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EP35: Jean Splice

In today’s show: Hot Take News (00:04:30): - Schools are spending millions on surveillance technology under the auspices of “keeping kids safe” - China’s “Social Credit” system is being used to block people from traveling - Turns out that the Astronaut twins DNA is still very similar - Ikea is toying with putting insects in its cafeteria food - You soon won’t be able to believe what you see. Artificial Intelligence “fakes”are coming. - A Chinese Spacelab is going to de-orbit and hit Earth...


EP34: Poor, by Rapper Standards

In today’s show: Hot Take News (00:04:30): - An appeals court decision rules that sexual orientation is protected by the civil rights act. - Rapper Young Thug, in solidarity with his brother who went deaf, is taking a year off of music, to “act deaf for a year” - South Carolina proposes a law to impose fines on people that sag their pants - California is moving towards making self-driving cars legal. - Amazon, makes Billions in profit, paid $0 in taxes - A push is underway to get...


EP33: Netflix is Killing It

In today’s show: Hot Take News (00:02:00): - Lance reviews the Taco Bell Nacho Fries - Can McDonald’s Fries Cure Baldness? - The Junto breaks it down - Elon Musk’s Boring Company is making moves - UK Police are now using hand held finger print scanners - Should you have a legal right to high speed internet? Pop Culture (00:16:00): - Netflix is killing it - Johnny Reviews “What Happened to Monday” - Johnny Reviews “How We First Met” - We can’t figure out why people hate on the Cloverfield...


EP32: Black Panther Was SO GOOD!

In today’s show: Beau’s young baby is in studio today! Hot Take News (00:02:00): - Another tragic shooting. The gang talks about the #ParklandSchoolShooting - Maybe there is hope for the future - Bitcoin is back up! - We check in to the #WinterOlympics - Jokhang Temple in Tibet burns Pop Culture (00:14:00): - BLACK PANTHER!! - We give a spoiler free and spoiler free review of the New Classic: Black Panther - We dissect Michael B. Jordan’s performance as Erik Killmonger - Should Wakanda...


EP31: The Black Panther Pre-Show

In today’s show: Hot Take News (00:01:25): - The Gang discusses the #Apple #iphone battery life and declocking debacle - The #Tesla Model 3 build quality isn’t up to snuff - The Stock Market is going crazy, we talk about why a good economy takes the stock market Philosophal (00:41:00) - Beau talks about his new baby and how it has (or hasn’t) changed his outlook on the world. - Does being a father make you more selfless? Pop Culture: - BLACK PANTHER!!! - We talk about the rotten...


EP30: The Pandemic Minute

In today’s show: Hot Take News (00:05:00): - Surveillance Tech Turns to audio spying - China Bans Hip Hop Culture - Amazon “GO” Store Opens up - The Exorcism business is Booming! - Do you think demons are real? - The gang ruminates generally on religion. - The United Kingdom Appoints a Minister of Loneliness - Does an online presence lead to sadness? - Lab Monkeys are breaking out, chock full of the plague. The Pandemic Minute (00:27:00): - Do you think we are more likely, or less likely...


EP29: Info Peace

In today’s show: We have a skeleton crew this episode with just Lance and our Guest Host – Chris (a different one) Hot Take News: - #Sofia robot gets legs – bringing us one “step” closer to the robopacalypse - The drones are gonna get us - Life expectancy in the USA has gone down for the second year in a row. - They caught the Nigerian Price scammer - China’s “Sharp Eyes” program is government surveillance on steroids - You might be a millennial… Useful links: - [President Trump...


EP28: Don’t be Incense-Itive

In today’s show: Beau is back, so the Junto Show is at Full Strength! Catching up with the Gang Segment: - The Gang gives our Thanksgiving Recap - Vox.com lists the top sides of #Thanksgiving - Beau gives a recap on the first few weeks of being a “Dad” - Dad vs Father - Lance and Johnny recap their World Travels to Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and South Korea Hot Take News (00:22:00): - #Tesla announces the new Tesla semi truck - Is #ElonMusk the most innovative man in the world now? -...


