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When OG's Link Up W/ NNCHVLNT Episode 104

In this episode NNCHVLNT Clothing sat down with the Sam and Sho. We had Trippy's Uncle Rob in the building giving OG energy and of course these are the Gem's we love especially coming from someone who grew up in our neighborhood. We talk about black business dealings in the city and the clothing brand. This conversation gets deep. Enjoy Become a supporter of this podcast:


Unpacking & Unlearning with Brandie Blaze Episode 103

On this episode the fellas are taken to school, but in a good way. Brandie Blaze an artist from Boston educates Sam and Sho on a myriad of things and the fellas take note. The energy Brandie brings to this conversation is uplifting and magnetic. No wonder she is one of the shining stars in the music scene. We learn she comes from a social justice activist background and that's one of the reasons she became a rapper. We learn about the Umbrella of the LGBTQ so you know we were set proper....


Effort Over Substance Episode 102

This week its just the fellas coming back together to just kick it and talk about the Soundbite 4 event they judged a few weeks ago. They answer some questions from their followers about commitment and what if a gay guy asked for a picture of their feet. We go through a list of Boston podcasts that have popped up in the Boston city and most of them can be found in our podcast directory at The first week of every month it will be Sam and Sho recapping each month in their...



Swipes & Giggles with Candice host of The Vault podcast. Become a supporter of this podcast:


The LFOD Episode Part 2

Continuation of last weeks conversation with LFOD. Enjoy!! Become a supporter of this podcast:


The LFOD Episode Part One

This episode with LFOD radio really had the Sam and Sho on their toes and rightfully so. LFOD radio consists of the founder Uncle Sam, Amanda Shea and Alex. We learn where Uncle Sam gets his name from and what his overall thought process was creating LFOD radio which is also the motto for New Hampshire (Live Free of Die) where he is from. In this part one of the episode we discuss a couple of their past guests and dive into there team a bit. A lot of gems are dropped. Enjoy!!! Become a...


Expozed Swear Jar Ft Katiria Colon

This week the guys sit down with Katiria Colon founder of Expozed Tv and a radio personality for Boston's Jamn 94.5. This last week has been difficult because of the passing of Nipsey Hussle but we hope we did him proud by continuing his message and what he stood for. We explore how Katiria started her company and what she has planned for it. The Upruling Music Festival she's throwing in Boston. A first of its kind in the city of Boston. The energy and camaraderie between everyone in this...


An Episode of Stories with Jrenzo

On this episode Sam and Sho sit down with Jrenzo of Bentley Records and discuss his background into being a manager for Bentley Records. What he is working to achieve moving forward with the label in Boston. They discuss the new Birdman & Juvenile album "Just Another Gangsta" and of course the media and social scene of Boston. Jrenzo told the guys quite a few stories which makes for an entertaining listen. Check out the Battle of the Vibes at the end of the episode and gives us and the...


I Tell People All The Time

On this week's episode Sam and Sho give you a reminder why they are ItsLitBoston. Its been awhile since they sat down together and had a very candid conversation with each other. They discuss the new Wburcityspace, Museum of Fine Art Gender Free Exhibit that just opened up and of course the new morning show on Jamn945 with Ashlee. They even give you a glimpse into their thoughts on being married and the pros and cons of it for them. Enjoy Become a supporter of this podcast:...


The Dmartinez & Mostrequestedfood Episode

This week Sam and Sho sit down with the artist Dmartinez who just released his tape named "Larry Drip" and freelance chef and caterer and head of the Mostrequestedfood brand Jodie. They discuss their backgrounds as BAA students in Boston and how their journey in their respective lanes continues to help them grow as people and artists. Become a supporter of this podcast:


The Cakeswagg Episode

This week the guys sit down and have a candid conversation with one of Boston up and coming artist Cakeswagg and her manager Cassie. They discussed her release of Cakeology vol 1 and the motive behind it. Cakeswagg and Cassie open up about how they came to be and how their friendship works. Become a supporter of this podcast:


The Mike Mack Episode

This week the fellas had the pleasure of sitting down with two of Sam's childhood Friends and things got interesting. Mike is a Christian cut from a different cloth and somehow through his words helped Sho get over some heavy burdens thats been on his shoulders. The conversations range from religion, sports to how christian rap is in the the Boston scene and the difficulties surrounding that genre of hip hop. Enjoy!!! Become a supporter of this podcast:


The DJ Dcaso Episode

Family was in the building during this episode with the return of Dj Dcaso. Darryl has he likes to be called amongst friends and family is just coming off a dope article written about him by Boston magazine The Boston Voyager. We delve into how that article came about and what his goals are moving forward. We talk about Boston artist Cake Swagg and how just because you have money doesn't mean you're not a cornball. We support our brothers and sisters making moves and paying it back to the...


The Barbershop Talk Episode

On this week's episode the fellas sat down with fellow Boston podcaster Cap from The Barbershop Talk Podcast. Cap tells us how the barbershop started and what he had to go through when it got rough for the show. This is one of the most organic conversations the fellas have had. We discuss how we can try to keep the black dollar in our communities longer based of the Killer Mike show "Trigger Warning". We talk music and pushing Boston podcasting forward. Enjoy and please go subscribe to their...


J. Smitty Episode Audio

This week we sat down with Boston comedian J Smitty and discuss his Good Luck Comedy Tour with his partner Sam Ike. What got him to do comedy and how the transition has been for his day to day life. Listen til the end where he gives sound advice to anybody jumping on the comedy scene. We end by playing a track off Boston Artist Treva Holmes latest release "Been Ready You Late" called "Bryl". Go check out the album on all streaming platforms. Enjoy!!! Become a supporter of this podcast:...


The Henny & Hotwings Episode w Mshotsauce

This week we had the pleasure of having a veteran on the Boston podcast/radio scene come sit down with us. Mshotsauce the host of the Henny & Hotwings Podcast brought her signature flare to this weeks episode. This episode is a wild rollercoaster ride of three people just having a very fluid and organic conversation like old friends who haven't seen each in awhile. Make sure to check out her podcast and support her movement. Enjoy!!! Become a supporter of this podcast:...


2019 Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone!!! We started the episode with a new song by the artist named Vanni. He is a Boston artist and the song is appropriately named "Happy New Year 2019". Go check him out on SoundCloud and all other streaming platforms. The Crew talk discuss how their New Years went and you'll find out one of them tied the knot during the break. They discuss the current hot topic about R.Kelly and the Series "Surviving R.Kelly" amongst other topics. Enjoy!!! Become a supporter of this...


2018 Wrap Up

This is the last episode of the year and the crew really opened up about how 2018 went for each of them. This is the most vulnerable and honest they've ever been. They talk about their goals and what they need to work on moving forward. They also discuss current topics such as Meek Mills new album and Boston music. See Everyone in 2019. Enjoy and don't forget to Subscribe, like and comment Become a supporter of this podcast:


The Amanda Shea Episode

On this week's episode, Sam & Sho sat down with new famed Lyft driver & artist "Amanda Shea" who gracefully came and chopped it up with the guys. They discussed a variety of things, covered in depth topics & debated what platforms artists can create instead of relying on the usual platforms that aren't equal in opportunity when it comes to helping artists being seen or heard, Take a listen & enjoy! Become a supporter of this podcast:


Friends-Giving Episode Featuring "Tea With P"

On this week's episode, the crew chopped it up after the "Friends Giving Potluck" and just had some good ole conversation. No real direction, just a friends among other each other talking wild shit of course. Take a listen, grab some eggnog & enjoy! Become a supporter of this podcast: