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#163 - Beth Stelling: Delivery vs. Writing, Working with Judd Apatow, The Writer's Room Hustle

Beth Stelling is a comedy powerhouse with an impressive resume spanning from the the world's most popular stages to the writer's room of the world's most popular show. This episode is a rare behind the scenes look at her creative process for churning out so much quality comedy and the tips she's learned from working with other comedy royalty like Judd Apatow and Pete Holmes. **In this episode listeners will learn about:** * Delivery vs. Writing * Storytelling tips * The evolution of your...


#WritingSessions Live Writing Consultation with @TySoSilly

Here's a fun behind the scenes listen of a writing session I recently did with @TySoSilly. This is one of our most fun yet because of the incredible breakthrough we make on her comedy writing voice and point of view. I love doing these in person and over Skype so let's connect! **Book Your Personal Writing Session Here:** --- Get Hot Breath! Merch Here: []( Support the...


#Tight5Podcast | Why You Should Do Competitions

Everyone has their opinions on comedy competitions. For better or worse, I use them as a great opportunity to network while also performing under pressure. There is a heightened sense of urgency in competitions that force you to rise to the occasion. I value the experience more than the outcome and hope this episode helps you to find your own perspective on this sometimes taboo facet of our industry. **Get Hot Breath! Merch Here:**...


#162 - Bruce Leroy: Developing Valuable Skills Outside of Comedy, Owning A Comedy Club, Organization Tips

Bruce Leroy is jack of all creative trades. He's part comedian, part comedy club owner, part yogi, part graphic designer, part videographer and a total force of nature. This interview is the perfect blueprint to help you develop new skills and spark fresh creativity into your comedy. You'll want to hear this once twice! In this episode listeners will learn about: * Quitting your job for comedy * Owning a comedy club * Investing in yourself * Organization tips * How to live a healthier...


#InstagramLive Q&A with Alton Walker

Alton Walker has one of our most popular interviews to date so we had to hop on the IG Live and let you ask him questions personally. Thanks to everyone that tuned in and asked such insightful questions. Enjoy! Listen to Alton's Full Interview Here: []( ---...


#WritingSessions Live Writing Consultation with Coy Sutley

This is a behind the scenes peek at a one on one writing consultation we did with Atlanta open mic comic Coy Sutley. The goal of this episode is to inspire you to collaborate and start creating more material faster. This is also an insightful look into the creative process of comedy writing and all the trial and error required to find the gold jokes. Enjoy and keep grinding! Fill out the Hot Breath! Survey Here: [](


#161 - Alton Walker: Turning Your Funny into Money, Setting Your Price, Email Etiquette

This interview with Alton Walker is all about turning your show into a business. I lost count of all the tips and strategies he shares to help comics get booked immediately and frequently. The only catch is, YOU have to do the work. Are you willing to do that? Only time will tell… In this episode listeners will learn: * The administrative work of comedy * Email etiquette * Tailoring emails to specific bookers * Google email extractor * Building an email list * Setting a price for your comedy...


#ComedyTheGameShow Live at Laughing Skull (Sold-Out)

Part comedy show, part game show, and a whole lotta fun. This sold out event is not only the first of it's kind but also The Hot Breath! Comedy Network's first presentation of Comedy! The Game Show. We’re bringing back the classic game show for the modern comedy fan. Enjoy this battle royale of funny as three comics compete to see who is funniest and wins the bragging rights with a cash prize to boot. Enjoy! **Get Your Tickets to the Next Game Show Here:**...


#Write10Podcast | How to Break Writer's Block

We all struggle with writer's block, so here are a few tips and tricks I've learned the hard way to help your creativity be less of a block and more of a minor bump. Enjoy and share! ___________________________________________________________________________ Get Hot Breath! Pod Merch: []( Donate to the podcast here: [](


"The best comedy advice I've ever gotten." - #FacebookLive Q&A with YOU!

