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E057: Have Your Past Read, Mister?

We hope you enjoyed last week's release of our new darkly comic sci-fi audio drama, Parasitecology, but this week Interrupted Tales returns with futuristic fortune tellers who don't tell your past or future. Instead they tell what might have been if you had chosen a different path! Don't worry, though, your life is still lousy. Ah, well. From Startling Stories magazine from 1955 comes a story with punctuation that will surely break our RSS links: "Have Your Past Read, Mister?" Plus there's...


PREMIERE: Parasitecology S01, E01 and E02!

People of Earth! We heard you like interruptions, so we interrupted your interruptions with... a science fiction audio dramedy? For one week, this is not Interrupted Tales but a tale that interrupts: Parasitecology! And this supersized episode is not just the first episode, but a full TWO episodes of the show that you didn't ask for but got anyway! What is this thing called Parasitecology? Well, it's a darkly comic SF audiodrama about a suicidal nerd and his alien parasite best friend, and...


E056: Prairie Girl

We're back, my little chili babies! After some time off producing our new darkly comic sci-fi audio drama, Parasitecology, Interrupted Tales returns with a Tale of (barely) forbidden love from the March, 1943 issue of Ranch Romances. Maybe "forbidden" isn't the right word for it, perhaps "barely there" is the right one? Anyhoo, it's a hoot and we're excited to be back! This episode features a conversation spurred by The History of Bad Ideas podcast, who you should be subscribing to and...


E055: 2018 Holiday Interruptiganza

Are you ready for some holiday cheer? Are you ready for an episode so gargantuan that it can contain THREE tales of holly, jolly interruptions? Welcome to the 2018 Fun Time Holiday Interruptiganza Volume 2: The Reckoning! From three different pulp magazines come stories of the true meaning of Christmas, as long as the true meaning of Christmas involves breaking and entering, poor Italian children, and very wet trains. Spend some time avoiding family and listen to our latest podcast! You can...


E054: Glamour Girl 2040

This episode features all the glitz, glamour, and rocket ships that only future showbiz can provide! From Startling Stories in 1940 comes "Glamour Girl 2040", a story that pairs sci-fi and the movie business as only a pulp magazine can. And if that isn't exotic enough for you, Rob and Alan discuss the amazing and futuristic world of laundry chutes. Sure, we may not have jetpacks and flying cars, but some houses feature little tunnels from bedrooms to laundry rooms! Wow, what a world we live...


E053: Who's Got the Turkey?

It's Thanksgiving time! Well, at the time we're publishing this. And in America. Well, it's Thanksgiving in our hearts and in this episode we celebrate with a thrilling tale of railroad men and turkey heists. From the November, 1909 issue of The Railroad Man's Magazine comes "Who's Got the Turkey?" which has as many twists as Oceans 11 and as many turns as a forced game of Monopoly with your family. Join Rob and Alan as they raise a glass of gravy in thanks to all our listeners and the...


E052: A Delicate Commission

It's Van Damme as you've never seen him before! No, it's Richard Gere and Geena Davis fighting a Detroit car magnate! Nah, it's a suave secret agent, sent to protect a woman of means... and mystery! It's: "A Delicate Commission"! Actually, it's a guy who goes shopping for his sister, but don't worry, we made it both exciting AND funny. From the Winter 1933 edition of Follies pin-up magazine comes this story of confused shoppers and very confused shopping. When you think of pulp magazines and...


E051: When The Killer Called

The podcast is coming from inside your app! Listen along as we read "When The Killer Called", a crime story from 1945's Detective Tales magazine. A couple are terrorized by a criminal ex in a way that doesn't play out anything how you'd expect! I'm kidding, of course, it plays out exactly like that movie you saw with that story. No, not that one, the other one. No, the other, other one! Join Rob and Alan for a juicy slice of pulp mixed with comedy mixed with long distance calls from...


E050: The Brain Jungle

OUR 50th EPISODE! That's right, 50 episodes of kooky aliens, robots, cowboys, ghosts, lost loves, found loves, and whatever that Santa Claus story was about. We thank everyone who stuck with us over the last year and if this is your first episode you have SO MUCH to binge! This week's episode of mystery and murder is from Short Stories Magazine (Motto: "We're Cutting You Off at 8 Pages No Matter What!") and features the adventures of general dick-around-town, Felix Hazard. Actually, he...


E049: Moon, June, Spoon, Croon

In our 49th podcast (49!) we combine two of our listener's favorite genres: Sci-fi and romance! "Moon, June, Spoon, Croon" is a futuristic Tale from the Summer, 1955 issue of Startling Stories (the same issue as listener favorite, "The Angry House) and while Alan reads, Rob interrupts and we discuss robot dating, janitors of the future, and the other Rick Astley song. Can a modern robot find its way in a cold, uncaring world? Can it overcome its limited yet somehow extremely powerful...


E048: The Weeping Killer

This week we read and interrupt a 1921 Tale of crime, "The Weeping Killer"! It's from Black Mask Magazine and covers the criminally under-discussed question of modern times: How many times can a mobster cry before people start to talk? The answer may surprise you! Plus Rob and Alan induct a new member into the IT Book Club: Luke of the fantastic Ink to Film Podcast. How do you join the IT Book Club? Simply rate us on iTunes/Apple Podcasts and DM us your details on Twitter and you'll get an...


E047: Radia Riddle

We're back to sci-fi in our latest podcast featuring a Tale from the June, 1952 issue of Australia's own Thrills Incorporated! Don't worry, mates, we don't do any accents this time, but we'll catch you on the flip-flop, homies! We've heard that's an extremely popular saying in Australia, btw. We start with a brief visit to the circus as Rob discovers that a dying art form is pretty much dying for a reason and then Alan interrupts "Radia Riddle". It's hilarious, it makes no sense, and we get...


E046: The Tennis Court Decides

In our latest podcast we read a Tale of tennis, class warfare, and the dangers of gantry cranes and also introduce our new mascot! Head over to @taleinterrupted on Twitter to see our new pins of Jelly, the Gelatinous Cube. She's ready to ooze her way into your heart. Want a free pin of Jelly along with other free stuff? Just review us on iTunes/Apple Podcasts right here! "The Tennis Court Decides" is from the March, 1913 issue of Top-Notch Magazine, so you know it includes the highest...


E045: George Loves Gistla

This episode we open with a very brief discussion about touching trucks and continue with a tale of doomed sci-fi romance that's less Romeo and Juliet and more Dharma and Greg. From the January, 1954 issue of Planet Stories comes "George Loves Gistla", the best love story from Venus since, well, since something Chuck Tingle probably wrote. Fifties sci-fi and conformity collide and you'll never guess what wins out in the end! Love? Oh, you sweet summer child. You're adorable. Get free pins,...


E044: Convince Me I Said

We open our latest podcast with a very brief discussion of the joys of unclehood and continue with a manly story of grit and Naval protocol from Mammoth Adventure magazine's November, 1946 issue. "Convince Me, I Said" has all the hallmarks of a classic adventure story: ships at war, men lost at sea, and getting trapped in a conversation at lunch with an overbearing coworker. How far will men go to survive in the Pacific of World War II? Turns out, about 5 pages, that's how far. Get free...


E043: Brass Buttons

The podcast opens with a brief discussion of chance "celebrity" encounters and continues with a romantic tale of parking, horse racing, and buttons! Yes, we apologize to our Amish listeners but there's a lot of button discussion in this episode and you may want to skip this one. Whew. Really dodged a buggy there. Straight from the April 16, 1921 issue of Argosy All-Story Weekly (motto: "Only stories, go sell your essays and poems to those suckers at Harper's") comes "Brass Buttons", the...


E042: Task to Luna

Rob and Alan kick off the podcast discussing the finer points of the modern working woman in the legal profession and then read a Cold War sci-fi yarn called "Task to Luna". From the January, 1951 issue of Planet Stories comes a solid little story of war, madness, and destiny. Plus bazookas! All with our usual comedy and nonsense in a tight little package. Take your lunch break on the moon today! Get free stickers, postcards, and more when you join the IT Book Club and rate us on...


E041: The Last of Mrs. Debrugh

On this spooky podcast, Rob gets far too deep into the weeds of Dutch doctoring and we read a story from the October, 1937 issue of Weird Tales. "The Last of Mrs. Debrugh" (or "DeBrugh", which is how it is in the story but not the title or table of contents) is scary in the way a giant vat of mayonaisse is scary. Which is to say it's not, but it does make you feel uneasy. So strap yourself in for mild thrills in a story that cares as much about general pipe cleanliness as providing you...


E040: The Secret of the Invisible Girl

Girl power! Well, invisible girl power. Not THE Invisible Girl power, though. You know what, forget I mentioned it. Celebrate Rob and Alan's 40th podcast with a quick pitch for the Inspector Poirot Extended Cinematic Universe ("This summer: The Name for Action is Miss Lemon!") and then learn one of "Doctor Hackensaw's Secrets." Who's that? We don't know but apparently this author wrote a bunch of these kinds of stories for different magazines through the years. This one is "The Secret of...


E039: A Matter of Cash

It's two-fisted action in the South Seas the way YOU demanded it! If you demanded it vague and full of questionable motives, that is. "A Matter of Cash" is from Thrilling Adventures magazines' June, 1939 issue, where every adventure story takes place in an exotic locale (like China, Africa, or Holland) and features tough men with manly names (like Gunsmoke Enmity, Ochiri Death, or Holland). In addition to an exciting tale and a good deal of discussion about where to conceal compact sticks of...