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Vintage and pulp stories interrupted with jokes. Episodes come out on Tuesdays!

Vintage and pulp stories interrupted with jokes. Episodes come out on Tuesdays!


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Vintage and pulp stories interrupted with jokes. Episodes come out on Tuesdays!




E075: Conquering the Hoosac LIVE!

Live from Twitch, it's Interrupted Tales! Not on a Saturday! And with several minutes of Rob filling air while Alan frantically tries to get back in the stream! Welcome to the Hoosac, listeners. Hope you survive the experience! This episode was recorded live from Twitch so listen along, warts and all, to a riveting history of tunnel drilling, manholes, and trains going to Troy, NY from Massachusetts in "Conquering the Hoosac" from the April, 1936 issue of Railroad Stories magazine. What's a...


E074: The Last Throw

The hiatus is over! We're back, baby, unless you're listening to this later or catching up on the podcast, in which case we've never left, much like Big Boy. In this episode we head to a ritzy casino as a desperate man spins the wheel of fortune in what might be "The Last Throw"! From the November, 1922 issue of World Fiction magazine comes a tale that always bets on black! Actually, the guy bets on red in the story but I always listen to Wesley Snipes when it comes to gambling tips. Stuck...


E073: The White Death

Happy New Year! Unless you're listening outside of the month of January, in which case carry on. It's 2020 and in this episode we're interrupting "The White Death," a 99 year-old tale of survival all the way from Paraguay! It's actually all the way from the pages of Pluck and Luck magazine (slogan: "We're Pluckin' Luckin' Good!") and features a menagerie of threats as a woman fights the dangers of the jungle to protect her daughter. 9 out of 10 Swamp Things agree that this story is a story....


E072: 2019 Holiday Interruptiganza Live!

Set your Kris' to "Kringle" and your calendars back about a week as we present the 2019 Holiday Interruptiganza Live! We recorded this special episode live on Twitch and our bowls are still full of jelly. It includes three tales of holiday joy PLUS a visit from the big man himself, Santa Claus. He's had a lot of eggnog and is ready to party, people (just don't mention Vixen, it's a whole thing). Also, stick around for a very specific joke about the Northern Virginia area outside Washington,...


E071: Building Blocks

Prepare yourself for a tale that puts the "short" in "short, pretty lame, story"! Join us in the far future with "Building Blocks" from the February, 1950 issue of Fantastic Adventures. It's got everything: Dialogue. Characters. That's all you need, right? I feel like I'm missing something... Plot? Nah, you're funny. Enjoy! There is still time to check out the first season of our comedy sci-fi fiction podcast, Parasitecology! It's got aliens, spaceships, work happy hours, trips to the...


E070: Bert's Thanksgiving

It's time to duck your family and listen to a very special Thanksgiving episode of Interrupted Tales! Set your hearts to "warming" with "Bert's Thanksgiving", a tale of kindness, newspaper boys, and squash pie from the 1915 short story collection "Good Cheer Stories Every Child Should Know". Squash! In other news we've completed the first season of our comedy sci-fi podcast, Parasitecology! It's got aliens, spaceships, work happy hours, trips to the supermarket, and a fugitive alien brain...


E069: Large Salary Too Small

We're back riding the iron horse with a story of the rails! From the January, 1910 issue of Railroad Man's Magazine comes "Large Salary Too Small", the story that proves a railroad fool and his railroad money are soon railroad parted. We also discuss what strawberries really are (hint: They aren't berries or Funko Pop! figures) and the dos and don'ts of Tinder profiles for train workers. All this, plus a great recipe for canned beans for your bindle! In other news we've completed the first...


E068: IT Commentary Track - The Test

It's a peek behind the curtain as we present a very special Commentary Track for the third episode of Interrupted Tales: The Test! Join Rob as he presents clips, behind the scenes information on the making of the podcast, and gives some insight into how the show came to be the silly thing it is. What was the original name of Interrupted Tales? How do Tales get picked? What shows did we almost make instead? All this and more in a very special episode that rewinds all the way back to 2017! We...


E067: Trust a Dead Man

It's a Tale of the Old West as lawmen clash, villains threaten, and long, contemplative walks are taken. "Trust a Dead Man" is as gritty and hard-boiled as the title implies! Well, it doesn't actually make any sense with the story, but it's a damn exciting title! It's from the December, 1949 issue of 10 Story Western magazine (motto: If We Wanted 11 We'd Change the Name, Dummies) and features tragic love, gunfights, and a special appearance by Paul Giamatti. In other news we've completed...


E066: The Master Key

A mystery story with not much story and a detective story without much detecting, "The Master Key" will leave you breathless! If you have asthma and have climbed several flight of stairs. Otherwise you should be okay. From the April, 1928 issue of Amazing Stories magazine comes a Tale so transparent that it actually gives the mystery away in the picture above the story. And they wonder why print is dead. Plus: Just how much would you pay for a nap? A quick scheduling reminder: Our next...


