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Irma is a squirrely bitch

Joey and I (Bryan)the pre strike on Florida from hurricane Irma. We talk a little UFC and WWE merging, other podcast and what Bryan learns from them lol and just some good ole rambling. Be safe everyone!!


Mustaches+ fantasy football= blackout drunk

Doyle and Danny swing by to talk about there fantasy football league, drug addicts,how we have not advanced enough to make under water cities,Just Being Better,fights and more shit you know how this podcast goes check it out!!!


Whats more American than drinking beers and some personal war talk?

Doyle and I (Bryan) talk about Trump,Tom Brady,beers and how to drink them, the time when we got Dick Mouse Train. Poppa bear Araniecke, Doyle's experience in the military, Bryans experience getting hit on by a gay guy. Its one of the best hope you enjoy. Get ahold of us on facebook or on the email justbebetter123@gmail.com


Speed balling into sex slavery

Joseph and I (Bryan) talk about the backing behind the protest/riots. We talk about new discoveries,annoying our parents and vibin with siblings and new technological advances and a few other things sprinkled in here and there. Please download like and let us know what you think and what you want to hear.


The vaccum of friends coming together become characters

In this episode there are many characters, mostly everyone in this episode I've known forever and one person I(Bryan) just met him and he has a lot to say. The beginning of this episode is a little rough and controversial. But the rest of the episode are nothing but laughs jokes and good conversation


Nazis with polos and porch lanterns + equal ignornance = 2017

Joey and I (Bryan) talk about the newest terrorist attack/riot/protest/wtf is really going on. I am a little embarrassed but i keep saying the wrong town in this podcast I believe i keep calling it Charleston instead of Charlottesviles so I apologize. But in all honesty there has been so many events in the past year or two it is hard to keep track. Hope you enjoy we go a little conspiracy but common sense so please enjoy and Just Be Better


Just Be Better in world war 3

In this episode Joey and I (Bryan)talk about the possibility of world war 3 and have a great Just Be Better segment. There's good convo here but I've had a few beers so i don't remember so take a listen.


Scattered brains of the fathomless life.

A Joseph and A Bryan, talk about the consciousness of animals and humans. The evolution of life and life it self. Enjoy! its kind of a short one


Life is a dream, dreams are life and mushrooms my nizzle

Joey,Justin and I (Bryan) try to find out what its called when you use (izzle) with every word. Mushrooms trip experiences, dreams and other stuff in between take a listen please download and support!


Tampa comic con can eclipse North Korea

In this episode its very upbeat funny, but yet has serious topics.We talk about the solar eclipse,North Korea and Tampa comic con. We also talk about other shit through out. So enjoy!! Just Be Better!!


Mike hates mics

In this episode its a calm chill conversation, ranging from the meaning of respect, video games, marijuana and a few other fun things ENJOY!!


Its a deeeaap creeaak but a shallow river

In this episode we talk about so much I cant even remember. Joey,Justin and I (Bryan) laugh and talk about so much shit.


This country is sabotage

This episode is pretty old and one of the first. Joey and I (Bryan Araniecke) talk about the democratic baseball practice shooting,politics,self control/no control and many other things



In this episode Joey Justin and I talk about the nazca lines, the mummified alien found and other alien topics. We also talk about Trump and CNN and other political topics, but best of all we talk about Justin's little brother becoming a man by getting a blow job. ENJOY!!


How many cart wheels can you do??

Three friends that grew up together and a bad ass friend we new in high school(Jimbo) Talk about fights we have gotten into. Mayweather Mcgreggor fight, trials and tribulations of our lives and who knows what else. ENJOY!!


Get to the American chopper!!

This was recorded on the 4th of July, so we talk about America its past and future. Our jobs and projects we are working on.