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The Road to Endgame, Marvel Movie Extravaganza!

The Hyde brothers are back with another explosive episode! Join Ryan, Steve, and Brandon as they embark on their own quest to recap their thoughts on all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies! From the humble beginnings of Iron Man to the powerhouse that is Captain Marvel, we cover it all! Kick back and get ready for the Endgame!


James Bond Thanksgiving Spectacular!

The Hyde brothers are back with their most dangerous episode yet! Join them as they discuss the trials and tribulations of the world's favorite spy: James Bond! Our thoughts on the entire history of Bond films are laid out, as we discover the ups and downs of the franchise. What Bond film ranks as the best? What film should be turned into a video game? Who should become the next Bond? Find out the answers to all these questions and much more in our Thanksgiving Special!!!


Summer Movies of Today and Yesteryear

We close out the summer with a very special episode! Ryan and Brandon are joined by Steven for a conversation that spans the decades of film. We discuss our favorites from 2018 and then flash back to 2008 and even 1998! Kick back, grab a cold one and catch up on the best (and the worst!) of the year's movies!


Super Mario History Part 2

A new episode appears! Ryan and Brandon finally chronicle the finale of Super Mario's history throughout the years! What possible mashups did Nintendo shove Mario into? What does a Yoshi feel like? Are there prequels to Jurassic World? Find out the answers to all these questions and much, much more!


Super Mario History Part 1

Our first episode of 2018 is here! Listen as Ryan and Brandon process the storied history of video games' greatest character, Mario. From his original appearance to his own games, we try to understand the stranger parts of Mario's series. Join us as we learn more about Mario than we ever hoped to!


Tremors 2 Commentary Track

Happy Holidays! Our latest episode is a special commentary track for the very best Christmas movie, Tremors 2. Find out why this particular film is a Christmas tradition here at the Hyde and Go Seek headquarters. Sync up with our instructions for a one of a kind experience!


MetalHeads- Metal 3, Batman Lost and 4

Are you ready to rock?! Join Ryan and Brandon as they recap the insanity of Metal 3, Batman Lost, and Metal 4! The DC universe has fallen into even deeper turmoil as Superman and Wonder Woman attempt to fend off The Dark Knights. What happens when Batman is trapped in his own mind? What plan does Barbatos have for our heroes? Have you ever wanted to hear Ryan's impression of an angler fish? Find out the answers to these questions and much, much more as Metal takes us into the darkest corners...


Spooktacular Spookcast

Our spookiest episode yet! Join Ryan, Brandon, and Steve as they share their Halloween favorites with all of you. What horrors await you in this episode? You'll have to listen to find out! Looking for some of the best horror movies, tv shows, comics, games, and books for this spOoOoOoky season? You've come to the right place. An episode so good, it's scary!


MetalHeads - Metal 1 & 2

Another new episode of Metalheads explodes into your feed! Join Ryan and Brandon as they discuss issues one and two of DC's latest event series Dark Nights: Metal! The plot thickens as Batman has secrets beyond what the Justice League could have imagined. What history does Batman have with the dark multiverse and what does this mean for the DC universe? Listen to our theories and much more in a jam-packed episode!


MetalHeads - Prelude

Our premiere episode of MetalHeads explodes into action! Listen as Ryan and Brandon recap the prelude issues of DC's Metal, The Forge and The Casting. Keep up with the story or listen for our synopsis in this episode. What wonders lie in the future for Batman and the mystery of The Dark Multiverse? Find out along with us! This is our special miniseries chronicling the Batman miniseries, so if you have any questions regarding comics, let us know in the comments!


Fast Food Update

Finally, our updated thoughts on fast food has arrived! Join Ryan and Brandon as they discuss their changes to the definitive list of best fast food establishments. We discuss our thoughts on a recent list of best fast food items and then try to imagine the ultimate fast food meal, under the most dangerous of circumstances. A jam packed episode that is full of surprises around every corner! And stay tuned at the end for a very special announcement of a project coming from us. Keep on eating!


Comic Book Movie Wishlist Part 2 Enter The Zachverse

A new episode appears! Our exciting conclusion to part one of our comic book movie wishlist is finally here. Join host Brandon and his very special guest and co-host as they navigate the world of hypothetical comic book films, that only exist in their dreams! Let us know in the comments what movies you would love to see happen!


Incredible Mario and Batman Fan Theories

Our latest episodes does a deep dive into the Super Mario lore and Batman history! Does Batman create his own villains? Is Mario truly the Mario that we know and love? Is Toad and his species a garbage addition to every Mario game?(Yes)Find out the answers to these burning questions and much, much more!


E3 Impressions and Thoughts

Our latest episode is bursting at the seams with our impressions of E3 2017! What did we see? What did we think? What do we want to play? Do we play games? Let's found out! Our hosts get into Super Mario theory and even deeper into the lore of our favorite Italian plumber. Along the way, we discuss some history of E3 and even some predictions of what might come. Let us know in the comments what games we missed or what you're excited about playing!


Summer Movies Present And Past

We are joined by special guests Steve and Jenn to discuss the upcoming slate of summer movies of 2017. Which ones are we excited for? Which ones do we not know are actually about? Also, we discuss the summer movie season of the year 1997 and realize how amazing and goofy that summer was!


Movie and Video Game Behind the Scenes Horror Stories

Brandon and Ryan talk about Taco Bell, movie production nightmares and the stress of working on multi-million dollar games. It's that simple. No tangents, weird questions or dumb jokes from either of them. Don't believe me? Well, listen to it! Oh, you listened to it and we totally did go off on dumb tangents? I apologize for lying to you about that.


Comic Book Movie Wishlist

Our first ever episode about comic book movies is coming at you! Join Brandon and our first non-family member guest, Zach, as they discuss the hypothetical movies that they wish could happen.


Anime Chat

Coming at you with another new episode this week! We talk about select anime shows and movies that we think are great or not so great or are slightly scared of. Great introduction for people who want to get into anime or a it will convince everyone who is on the fence to never watch it. Enjoy!


Video Game Chat (HD REMIX)

In this episode, Brandon tried valiantly to try to explain more video games to Ryan! Has Ryan learned more about video games since the last video game talk or is he as clueless as last time? Tune to fin out. (Just kidding he hasn't learned anything nor retained any of the knowledge from last time)


Oscars Roundup

Here's the brothers' general roundup of the Oscar nominees this year. We go down the list and talk about all the movies we didn't see and hated this year. We promise we'll get out and see these movies, We swear! Except Manchester by the Sea, fuck that movie. (Just kidding I'm sure its fine)