EP27: I’m Not Cut Out for that Henchman Life

In today’s show: Beau had his Baby! So while he’s out Dad’ing it up, we have the Talented Sarah in Studio! Opening Segment: - Sarah is on the right side of the clown issue - Florida finally got cold - We give the audience a chance to get to know Sarah Hot Take News (00:12:30) - Why can’t powerful men seem to not become giant perverts - James Toback has over 200 women coming forward - We get a woman’s perspective on the #MeToo movement - It’s a Travesty that #ColinKaepernick doesn’t have...


EP26: The Sweetest Potpourri

In today’s show: Segment 1: In our first Segment, the gang just lets it fly. We cover a bunch of topics from Beau raising his boy, to us all talking about how old we were when we got our first girlfriends. You won’t guess how old Johnny was! Then we riff on how we’re going to raise our (imaginary kids) Segment 2:The gang discusses a This American Life Story about a man that struggles to find his way through the immigration debate. Useful links: - [NPR: This American Life Fear and...


EP25 - Apologies for Sleeping through Blade Runner

In today’s show: Beau had his Baby! So while he’s out Dad’ing it up, we have Chris back in Studio! Rapid-Fire News: - Salmon from Wal-Mart and Aldi might be funding North Korea’s Nuclear Program - Netflix raising its rates in 2018 - Lance has his first Pumpkin Spice Latte - Winter Storm List released - Uber’s iPhone app has been spying on us all, Lyft is better - Employers are now allowed to deny contraception - First job national job decline in 6 years in wake of hurricanes - #NorthKorea...


EP24: Vietnam and Values

In today’s show: Rapid-Fire News - Military to use Xbox Controllers to Control Submarines - Modern Day War of the Worlds event happens - Facebook is working on mind reading technology - Twitter is beta testinga 280 Character Limit - Bill Gates uses a Windows phone - RIP Hugh Hefner Long Form News - Is the Hurricane response in #PuertoRico not as good as for Florida and Texas? - Johnny and the Gang talks about the PBS #KenBurns Documentary #TheVietnamWar - How do you weigh the interviews...


EP23: The Nuclear Prenup

In today’s show: Rapid-Fire News - #Chipotle has Queso...and it’s gross - Hurricane #Maria ravages Puerto Rico - Toys ‘R’ Us files for bankruptcy Beau’s “Now You’re Smarter” Segment - The gang talks about trust in relationships, but in the craziest way possible - Does getting a #Prenup mean you don’t trust your mate? - Moral Moment: Stanislav Petrov “The Man Who Saved the World” Captain’s Ready Room with Johnny - How do you prepare for an adventure? - Don’t plan your trip, plan your...


EP21: A Nuclear Bomb Won’t Probe your Uranus

In today’s show we cover the following topics: Rapid-Fire News - Giant Robot fight between Japan and the United States! - Dunkin Donuts is considering removing the “Donuts” from their name - In the wake of the “Slants Ruling” at the Supreme Court, a string of offensive patents are being filed Philosophal Segment - Is there a such thing as a “Selfless Deed”? - What is altruism? - Is doing a good deed for a selfish reason a moral good? - Beau gives a briefing on existentialism Leadership...


EP20: The Boo Boo Gets in the Water Before You Know It

In today’s show: Rapid-Fire News - New “Pilot” Earbuds will translate languages in real time - Phones are more expensive than you think - Boston Red Sox use Apple Watches to cheat - Hurricane #Irma - Airlines lower prices ahead of the storm Beau’s “Now You’re Smarter” Segment - Beau Went to Daddy Boot Camp to get ready for his coming progeny - The instructor let everyone practice Dad’ing on his own kid! Captain's Ready Room with Johnny - From Colin Powell’s “It Worked for Me” - Where...


EP19: Tell Me What You Think Of Me

In today’s show: Rapid-Fire News - Florida Has the Worst Drivers in the Nation - Most Americans Live Paycheck to Paycheck - TheSchmidt Pain Index, which bugs’ bite hurts the most - The gang discusses Hurricane #Harvey and the repercussions of it Beau’s “Now You’re Smarter” Segment - If you and your friend agree to play lotto together but they don’t actually put in their part of the money, do you still pay them? - What would you do with the Lotto Money? Captain's Ready Room with...


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