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Jokes. Opinions. Laughs. Tears. This will probably have it all. Come take a stroll with me down the brightly lit streets and the moonlit forest paths. Be prepared for anything - especially foul language.

Jokes. Opinions. Laughs. Tears. This will probably have it all. Come take a stroll with me down the brightly lit streets and the moonlit forest paths. Be prepared for anything - especially foul language.


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Jokes. Opinions. Laughs. Tears. This will probably have it all. Come take a stroll with me down the brightly lit streets and the moonlit forest paths. Be prepared for anything - especially foul language.






#20 w/ Jacque & Chase Stevens: (This Was Supposed To Be About Music)

Jacque & Chase are disgustingly adorable married lovebirds who are raising their son together while working regular 9-5s as well as performing awesome, high-energy covers to pay their bills as functional adults. The band name is "Miss Jacque," and I've been at enough of their shows to confirm that they are, in fact, a good time. At any rate, we touched on numerous topics, including Dave Chappelle and his unquestionable comedic genius, bisexual married relationships, Jacque's affinity for...


S2E11 (#19) ft. Ben Eisenmenger: Marriage, Fatherhood, & the Human Capacity for Change

Ben is a married & dedicated father, small business owner of Be Strong KY, competitive weightlifter, and personal trainer. He wore a tank top to showcase his build simply to spite me (I'm sure of it) (actually, I'm totally joking), but seriously - we spoke so little of what he actually does for a living that he's going to have to come on again simply because tonight's conversation was so damn organically human. We disagreed on several important points, and yet somehow... We still had an...


S2E10 (#18): The Insultants - ft. Jason T. Goodall, Glenn Childress, Phil Pointer, & Jay Armstrong

Jesus tap-dancing Kentucky-fried Christ, I haven't said so little because I was laughing, being insulted, or laughing at being insulted in such a long time. It turns out that when you bring 4 hilarious comics onto your shitty kitchen podcast, you either get a lot done, or you get absolutely nothing done. It all depends on your perspective. Please support your local comedy scene. It is truly the final frontier for free speech, and also jokes about my two mini-beards, large foreheads, and...


S2E9 (#17) ft. Alyson Smith - #EveryoneIsAnAwesomePieceOfShit

My dad just died. This is a rescheduled episode from exactly one month ago. Alyson helps me deal with my shit, spread some laughter, and talk about humanity. We also talk about Mel Gibson, epilepsy, and why we are the way we are. Definitely one of my favorite episodes, and for me - one of the most important. Can't wait for the next one.


S2E8 (#16): THE POLITICAST ft. Adam Collins, Jake Dingler, Tara Doerzbacher, Tyler Herrmann, & Amy Holland

The biggest pod yet - and what will probably result in at least a monthly political panel in some capacity- I was honored with the input & participation of the following (alphabetically ordered) guests: +Adam Collins: "38 year old former and current candidate for Hamilton City Council. Atheist humanist, putting the betterment of humankind above all else. My main goal in life is to try to leave the world a better place than when I got here. Ultra liberal far leftist. Fuck the system." +Jake...


S2E7 (#15) ft. David Owens: #TeamMadison - The Fallout of Pediatric Cancer

David Owens is the uncle and one of the loving survivors of his niece, Madison, who passed away in 2017 due to neuroblastoma that was detected pre-birth. She was 9 years, 9 months, and 9 days old. Madison became a precious beacon of sunshine during her hard-fought battle with cancer. Her unlimited positivity and hopeful outlook, despite her eventual prognosis, resulted in waves of media attention from numerous people and organizations, and it was my absolute honor and privilege to speak to...


S2E6 (#14) ft. Dr. Amy Holland (& Also My Kids): Toxic Social Media, the Importance of Hearing, and Why We Love What We Do

Amy Holland (Dr., by the way - put some respecc on her name) is a clinically adept audiologist with both an exceptional bedside manner AND a withering motherly gaze if she feels like you need taken down a peg or 7. She is also my close friend, former boss & small business owner, proud dog/human-mom, Clinical Director for Acute Hearing (a well-known, reputable, and family-owned hearing business in KY & OH, and my former workplace), and honestly just an overall great person to have in your...


S2E5 (#13) *DOUBLE POD* ft. Rachel Rist: A "Chorus" of Thoughts on Life, Humans, & Doing Something (Anything) With Your Life

KFYT S2E5 (#13) / You're A Knockout #10: As we both run our own podcasts, we have agreed that on this episode, we are guests on each other's shows, and it's available on both of our channels. Rachel (whose first published episode is what kickstarted me into actually making my own podcast a thing) is a wonderfully talented high school friend of mine - but more importantly, she is a licensed cosmetologist & small business owner of Knockout Beauty, ukulele/vocal hobbyist, lung cancer activist &...


