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Ice and The Face Ep. 201 Dec 27, 2018

WHAT!? This is Ice and The Face #201 -12.27.18- and it drips HEAVY with the frying grease of dead chickens! Tonight, Rick and Sarah sort of welcome back to the show, Stonz! Together, we pull on our extra long rubber boots, stomp through the excrement of regular human life, and whilst gagging mightily, we scoop out the sinister truths on such wreaking topics as: Condom applicator designs, throwaway sex doll parts, the KFC yule log, food shaped like other food, chicken leg pants, people who...


Ice and The Face Ep. 200 Nov 23, 2018

Well ain't it just the holidays tho?! Welcome to Ice and The Face #200 -11.23.18- NOT ONLY is this our TWO-HUNDREDTH EPISODE, but it's ALSO Part 2 of our Thanksgiving Leftovers Special! Join us, as we fill our mouths and brains to bursting with anything and everything unhealthy, and chuckle warmly with us as crumbs of truth drop about everywhere in regards to such important topics as: Preparing human meat, sanitary pad juice, testicle filler injections, new uses for the taint, kids who bake...


Ice and The Face Ep. 199 Nov 23, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving Part 1! This is Ice and The Face #199 -11.23.18- The Thanksgiving Leftovers Special: Part 1! Tonight, we gather around the carving table and welcome Stonz to feed with us in this two-parter holiday and celebration episode! Join us, as we don our bibs and feast on such gravy laden topics as: Used and re-packaged condoms, a guy exposing himself in a celebratory manner at McDonald's, Burger King nightmares, the inner circle, marrying junk around the house, illegal...


Ice and The Face Ep. 198 Oct 31, 2018

Happy Halloween you little angry heathens! THIS is Ice and The Face #198 - 10.31.18! Tonight, Rick and Sarah take a nice short journey into the caves of everyday living, and man, what we find there, just might make you eat your own face. Join us as we discuss such significant topics as: Dead silicone spouse copies, tweezing boogers, automotive prostitute deterrents, a fast lane for impatient shoppers, a giant escaped pig, flatulent resistant cushions, and a whole lot more! Thank you all very...


Ice and The Face Ep. 197 Oct 19, 2018

Welcome home! This is Ice and The Face #197 -10.19.18- and it will swish around your guts with two fists whilst you laugh through your gurgling innards. And tonight, we welcome back, guest with the most frequent flyer mileage, Stonz! Together, we go up in the sky on a single engine plane, breathe in deep the increasingly toxic atmosphere, mutate, remove our parachutes, cross our fingers, smell them, and dive head first into such poignant topics as: Fun with fake ambulances, guys who set up...


Ice and The Face Ep. 196 Oct 11, 2018

This is Ice and The Face #196 -10.11.18- and it is here in existence...all for you! Tonight, Rick and Sarah are joined by the King of, John Lacki! As a combined unit, we don our smartest clothes, place trouble-area items at the top of our action list, and really hit them where it hurts with 100% out-of-the-box thinking...we also unleash a whole other list of less douchey terms which are unrelated to the workplace to bring you the truth on such topics as: Saran Wrap condoms,...


Ice and The Face Ep. 195 Sept 30, 2018

HI! This is Ice and The Face #195 -9.30.18- The International Podcast Day Special! Tonight, we are teamed up with Stonz to fill your life with a certain level of importance. Join us, as we trudge through the consistent nightmares of life, chuckling darkly as we bring you some perspective on such topics as: Condom expiration dates, Bluetooth sex dolls, actual cat burglars, googly eyes for fish, eyeball swapping, nether region tortoise finds, penis contouring, mouth farts, Thunder Mountain and...


Ice and The Face Ep. 194 Sept 2, 2018

Good day! THIS is Ice and The Face #194 - 9.2.18! Tonight, we "welcome" back fellow surly world-hater, Stonz! Join us, as we pull on our hazmat suits and trudge forward through a world so stupidly perplexing, we nearly commit group ritual seppuku simply so we don't have to exist in tandem with it! Jump around in a circle in your underwear while we riff on this and that, opening up your third eye to such important topics as: Condom testing, what constitutes "fleeing", lally columns, fast food...


Ice and The Face Ep. 193 Aug 5, 2018

Here we go! This is Ice and The Face #193 -8.5.18- and it is here to examine all your head holes. Tonight, we are "fortunate" enough to have reoccurring guest, Stonz in the house! Woot. Join the three of us, as we camp beneath the stars, breathing in all the diseased air of humanity into our lungs just to yack out some deep insights on amazing topics for you... stuff like: Re-using condoms, issues with a fainting goat at a Walmart, stealing live sharks with strollers, raising money for Kylie...


Ice and The Face Ep. 192 July 26, 2018

YO! This is Ice and The Face #192 -7.26.18! Tonight, we are once again joined by our good friend, Tony Tedesco! Chuckle warmly with us, as we pull on our gas-soaked slippers and tip-toe over the hot coals of regular living just to fish you out a few knowledgeable words on such wonderful topics as: Alternative condom usage, Wegman-iacs, corn nuts, nefarious horseplay, eating your friends nose, jaw power, burglaring Wifi, cosmetic surgery in 1895, an unsuspicious headless body, drinking at...


