years and in the comedy game for over twenty years. What’s so motivating about this interview is Nick’s ability to create success his way by doing and learning instead of wishing. This is the perfect interview for any comics hoping to one day get on TV. Nick proves it’s possible without having to compromise your creative voice. Enjoy! Listeners will learn about: *...


#Tight5Podcast | Finding Your Voice on Stage with Erica Duchess

Erica Duchess is only 5 years into the game but already slaying stages by being her true self. After our show at a BBQ restaurant (#WeMadeIt), I had to ask her how she is so comfortable and authentic on stage so early into her career. Enjoy! **__________________________________________________________________________** **Donate to the podcast here: [](**...


#154 - Manu Muraro: The Comedian Social Media Cheat Sheet, Getting Engaged Followers, IGTV + MORE

Manu is back to update the Hot Breathiverse on all that has changed in social media since her first interview over a year ago. She is a guru on the topic and someone you will want to follow and learn from on your own social media accounts. Take notes and enjoy! **Listeners will learn:** * How she went from 700 to 7K followers in one year * Why you shouldn’t buy followers * Using social media as a promotional platform * How to convert followers to customers * Instagram story strategies * Why...


#KeynoteSpeech for Podcast Atlanta - "Comedy and Podcasting"

Podcast Atlanta invited me out to their event to speak on the power of comedy in podcasting. I have been thinking about getting into the speaking world for a while and this experience has inspired me to stop thinking and start doing. I hope this speech also inspires you to find your own voice in comedy or podcasting and start reaching a new audience! ___________________________________________________________________________ **Donate to the podcast here**:...


#Tight5Podcast | How to Bomb with Style

I had a rough run of shows last night and felt compelled to share this perspective that helps me bounce back from such nights. Enjoy! __________________________________________________________________________ **Donate to the podcast here:** []( ___________________________________________________________________________ Connect and see the full video on the Hot Breath! Comedy Network Group:...


#153 - Ali Siddiq Returns (Kinda) : Throwback Episode #73

This is our first throwback episode and we picked one of our most popular guests ever, Ali Siddiq. After his second interview (linked below), many of you reached out about how and where to hear his first. Well after some confusing back and forth messages, I decided to post it here for your convenience. Even if you have heard this interview before, you are guaranteed to hear new knowledge this time around. I appreciate all of your feedback and support in requesting this episode. Enjoy!...


#HotBreathRadioHour starring Jacob Williams, Coy Sutley, Michael Rowland

Hot Breath! Radio Hour is a one of a kind show that showcases local comedians through their performance and also interview with Joel live on stage. If you'd like to have the Radio Hour in your scene, send us an email! Connect with the community at our Hot Breath! Comedy Network Group: []( Joel's Website:...


#Tight5Podcast | How to Perform in Front of 10 People like it's 10,000

Comedy clubs are just a tiny percentage of the work you can get performing stand-up comedy. Challenge yourself to find new avenues to paid gigs. I've performed everywhere from sidewalks to garages and hotel conference rooms. This #Tight5Podcast shares tips on how to always perform your best regardless of the setting. Connect and see the full video on the Hot Breath! Comedy Network Group:...


#152 - Tamra Goins: Agents vs. Managers, Business Protocol for Comics, Taping a TV Reel

Tamra Goins is one of comedy's most powerful players titled the Head of Comedy at Innovative Artists in LA. This is her first podcast and she holds nothing back in this business masterclass all comics should hear. Takes notes and share the knowledge. **Must Hear Moments:** * Top comic business mistakes * Getting a business LLC * Why or why not you need an agent * When it's time to get an agent * The difference between agents and managers * How to tape a TV reel * Creating your goals in...


#HotBreathRadioHour starring Katt Williams, David Perdue, Samm Severin, Eazy Comedy, LueLue, Patty Pat, Dick Santori

Hot Breath! Radio Hour is a one of a kind show that showcases local comedians through their performance and also interview with Joel live on stage. If you'd like to have the Radio Hour in your scene, send us an email! Connect with the community at our Hot Breath! Comedy Network Group: []( Joel's Website:...


#Tight5Podcast | How to Save Money on the Road

_SPOILER ALERT_ Comedy does not pay well. So it's crucial to save money where and however you can. Here are a few tips I've learned from years of traveling on the road. Join our facebook group to share how you save money out on the road! Connect and see the full video on the Hot Breath! Comedy Network Group: []( * * * **Join Joel's Podcasting Course happening this Saturday by...


#151 - Melanie Comarcho: Is Katt Williams Crazy? Touring with Martin Lawrence & Chris Tucker, How to Negotiate Your Rate

Melanie Comarcho does not do interviews, until now! Since her comedy career started way back in 1992, she has toured the world with comedy juggernauts like Katt Williams, Martin Lawrence, Chris Tucker, and more. This rare interview profiles her comedic journey and reveals how she has maintained such a consistent tour schedule with these comedy legends. **Must Hear Moments:** * Knowing your worth in comedy * How to negotiate a rate * Touring with Katt Williams, Martin Lawrence, Chris Tucker *...


#150 - Ali Siddiq: Why You Suck at Comedy, Taping a Comedy Central Special, Comedy Gimmicks

[]( []( Ali Siddiq is back for his second interview on Hot Breath! Podcast to share his experience taping a Comedy Central special in prison, comedy gimmicks and why the purity of comedy is fading. Ali's first interview:...


#149 - Jeremiah Watkins: Comedy Store Stories, Moving to LA from Kansas, Why All Comics Should Learn Improv

After moving to LA from Kansas at the age of 20, Jeremiah Watkins has become one of the most influential players in the LA comedy network. I've been a fan of Jeremiah's since seeing him in action on the Roast Battle's wave a few years ago. He is hands down one of the most dynamic performers I have ever seen and breaks down how how he does it on this week's episode. Not only can he kill a stage but also runs some of the most popular shows at The Comedy Store. **Must Hear Moments:** * Moving...


#148 - Sean Patton: Killing vs. Being Funny, Comedy Storytelling Secrets, Louis CK Controversy

Sean Patton is one of comedy's most unique talents. I have seen him perform live four times and not a single set has been the same. He breaks down his technique behind improvising on stage and how you can do the same. There is also an in-depth discussion on the power of silence on stage and a storytelling breakdown that has forever changed the way I perform comedy. This is one of those Hot Breathisodes you'll have to hear multiple times to digest. **Must Hear Moments:** * The Storytelling...


#147 - Samm Severin: How to Record a Comedy Album, Balancing OCD with Comedy, Drugs and Creativity

Samm Severin is an Atlanta favorite that just recorded her first comedy album called "Stoned and Sad." She breaks down how comics can record their own albums from start to finish. There are also a lot of insightful stories about her battles with sobriety and how her OCD is connected. This is one of a kind interview with a one of a kind comic. Enjoy! Buy Samm's album here:...