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023 - If Memory Serves (2x08) (with Barm, Kregg Castillo and Richard Dunham)

You knows who cares who the Red Angel is? NOT ME, all I care about is sharing a dream with you, the Discoverino. And that dream is the ultimate Talosian experience. Barm and Kregg are back along with Richard Dunham (Ghibli Minute) to delve into Vena, the Talosians, the Cage/Menagerie, manipulative nostalgia, and some juicy Michael Burnham/Spock DRAMA. Along the way, we’ll dish about Section 31 being a cancerous tumor (not a tumor!) that needs to be excised from Disco, the awesomeness of...


022 - Light and Shadows (2x07) (with Kevin Young)

Spock! Spock, Spock Spock Spock Spock Spock Spock. Kevin Young (Reopening the Wormhole) Spock Spock Spock, Spock Spock Spock. Spock Spock Spock? Spock Spock Spock, Spock Spock Spock! Spock Spock Spock Spock Spock Spock Spock. Spock Spock Sarek Sybok Spock. Spock Spock Spock Spock Spock. #prayforlorca #prayforsybok


021 - The Sounds of Thunder (2x06) (with Barm and Kregg Castillo)

Saru discovers his past is a LIE, and sets out to find the truth about his family, and his ability to transform into the powerful post-Va’harai Kelpien. Ferengi expert Kregg Castillo makes his Season 2 debut on Jack’s Silly Little Friendly Neighborhood Star Trek Discovery Podcast, and discovers that along with Barm and Jack, they are about to become Kelpien/Ba’ul experts as well. It’s an exciting time as we talk Ray Bradbury, Armus (of course), Saru’s wacky backstory shenanigans, the fun Ash...


020 - Saints of Imperfection (2x05) (with Geoff Clarke)

Jack’s ApeCast cohost and Trek noob Geoff Clarke is back on the cast to endure Jack’s bellyaching about Section 31 and perhaps give him some much needed perspective. Of course, he’s not too wild about some other aspects of this episode, particularly those involving a certain doctor in a certain network you may have heard about. Their feelings on the episode, however, are not gonna stop these two goofballs from talking about Dr. Zaius and dinosaurs, characters like Linus and Jett Reno who do...


019 - An Obol for Charon (2x04) (with Barm and Kevin Young)

Kevin decided to stick around for another week to hang out with Barm and Jack and find out just what the heck an obol is and what this Charon character needs with one anyway. Along the way, they revisit the classic soft/hard G debate like the hard Gs that they are, talk Toto’s Africa too much, delight in the joys of Spanish-speaking Saru, speculate on the future of everyone’s favorite Saurian, Linus and what a future without fear chubs will be like, see how many languages Google can say...


018 - Point of Light (2x03) (with Sam Stovold and Kevin Young)

The latest and greatest episode of Jack’s Stilly Little Star Trek Discovery Podcast is here, and guess what? It’s a full blown Reopening the Wormhole (re?)union! That’s right, Sam Stovold (also of Marvel Star Wars Explorers) and Kevin Young (for about half the episode) join Jack to dish on Point of Light, the first episode of season 3 to really give them pause. Since it’s basically an RTW episode, that means it going to get out of hand very quickly as the gang does their classic shtick...


017 - New Eden (2x02) (with Barm and Geoff Clarke)

If you’re looking for some religious inspiration in your life, you’ve found the one, true faith: Jack’s Silly Little Friendly Neighborhood Star Trek Discovery Podcast! Jack is the Lord, and along with his apostles Barm and Geoff Clarke of the ApeCast, will guide you to podcast heaven as they take a look at the surprising second episode of Disco’s second season. It is written that they shall decree their thoughts on Captain Pike, Tilly’s spooky new pal, angels, religious undertones, Game of...


016 - Brother (2x01) (with Barm)

Better late than never! You didn’t think Jack’s Silly Little Friendly Neighborhood Star Trek Discovery Podcast would falter in its quest to bring you the ultimate podcast experience for every single episode of the explosive CBS All Access smash hit Star Trek: Discovery, did you? Nope, all the thrills you’ve come to expect are here with NEW Season 2 attitude. Expect the unexpected, as Jack throws everyone a curveball by bringing a very sleepy Barm on the show to start things off with a bang...


DISCO BONUS #10 - The Way to the Stars (by Una McCormack) (with Barm)

I know, I know, when are they getting to the Season 2 factoryyyyyyy!? We’re almost there, but Barm and I had to take ONE more pit stop along the way, and it turned out to be a goshdarned fun new book about Discovery’s breakout star Tilly and her wacky teeeeeen years. You ever wished for a little more Judy Blume in your Star Trek? Neither did we, until we got it. The Tilly Book proves you can write a Star Trek book without a starship battle at the end (or at all) or a single phaser shot and...


DISCO BONUS #9 - Short Treks #4: The Escape Artist (with Barm, Geoff Clarke, Sam Stovold and Kevin Young)

Cudgel. Harcourt. Fenton. MUDD. Cudgel. Barm. Cudgel. Short Treks. Cudgel. Geoff Clarke (The Apecast). Cudgel. Sam Stovold (Reopening the Wormhole, Marvel Star Wars Explorers). Cudgel. Kevin Young (Reopening the Wormhole). Cudgel. Tellarite. Cudgel. Burritos. Cudgel. Star Trek. Cudgel. Androids. Cudgel. Jippers! KUDGEL.


DISCO BONUS #8 - Succession / Star Trek: Discovery Annual #1 (with Barm)

Magic happened and Jack managed to get three guests to buy and read the definitive highlight of the entire Star Trek franchise, the T’Kuvma comic. But this time it’s back to regular old Disco novel/comic business, and that means it’s just Barm and Jack talking about the second and third HOTTEST comic EVENTS of 2018. Succession, and the Star Trek Discovery Annual #1! That’s right, Disco is FAR from done running the Mirror Universe into the ground, and me and Barm discover that maybe we LIKE...


