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E046: The Tennis Court Decides

In our latest podcast we read a Tale of tennis, class warfare, and the dangers of gantry cranes and also introduce our new mascot! Head over to @taleinterrupted on Twitter to see our new pins of Jelly, the Gelatinous Cube. She's ready to ooze her way into your heart. Want a free pin of Jelly along with other free stuff? Just review us on iTunes/Apple Podcasts right here! "The Tennis Court Decides" is from the March, 1913 issue of Top-Notch Magazine, so you know it includes the highest...


E045: George Loves Gistla

This episode we open with a very brief discussion about touching trucks and continue with a tale of doomed sci-fi romance that's less Romeo and Juliet and more Dharma and Greg. From the January, 1954 issue of Planet Stories comes "George Loves Gistla", the best love story from Venus since, well, since something Chuck Tingle probably wrote. Fifties sci-fi and conformity collide and you'll never guess what wins out in the end! Love? Oh, you sweet summer child. You're adorable. Get free pins,...


E044: Convince Me I Said

We open our latest podcast with a very brief discussion of the joys of unclehood and continue with a manly story of grit and Naval protocol from Mammoth Adventure magazine's November, 1946 issue. "Convince Me, I Said" has all the hallmarks of a classic adventure story: ships at war, men lost at sea, and getting trapped in a conversation at lunch with an overbearing coworker. How far will men go to survive in the Pacific of World War II? Turns out, about 5 pages, that's how far. Get free...


E043: Brass Buttons

The podcast opens with a brief discussion of chance "celebrity" encounters and continues with a romantic tale of parking, horse racing, and buttons! Yes, we apologize to our Amish listeners but there's a lot of button discussion in this episode and you may want to skip this one. Whew. Really dodged a buggy there. Straight from the April 16, 1921 issue of Argosy All-Story Weekly (motto: "Only stories, go sell your essays and poems to those suckers at Harper's") comes "Brass Buttons", the...


E042: Task to Luna

Rob and Alan kick off the podcast discussing the finer points of the modern working woman in the legal profession and then read a Cold War sci-fi yarn called "Task to Luna". From the January, 1951 issue of Planet Stories comes a solid little story of war, madness, and destiny. Plus bazookas! All with our usual comedy and nonsense in a tight little package. Take your lunch break on the moon today! Get free stickers, postcards, and more when you join the IT Book Club and rate us on...


E041: The Last of Mrs. Debrugh

On this spooky podcast, Rob gets far too deep into the weeds of Dutch doctoring and we read a story from the October, 1937 issue of Weird Tales. "The Last of Mrs. Debrugh" (or "DeBrugh", which is how it is in the story but not the title or table of contents) is scary in the way a giant vat of mayonaisse is scary. Which is to say it's not, but it does make you feel uneasy. So strap yourself in for mild thrills in a story that cares as much about general pipe cleanliness as providing you...


E040: The Secret of the Invisible Girl

Girl power! Well, invisible girl power. Not THE Invisible Girl power, though. You know what, forget I mentioned it. Celebrate Rob and Alan's 40th podcast with a quick pitch for the Inspector Poirot Extended Cinematic Universe ("This summer: The Name for Action is Miss Lemon!") and then learn one of "Doctor Hackensaw's Secrets." Who's that? We don't know but apparently this author wrote a bunch of these kinds of stories for different magazines through the years. This one is "The Secret of...


E039: A Matter of Cash

It's two-fisted action in the South Seas the way YOU demanded it! If you demanded it vague and full of questionable motives, that is. "A Matter of Cash" is from Thrilling Adventures magazines' June, 1939 issue, where every adventure story takes place in an exotic locale (like China, Africa, or Holland) and features tough men with manly names (like Gunsmoke Enmity, Ochiri Death, or Holland). In addition to an exciting tale and a good deal of discussion about where to conceal compact sticks of...


E038: A Weapon of the Law

In this podcast, Alan and Rob discuss the pros, cons, and logistics of bunk bed usage and then dive right into a story of crime, library etiquette, and desk safety from the August, 1922 issue of The Black Mask magazine. "A Weapon of the Law" pits a desperate man against the judge who put him away. All this and the boys get a quiet drink at the Twisted Kilt! And don't forget we have free swag for you, the listener! Postcards, stickers, and an exclusive membership card can be yours if you...


E037: Always One Night

This week the podcast goes back to the world of saucy misadventures with "Always One Night" from the November, 1937 issue of Snappy Illustrated Fun and Fiction magazine. Their motto: "We don't need a snappy name because we've got snappy stories!" What kind of hijinks can a sharp dressed bellhop get into on Broadway? We're not sure, because we can't figure out half the slang in this thing, but it's saucy and funny and also includes Rob having to read uncomfortable words like "throb"....


