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Bryan and Peter talk about running in a weekly podcast. Features interviews with some amazing runners, their own running updates, and whatever makes them laugh.

Bryan and Peter talk about running in a weekly podcast. Features interviews with some amazing runners, their own running updates, and whatever makes them laugh.
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Bryan and Peter talk about running in a weekly podcast. Features interviews with some amazing runners, their own running updates, and whatever makes them laugh.






Episode 150 - Mark Lowenstein

Peter and Bryan check in on their latest runs, then welcome back Mark Lowenstein of Bryan takes the opportunity to get Mark’s advice on where to run during his upcoming trip to Denver. Then, Mark talks about some great fall and holiday runs, ranging from Europe to New York to Texas! They also chat about how the site stays accurate, the influx of scooters on the streets, and other great places to run if you’re trying to escape the winter. Plus, an update on Mark’s exercise...


Episode 149 - Flip the Switch

Peter finds his inspiration to get back to running after injury, and Bryan reflects on his own return following his surgery. Plus, how HWYRT has influenced yet another long-time listener to complete an incredible running feat. And, an update on the upcoming 3rd annual Crankle 2K! Sign up here to donate and run the Crankle 2K: Have a listen to our OTHER show. You can hear all five episodes of Thought Platform over...


Episode 148 - Amelia Meath

It's our 3rd Anniversary Special!! Peter and Bryan chat about working through injury and the negative self-talk that creeps in when you're not running, and then Bryan confesses (of course) to how he got injured this time... Then, the main event: we welcome singer/songwriter Amelia Meath, currently on tour promoting a new album with her band Mountain Man (and gearing up to go back to the studio with her other band, Sylvan Esso)! Amelia is brand new to running and her excitement is contagious....


Thought Platform - Nature

We are skipping a new HWYRT episode this week, as we are busy preparing our third anniversary show! However, over the summer, Bryan and Peter released five episodes of Thought Platform, their new conversation podcast. Here’s the first episode, Nature, for your listening pleasure. Please check out all the other episodes exclusively at RadioPublic: And please email us YOUR thoughts at See you next week!


Episode 147 - MDI SCI-FI

Peter and Bryan are talkin’ up Autumn! Bryan describes the beautiful Mount Desert Island Half Marathon in Maine, where he raced with artist-in-residence Andrea Bonney Gould, now a half-marathon completionist! Next, Peter and Bryan talk about hydration while racing, then Bryan shares his interview with Leah Frost, the MDI women's race winner and course record-breaker. Leah explains why she loves MDI and what she would say to young women who are interested in running. Then, Bryan describes how...


Episode 146 - Anna & Andi

The women of HWYRT take over the mics! Anna describes her experience at the B.A.A. Half Marathon, while Andi looks ahead to the MDI Half. They both start getting into a Millinocket mindset, and then compare their different feelings about the social aspects of running. Then, some serious talk about anger and hope for the future. Finally, they invite Peter and Bryan back onto the show. Bryan and Andi talk about a run that didn’t go as planned, and then Bryan grills Peter about his surprise...


Episode 145 - Message Received

Peter and Bryan make a long-awaited return to Feedback Corner where Queen Lauren Madden is ready with the listener mailbag. New listener Jenny Love's email about listening to HWYRT at the gym encourages Bryan to tell his story about the intense, self-propelled treadmill he is determined to conquer. HWYRT listener and former guest Lori Richmond has some new hosting suggestions. And long-time listener Jennifer Houghton clears up the confusion around filling bathtubs with water during a storm....


Episode 144 - Bryan Kent

Peter and Bryan welcome another Bryan to the mics. Bryan Kent of Wellness in Motion describes his work as a chiropractor and acupuncturist, and shares how he practically stumbled into studying traditional Chinese medicine. Bryan also talks about how chiropractic philosophy has changed over the years, and then brings out the tools of his trade for a live demonstration! Peter gets to experience acupuncture while (podcast) Bryan experiences cupping. (Doctor) Bryan also shares the proper way to...


Episode 143 - Corinne Griffiths

Bryan and Peter are back at the studio at the Boston Public Library where Bryan tells the story of his recent painful rookie mistake. Then the guys are joined by Boston's running unicorn, Corinne Griffiths. They chat about their shared recent experience running hills under the guidance of NP-guest co-leaders Marathon George Woodward and Artist-in-Residence Andrea Bonney Gould, then Corinne describes her first foray into ultra running with the Anchor Down Ultra. She talks about how she...


Episode 142 - You’re Killington Me, Bryan

It's our second week after the break, and everyone on team HWYRT is already BUSY. Peter continues to make progress in PT, Bryan runs yet another race, and the race schedules are full for Artist-in-Residence Andrea Bonney Gould and Social Media Guru Anna Brooks. Then, Bryan is the man on the mountain at the Under Armour Mountain Running Series at Killington, Vermont, where he interviews Run 4 All Women ambassador Becca, NP Boston tribe member Natasha, and the far-traveling members of the...


