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Episode 14: Joey Levine

Kick the Jukebox is BACK in podcast-form. This is a slightly-edited version of our live radio show on KPISS.FM! To access the full show, please visit For this episode instead of focusing on an album, Kyle and Louie wax poetic about Louie’s favorite singer-songwriter, bubblegum music father and punk godfather Joey Levine! And speaking of wax, wax was indeed spun as we listened to some vinyl live from the station! Also, Kyle classes it up with a Four...


E6 Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo

Spuds! Beautiful Mutants! Booji Bois! It's KTJB Episode 6!!! Louie & Kyle dip their energy-domes into Devo's classic debut "Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!" Kyle gets Louie into John Martyn! Louie gets Kyle into The Partridge Family (sort of!). And both boys agree: Toni Basil is cooler than anyone gives her credit for! Speaking of Toni, her music isn't on Spotify so check out her awesome song here: The spotify playlist is here:...


E5 Graduation

After a bunch of copyright rigamarole and heartache(hey Universal Music... SUCK IT), here's the episode with no clips of Kanye! Please enjoy: Good morning, you drunk hot girls! Kick The Jukebox is BACK: harder, better faster stronger, (sorry we’ve been gone so long!) and Kyle and Louie take on Kanye West’s Graduation, an album that arguably changed the trajectory of Hip Hop forever! Also, Louie and Kyle chat about what they’re digging right now: namely pop-country rock from the 80’s and some...


Kick The Jukebox Bonus: Interview with Heather Robb

BONUS! If you just want to hear Heather and Louie's interview without the rest of the episode, here it is!


E4: Rumours (Feat. Special Guest Heather Robb!)

Don't stop thinkin' about Kick The Jukebox Episode 4!!! Kyle and Louie tackle Rumours, the massive 70's rock Fleetwood Mac classic record. We also interview musician, actor, TV writer and member of fan favorites The Spring Standards Heather Robb about her connection to Fleetwood Mac. (interview starts at 01:01:55) PLUS! Kyle reveals that he has a soft spot for Bruce Cockburn! Louie is in love with Fred Schneider from The B-52's, but we already knew that! A member of The Animaniacs was in a...


E3: Beauty And the Beat

Pay no mind to what they say, Episode 3 of Kick the Jukebox is here! Our album of the month is the game-changing Beauty and the Beat by The Go-Go's. Kyle and Louie heap a lot of love on this album by the pioneering all-girl punk/new wave band. They also delve into Jane Wiedlin's solo career, a notable Gravediggaz track, and a song so threateningly queer it was banned from the radio when it was released. Plus! Kyle & Louie found a rare recording that fans of the 70's LA punk band The Germs...


E2: Enter The Wu-Tang Clan - 36 Chambers

Kyle Gordon and Louie Pearlman's new music podcast Kick The Jukebox returns for episode two! In this episode, Kyle & Louie get into why Wu-Tang Clan's debut Enter the Wu-Tang Clan - 36 Chambers changed the Hip Hop landscape forever, teach you about some obscure and wonderful early 60's Country and 70's Canadian Pop acts and unearth an NPR interview that Wu-Tang fans can't miss! Here's a link to the song we talked about that wasn't on Spotify:...


E1: Rocket To Russia

It's here! Kyle Gordon and Louie Pearlman's new music podcast Kick the Jukebox! In this episode, Kyle and Louie share their love for The Ramones' Rocket To Russia, hep you to an old 80's NYC disco track you've never heard before, reawaken your love of early Madonna and unearth some rare Ramones recordings never before heard! Episode One Spotify Music Playlist: