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A weekly story telling podcast exploring the life of hard living comedians Mike Cannon and Mike Feeney. New episode every Monday.

A weekly story telling podcast exploring the life of hard living comedians Mike Cannon and Mike Feeney. New episode every Monday.
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A weekly story telling podcast exploring the life of hard living comedians Mike Cannon and Mike Feeney. New episode every Monday.




Episode 128 - Flutterby

Join Mike Cannon and Mike Feeney for this week's episode of Irish Goodbye Podcast, where the boys learn the origin of the word butterfly and discuss their excitement for Skankfest NYC, the band from the movie Titanic, and musicians who can command a crowd between songs. Feeney went on High Society Radio and found himself disappointed with Alex's performance, met Chevy Chase in person, and went to a play where he had the absolute worst seats in the theater. Also, Cannon's gonna have a pretty...


Episode 127 - The Butter Incident of 2004

Mike Cannon and Mike Feeney are in for another wild episode of Irish Goodbye Podcast. Feeney is excited to learn that butter doesn't spoil outside the fridge. Cannon performed for an elderly audience at Uncle Vinnie's where a seventy year old man brought his even older uncle and a woman folded in half. Feeney is in a losing battle against Prudential insurance for the twitter handle @feeney. Cannon had an altercation with a nanny during the one soccer class he elected to content teaching....


Episode 126 - Don't Drink And Drive! (with Rayna Greenberg & Ashley Hesseltine)

Rayna Greenberg and Ashley Hesseltine from Girls Gotta Eat Podcast join Mike Feeney and Mike Cannon for this week’s episode if Irish Goodbye! The gang discusses how they met at a very fancy birthday party where none of them felt fully comfortable. Rayna has recently returned to smoking weed and shares her support for women who find alternative methods of paying for drugs. Feeney and Cannon discuss attending Brendan Sagalow birthday party where Brendan blacked out. Ashley shares a tip for...


Episode 125 - Go Dick!

Mike Cannon & Mike Feeney sprint out the gates in this week’s episode of Irish Goodbye Podcast. Feeney’s sporting a new haircut that places him somewhere between Brad Pitt in Fury and a shark in captivity. Cannon reveals his manager’s lack of familiarity with his work. Feeney’s shares a joke that his Uncle presented for him to tell on stage, and explains an encounter with a heckler who had an interesting catch phrase. Cannon ogled at a pair of women in bikinis in front of his pregnant wife,...


Episode 124 - Right, Gang?

This week’s episode of Irish Goodbye podcast starts off strong with a fight about sunglasses. Feeney shares more from his time in LA including a trip to a particularly fabulous gay bar, a club that just decided not to pay, and a standing ovation forced upon the audience by the performer. Cannon discusses how his wife’s fender bender ruined his day, and takes us step by step through a recent dinner with his dad. Air Date: 05/23/19 Support our sponsor! Go to and use promo...


Episode 123 - Non-Consensual Wave

The boys are in with stories aplenty this week! Feeney discusses attending a Yankees double header where he was recognized all around the stadium after catching a foul ball and forced into unintentionally doing the wave. Cannon attended a hospital tour where he encountered a devastated family that confused his wife. Feeney shares two stories about finding things that he never lost, and fills us in on time spend in LA where he had an impromptu late night meal with Drew Carey. Plus, Cannon...


Episode 122 - An Onslaught Of Awful

Your boys Mike Feeney and Michael Shane Rutabaker Cannon are in studio for another episode of Irish Goodbye Podcast! Feeney discusses Mohegan Sun, where he snuck vape hits in the poker room and shared a hot tub with his biggest supporter. A homeless man told Cannon that he looked delicious. Feeney did sex jokes in front of his wife’s parents, people seem to be taking Cannon’s circumcision jokes very personally, plus Cannon discusses jury duty, and more! Air Date: 05/09/19 Support our...


Episode 121 - Nighttime Bar Mitzvah

Mike Feeney and Mike Cannon are live on a Thursday once again for Irish Goodbye Podcast. Feeney discusses attending Francis Ellis’ garden floor birthday party, Cannon refused a haircut from a possibly contaminated barbershop & had some stomach issues that lead to a poop that no stranger in the public bathroom could ignore. Plus Cannon lost an inodinanent amount of money attempting to beat the claw game, and the boys discover a long unnoticed connection between IGP and The Sopranos. Air...


Episode 120 - Coma Surrogates

Mike Feeney and Mike Cannon join forces yet again for another episode of Irish Goodbye Podcast! Cannon comes in HOT this week after quitting his soccer coaching job and condemns his ex employers for their attitude towards staff. The boys discuss a recent story of a coma patient giving birth and discuss this circumstance as a possibility for painless surrogacy. Feeney wreaked havoc by knocking down the backdrop at Uncle Vinnie’s, Cannon’s been projecting serious conversations with his future...


Episode 119 - The Return of International Superstar Anne Heche (with Anne Heche & Brendan Sagalow)

Special guest Anne Heche and regular guest Brendan Sagalow join Mike Feeney and Mike Cannon for this week’s episode of Irish Goodbye Podcast! The gang discusses their bicoastal friendship, Anne’s role in “The Best Of Enemies,” attending movie premieres as part of your job, and much more! Feeney shares the reason he failed at High School Football, Cannon discusses his transition toward fatherhood, Feeney stole a sneeze from Cannon, Anne and Brendan show off their rapping skills, and Anne...