Episode 141 - The Return

Peter and Bryan make their long-awaited return to the podcasting studio. Bryan is back in the races while Peter is back on the injury deck (and Bryan questions the activities that got him there). Plus, a report on an odd way that fans are enjoying the show and a tease about the upcoming Millinocket 3rd annual Crankle 2K! And, of course, Bryan has another confession. Haven’t heard our Thought Platform podcasts yet? What are you waiting for!?! Check out all five episode over at...


Episode 140 - Mark Lowenstein

Peter and Bryan get the scoop on all the best places to run from Mark Lowenstein, creator of which provides runners who travel with a curated list of scenic and iconic running routes worldwide. Mark shares how he started his passion project and how it has grown. He also names a few names for the most challenging places to run. And, he reveals the amazing cardio-activity streak that he has maintained for four years straight! Finally, Bryan and Peter have some BIG...


Episode 139 - Boilermaker 15K 2018

It’s the story we’ve all been waiting for: the Boilermaker 15K recap! Bryan sits down with Boilermaker completionists Peter Villa and Igor Babushkin to get the scoop on what went right and what went terribly wrong on the big day. In his role as interviewer, mediator, and therapist, Bryan gets to the heart of a new rift in the Clyde Army ranks and helps to mend the emotional chafing. Find out all about the Boilermaker race: Buy some HWYRT...


Episode 138 - Dan Janis

Peter and Bryan take to the streets and are joined by Dan Janis, who is well on his way to running a marathon in all 50 states. Dan shares how he’s managed to make such unbelievable progress in crossing states off his list, and how he plans to wrap it all up. Plus, tales of one race with mobile port-a-potties, the types of people you meet at remote marathons, the best post-race parties, and what happens when the giant beaver mascot decides to leave early. Check out Dan’s “Danifesto” over...


Episode 137 - A Cool 10K

Bryan and Peter finally make it back to the studio at the Boston Public Library where they are joined by Social Media Guru Anna Brooks, who just completed her second BAA 10K. They talk about the race experience, Peter and Bryan's sweaty view from the sidelines, and the secrets of the team tents. Bryan shares the unique pre-race regimen that helped Artist-in-Residence Andrea Bonney Gould crush the BAA 10K, and Peter gives an update from the medical tent on his Boilermaker 15K training. Then,...


Episode 136 - Alan Scherer

Peter and Bryan venture outside the studio, first to Peter’s house and then to Bryan’s car, to make some HWYRT magic. Peter has a big announcement about his run streak and Bryan offers his sage advice. Bryan also impresses Peter with his amazing return to athletics. Then, they welcome November Project Boston tribe member and photographer Alan Scherer to discuss a more serious topic that has been in the news: suicide. Alan shares his struggles with mental illness and how he worked to recover...


Episode 135 - Phoning It In

Bryan and Peter can't be together at the studio, but a new episode is only a phone call away. Peter is cautious about his running streak after feeling some familiar pains, while Bryan and Artist-in-Residence Andrea tackle The North Face Endurance Challenge, resulting in a mix of victories and struggles. Also, Bryan talks about being back in the racing game (although there is still so much #RebuildingBryan to be done) and Peter starts to question his racing decisions. Next, we follow Vinnie...


Episode 134 - Community News

We start by Following the Cent as Vinnie travels to Virginia Beach to chat with Nic King. Nic, who ran an amazing 14 races in one year for the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series, talks about how he got started with running, how he discovered November Project, and how engaging with other runners has helped him come out of his shell and find his community. Then, we return to the studio! Peter gives an update on the Clyde Army Countdown and reveals a big race announcement. Meanwhile, Bryan keeps...


Episode 133 - Chicken on a Hot Roof

Bryan and Peter record on location at the Gould Family Farm. Bryan is ready to spring himself from PT, while Peter continues to train for the Utica Boilermaker 15K. Then, Vinnie Cent travels to Baltimore and talks with NP's Hallie Herz. Hallie shares how she got involved in the November Project and how she hopes to encourage more inclusiveness within the NP community, particularly for LGBTQ members. Hallie also talks about her participation in the Baltimore XFest, a comedy festival...


Episode 132 - Josh Sprague

Bryan continues his recovery by tackling some hills and starting to plan some races. Then, an interview with cyclist, runner, and Orange Mud CEO Josh Sprague. Josh talks about his crazy adventure races, including a run through the desert on a horse with no name. (Actually, it was named "Macaroni.") He shares how he trained for adventure races in the past and now trains for ultra running and other endurance races. He also describes how his experiences on the trail led him to design his own...