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BONUS - Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Bowtie (5x02) (with Lauren Petronaci)

Are you ready to hear something that’s pretty, pretttyyyy good? …..Okay. Curb Your Enthusiasm superfan and all around swell gal Lauren Petronaci joins Jack to talk about her favorite episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm on his Star Trek podcast, for some reason. How else are you going to fill these long, horrible stretches of Discovery-less time? The Bowtie is the answer! Join Jack and Lauren as they struggle to navigate the confusing politics of handicap bathrooms, African-American men wearing...


DRUNK STAR WARS, Pt. IV - Solo: A Star Wars Story (with Kregg Castillo)

Just in time for Short Treks, it’s another amazing episode of Drunk Star Wars, with Kregg Castillo! (Don’t worry, we’ll be talking Short Treks soon). Jack and Kregg are reversing the format, as this time JACK is the one who is drunk and seeing the film for the first time! Boy, is he drunk! Listen to him over explain the same things repeatedly and SHOUT about Darth Maul! It’s the hottest of hot takes as these two boys are recording this straight after getting home from theaters! (Yes, that’s...


DRUNK STAR WARS, Pt. III - Star Wars, Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (with Kregg Castillo)

Jack's Silly Little Friendly Neighborhood Star Trek Discovery Podcast is finally back! That of course means Drunk Star Wars with Kregg, Part III, months after it was recorded. Give this five hour + monstrosity a whirl, and you’ll soon discover(y) why, as these two drunk idiots spent an inordinate amount of time and pain to get here. Many Bothans died to bring you this information. Anyways, making this into anything coherent at all has kind of sapped me of any energy left to write a snappy...


DRUNK STAR WARS, Pt. II - Star Wars, Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (with Kregg Castillo)

Hello there! We’re coming in too HOT and still barely making it in for May (sorry Last Jedi), but we’re definitely still flying HALF a podcast. That’s right, Kregg and Jack’s powers have DOUBLED since the last time you saw them, they are DRUNK and they’re back to talk about a movie that Kregg has definitely seen before, although strictly in prequel meme form. We’ve found a way to save you from our nightmares, and it is this podcast. It is a volcanic podcast, you will be safe here. But it’s...


DRUNK STAR WARS, Pt. I - Star Wars, Episode II: Attack of the Clones (with Kregg Castillo)

In classic Jack’s Silly fashion, here’s our promised Part I of Drunk Star Wars with Kregg, coming at you a whole two days after May the 4th! Kregg watches Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones for the first time and gets nice and drunk but still remains his charming self, while Jack is drunker than he expected and begins veering into angry shouty fanboy territory! See how much you can endure! But while their inebriation styles may be different, Kregg and Jack can agree on at least one...


DISCO BONUS #2 - Star Trek Discovery: Drastic Measures by Dayton Ward (with Barm)

Jack and Barm are finally back to talk about the literary EVENT of 2018, Dayton Ward’s Star Trek Discovery: Drastic Measures, and this is no Carlos prank this time. It’s the real deal, and they are having a blast talking about a book that they don’t really care about very much, starring one immediately dead character from Discovery, and a mirror version of another who technically has never appeared in the show, on a crazy mission in the past to stop another character who appeared in one...


disoc bonus 2 star trek discovery dastic measires with barm

Hey its me Jack Carlos isnt on this eisode. Me and barm read this cool book ny= b Daton Wark about star trek discovey called star trek discovery drastic measures its about lorca and capteain georgio but she wasn’t a captain yet and netier was lorca but there teaming up to stop governor kudos after he kills some people because they didn’t have a lot of food and kirk id there and nobody knoes wjhat he looks like and it about the story that you hear about in the conshuns of the king from the...


DISCO BONUS #1 - Star Trek Discovery: Desperate Hours by David Mack (with Barm)

Jack’s Silly Little Friendly Neighborhood Star Trek Discovery Podcast is BACK! Remember Star Trek: Discovery? It’s back. In book form. Jack roped old friend and most frequent guest Barm into reading the first Discovery novel, David Mack’s Desperate Hours, and they’re here to report to all you Discoverinos with their findings. Despite the title, Discovery is nowhere to be found here, as David Mack brings us to a point a year before the show where the USS Shenzhou finds itself assigned to a...


015 - Will You Take My Hand? (1x15) (with Barm, Geoff Clarke, Kregg Castillo, Sam Stovold, Kevin Young and Richard Dunham)

Well, it took a while but it’s finally here! The season finale of Star Trek: Discovery has come and gone, but not Jack’s Silly Little Friendly Neighborhood Star Trek Discovery Podcast! In fact, to celebrate (?) this momentous occasion, Jack has made some phone calls and managed to gather together every single guest that has appeared on the podcast to date for a massive STD orgy! That’s right, old pal and JSLFNSTDP mainstay Barm, Ferengi/Mycelial Network expert Kregg Castillo, Jack’s ApeCast...


014 - The War Without, The War Within (1x14) (with Geoff Clarke)

Geoff Clarke, Jack’s cohost on The ApeCast, comes back for another spectacular episode of Jack’s Silly Little Friendly Neighborhood Star Trek Discovery Podcast, and they have a lot to talk about this week! Has Discovery righted the ship after last week’s questionable outing? The answer is… kind of? It’s more complex than that, and Jack and Geoff have FEELINGS, both good and bad on a lot of the crazy stuff that happens in this ep! Along the way, they stop to talk about ideal beards, Admiral...


