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When Timmy met Sammy Part Four & Mr. Twister's Love for LaVell

On this "Jon Carter Classic" It's Part Four of "Timmy's Saga with Sammy" as we learn about his condition after "suffering simmerization" when it's revealed that Timmy's Stash Spot for Sammy was the microwave along with Timmy's return to The State Fair and his "Optimistic Apology" to "Bessie's Owner"! Plus Mr. Twister's Thoughts on "The BYU/Utah Rivalry" and some sincere advice from a "Cougar Coaching Legend"! Jon Carter, Legendary Radio Morning Show DJ who revolutionized "must listen to...


When Timmy met Sammy Part Three & Twister's Lou of the Lake

On this "Jon Carter Classic" It's Part Three of "Timmy's Saga with Sammy" as preparations begin for the return of "The Missing Hen" from The Utah State Fair, Timmy's plans take a unexpected turn when Sammy's accidentally subjected to the "Simmer Cycle" in Timmy's not to Secret Stash Spot! Plus Mr. Twister talks with Lake Powell's Lou Stryper on the favorite features & water activities for the spring and summer! Jon Carter, Legendary Radio Morning Show DJ who revolutionized "must listen to...


The Bible Brother's Utah Food Bank Consecrations & Mr. Roberts Lint vs. Lent

On this "Jon Carter Classic" Billy & Bubba Beufort are out and about in support of The Utah Food Bank, with sermons & sanctification in hopes of persuading you to do the right thing in helping out your fellow neighbor in need! Plus Mr. Roberts clears up the confusion surrounding the religious observations of "Lent" and what people in Lehi consider "Lint"! Jon Carter, Legendary Radio Morning DJ who revolutionized "must listen to radio" in the 80's and 90's with his Classic Characters &...


Timmy & Sammy's Excellent Adventure Part Two & Jon's Wonderful Women

On this "Jon Carter Classic" It's Part 2 of When Timmy met Sammy as Timmy tries to Trick "Sargent, Sargent" into thinking Sammy's a Guinea Pig, but lays an egg and is forced to return Sammy to the Utah State Fair. Plus Jon's Ode to Special Women including; Mrs. Twister, Fabulo's Women of Power, and Jon's Special Song about Hillary Clinton in the White House, a lot more power than her whimpy old spouse! Jon Carter, Legendary Radio Morning DJ who revolutionized "must listen to radio" in the...


Timmy & Twister's Political Pandering's

On this "Jon Carter Classic", The race to replace retiring Senator Orrin Hatch's Seat between Mitt Romney & Mike Kennedy is in full swing with minimal "mud slinging" which is a nice change from 'The Norm" with Timmy's paper on some of the qualities it takes to be in politics and one day President! Plus Twister's reminder about doing your civic duty and voting for all races including; The Antler Inspector & Marsh-mellow Sanitation Supervisor, Swami's Presidential Treatment for Pea-Brained...


Timmy's & Sammy's Excellent Adventure Pt. 1 & Twister's Springtime Suckweed

On this "Jon Carter' Classic" It's Part One of Timmy's Saga with "Sammy The Chicken" whom he first meets at The Utah State Fair where they bond over "Timmy Treats" like Cotton Candy, Popcorn & Taco's Yea! Plus Mr. Twister's Seasonal Sinus' & Allergies including his least favorite, "The Utah Suckweed", Bill Ziffel's yard decorating tips "West Valley Style" and Twister's Fishy Identification Process as Biologists from The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources holds a free cutthroat viewing...


Timmy's Phone Home Movie Marathon & Fabulo's Toy Story Squanderings

On this "Jon Carter Classic" Timmy's busy creating his "Allium Talker Thingie" after his latest viewing of E.T. where he finds a soft spot for "The Little Wrinkly Space Guy" because of their respective love for "Reese's Pieces" but soon finds himself in "Timmy Trouble" with "Pops" after doing nothing expect watching E.T. "Phone Home" and establishing questionable contacts, putting him on the FCC watch list! Plus with "The Toy Story Franchise" set to resume with movie #4, Fabluo has this...


Timmy's Short-Splitting Solution & The Elders: Denny's Drama

On this "Jon Carter Classic" It's "Shorts Day" at school for Timmy as he searches for the perfect pair, but with a little extra weight added on from last year, even his shorts from "Blubber Warehouse" are too skinny to squeeze into! Plus Elder Berry's concerned about Elder Bush's level of commitment with "The Aroma of Trunkiness" having the companionship's strength brought into question. Jon Carter, Legendary Radio Morning Show DJ who revolutionized "must listen to radio" in the 80's and...


Timmy's Camping Customs & Fabulo's Impatient Virtues

On this "Jon Carter Classic" Camping with Grandpa has been an annual tradition for Timmy from favorites like sleeping under the stars, cooking marsh mellows and saying "Hi, I'm Timmy" to skunks. Plus he can always rely on his "Combo Canteen" for Water, Milk, Yogurt or to avoid "accidents" in his "Snoopy Sleeper Bag"! Also Fabulo's Lesson on pleasing the woman who doesn't like to be kept waiting & want's things quickly such as; instant oatmeal, 1 hour photo service & Johnny on the spot...


Timmy's Weed Wrangle & Mr. Roberts Pesky Pests

On this "Jon Carter Classic" It's Spring Cleaning Time at Timmy's House with Weed Pulling on the Top of his Chore List from Pops, but feeling overwhelmed with too much digging and maybe missing afternoon cartoons, Timmy's thoughts turn to "Milly Liller Weed Killer" and Too Much for Pops to Take! Plus Mr. Robert's Annual Spring Time Lawn Mowing Courtesies PSA to avoid incidents between pesky & particular neighbors which happen from time to time in real life and in "The Land of Make...


