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#25 mother! w/Jamie Loftus

In Episode 25, Jessica and Kelly had on Jamie Loftus and saw the psychological thriller mother! by Darren Aronofsky. Was it as good as Black Swan? Questionable. Was it like a crazy rollercoaster of emotions and like living your worst nightmare? Yup. Definitely very creepy, definitely very interesting to talk about. Listen and enjoy! Follow Jamie Loftus on twitter: @hamburgerphone Follow Jessica on twitter: @jessandrosky Follow Kelly on twitter: @hollyweirdo Follow IMDweed on twitter: @imdweed


#24 It w/Kyle Clark

In Episode 24 Jessica and Kelly faced their fears by watching the remake of the film It. In case you didn't know, Kelly is terrified of clowns and Jessica is just terrified of scary movies. In the end...they liked It! They had on Halloween and It expert Kyle Clark and he dished about the differences between the old, new, and book! Don't worry though, he loved it too! Listen, love, and who knows? Maybe you'll float too! Follow Kyle on twitter: @kyleclarkisrad Follow Jessica on twitter:...


#22 It Takes Two w/Lauren Rantala

There's not many good movies out right now in theaters, that's why we had another great throwback with the NEW CLASSIC, the Olsen twin's at their finest: It Takes Two. Jess and Kelly had on their pal Lauren Rantala, as they watched and thoroughly enjoyed the movie still -- yes! it still holds up! Listen if you loved the 90s, the Olsen twins, or just getting stoned as heck. This one is super fun, listen and enjoy! Follow Lauren on twitter: @laurenrantala Follow IMDweed on twitter: @imdweed...


#21 First Wives Club w/Barbara Gray

Episode 21, Jess and Kelly did another throwback movie because, let's be honest, there's not many good summer movies out right now. We watched First Wives Club with Barbara Grey! Fun times, fun movie. Did you know they wanted to make a sequel but the studios were like "no it was a fluke this chick flick was a hit" GOTTA LOVE BEING A WOMAN. This one is a good one, have a listen! Follow Barbara on twitter: @BabsGray Follow IMDweed on twitter: @imdweed Follow Jessica on twitter: @jessandrosky...


#19 Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure w/Chris Cope

In Episode 19, Jessica and Kelly had on Chris Cope to watch a classic 80's throwback -- Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure! It wasn't as excellent an adventure as they quite remember, but still a fun pod. Did they finish the movie feeling dumber than they already are? Yup, a little bit. Did they play fuck/marry/kill Bill, Ted, and George Carlin? Doyee and it was easy. Is Ted Theodore Logan basically John Wick but in a different timeline? According it Chris, YES. Listen, love, subscribe,...


#14 Independence Day 2: Resurgence w/Tyler Stephenson

Happy 4th or well 5th of July! In Episode 14 we messed up a little, like true Americans aka idiots, and celebrated way too hard by forgetting to post this on Tuesday AND screwing up the episode number in the intro -- we're sorry but JUST wait until you have a listen to this fun ep. Jessica and Kelly ring in America's birthday with their pal, non-American/actually-Austrialian, Tyler Stephenson to get stoned and talk about Independence Day 2: Resurgence. It was just as shitty as you thought,...