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If getting wound up about weird topics was a profession, I'd be rolling in money 💰 As it turns out, it isn't, so the best I could hope for is being a good source of entertainment 🗣


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If getting wound up about weird topics was a profession, I'd be rolling in money 💰 As it turns out, it isn't, so the best I could hope for is being a good source of entertainment 🗣




25. Stop Saying #NotAllMen

The title says it all, really. I took a little extra time before recording this week's episode, opting to do a poll on Instagram around some of the issues brought to the forefront in the past few weeks. The disappearance and subsequent investigation of Sarah Everard's murder brought renewed attention to women's experiences. In particular, the concept of safety, the issues around victim-blaming and general discourse around misogyny and everything that comes with it. So... that's...


24. Margaret Thatcher (Milk Snatcher)

This episode has been a long time coming.... We're going to talk about the (wo)man, the myth, the legend - Margaret Thatcher. From her vendetta against Soviet communism and trade unions, to the IRA assassination attempt with the Falklands war in-between, we're going to take a whirlwind tour of her career as the longest-serving Prime Minister of the 20th century. Also discussed: - Her early beginnings in politics and first taste of media opposition (milk snatcher, of course) - How...


23. Sh*t That Keeps Me Up at Night

Fair warning, this episode contains rampant, ranting stupidity - you've been warned. In this week's episode, I opt to discuss some of the things that send my head into a bit of a spin, because since being in lockdown 3.0, I've found that I can sometimes slip into ruminating over the strangest things. Such as: - Who milked a cow and decided to drink it? Exactly what was he trying to achieve? - Do caterpillars know that they're going to become butterflies? - How did Cinderella's shoe...


22. What the Hell is ASMR?

Whether it's Bob Ross or an Ikea advert, a lot of us have experienced ASMR without even knowing it. With close to 13 million Youtube videos with ASMR in the title, how do you even begin to describe what it is, what it involves and how you experience it? I'm going to try (and possibly fail) to softly speak whilst explaining the ins and outs of ASMR. (I say softly speak, what I mean is, I'll put you to sleep by sounding hungover...) Also discussed: - How I discovered ASMR and how...


21. 5 New Year Anti-Resolutions

How many times do we have to say 'I'll start on Monday' before we realise that our resolutions for the New Year aren't going to stick? I've never been one to plan far ahead generally, and I know that resolutions are a waste of time for me, because unless the intention is there, it won't change anything. With that in mind, I've decided to round up 5 anti-resolutions, if you will - 5 things I'm planning on moving away from, rather than towards. 1 - I'm not about to change my entire...


20. Christmas Traditions

Brussel sprouts? Bucks Fizz? Presents before or after breakfast? Christmas traditions can vary a lot household to household, so I decided to have a poll on my Instagram account (@justdontgetmestarted) asking about certain traditions, including whether people are pro-brussel sprout or not, whether Bucks Fizz is a Christmas staple and whether Elf or Home Alone reign supreme. (I also originally asked whether people wore pyjamas on Christmas day or actual clothes, but the screenshot didn't...


19. Misogyny & Me

The rise of Only Fans, slut-shaming, and the "I'm not like the other girls!" phenomenon.... In this week's episode (or attempt at feminist discourse) I walk through a number of topics related to misogyny, due to an increased influx in misogyny online. *Warning: contains a brief discussion around the culture surrounding sexual assault, so if this topic isn't comfortable for you, please don't listen!* Also discussed: - What internalised misogyny is, why it's so detrimental to us and why...


18. Ruminating 101- Question Everything

There’s a LOT to ruminate over at the minute.... (Hello darkness my old friend....) T’is the season to be anxious, fa la la la la, la la la laaaa! In this episode I walk through why we’re ruminating more than ever and attempt to impart some advice. Also discussed: There’s an endless list of things to ruminate over and get anxious about, but you don’t have to do it all alone (or without my monotonous voice!) I should have some more directional (aka – not aimless) episodes...


17. Cheers, Boris, Son's Crying Now

This year has certainly had some memorable moments. (Memorable being a nice word for horrific.) When MPs think it's acceptable to flout covid-19 restrictions, blatantly brag about their nepotism and vote against children being given free school meals....memorable doesn't begin to cut it. In this episode, I get particularly wound up about the state of the government, the free school meals debacle and why nobody listens to politicians. Also discussed: - The sorry state of affairs when...


16. Winter is Coming

I don't even think Ned Stark would envy us right now... With local lockdowns changing every time Boris blinks, a new Nando's-esque 'medium' to 'very high' tier being implemented and Christmas looming - everything seems uncertain at best and catastrophic at worst. The winter months usually bring a fair amount of apprehension around money and mental health, and now, it seems even more prominent than ever. In this episode, I talk about: - The uncertainty that usually occurs in the...