Episode 118 - Not For Naught

Mike Feeney and Mike Cannon are back for another episode of Irish Goodbye Podcast. Feeney discusses performing at another police benefit where he announced the raffle, heard some harrowing stories, and witnessed people smoking weed in front of cops. Cannon is high as a kite this week and discusses his trip to Aruba. The guys talk poker, suggest a new nickname for fans of the show, and Feeney describes his failure to catch a sleeping comedian off guard for his web series. Air Date:...


Episode 117 - President Kevin (with special guest, Kevin Brennan)

Special guest Kevin Brennan joins Mike Cannon and Mike Feeney this week to school the Mikes on what it’s like to be a Kevin. Cannon shares a story about his father’s childhood and overshares about time he spent in the woods as a kid. Kevin describes how he met his wife, shares a story about not breaking up a fight, explains the war that got him banned from twitter, and more! Air Date: 04/04/19 Support our sponsors! Visit and use promo code IG15 for a 15% discount on your...


Episode 116 - Hard Of Seeing

This week, Mike Cannon and Mike Feeney each share stories about emceeing sporting events, complete with a raffle scam and a slew of inappropriate commentary. The guys debate post-graduation student teacher relationships versus Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, and describe performing at a private police event where they were served cold meat and played to an entirely distracted audience. Air Date: 03/28/19 Support our sponsors! Visit and use promo code IG15 for a 15% discount...


Episode 115 - Angry Fun

The boys are fired up for this week's Episode of Irish Goodbye Podcast. Cannon urges Long Islanders to own their trashiness after doing a gig near his hometown where he followed an assertive and extremely dirty comedian and none of his family showed up. Feeney got into a Lyft with a stoned driver who spoke continuously and followed him to his destination. Cannon attempts (and fails) to name the listeners of Irish Goodbye Podcast, and discusses an audience member who harassed him with a cell...


Episode 114 - Real World: Sagalow

It’s a wild one this week with Mike Feeney agitated from running late and Mike Cannon enjoying every miserable detail of it. Feeney was spray-fed sake at a Habachi restaurant and arm wrestled a comedian at their own birthday party. Cannon went surprise rollerskating with a very unsteady Brendan Sagalow, and Cannon shares the life lessons and the lack of linguistic skills that he acquired in his middle school German class. Plus, Sagalow was on top of the world at Karaoke night until a group...


Episode 113 - Drunk Jaws

The boys are alone together again for this week's episode of Irish Goodbye Podcast. Feeney shares some wisdom about carrying drinks around a crowded venue, the beauty of Seamless web, and performing in a room where the temperate is too high. Cannon discusses an intolerable birthday celebration, going hungry to a party with no food, and an incident that made him concerned that he might have a concussion. Plus, the boys argue their insecurities about who's closer with producer Alex. Air Date:...


Episode 112 - Tongue Kiss The Pope (with special guest, Shuli Egar)

Shuli Egar joins Mike Cannon & Mike Feeney for this week’s episode of Irish Goodbye Podcast. Cannon discusses how his reddit name-calling incident has spread to the real world, Feeney describes a woman who vomited openly in a comedy club, leaving a trail all the way to the bathroom, & Shuli discusses a blue cheese related comedy bit that nearly got him in trouble. Cannon tended to a disruption while coaching children’s soccer, Shuli confronted an oppressive mother, and Feeney knows the woman...


Episode 111 - The Writing's On The Wall

The Mikes are alone again for this week’s episode of Irish Goodbye Podcast, where Feeney to share a warning about the dangers of using kratom and Cannon shares the story of falsely accusing his neighbor of stealing a package. Feeney’s waiter tried to stage a coverup after forgetting to put in his dinner order, Kristina Hutchinson had a wild birthday party where Sagalow was underdressed, and Feeney’s habit of not hanging his clothing caused Erica to believe an intruder had broken in when she...


Episode 110 - The Garden Floor (with special guest, Francis Ellis)

Francis Ellis joins Mike Feeney and Mike Cannon to discuss prop bets, Harvard clubs, tree wells, and to share the story of finding a stranger in his apartment in the middle of the night. Cannon went to a birthday party where someone was arrested, Feeney discusses how to end a mistimed comedy set, Cannon praises Neil deGrasse Tyson’s penis, and Francis weighs in on whether Feeney could learn a Billy Joel song on piano in a week. Air Date: 02/14/19 Support our sponsors! Visit...


Episode 109 - Mr. Cannone's Cannoli (with special guest, Brendan Sagalow)

Surprise guest Brendan Sagalow joins the boys for this week’s episode of Irish Goodbye Podcast, as part of an extremely sneaky prank against Feeney. Cannon explains the complicated web of lies that he created to support the prank, and shares the story of overpaying for Flonase for the sake of the extremely overweight woman who showed him to the aisle. Feeney recounts multiple misfortunes from his snowboarding trip. Sagalow describes being forced to view an extremely questionable photo, and...