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E038: A Weapon of the Law

Please take a moment and rate us on iTunes! Right over here! Free stuff can be yours! This episode, Alan and Rob discuss the pros, cons, and logistics of bunk bed usage and then dive right into a story of crime, library etiquette, and desk safety from the August, 1922 issue of The Black Mask magazine. “A Weapon of the Law” pits a desperate man against the judge who put him away. All this and the boys get a quiet drink at the Twisted Kilt! And don’t forget we have free swag for you, the...


E037: Always One Night

Free swag for you, the listener! Postcards, stickers, and an exclusive membership card can be yours if you leave a rating and review for us on iTunes/Apple Podcasts. Every reviewer becomes a member of the IT Book Club, so just DM or send us a pic of your review and your details and they will be yours! This week we’re back to the world of saucy misadventures with “Always One Night” from the November, 1937 issue of Snappy Illustrated Fun and Fiction magazine. Their motto: “We don’t need a...


E036: Who Is Charles Avison

Don’t forget to rate and review us on Apple Podcasts/iTunes Right over here! Reviews get your name and review read on a future episode as part of the IT Book Club! This week, Alan and Rob induct a new member into the IT Book Club and then continue a short run of sci-fi stories with Who Is Charles Avison? from the December, 1939 issue of Famous Fantastic Mysteries. Just who is Charles Avison? Inventor, man of some means, and quite possibly a giant moron. Let’s just say that if you invent a...


E035: The Angry House

Don’t forget to rate and review us on Apple Podcasts/iTunes Right over here! 5 star reviews get your name and review read on a future episode! Now put down your ray guns, we’ve got a new sci-fi yarn for you! First, Alan and Rob discuss their third favorite topic, exotic fruits, and evaluate the “miraculous” powers of the “Miracle” “Berry”. Then we read this week’s Tale, The Angry House. Straight from the summer, 1955 issue of Startling Stories comes the story of a (somewhat) smart house...


E033: Summer Rewind!

Don’t forget to rate and review us on Apple Podcasts/iTunes Right over here! It’s gettin’ hot, folks, at least in Interrupted Tales country. And what better way to cool off than to listen back on a bunch of episodes from this winter and spring? Join Rob on a trip through the archives with clips from some of our most recent (and craziest) shows. There’s sci-fi, romance, fables, crime, and Alan’s touching story about an older man’s quinceanera. We thought that particular off our very...


E033: Interrupted Tales LIVE - The Failure

Don’t forget to rate and review us on Apple Podcasts/iTunes Right over here! Well, it finally happened. We had our first LIVE show recently as part of the Livestream for the Cure (you can still give at and tell them we sent you)! We raised over $300 for cancer research, which was matched and part of a tremendous event that raised over $10,000 in total donations! To celebrate, we present to you, the listener, an episode captured from the livestream. If you’ve...


E032: Jupiter Napoleon

Don’t forget to rate and review us on Apple Podcasts/iTunes First off we’d like to thank everyone who listened to our Live show on May 19th as part of Livestream for the Cure. We raised over $300 for cancer research and had loads of fun! We’ll be putting out a recording of the show as a future special episode, special thanks to the Epic Film Guys podcast for having us and raising over $5,000! This week’s tale is from the December, 1950 issue of Out of This World Adventures magazine and,...


E031: High Explosives

Don’t forget to rate and review us on Apple Podcasts/iTunes Right over here! We start with a quick reminder of our upcoming LIVE episode as part of the Livestream for the Cure online telethon on May 18-20. We will be doing a live interrupted tale reading with all kinds of games and your donations for cancer research during our time will actually dictate how we read our story! So join us at 4:30 EDT on Saturday, May 19th for our LIVE SHOW! We then read a tale from a 1921 issue of...


E030: The Piper from Bhutan

Don’t forget to rate and review us on Apple Podcasts/iTunes Right over here. This week, Alan and Rob take a moment to thank the Brit Pod Scene show for having us guest on the second episode of their podcast. Special shout-out to the Theme Park Film and Rough Giraffe podcasts for making it happen and for both being our favo(u)rite Brits! We also discuss our upcoming LIVE episode as part of the Livestream for the Cure online telethon on May 18-20. We will be doing a live interrupted tale...


E029: The Man Who Could Work Miracles

Welcome to a special Super-Sized Sci-Fi Spectacular episode with a Tale from HG Wells! Don’t forget to rate and review us on Apple Podcasts/iTunes Right over here. In this episode, Rob embarrasses himself at the airport (as usual) and we read a tale from a titan of science fiction, the inventor of the idea of time travel as we know it, the man who predicted Martians could be killed by the common cold (it’s actually HPV, but who wants to give them that?), the one and only HG Wells! The...


