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Episode 3 - Who Are These Guys?!

Becoming a parent brings a pretty massive shift to our sense of self and purpose in life. Patrick and John reflect on the journey that brought each of them to fatherhood and podcasting.


Episode 2 - Who’s in control?

We go into parenting preparing as best we can, despite the fact that nothing can truly prepare us. In this episode, John and Patrick tackle the concept of control—over situations, kids, or… anything. Plus, more poop stories! (Stay tuned: subsequent episodes will feature much-improved microphones!)


Episode 1 - Accumulation of Stuff

Stuff! How is it possible for these small creatures to draw in so much of it?! In their first episode, the dads find themselves navigating the stuff that carries meaning for our kids’ (and our own) lives, and the stuff that weighs us all down. FTR, after you listen: it’s Janet Lansbury who hosts a parenting podcast, Unruffled. You should check it out for actual parenting advice. Angela Lansbury, on the other hand, is doing her acting thing, hoping for an Emmy after 18 snubs.


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