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Cole Knowlden, Kenyon Adamcik, and Kwamin Marshall are three comics who explore bad self-help advice and implement it in their lives

Cole Knowlden, Kenyon Adamcik, and Kwamin Marshall are three comics who explore bad self-help advice and implement it in their lives
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Cole Knowlden, Kenyon Adamcik, and Kwamin Marshall are three comics who explore bad self-help advice and implement it in their lives






16. The Angel Therapy Handbook

This week I’ll See You In Help looks at The Angel Therapy Handbook, by Doreen Virtue. We find out that apparently we all have personal guardian angels that exist only to help us in life, from motivating us to make the right choices to helping us find good parking spaces (which seems a little bit a heavenly being).


15. God's Diet and Perfect Weight

Looking to lose some weight, Kenyon and Cole decide to diet for this weeks episode of I'll See You In Help. Cole goes with God's Diet while Kenyon takes on Perfect Weight, Deepak Chopra's quantum diet.


14. How to Get Over Your Ex (the Breakup Book for Men) With Nik Cartwright

Breakups are hard, luckily I’ll See You In Help is here this week with special guest, Chicago comic Nik Cartwright, to go over some tips on how to make it through, provided by the book How to Get Over Your Ex (the Breakup Book for Men): 7 Powerful Hacks for Men - A Step by Step Guide for Self Improvement (Man Power Series). Whew, what a mouthful. We start off interviewing Nik about his relationship, how it ended, and what life has been like for him now, a couple weeks after the breakup....


13. Close Your Eyes, Get Free/Self-Hypnosis

Want to improve your self-worth, have a surgery pain-free without the use of anesthesia, and make crippled men walk again? All of this and more is possible under self-hypnosis, claims master hypnotherapist Grace Smith, author of Close Your Eyes, Get Free. In the beginning of the book Grace tells us the power of self-hypnosis with the story of Alexandre, a Brazilian special forces officer who was injured and paralyzed in combat. He tried to regain use of his legs, but nothing worked for him,...


12. Wallstreetbets

This week we gave Kwamin 50$ and a stock account to see if he could make some money following the advice of reddit wallstreetbets. Self described as “like 4chan found a Bloomberg terminal,” r/wallstreetbets actively celebrates and finds hilarity in the monetary losses of its other users. We go into Kwamin’s financial background and find his entire knowledge of financial markets comes from the movie “Wolf of Wall Street,” which means he’ll fit right in at wallstreetbets. We put 50 dollars in...


11. How to Get a Guy by Thinking Like One With Maddie Wiener

Standup comic Maddie Wiener joins us this week to try to land a guy with the advice from Think Like a Guy: How to Get a Guy by Thinking Like One by Giuliana Depandi. Successful in her career (NBC Standup semi-finalist, opened for Dave Attell), but unsuccessful in love this should be the perfect book for her. We get into Think Like a Guy, written by an E! news anchor, and find out that Giuliana Depandi thinks men are hunters and women need to think like them to standout out from other women....


10. The Flinch

You know that moment of hesitation before asking someone out, demanding a raise, or taking a cold shower? According to Julien Smith, that’s the flinch, and fear of the flinch is what’s preventing you from being a champion. Kenyon and Kwamin are definitely interested in being champions and they ask what the first step is to understanding, and getting over, the flinch. Julien says to understand the flinch, watch kids at play (a risky proposition for three men in their twenties, one of whom is...


9. Surviving Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! This week we look at some “thanksgiving survival guides” to help you navigate being home at the holidays. Politics is usually the biggest issue at family gatherings and, for some reason, thanksgiving tends to be the holiday where it all comes to a head (probably because it’s the soonest one after any major elections). We look at some of the tips from the survival guides to handle having a dinner with family members that might not share your views. Some of the tips tell...


8. A Woman's Guide to Changing Her Man with Hatty Preston

British comedian/actress Hatty Preston (Princess Maribel in E’s The Royals) joins us to talk about the book A Woman's Guide to Changing Her Man. Originally from England, Hatty talks about her move to Chicago, taking improv classes here, and performing standup for the first time. She also talks about her past relationships and we ask if she’s ever wished she could change her partners behavior because, if so, we have the perfect self-help book for her, A Woman's Guide to Changing Her Man. In...


7. Rebirthing Therapy/Dolphin Therapy

Kenyon goes through womb regression, an illegal therepy, to see if being reborn will fix the problems of his first birth. Practitioners of womb regression (rebirth) therapy say that a lot of common problems, like depression, sinus, and characters flaws, are a result of negative emotions during birth. They claim that, as a fetus, you can hear and feel what your parents are saying and thinking about you and, for instance, if you hear you mom contemplating abortion it might affect you later in...


6. NoFap

This may be the hardest week yet for Kenyon and Kwamin as we try out nofap, a subreddit that promotes abstinence from masturbation. We talk about their experiences with masturbation, especially the dangers of the family computer growing up. Then we look more into what exactly the subreddit nofap is. The users call themselves “fapsternauts,” and going by demographics, mostly 18-24 men who are virgins. 99% of the users end up relapsing so it does not seem super effective. They claim the...


5. Rage Room

We visited Chicago’s rage room this week to investigate if it was an effective way to reduce stress and anger. The basic setup is a small room filled with printers, dishes, tvs, etc, that you can pay money to smash. Some rage rooms you pay per time, some you pay per item you smash and it can end up being fairly expensive. Looking into the rage rooms we found a couple reasons why people go. Some use it as therapy. We look at a testimonial of a lady who tried to use it as a way to cope with...


4. The Plan: Have Sex in 69 Easy Steps

We look at The Plan: Have Sex Tonight with a Gorgeous Woman in 69 Easy Steps, by Tony Clink, a pick up artist who, over the course of 69 chapters, lays out his master thesis on how to bed almost any woman. Cole talks about having to pick up the book from the library and getting weird looks from the librarian and feeling sleazy just having it in his backpack. The advice in the book ranges from the bland “just have confidence,” to what basically amounts as harassment “respect and then...


3. Wildman Weekends

We look at Wildman Weekends, an 80’s self-help movement where men would go away on a retreat to unleash the “wildman” within. These retreats were a backlash against the rise of feminism and industrialization that the organizers claimed were furthering men from their own masculinity Some of the activities at these retreats to ‘free the wildman’ were drum circles, improvisational dancing around bonfires, closing your eyes while yelling dad, daddy, or father for half an hour, chasing and...


2. The Way Of The Wizard

We look at Deepak Chopra's The Way Of The Wizard, a self-help book that teaches you to live more like Merlin from the King Arthur stories. As we look into the book, we discover that the stories that Deepak uses to teach lessons on life are not actually historical King Arthur stories, but Deepak’s own Merlin fan-fiction inspired by the stories of King Arthur. Deepak also claims that Merlin, the fictional character, is the greatest western philosopher and that inside all of us is a wizard...


1. Intro/The Gentleman's Guide to Life

Welcome to I'll See You In Help's inaugural episode! Each week we’ll review some bad self help advice and then try to use it in our own lives and see what happens. Cole Knowlden reads the self help before recording, goes over it with Kwamin Marshall and Kenyon Adamcik during the first half of the podcast, and then they report back a week later during the second half. We open this episode by introducing who we are and where we are in life. Cole talks about growing up in rural Washington...