Ice and The Face Ep. 191 July 13, 2018

YOU GOT THIS! Ice and The Face #191 -7.13.18- exists! Tonight, Rick and Sarah welcome back fellow dystopian cynic, Stonz! Together, we grimace hard yet chuckle softly as we dissect the fabric of existence itself. Meld your mind with our words as we verbally run-punch our way through such topicky topics as: Alternate Willy Wonka plots, a literary porn parody of Catcher in the Rye, when your baby is too heavy to save, debris, poisoned food, issues with bath salts, when forgiveness is too much,...


Ice and The Face Ep. 190 July 9, 2018

Well look at you! This is Ice and The Face #190 -7.9.18- and it will simply harm you! Tonight Rick and Sarah hunker down into a bunker of hate to cheerfully seethe and foam at the mouth, while painfully, yet gleefully, delivering you a unique perspective on such grandiose topics as: Audio-book voice-overs, alternative uses for condoms, tongue-born fish-children, screaming sperm, an alternative Golden Girls story line, a senior citizen takeover, a silicone nipple and milk issue, proper...


Ice and The Face Ep. 189 June 30, 2018

HI! This is Ice and The Face #189 -6.30.18- and it is here to put you in the car, and take you somewhere unfamiliar, and leave you there! Tonight, we kind of welcome back, reoccurring person on the show, Stonz! Together, we delve into the goings on in the world, and black out and overdose on the stupidity so badly, we don't even know what happened. Listen, as we blather on such greasy topics as: Haunted sex walls, sock machines, sperm ghosts, a guy with exploding shoe cameras, haunted...


Ice and The Face Ep. 188 June 21, 2018

Well OMG! This is Ice and The Face #188 -6.21.18- and it is here to tear your mind apart...but in a fun way. Tonight, we welcome Czar of, John Lacki! Joined together by way of similarly thinking brain meats, we throw down the gauntlet of truth and with our insanely mighty incisors, we bite down, tear flesh, and spit into your face, the juicy truths on such sweet and salty topics as: Coked up eels, fish sperm sacks and human tongues, giving your own home a low rating on Yelp, a...


Ice and The Face Ep. 187 June 1, 2018

YEAH! This is Ice and The Face #187 -6.1.18- with somewhat special guest, Stonz! Tonight, we make our way through the pustular nightmares of the human world. While wading through the muck of the mystery fluids of life, we dive head first into such topics as: The explosive burial of William the Conqueror, foot condoms, foot fetish limits, dominance-farts and nipple pinching, weathered nipples, fish-skin vaginas, idiot cake-makers, nice-foot printed socks, tattoo artists who can't spell,...


Ice and The Face Ep. 186 May 3, 2018

LOOK! This is Ice and The Face #186 -5.3.18- and it will rip ALL your scary scabs off with great force! Tonight, Rick and Sarah welcome back to the show, dominant force on the internet, John Lacki of! Together we build a blanket fort out of blankets and huddle together, shielding ourselves from the emerging mushroom cloud of normal person living. Thumbing through the endlessly unfinished book of regular life, we read and discuss such hotly important topics as: The newest yoga...


Ice and The Face Ep. 185 Apr. 29, 2018

AHOY! This is Ice and The Face #185 - 4.29.18! Tonight, Rick and Sarah welcome back to the show, guest-like person, Stonz! Join us, and we dodge the shrapnel of normie living with Matrix like precision, slowing down the very worst of behaviors to a crawl, so we may point, bellow, and deliver to you and your hungry mind commentary on such steaming topics as: Superhero condoms, the actual lack of quicksand in the world, the world of miming, strange birthing circumstances, actual shadow...


Ice and The Face Ep. 184 Apr. 19, 2018

This is Ice and The Face #184 - 4.19.18! Tonight, Rick and Sarah sit together and the very center of the universe, appalled, but nonetheless guffawing at the spectacle that is normal-person behavior. Join us, as we chuckle at this and that, bringing you the important commentary you need on such dry-heaving topics as: Condom practice, exposing yourself at the mall, eye-mustaches, fecal matter on your eggs, micro ego trips, accidentally climbing a mountain, FB knowledge, renting out a house...


Ice and The Face Ep. 183 Apr. 7, 2018

BEHOLD! This is Ice and The Face #183 -4.7.18! Tonight, Rick and Sarah welcome returning guest-like person, Stonz! Together we stick and move, whilst trying to navigate our way through the rotten landscape of human behavior. Join us as we duck and cover ourselves from the shrapnel of the regular old awful world just to bring you the kind of sterling commentary you'd expect in times like these, focusing hard on such apocalyptic topics as: The condom challenge, when trying to impress your...


Ice and The Face Ep. 182 Mar. 22, 2018

What what!? THIS is Ice and The Face #182 -3.22.18- and it will force your mind to swing for the fences, cross the line, and go too far! Tonight, Rick and Sarah are joined by the Master of, John Lacki! Join us as we camp beneath the stars on a dying planet, chuckle-snorting at all humanity has to offer! And while the campfire screams with the souls of our enemies, we offer up our deepest thoughts on such mind-bending topics as: A troublesome abandoned couch, blind people with...