S2E4 (#12) ft. Tyler Herrmann (The Namer of the Pod): The Big 'Naug of 2021

On this special Inauguration Day episode timed expertly for the swearing-in of Joe Biden & Kamala Harris, my guest, Tyler, is literally my oldest friend on the planet. Instead of giving you the typical summary I normally would... Here is his self-written bio (that I asked him for), which is arguably better than anything I could have come up with on my own: "Tyler is probably best known for having been friends with Kenny Bostick since the two were in diapers. On the professional front, Tyler...


S2E3 (#11) ft. Alyson Smith: Children - Reflections of Us

Alyson Smith is a Registered Behavior Technician. She's educated in human behavior and applied behavior analysis (or ABA). We had an absolutely wonderful conversation, and I can't wait to have her back on. While parents will find lots of interest in this episode specifically, her expertise and wisdom ranges beyond just what she does for a living, and anyone who takes the time will surely find something to apply to their own lives. Thank you, Alyson, for reinforcing my guilty conscience that...


S2E2 (#10) ft. Glenn Childress & Jay Armstrong: 2021... The Disaster Upon the Horizon

They keep getting better. Both Glenn and Jay are funny Cincinnati comics. I could go on, but to be honest... You're best suited just listening to this one. It's long, but it's strong, and there's a hint of friction, even - what more could you want?


S2E1 (#9) ft. Danny Harnist & Stephanie Cecil: The Riots at the Capitol, the Coronavirus, and a Whole Bunch of Other Shit

Two of my best friends on the planet join me for 2.5 hours of political discourse, shit-talking, and general tomfoolery. To date, my favorite episode - and now that I've figured out my long-distance audio recording situation... More of these will be in the imminent future. Enjoy, because I had a blast! Also, an explanation for the ending: Danny and I were plotting to just shamelessly roast Cecil on a standalone podcast. For some reason, my mic cut out, so it's just Danny talking hella shit....


S1E8: The Kardashians & Cardi B & Candace Owens, OH MY!

"Keeping Up With the Kardashians" is FINALLY over (thank Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Jesus)... But more importantly... #WAP, and how two prominent black women from different necks of the woods ended up feuding on Twitter over their platforms & politics. I don't even know what to say anymore. Just hear me out or whatever.


S1E7 ft. Tony Branam: Wack-Off Wednesday (Vol. 2)

A racist dude named Paul. Religion & corruption. Aliens & God. Religionaliens. Groot vs. Treebeard. Laughs and immature humor galore. Like it or leave it, it is what it is, folks!


S1E6: Word to My Mother, the Kenosha Protests, Decriminalized Marijuana, & Political Correctness

Episode 6 content (after a much-deserved tribute to my mom): thoughts on Kenosha, Jacob Blake, & Kyle Rittenhouse, my take on the MORE Act (up for vote in the House this month) that would federally decriminalize marijuana, and how my joke about MGK's pearl necklace at the VMAs and the danger that comedy is in is EXACTLY what will get Trump reelected for another 4 years. Buckle up, kids - this is just a good old fashioned lonely brain-rant.


S1E5 ft. Tony Branam: Wack-Off Wednesday (Vol. 1)

We're halfway to 10 episodes! There is no script, folks! In this episode, we talk about Thom Brennaman's hot mic, my affinity for minimal-effort footwear, religion, aliens, the American obsession with celebrities, football, and more! Welcome to Wack-Off Wednesdays!


S1E4: Cannon Hinnant, OnlyFans, & Minding Your Own Effing Business

A scrambled diatribe about a hot-button child murder, the expansion & subsequent persistence of amateur, subscription-based sex content, and why I think people should be able to just do what the fuck they want. Argue with your mothers... But don't be an asshole. *PS - regrettably, I incorrectly say Cannon Hinnant's name as "Connor" for the entire podcast. Since I'm not an actual journalist and cannot print a retraction, please just print out a picture of my face and keep it close to you...


S1E3: Pandering - A Joe Biden & Kamala Harris Story

A pointed rant at the state of 2020 American politics, (Biden's Twitter manager's) decision to announce Kamala Harris as the fucking Vice Presidential running mate, and how I think they'll fare against the Abominable Trumpman. They're all laughing at us at this point... Right? We're all fucked.


S1E2 ft. Tony Branam: #EpsteinDidntKillHimself

My first ever official guest: my brother-in-law, Tony Branam, joins me on a journey that focuses on one harrowing conspiracy, but touches on several others. A completely non-expert perspective from 2 dads on one of the of the most controversial, important discussions of the past century. As always... Don't be an asshole.


Kenny for Your Thoughts: Season 1, Episode 1 - Intro

It ain't perfect, pretty, or hell - maybe it isn't even enjoyable. But I did it. It exists. I can't wait to cringe at this in the distant (or very near) future. Thoughts, criticisms, crass jokes about my lisp or constant "um" are encouraged and welcomed with open arms. I'll get better as we go, I guess.