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A weekly story telling podcast exploring the life of hard living comedians Mike Cannon and Mike Feeney. New episode every Monday.

A weekly story telling podcast exploring the life of hard living comedians Mike Cannon and Mike Feeney. New episode every Monday.
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A weekly story telling podcast exploring the life of hard living comedians Mike Cannon and Mike Feeney. New episode every Monday.




88 Daena's Dead

Sad news for the boys this week. It is the last show for their beloved producer, Daena (it's me, I'm Daena. Thanks to the listeners and subscribers for all the love). But not to dwell on the unfortunate, Feeney barely tells a story about being a dick to someone, narrowly avoids a nap in cat puke, and channels his inner Ray Romano; & Cannon is back from Mexico with stories of too many reptiles, third world bicycles, Nicole getting naked by accident, and some truly impressive racism. Please...


87 Crow Killing Cannon (with special guests, Rosebud Baker & Brendan Sagalow)

It's a full house with Rosebud Baker and Brendan Sagalow today! Rosebud has no stories, but did wear a tampon for too long. Don't worry, she's fine. The gang recaps an Offspring concert and a NY Comedy Club party, incriminating someone that Daena did not edit; they talk a little pest control that left everyone traumatized; Rosebud does a mediocre job filling in Brendan's eyebrows; Brendan confronts the boys about their portrayal of him in California; and Daena admits that she worked at the...


86 Blitzkrieg McGillicutty

True to form, the boys had some wasted antics this week! Cannon met the man who might kill him in San Antonio, Feeney was shamed into doing shots by a snooty bartender; Cannon totally maintained around a cop immediately after smoking a blunt to his head; speaking of- Feeney's wife learned how to roll a blunt out of necessity plus made it clear that she would leave him for Eric Decker in a heartbeat, Cannon drops some BARS; and the gang has some fun with the live chat. Use promo code...


85 Homeless Or HomeFULL?

Whooo boy, there were some tech issues in Studio B this week! The boys power through, while Daena unravels in the producer's booth. Cannon had a decent weekend at a gross venue in Atlantic City with The Sneaky Raccoon, Brendan Sagalow; Feeney went to an outstanding concert but followed that up with a tepid crowd at his set later that night; a lady threw up in the audience at one of Cannon's gigs; Feeney was done in by a bottomless martini at a restaurant, Cannon went ham on some smash...


84 Selfless Psycho (with special guest, Alex Pavone)

The boys have their first Canadian in studio, Alex Pavone! They dive right into a barbecue Feeney had recently. Feeney's eyes were targeted by all the smoke from the grill and Cannon got almost too wrecked to do his set afterwards. They rag on Alex a little for not having a bed frame; talk a little wacky roommates and neighbor fights; Alex recounts a crazy night of being blacked-out drunk and making out with one girl who punched him in the face, and another that made him sing karaoke and...


83 Fu Man Nipples

What a week of dealing with maniacs! Cannon realized that his agent might not be human, Feeney was heckled by some agro chick during a softball game and by a lady in a comedy club who thought it was illegal to talk about gun control, Cannon is constantly confounded by the obliviousness of the nannies at the soccer games he coaches plus his credit card company just made up a fraud charge; we read a story sent in by a listener, and Daena had a disappointing sex dream about former guest and...


82 Clap It Up For The Stage

There were some hurt feelings this week! Attention was called to Cannon's tiny ears, Feeney was left out of a boys' weekend, even The Sneaky Raccoon, Brendan Sagalow, suffered blatant disrespect. Cannon is drinking again and the boys have differing opinions of how much good it does him, Feeney killed it at Karaoke which naturally leads to a Rick Astley duet in studio, Cannon voices a bold opinion about Zack Morris, and the boys debate what actually constitutes and Irish goodbye. Use promo...


81 M.B.M.

The boys are back in studio which is lit a delightful green for the Emerald Isle! True to form, Feeney deals with a road rage incident on his way here, but he doesn't dwell as there is so much Skankfest to recount! The boys won the 3 on 3 basketball game and had a tremendous turnout for the beer pong tournament, a fan apologized for blowing up the bathroom right before Cannon went in, the boys enjoyed the world cup in the most packed bar in NYC, Feeney revels in Sagalow succumbing to peer...


80 Earl's King Cone (with special guest, Earl Skakel)

It's the boys' last show from Cali with deadpan dreamboat, Earl Skakel! They get into being bitten by dogs and the experience of going to puppy farms; Earl being American royalty; his experience on Roast Battle and the Naked Roast; the curious modus operandi at Comedy Central; Earl's beef with Crashing on HBO; and an outstanding gang bang story. Please check out The Inappropriate Earl Podcast on iTunes and SoundCloud. Follow us on Twitter @EarlSkakel, @IrishGoodbyePod, @IAmMikeFeeney,...


79 International Super Star & Special Guest, Anne Heche

Happenstance has made the boys a new best friend in the infamous, Anne Heche! She is venturing into stand-up comedy and has found kindred spirits in the Mikes Cannon and Feeney. They pick each other's brains about methodology, roasting, and first gigs. They share stories of surprise birthday parties gone wrong, the harrows of being road comics, and Anne goes into detail about her very public career falter at the hands of homophobic higher-ups in Hollywood, in the 90s; plus Ellen Degeneres'...