I want to connect with you more and doing Q&A episodes are the perfect way for you to be heard on the podcast. So this will be the first of many. Enjoy! This week's Q&A covers: * How to not compare your successes to that of other comedians * The best comedy I've ever gotten * Comedian tax return write-offs * My funniest teachers * Where I get my sense of humor from * When to sell merch * How to edit material * My theory on open mics...


A Free Gift for You - Happy Holidays!

In honor of the holidays, we're giving you one of our favorite tools that keeps us committed to our writing and performing rituals. You've given us so much of your time and we want to help save you time with a personally designed accountability calendar! All you have to do is message us on any social media about the calendar and it's yours! This will be a gift that keeps on giving. Connect with us on facebook:...


#Tight5Podcast | How to Stay Productive During the Holidays

I struggle to stay motivated during the holidays, but this is an easy strategy to staying productive without working. You'll be amazed at the impact this simple shift in your mindset will have on your comedy. Enjoy and share with other comics! ____________________________________________________________________________ Get Hot Breath! Pod Merch: []( Donate to the podcast here:...


#Write10Podcast | My Favorite Writing Technique

This episode explores my favorite writing technique, free writing, and how it can help you generate more material faster than ever before. Enjoy! * * * Join the Facebook Group: []( Get Hot Breath! Merch: []( Support Hot Breath! Patreon:...


#161 - Karlous Miller (Best of 2018 Winner)

The Hot Breathiverse has voted and Karlous Miller is our #1 episode of 2018\. This interview is a legit masterclass on navigating show business and all the red flags to avoid along the way. Even if you have heard this episode before, do yourself a favor and listen again. I guarantee you will hear new insights and gems. Karlous shares too many in this interview to hear them in one pass. Enjoy and thanks for voting! Link to Karlous' first Hot Breath! interview:...


#InstagramLive Q&A with Tierra Burrell

Tierra is one of our most popular guests and was willing to meet up on IG Live for a listener Q&A. We cover too many topics the count, but these are the perfect opportunities for you to connect with our guests. I hope you learn a lot and will be joining us for future IG Live Q&A episodes. Hear Tierra's First Interview:...


#Write10Podcast | How to Start Writing Everyday

We all struggle with writing consistently. So, this new series will help us all get better at writing more frequently and effectively. Today's homework is to write for 10 minutes for the next seven days. Are you up to the challenge? #Tight5Podcast | How to Perform When You Don't Feel Like It [](


#160 - Tierra Burrell (2017): How to eat Healthy on a Budget, Organization Tips, Goal Setting

This throwback episode relives our first interview with Tierra Burrell covering all things health. Living healthy as a comedian is a big challenge, but this interview makes it a lot easier. You'll be surprised by the small changes you can make to help make a big difference for not only your physical and mental health but also the health of your career. Enjoy! Listeners will learn: * Changing your diet * Making smart food decisions * The negative mental effects of unhealthy food *...


#InstagramLive Interview featuring Geo Perez

Hot Breathren Geo Perez contacted me about doing an interview over IG Live, and here we are. He's a newer comic asking all the right questions about tips and techniques on how to get better faster. This is the first episode of its kind but have a funny feeling it won't be the last. Hit me up on social media ([]( to book your own interview with me! Geo's IG:...


#Tight5Podcast | How to Perform When You Don't Feel Like It

We all struggle with motivation from time to time and this was a time I did and how I overcame it. These are just a few suggestions to help I've learned from years of trial and error. I hope they help! Top tips: * Remember your "why" * Set goals * Get out of own head * Review pros and cons Get Hot Breath! Merch: []( Support Hot Breath! Patreon:...


#159 - Tierra Burrell: Eating Healthy on the Road, What Your Poop Should Look Like, + MORE

Tierra Burrell is back for her second interview to share health tips on everything from what your poop should look like to creating healthy habits and eating clean on the road. The health industry sells a lot of snake oil but Tierra is the real deal and shares real health tips for anyone wanting to live a healthier life. Enjoy! Listeners will learn: * How to eat healthy on the road * Food prep tips * Developing emotional intelligence * The good, better, best strategy * The truth about poop *...