E036: Who Is Charles Avison

Don't forget to rate and review us on Apple Podcasts/iTunes Right over here! Reviews get your name and review read on a future episode as part of the IT Book Club! This week, Alan and Rob induct a new member into the IT Book Club and then continue a short run of sci-fi stories with Who Is Charles Avison? from the December, 1939 issue of Famous Fantastic Mysteries. Just who is Charles Avison? Inventor, man of some means, and quite possibly a giant moron. Let's just say that if you invent a...


E035: The Angry House

Now put down your ray guns, our podcast's got a new sci-fi yarn just for you! First, Alan and Rob discuss their third favorite topic, exotic fruits, and evaluate the "miraculous" powers of the "Miracle" "Berry". Then we read this week's Tale, The Angry House. Straight from the summer, 1955 issue of Startling Stories comes the story of a (somewhat) smart house against a pair of (somewhat) bumbling thieves in the future! Yep, it's like a robot Kevin McCallister taking on Joe Pesci and the guy...


E034: Summer Rewind!

It's gettin' hot, folks, at least in Interrupted Tales country. And what better way to cool off than to listen back on a bunch of podcast episodes from this winter and spring? Join Rob on a trip through the archives with clips from some of our most recent (and craziest) shows. There's sci-fi, romance, fables, crime, and Alan's touching story about an older man's quinceanera. We thought that particular off our very abnormal live show, it would be good to highlight some of what we've done in...


E033: Interrupted Tales LIVE - The Failure

Well, it finally happened. We had our first LIVE podcast recently as part of the Livestream for the Cure (you can still give at and tell them we sent you)! We raised over $300 for cancer research, which was matched and part of a tremendous event that raised over $10,000 in total donations! To celebrate, we present to you, the listener, an episode captured from the livestream. If you've wanted to hear the chaos that interrupting a tale live combined with a challenge...


E032: Jupiter Napoleon

First off we'd like to thank everyone who listened to our Live show on May 19th as part of Livestream for the Cure. We raised over $300 for cancer research and had loads of fun! We'll be putting out a recording of the show as a future special episode, special thanks to the Epic Film Guys podcast for having us and raising over $5,000! This week's tale is from the December, 1950 issue of Out of This World Adventures magazine and, boy howdy, is it pulpy sci-fi fun! Jupiter Napoleon has rayguns...


E031: High Explosives

This podcast we read a tale from a 1921 issue of Adventure magazine about two great things that go great together: Prohibiition and nitroglycerin. High Explosives will transport you to Colorado's oil country and introduce you to the great character find of 1921, the Shooter! A superhero who fends of bootleggers with his- wait, I'm getting an update. Oh, okay: The Shooter is just the nickname for the guy who throws nitro down a rundown oil well in the hopes that a big explosion will result in...


E030: The Piper from Bhutan

This podcast, Alan and Rob take a moment to thank the Brit Pod Scene show for having us guest on the second episode of their podcast. Special shout-out to the Theme Park Film and Rough Giraffe podcasts for making it happen and for both being our favo(u)rite Brits! Now onto "The Piper from Bhutan", a tale of murder, mystic pipes (the kind you play, not the fun kind), and really bad science! Straight from Weird Tales magazine, it dares to answer the question "what if you could kind of...


E029: The Man Who Could Work Miracles

Welcome to a special Super-Sized Sci-Fi Spectacular podcast with a Tale from HG Wells! Don't forget to rate and review us on Apple Podcasts/iTunes Right over here. In this episode, Rob embarrasses himself at the airport (as usual) and we read a tale from a titan of science fiction, the inventor of the idea of time travel as we know it, the man who predicted Martians could be killed by the common cold (it's actually HPV, but who wants to give them that?), the one and only HG Wells! The Man...


E028: Love in a Cottage

In this episode, we introduce you to the new IT Book Club (not a division of Reynholm Industries)! How do you become a member of the IT Book Club? It's easy, just leave a 5-star review on iTunes, Right over here! Membership has its perks; not only will we induct you as a member on the air, we will read your review, too. So please leave your thoughts, poems about turtles, and guacamole recipes on Apple Podcasts/iTunes today and join the exclusive IT Book Club! Then come right back here and...


E027: The Clean Man and the Dirty Angels

In this week's chugging podcast adventure: Rob and Alan discuss their brackets for Mundane Madness (always bet on binder clip!) and we read a story of a godly railroad man and the fallen women he believes are beyond saving. If you're looking for puritanical thinking and old-timey deep voices saying "t'ain't right" a lot, well, you're looking for some strangely specific things, but we have got you covered! This Tale is from Stories of the Railroad published in 1899 by John A. Hill (1899's...