DISCO BONUS #7 - The Light of Kahless (with Barm, Kregg Castillo, and Sam Stovold)

T’Kuvma T’Kuvma T’Kuvma T’Kuvma T’Kuvma T’Kuvma T’Kuvma T’Kuvma T’Kuvma T’Kuvma T’Kuvma T’Kuvma T’Kuvma T’Kuvma T’Kuvma T’Kuvma T’Kuvma T’Kuvma T’Kuvma T’Kuvma T’Kuvma T’Kuvma T’Kuvma T’Kuvma T’Kuvma T’Kuvma T’Kuvma T’Kuvma T’Kuvma T’Kuvma T’Kuvma T’Kuvma T’Kuvma T’Kuvma T’Kuvma T’Kuvma T’Kuvma T’Kuvma T’Kuvma T’Kuvma


DRUNK STAR WARS, Pt. VIII - Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Commentary) (with Kregg Castillo)

The thrilling conclusion is here! Jack has been up all night and his facing the harsh of light of morning and some hard truths about his life. Kregg has been sitting in his bathroom for six hours now. They’re drunk and they’ve just spent three hours watching Ewok movies. It’s the PERFECT TIME for them to bring a close to the DRUNK STAR WARS SAGA (at least until new Star Wars movies come out), by watching the one Star Wars movie that neither of them have ever seen. The undisputed classic...


DRUNK STAR WARS, Pt. VII - Ewoks: The Battle for Endor (Commentary) (with Kregg Castillo)

The Drunk Star Wars Party rages on as Jack and Kregg follow up Caravan of Courage by immediately watching its superior sequel, Ewoks: The Battle for Endor, and quickly discover any movie with Teek and Wilford Brimley in it can’t be that bad. Along the way we’ll be offering up all kinds of half-baked theories about what’s going on that could be solved by actually paying attention to the movie, and delving deep into the culture and mythology of Endor. Oh, and DIA-BEETUS.


DRUNK STAR WARS, Pt. VI - Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure (Commentary) (with Kregg Castillo)

Drunk Star Wars is going full steam ahead to the forest moon of Endor, as Jack introduces Kregg to the wonderful world of Ewok Adventures, and Kregg introduces Jack to the wonderful world of podcasting from the bathroom. Like Mace and Cindel, they are at the beginning of a long and arduous journey. Will there be a Wicket to save them, in this, the DRUNK COMMENTARY TRACK for Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure? There’s only one way to find out! Gunda!


DRUNK STAR WARS, Pt. V - The Star Wars Holiday Special (Commentary) (with Kregg Castillo)

Happy Life Day everyone! Your gift is more Drunk Star Wars!... in commentary form. We’re going into the deeper gnostic regions of the Star Wars cinematic universe as Jack guides Kregg to some Hi-Third-Oh unseen Star Wars films for him. We’re kicking it off with something amazing; the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special! What more can be said here, except to tell you that if you want to follow along with us, try to find a version titled “The Star Wars Christmas Special” (even though that’s not...


CARLOS BONUS #2: The 2nd Annual Continuity Carlos Christmas Special: The Last Jedi (with Thot-Gor, Chewbacca, Charlie Brown's Teacher, an African Elephant and Jack Stovold)

Jack has once again handed the reins over to Continuity Carlos for his 2nd Annual Christmas Special, and what a special it is. Chagrined that Jack left him out of the five million Last Jedi podcasts that he’s recorded, Carlos has decided to take matters into his own hands, and assembled a team of podcast all stars, namely DS9’s own Thot Gor, Last Jedi star Chewbacca the Wookiee, Charlie Brown’s teacher, an African Elephant, and of course, Jack’s Silly host Jack Stovold (you couldn’t expect...


[STOCKING STUFFER] Sick Burnham (with Geoff Clarke and Amos Dunn)

In this thrilling outtake from an ApeCast recording, Jack, ApeCast cohost Geoff Clarke and ApeCast theme song composer Amos Dunn talk about a sick Michael Burnham, the upcomng Picard show, Spaghett, boxes, Tom Jones, and so much more! (Actually, almost nothing more). It's the perfect appetizer to whet your appetite for more holiday fun to come!\\In this thrilling outtake from an ApeCast recording, Jack, ApeCast cohost Geoff Clarke and ApeCast theme song composer Amos Dunn talk about a sick...


DISCO BONUS #6 - Short Treks #3: The Brightest Star (with Barm)

Barm’s back again for a trip, a Short Trek if you will, to Kaminar, to see the long awaited origin of Saru. And now that we’ve seen it… well. Just listen to the episode. We’re talking about kelp, kelp farming, Kelpiens, Final Fantasy X villages, classic haphazard Discovery storytelling, Stargate, The Predator, JJ Abrams-style Mystery Boxes, and most importantly, Saru, his family, and his abduction at the hands of the ruthless, bloodthirsty Philippa Georgio. Oh, and CGI Hummingbird Bug Things.


DISCO BONUS #5 - Short Treks #2: Calypso (with Barm)

Join Jack and Barm on a Calypso cruise to the sora-hawk, Betty Boop and taco-filled future that awaits us some 1300 years from now. While we marvel at the simple beauty of the show, we’re also talking short dicks and shorter Treks, Discovery’s love of holograms, the surprising ways this reminds them of TNG, some fantastic story ideas for the upcoming animated Trek show, and Calypso, man. Like, what does it mean, what’s it all ABOUT, you know what we’re saying?