Chapter 28: Love in a Cottage

In this episode, we introduce you to the new IT Book Club (not a division of Reynholm Industries)! How do you become a member of the IT Book Club? It’s easy, just leave a 5-star review on iTunes, Right over here! Membership has its perks; not only will we induct you as a member on the air, we will read your review, too. So please leave your thoughts, poems about turtles, and guacamole recipes on Apple Podcasts/iTunes today and join the exclusive IT Book Club! Then come right back here and...


Chapter 27: The Clean Man and the Dirty Angels

Please take a moment to review us on iTunes, Right over here! In this week’s chugging adventure: Rob and Alan discuss their brackets for Mundane Madness (always bet on binder clip!) and we read a story of a godly railroad man and the fallen women he believes are beyond saving. If you’re looking for puritanical thinking and old-timey deep voices saying “t’ain’t right” a lot, well, you’re looking for some strangely specific things, but we have got you covered! This Tale is from Stories of...


Chapter 26: The Chameleon Man

This thrilling episode: Rob reveals the true heights of his manliness (spoiler alert: ankle deep at best) and we read a science fiction story about a man who can turn invisible and his attempt to help the war effort by starring on the Great White Way! From the January 1943 issue of Amazing Stories, “The Chameleon Man” by William P. Mcgivern (writer of the film The Big Heat and at least 3 episodes of Kojak) features a man so forgettable that he actually becomes invisible and just wants to...


Chapter 25 : The Shock

This episode Alan drops some science about thermocouplers and how important they are in today’s modern homes (hint: you cannot reverse the polarity of a thermocoupler and swing your house around the sun to travel back in time). The we read a seemingly lighthearted story about a baseball player that suddenly takes a swerve into Thrilltown! BTW, if you’ve passed the 7-11 on Chiller Road, you’ve gone too far. From Wide-Awake Magazine in 1916, “The Shock” by Grant Trask Reeves (about whom...


Chapter 24 : Don’t Get Technatal

Rob shares a bittersweet family story involving animated balls of dough and naive immigrants followed by a short sci-fi tale from the utopian future of 1975! Will man still be alive? Will women survive? Will robots know how to shake their booty? All of these questions, and, well, not many more, but at least all of these questions will be answered! “Don’t Get Technatal” was written by science fiction luminary Ray Bradbury under a pseudonym way before he got famous as an author and was the...


Chapter 23 : The Necklace of Pearls

The Saga of Stairs, Part 2: The Submission of the Truth. Then, a fanciful fable from the island of the Azores with more crying than Solomon Burke’s Cry to Me, which is, NOT COINCIDENTALLY, part of the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. This week’s genre: Fairy Tales. Or Nymph Tales. But not Pony Tales, and not Cotton Tales. “The Necklace of Pearls” as retold by Elsie Spicer Eells is from 1922’s “The Islands of Magic: Legends, Folk and Fairy Tales from the Azores.” So grab a philtre of tears, and...


Chapter 22 : Scrambled Yeggs

Weird fruit part 3, then a jokey farce about a stranger-in-a-strange-land, a costume ball, quite a bit of lying and possible incestuous jewel thieving. All set against the background of 1940s Paris, which - now that we think about - seems like a weird time to have a ball but… well, you’ll see what happens. This week’s genre: Romantiheist. “Scrambled Yeggs” is from the anthology “Night Life Tales” Vol. 1, No. 19, and it’s a bit risque on the face but not very titillating inside, but...


Chapter 21 - “My Irish Friend”

Dentistry and peeing your pants - true story? Then we plunge ourselves into a frightening TRUE ACCOUNT of promises, ghosts, and the noises they make in the dark. This week’s genre: Ghoooossst Stories! Our tale “My Irish Friend” comes from the collection “Real Ghost Stories” by William T. Stead, a man with a somewhat controversial reputation and a writing style that can best be praised as “note-takingish.” So grab a bottle of laudanum and curl up in your favorite bedchamber while we read...


Chapter 20: “Limbering Up Ebenezer”

The Winter Marblelympics are here and it is time to chant GO GO SAVAGE SPEEDERS! Oh, and there’s a story too, something about a miserly couple that has a falling out over pickles and the foxtrot. This week’s genre: Romance then Not Romance. “Limbering Up Ebenezer” is from the May 1919 edition of Saucy Stories Magazine and it is basically congealed jargon aggressively molded into two columns and three pages. So curl up in your favorite town hall bench and grab a drink of free tap water...


Chapter 19 - “The Winds, the Birds, and the Telegraph Wires”

What is the acceptable age for owning a waterbed? Then, a succinct little fable about some kind of god named the “Earth King” - who may or may not have a Swedish nu-metal band backing him - and his travails hiring contractors. This week’s genre: Fairy Tales. “The Winds, the Birds, and the Telegraph Wires” is by Revered Jay T. Stocking, and it appears in an anthology entitled “Twenty Four Unusual Stories for Boys and Girls,” arranged and retold by Anna Cogswell Tyler. It nicely explains...