BONUS - Star Wars: The Last Jedi (with Barm)

Now that we’re out of the Mirror Universe, before we dive back into the Klingon war, take a break from all your worries with a little Star Wars! Before Jack was ever on What Were We Watching’s fantastic Last Jedi roundtable discussion (listen to it at whatwerewewatching.com!), he recorded this fun little Last Jedi discussion with old buddy and JSLFNSTDP standby Barm, waaaaay back in 2017. And if there’s one thing Star Wars has taught us, it’s that prequels are good! Listen to Jack...


013 - What's Past Is Prologue (1x13) (with Kregg Castillo)

Ferengi Expert/Mycelial Network Scholar Kregg Castillo is back again this week to dish with Jack about one of the biggest episodes of Discovery yet. But is it any good? That question, along with many others you never even knew you had, will be answered as Jack and Kregg also dive into Star Wars, the future of the podcast in a post-season one world, Caprica, Godzilla cartoons, how Stamets is like a Power Moon, the mysteries of the mycelial network, why Lorca sounds like a TIE Fighter, the...


012 - Vaulting Ambition (1x12) (with Barm, Kregg Castillo and Sam Stovold)

Jack is back, this time with pals Barm, Kregg and Sam to talk about Vaulting Ambition, both the episode of Discovery and the quality possessed by the show. Whether the show lives up to its vaulting ambitions is a question they’ll debate, along with the morality of eating meat (even if it is delicious threat ganglia), the impossible burger, what the hell happened to Voq, the reality of Culber and the mycelial network, the regal grandeur of Emperor Phillipa Georgiou Augustus Iaponius...


011 - The Wolf Inside (1x11) (with Geoff Clarke, Kevin Young, and Richard Dunham)

It’s FINALLY here! This week two new guests join Jack and his ApeCast co-host Geoff – Kevin Young of Reopening the Wormhole and Richard Dunham of the Ghibli Minute podcast! It’s a podcast co-host extravaganza, and you better believe Carlos is taking notes! It’s going down as they all dish on the big Ash Tyler/Voq revelations, nerd out about Andorians and Tellarites, once again try to make sense of the Mirror Universe, argue about whether Dr. Doom is more of a Spider-Man or a Fantastic Four...


010 - Despite Yourself (1x10) (with Barm and Kregg Castillo)

He’s finally back, performing for you! That’s right, the long wait is over, and Discovery, and by extension Jack’s Silly Little Friendly Neighborhood Star Trek Discovery Podcast, is back! And they are both on FIRE! Joining Jack for the first time in 2018 are old buddy Barm and Ferengi expert Kregg Castillo, to enlighten us all on such topics as the mechanics of the Mirror Universe, what kind of costumes they liked to wear as children, proctology and the necessity of not keeping assholes...


CARLOS BONUS #1: The Continuity Carlos Christmas Special

Hey its Carlos jack let me do a episode of the show, its a xmas episode. We are going to be talking about xmas and continuity it’s a really fun show ur gionna love it I think. Im talking about signfeld and how stupid it is because of all the mistakes in it and how its not really a good show and I don’t now why it is so popular. I wanted to talk about the last jedi but jack said I cant also he wouldnt help me edit the show or write this so maybe it doesn’t sound as good but the content is...


009 - Into the Forest I Go (1x09) (with Barm, Geoff Clarke, Kregg Castillo, and Sam Stovold)

The “midseason finale” of Jack’s Silly Little Friendly Neighborhood Star Trek Discovery Podcast is finally here, and it WAS WORTH THE WAIT. In this mega-sized and laugh-filled look at “Into the Forest I Go”, Jack has assembled all of the previous guests (and one new one!) under one (Skype) roof and they can hardly contain themselves, or even ever just stop saying the word “T’Kuvma”. They’re here to bust a gut talking about Klingon boobs, Starfleet sideburns, crazy plot theories, the BEST way...


008 - Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum (1x08) (with Geoff Clarke)

Jack’s cohost from The Apecast Geoff Clarke makes his third appearance on Jack’s Silly Little Friendly Neighborhood Star Trek Discovery Podcast, and boy is he charming! They have a gormagander of a time talking about their mutual love of Saru, the Klingon problem, the Cornwell saga, whether there’s a difference between complete harmony and oblivion, Skyrim, Mario Paint, Ash and Burnham KISSING, Geoff Thoughts, Midnight Meat Train, their plans for a Marge vs. the Monorail Minute podcast, and...


007 - Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad (1x07) (with Barm & Kregg Castillo)

Ferengi Expert and frequent Reopening the Wormhole guest Kregg Castillo makes his debut on this podcast to talk with Jack and old standby Barm about an episode of a TV show that will most likely never have a Ferengi in it. But it DOES have HARCOURT FENTON MUDD, time crystals, a gormagander, a Lorca death reel, war steam and so much else, and you better believe we’re talking about ALL OF IT. Come with us as we explore Kregg’s heritage, expose the dark heart of Hollywood, visit Jack’s news...


006 - Lethe (1x06) (with Geoff Clarke)

Geoff Clarke, co-host of The ApeCast, joins Jack for the second week in a row to talk about Lethe! Specifically, about what Lethe means, what Sarek and Sonic the Hedgehog have in common, how many moons Vulcan has, what Lorca has in his pants, Mark Lenard, and, as an afterthought, stuff like the delicate relationship between Sarek, Michael, and Spock and Lorca sexin’ admirals. Continuity Carlos also has a lot to say to this week, and the wedge between him and Geoff widens. Grab some single...