15. 'Boys Will Be Boys' & Other Bullsh*t

There's a lot of sayings and phrases we'll hear in our lifetime. A little secret? Most of them are absolute bullshit! Whether it's phrases perpetuating toxic masculinity and rape culture, or phrases that completely invalidate people needlessly. So in this episode I completely lose it and go off on one about some of the phrases that crossed my mind as being completely ridiculous (I'm sure there are many more I could bring up...) Also ranted about: - Why being 'the bigger man'...


14. 'As Per My Last Email'...

We've all been there. Whether you're looking down at a text, glaring at an email or standing in front of someone who's managed to get you a level of angry you didn't think was possible to reach - we've all avoided confrontation at some point. It might seem like the easier thing to do, but over time small annoyances will eventually culminate in a confrontation nobody wants. (You know, the group chat messages that get ridiculously personal, or the in-person insults that digress into...


13. Why Do Celebrity Deaths Hurt So Much?

After the recent passing of phenomenal actor, Chadwick Boseman, I started to think about a topic that crosses my mind every time a public figure passes away. Why does it affect a lot of the general public so much? Though our relation to and sometimes, obsession with, those in the public eye can be described as superficial and vapid, we often see the visceral reactions to the sudden passing of celebrities. I think that people are often being too removed when they imply we can't/shouldn't...


12. 22 Years of Bullsh*t

Having turned 22 recently, I’ve elected to reflect on my 22 years of being an idiot by giving my younger self some advice. Whether it’s trying to please everyone or an inability to say no to friends, we’ve all had moments in adulthood where we wish we’d known better when we were younger. So, why not listen as I walk myself through things I wish I’d taken on board when I was younger? There are some beautiful ASMR sounds in the background such as heavy rain and, of course, due to being in...


11. Error 101 - Productivity Not Found

What do you mean I can’t work in my pyjamas? With more people having been working from home, there’s been an all-time emphasis on just how productive we can be. Well, speaking personally, I can say it certainly comes and goes! In this rather aimless, ranty episode, I talk about how working remotely has changed a lot of our ideas around our own productivity, and how this might change even further once we’re all expected to go back into offices and workspaces. Also discussed: (Due to my...


10. What the F*ck is a Summer Body?

Get summer ready with our Top 10 Bikini Body Tips!!!! Fuck off, Chelsea. Your flat tummy tea sponsorship isn’t fooling anyone. Sadly, when summer rolls around, there are a lot of people eyeing up their summer clothes with disdain, anxiety and immense sadness. Whether it’s struggling to fit into clothes after lockdown, or staring down at the size of your jeans and wondering why you can’t fit into them – body image issues are prevalent. Summer seems to be the biggest breeding ground...


9. Well, Well, Wellbeing...?

Have you tried exercising? Well, fuck me, Susan, I didn’t realise a deadlift would cure my anxiety, clear my skin and cleanse my soul! As discussions around mental health become normalised and mainstream, the concept of wellbeing does, too. Whilst this means more people are gaining an awareness of what works for them and what doesn’t, it also means that commercialised wellbeing is taking over with a ‘one size fits all’ approach that people are paying good money to hear. If...


8. Me, Myself and Lies

“Sorry, I forgot to respond to the email you sent me out of hours!” We all lie. Whether you’re embezzling a boring story to make it funny, blatantly fabricating excuses for ignoring annoying colleagues or doing it without realising, research has shown adults lie a minimum of 2x a day. (That’s not even accounting for the tiny white lies!) So, why do we lie? There’s no definitive technique or technology to deduce lies, and if there was, we’d probably all be in BIG trouble. However, there...


7. The Empire Strikes Back

Not that empire! In a new (hopefully) series of episodes, I’m going to be taking you through a period of history, since we all know that our knowledge from high school is about as valuable as GCSE French. In today’s episode, I talk about the beginnings of the British Empire, starting in 1497, where we start the old British tradition of continually fucking things up. From voyages to the Americas to England versus Spain, let me guide you horribly through a period in history that saw the...


6. #Cancelled

#GraceHallIsOverParty Seriously. How many people are going to get ‘cancelled’? Lockdown has proven that we can’t go a week without someone being cancelled. Whether it’s Youtube Creators, celebrities or your next door neighbour- we’re all #cancelled. It’s an internet phenomenon that seems to have come from nowhere, based on the assumption that if someone does wrong, we can cut them from their profit and platform permanently by airing their dirty laundry, or, in most cases, simple...