The Elders: Big Belt Buckles & Mr. Twister's Mossy Patience

On this "Jon Carter Classic" Elder Bush's obsession for Ranch Burgers and Fry Sauce has subsided as conversations within the companionship of human feelings about the true meaning of loving thy neighbor, along with possible expulsion or a special transfer to Evanston, regular missionary obligations are once again top priority. And Mr. Twister's Photography Pointer's for KSL 5 TV Weather Calendar Worthy Shots, Camera Tech Talk & Tips to get close enough for that Prized "Picarian Warthog"...


The Elders: Dear Norbert & Ladonna's Lyin' Eyes

On this "Jon Carter Classic" Elder Bush receives the dreaded "Dear John" letter that many of missionaries have felt the heartache from, and even worse than her "Brotherly Love" is that his 1st companion is now going to be her companion! Plus Jon's Lamet about Ladonna's "Dear John Situation" and how sometimes even "A Geek at The Mall" can win over the heart of a pretty girl! Jon Carter, Legendary Radio Morning Show DJ who revolutionized "must listen to radio" in the 80's and 90's with his...


Twister's Turkey Tussle & Fabulo's Business before Pleasure

On this "Jon Carter Classic" The Spring Turkey Hunt in Utah brings only a few thousand licensed participants lucky enough to search for the elusive "Utah Wild Turkey" unlike the unfortunate Norbest Cousin's down on the farm. And Mr. Twister shares his showdown with a "Tom and 2 Hens" that left him with a few battle scars! Plus Fabulo's Lesson for satisfying a "Professional Secretary" on Administrative Professional's Day, which includes efficient pencil sharpening, a 10 minute or less oil...


Twister's Spring Fishing/Earth Day Activities & Fabulo's Compliments for Chores

On this "Jon Carter Classic" Spring Fishing in The State of Utah is here and Mr. Twister has "The Angler Info." from Strawberry Reservoir, Deer Creek and Jordenelle, along with "Bait Bits" featuring Calamari from Mark Eaton's Tuscany Restaurant and "Earth Day" activities and outings along The Wasatch Front for Monday. Plus Fabulo's Love Lesson for The Women of Utah on Compliments that will have Men eating out of the palm of your hand as well as getting your man to pick up his dirty socks...


The Bible Brother's Tacky Tax Consultants & Twister's C.T.C. Crunch Day Tips

On this "Jon Carter Classic" The deadline to file Taxes is once again reared it's annual ugly head and if you're one of the million's who have waited till the last day, have no fear because The Bible Brother's Tacky Tax Consultants are here with last minute advice to ease your troubles. Taking Text from "The Book of Confiscations" Billy & Bubba will have you saying "Say Hallelujah"! Plus if you're searching for a C.T.C. that can make sure you get every dollar you deserve, Mr. Twister's got...


Mr. Twister's Jazzy Skepticism & Timmy's All About Them Jazz

On this "Jon Carter Classic" The 2017-18 NBA Playoffs are here with The Utah Jazz once again "Back in The Playoff Groove" and Mr. Twister still holds his "Skeptic Stance" from Adrian Dantley's Scoring Spree's to Stockton and Malone, The Jazz have yet to win it all. He'll still be rooting for Donovan "Spidey" Mitchell, "The Stifle Tower" Rudy Gobert, "Jinglin'" Joe Ingles and "Coach Q" to make it happen! And Timmy's looking forward to The Playoffs Run this year and remembers his 1st "Salt...


Mr. Robert's Tax Trepidation's & Swami Salami's Game of Elephants

On this "Jon Carter Classic" as the tax deadline approaches and fears of IRS penalties fill the mind, Mr. Roberts is here from "The Land of Make Believe" with advice for "Boys and Girls" who have failed to file over the years including Mr. Roberts and his alias "Mr. Leavitt" along with a visit from "Bob Dog" while he waits to see if he's getting a refund of "milk bones" or paying back with "pupperonies"! Plus the only thing more stress full than tax time is Swami Salami's "Game of...


Timmy's Trappers/Candy Wrappers & Twister's Magna Muffins

On this "Jon Carter Classic" with The 2017-18 Bee's Season Home Opener here the rich tradition of Baseball in Salt Lake City continues from The Original Bee's, Gulls, Stinger's, Buzz, and Current Bee's, "The Salt Lake Trapper's" hold a special place in history with their 29 game winning streak in 1987 & Part Team Owner Bill Murray, The Trapper's & Dirk's Field remain unforgettable for Utah'ns and especially Timmy's Take after going to a Trappers Game with "Pops" and different parts of the...


Twister's General Grumblings/Conference Compromises & Fabulo's Adventures in Babysitting

On this "Jon Carter Classic" The Twister Household is back to normal after a Conference Weekend that always has Sister Twister glued to KSL 5 TV for "Announcements & Confirmations" with Mr. wanting to go for a drive & listen on KSL News Radio 102.7 FM & 1160 AM. But with The Mrs.'s getting her way Mr. finally gets fully dressed just in case "they're" watching! And Fabulo's Lesson on winning over the affection of a woman with a baby. And after babysitting duties are over and she's had a...


Twister's Easter Hangin' Tips & Swami's Kiwi-Egg Hunt

On this "Jon Carter Classic" Mr. Twister's decided to take it easy this Easter Weekend, with General Conference happening and no regular church service, M.T. plans on "Just Hangin" like he's learned so well from Jr. & Teeny, with no plans for yard work, sleeping in till noon and an extra box of Captain Crunch, Twister's all set. Plus Swami Salami's village tradition of hiding the "Kiwi Bird Eggs" from the people of his village which end result is unlike the Easter Eggs in America! Jon...