78 The LA Diaries

The boys are back from LA with too many stories for one episode! They managed to sneak in a trip to Wahlburgers during their layover in Boston; Cannon's body fought every drug and drink to stay awake on the flight; they ran into Sarah Silverman at a dispensary; made a new friend in Anne Heche; Cannon got Doug With High; Feeney got lost while hiking; they shared a 1000mg edible; took some beach scooters onto the PCH, and Sagalow maintained his obliviousness the whole time! Please visit...


77 Three Married Whites (with special guest, Jeremiah Watkins)

The boys are gleaming white in the California sun! They are joined by denim chaps enthusiast, Jeremiah Watkins! They dive right into the shenanigans. Jeremiah was too comfortable in his own skin for Protestant camp; Cannon is ever on the verge of a wet dream; Feeney got the hero's welcome in Homer, NY; Jeremiah performed at a venue that specialized in DUIs; Cannon was dismissed by an old friend at a wedding, Feeney discovered his genetic taste for whiskey, and the boys harmonize in a quick...


76 The Pulp Fiction Of Podcasts

The boys had a week of Yankees' games and crazy dreams! Feeney dreamed that he divorced his wife and she moved on in a heart beat; Cannon dreamed that he narrowly avoided death; Feeney figured out the cheese steak hook up at Yankee stadium while Cannon missed out on three innings waiting for his cheese steak; Feeney is teaching his wife how to murder him with the instructional videos in Netflix, Cannon tested his own mortality over the course of his friend's birthday evening; we hear the...


75 Fourth Gear Friendship

The boys talk a little humiliation this week! Cannon was caught picking his nose on the subway and Feeney greeted a guy on the road that definitely was not his friend. Cannon's having some digestive distress and tells us ALL about it, Feeney witnesses a bouncer slowly go insane over the course of a night, Cannon was snubbed by a crazy audience member, Feeney gave the Democratic party what for, Cannon was accidentally racist in a restaurant, and speaking of racist- a listener posts a...


74 Homeless Roomba

The Smirnoff Icing continues with the boys Icing Sagalow for his birthday! Feeney had a fantastic day alone at Coney Island then got rear ended on the way to record the podcast, Cannon admits to way too many driving offenses with zero regard for the statute of limitations, an attempt to order a fresh juice almost turns violent, a homeless guy with a short attention span charged at Cannon, Feeney got the worst dirty martini ever from the nicest bartender ever, and the word play in this ep...


73 Handsome Harry Gorgeous Gary

How even to describe where this episode went... The boys start off with some listener mail (keep it coming, friends!); Cannon got a weird compliment at a show; Feeney nails an impression of a velociraptor and has a handful of stories from his trip to Austin wherein he was rejected by a homeless man, faced off with a cockroach in a urinal, and visited Barton Springs. It was not the refreshing adventure he and his wife hoped for so it's too bad they didn't mention it to Daena beforehand. She...


72 Good Will Harming (with special guest, Tommy Pope)

Philly descends on NYC in the form of Tommy Pope! This dreamboat lays it on thick with the sarcasm while the boys recount some crazy dreams and their recent gig at Levity Live with Rosebud Baker and Brendan Sagalow. Who was in attendance at said gig? One Kevin Cannon, a.k.a Mike's agro dad. Meanwhile, Feeney goes go-carting with Rosebud and Sagalow and found out the hard way what a terror Rosebud is behind the wheel. Daena's thorough and genial email to upcoming guests comes under fire,...


71 Daena Laughs, You're Mad- Currency

The boys had some moments this week! First, it's a miracle Cannon even made it to the studio. The universe was throwing up road blocks left and right! Feeney was left in awe, yet again, by the methodology of Luis J Gomez, we get the follow ups on the Kabbalah party and the Digiday Awards, Feeney has an epiphany about Pinocchio, Cannon does some spot on racist impressions, has a career defining night, and the winning formula for this show reveals itself. New episode every Monday. Subscribe...


70 Kinetic Anger

The temperature is rising in NYC and it's making folks edgy. Cannon's distracted by a fight with his wife, Feeney makes a rickety reference to Nick News- you remember Linda Ellerbee, right? The boys do a Kabbalah QandA, Cannon recalls a crazy situation having to throw a party under duress for $5000 and may or may not still be in possession of a glow-in-the-dark yellow hoodie; and The Sneaky Raccoon, Brendan Sagalow, had a notable run-in at his debut headlining at Caroline's on Broadway....


68 Nothing But Titles

The boys are leftover wasted from 4/20 and still smarting from a guest cancellation. That did not stop from them from delivering this proverbial laugh riot! Cannon's baby bladder was almost his undoing on the way to The Bijou in CT, Feeney finally got to McDonald's and it was glorious, Cannon has to toe an uncomfortable line coaching youth soccer, Feeney's prank rampage continues at Cannon's expense, and the gang posits which animal would probably give the best head, to the pride of all our...