E065: The Chase

Sci-fi vengeance is the theme this week's Tale! In the future a man seeks revenge across the solar system, but he learns just what kind of toll "The Chase" can take. From the April, 1952 issue of Fantastic Adventures comes a dark tale of revenge served really, really, really cold. Take your protein pills and set your phasers to "grim but made funny by a couple of dorks"! A quick scheduling reminder: Our next episode will be in exactly two weeks. On the in-between weeks we are releasing our...


E064: How to Get an Air Job

It's our filthiest episode yet! Get ready for sizzling acti- Wait, it's about getting a job in the airline industry? And that's the title? Okay. Well. Folks, get ready for another advice column from the past as we interrupt "How to Get an Air Job" from the August, 1927 issue of Air Stories (this month's cover story: "The Revenge of Commander Cumulus!"). It's about how to find work in the amazing new(ish) world of aviation, which pretty much boils down to "learn how to fly in the Army" or...


E063: Interrupted Tales LIVE - Printcrime

LIVE FROM SEVERAL DIFFERENT HOUSES, IT'S INTERRUPTED TALES... UM, LIVE! Recorded as part of the 3rd Annual Livestream for the Cure in support of the Cancer Research Institute, we present our latest show. It'll sound a little different than usual, you'll hear a few other voices occasionally, but it was all for a good cause. In this episode we interrupt an actual story from the 21st Century, a sci-fi Tale ripped from tomorrow's headlines, "Printcrime" by author/activist/co-creator of Boing...


E062: Proposal Bait

Please don’t use the fancy soaps or guest room towels because this episode we’re joined by Linzi from the fantastic 33% Pulp podcast! Linzi reads “Proposal Bait” from the February, 1951 issue of Today’s Love, a tale of romance and ghosting but unfortunately not a tale of romantic ghosts. No, this one has belly flops and an inexplicable children’s clothing store in an inexplicable town and true love torn asunder by random gossip and then just as easily brought back with no lessons learned....


E061: The Telepathic Pick-up

Join us this episode for a chilling tale of telepathy and mad science (and not trying smooth, mental lines to pick people up at bars as the title would suggest) in Amazing Stories' "The Telepathic Pick-up" from December, 1926. Prepare yourself for horror and surprisingly great radio reception! Alan and Rob are guest-free and feeling loopy so we practiced for our upcoming live show by recording this week's episode on Twitch! Completely unannounced, we figured we would just get in there and...


E060: The Last Stage Coachman

We have a guest! This is not a drill, people, put the plastic on your couch and set out a bowl of nuts because Shawn Ennis from the excellent Stories of Yore and Yours podcast has come to shame Rob and Alan with his ability to read and sound good-like with words and stuff! Yes, we have a guest reader and that means TWICE the interruptions! TWICE the references to 90s TV shows that may or may not have existed! And (somehow), THRICE the fun! Join us as Shawn beautifully reads the chilling "The...


E059: Death in Twenty Minutes

Revenge is a dish best served room temperature in our latest Tale from the January, 1935 issue of Weird Tales magazine: "Death in Twenty Minutes" (or less or your chilling fright is free!). Egyptian mummies, poisonous spiders, and overly thought-out schemes combine for horror so horrific it can only be called horrorable. Plus: Alan updates on his spec script for the Weekend at Bernie's reboot! A quick scheduling reminder: Our next episode will be in exactly two weeks. On the in-between...


E058: So You're Going to Junior High

In our last episode we told you about your possible future, in this one we remind you of your past! We're happy to present our very first nonfiction Interrupted Tale, an article from Calling All Girls magazine's October, 1960 issue, "So You're Going to Junior High". Everything is covered: Making friends, complicated alphabetical seating arrangements, homework, and, oh, right, scarring you for the rest of your life! It's everything you need to know as you embark on your pimply ride through...


E057: Have Your Past Read, Mister?

We hope you enjoyed last week's release of our new darkly comic sci-fi audio drama, Parasitecology, but this week Interrupted Tales returns with futuristic fortune tellers who don't tell your past or future. Instead they tell what might have been if you had chosen a different path! Don't worry, though, your life is still lousy. Ah, well. From Startling Stories magazine from 1955 comes a story with punctuation that will surely break our RSS links: "Have Your Past Read, Mister?" Plus there's...


PREMIERE: Parasitecology S01, E01 and E02!

People of Earth! We heard you like interruptions, so we interrupted your interruptions with... a science fiction audio dramedy? For one week, this is not Interrupted Tales but a tale that interrupts: Parasitecology! And this supersized episode is not just the first episode, but a full TWO episodes of the show that you didn't ask for but got anyway! What is this thing called Parasitecology? Well, it's a darkly comic SF audiodrama about a suicidal nerd and his alien parasite best friend, and...