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The Killer Dolls are two mid-western women who talk about topics that matter to them. Everything from horror movies to women's issues, they do not hold anything back!

The Killer Dolls are two mid-western women who talk about topics that matter to them. Everything from horror movies to women's issues, they do not hold anything back!
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The Killer Dolls are two mid-western women who talk about topics that matter to them. Everything from horror movies to women's issues, they do not hold anything back!






Episode 16: Where Have I Been?

Hey Dolls! Hiatus is over and my head is back on straight. This break was a good time to reflect on some things going on in my life and look back on how far I have come on my journey. I hope the knowledge I have gained and my story might help some of you too. Be Kind To Each Other, Miss Joy


Episode 15- Horror Movie Faves pt. 2

Hey Dolls! There are only 13 days left till Halloween and we are bringing you EVEN MORE movies we love to get you in the mood. Get ready to scream when you watch these horror moves we recommend. Let us know your favorites and what ones we may have missed. Don't forget to check under your bed, Miss Joy & Lissy Doll


Episode 14: Horror Movie Faves pt. 1

Hello, my beautiful Dolls. The most wonderful month of the year for us horror movie fans is upon us. We are bringing you a two-parter of our favorite horror movies. Get a pen and paper ready because *SPOILER ALERT* it's a lot! Join us next week for the 2nd half of this marathon of amazing movies to get you in the mood for Halloween. Stay Spooky, Miss Joy & Lissy Doll


Episode 13- September Subscription Boxes

Oh my goddess Dolls!! September came and went in the blink of an eye!! I am so excited for my favorite season and my subscription boxes this month only got me more pumped for fall. Four amazing boxes came to my door and I reviewed them all for you. Don't miss out hearing what products from Deck of Scarlet, Ipsy, Sephora Play, and Boxy Charm were a go and which were a no. Let me know what products you got and show me your best looks! As always follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and all your...


Episode 12- Man vs Makeup

Hey Dolls! I am back in the studio this week with my boyfriend Ryan to see if he can tell an eyeshadow from a highlighter. See how he does when we play a few fun games to test his knowledge. We had so much fun and I hope he got a better sense of just how much work goes into putting on a full face of glam! As always, like/rate/subscribe. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Much love, Miss Joy


Episode 11- August Cosmetics Review

Hello Dolls! Miss Joy is back for another review of a months worth of new cosmetics. I go through everything I got as gifts for my birthday, my Ipsy bag, and my Sephora Play! Which bag killed it and which bag was a bust in August? The only way to find out is to listen. Make sure you like/rate/subscribe so that our podcast spreads to even more Dolls. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Always keep playing, Miss Joy & Lissy Doll


Episode 10: Favorite Female Singers

Hi Beauties, Lissy Doll is back in the studio this week! Ever wonder what singers we think are killer dolls? In this episode, we discuss our favorite vocalists, singers who inspire us, and favorite music videos. Listen in and let us know what female singers you love or inspire you. Has a song ever changed your life? As always, like/rate/subscribe and spread the word about our podcast! Stay Killer, Miss Joy & Lissy Doll


Episode 9: July Cosmetics Review

Whats Up Dolls! Miss Joy is back from Boston. Before I head out to be a nerd at Harry Potter World, I wanted to get out a review of all the cosmetics I got in July. As you may know, I love subscription boxes!! I get 2-4 of them every month so tune in to listen to what I got this month. Our patreon page will be up soon and we are currently looking to book woman entrepreneurs for interviews on upcoming shows. If you are looking to advertise or sponsor the podcast please contact me on the...


Episode 8: The Makeup Breakdown pt.2

Hey Makeup Lovers, We are back with part two of our speedy overview of all the cosmetics we can't live without and a few tips along the way. We would like to more detailed reviews in the future so make sure to let us know your favorites that you love as well! As always make sure you like, rate, and subscribe. Hit us up on Facebook and Twitter as well! Thank you so much for listening and just remember: there are no rules when it comes to makeup, only guidelines! ;) Stay flawless, Miss Joy &...


Episode 7: The Makeup Breakdown pt. 1

Hey good looking, This week we are back in the studio talking about one of our favorite things: MAKEUP! In this first part of our conversation, we talk about our influences, how we got started, our individual styles, and tips/favorite products for the base of the face. Enjoy! Stay Beautiful, The Dolls Links: YouTube Tutorials: iluvsarahii Jaclyn Hill NikkieTutorials Manny Mua James Charles Jessi Kellgren-Fozard Where we buy: Ipsy Sephora Play Ulta Products We Mention: St. Ives Face Scrub...


Episode 6: Movies That Move Us pt. 2

Hey, you beautiful listeners of ours! We are back with part 2 of our episode. This week, we read some interview questions about movies. Now, normally, I am very against censoring but there a few parts of this podcast we have chosen to remove. We agreed that some movies we talked about we do not want any of our listeners watching. This is not a teaser. Trust me, there are some disturbing films out there that we both wish we have never seen. We hope you enjoy and please contact us on our...


Episode 5: Movies That Move Us pt. 1

Hey Dolls, Who else is working that daily grind right now?! Lissy Doll and Miss Joy are exhausted from our day jobs and are relaxing by talking about our favorite movies. We also get into topics like the lack of diversity in movies, actors we love, and rape scenes because we can't help but talk about what is on our minds. :P Join us in two weeks for part 2 of this topic! In the meantime, let us know your favorite movies! You can find us on all major podcast directories and facebook....


Episode 4: Let’s Talk About Sex

Hey sexy guys & dolls! We were so inspired by the burlesque show we saw with Dita Von Teese, that we decided to talk about sex this week. Our family members that listen might want to skip this week but its an important topic. Sexuality is powerful and we open up about our first times, sex ed, & things we think every woman should know. Enjoy! Make sure to like, rate, subscribe, & share on social media! We would love your feedback. Love always, The Killer Dolls


Episode 3: I Feel Like A Woman

Hola Dolls, We are back for episode 3 and this week we are talking all about being a woman. Men, listen too because there are some helpful hints for you as well ;). We talk about things we are sick of hearing as women, our favorite and least favorite things about being a woman, and helpful hints to beautiful ladies out there to be your best self. Oh... and then we try to play an improv game and we suck! haha Like, rate, and subscribe! Thanks for listening! -The Killer Dolls


Episode 2: Pray the Urban Myth Away

Hey guys & dolls! In honor of Friday the 13th, we went to a movie, discussed some urban legends, paranormal experiences we have had and weird dreams! Join us on this roller coaster and get your spook on. Don't forget to follow, like, subscribe and rate us on your favorite podcast directory and like us on Facebook! We are still learning the recording technology so there are a few technical things we are still working on. Be kind as we figure all this out. This episode sounds best with...


Episode 1: Get To Know The Dolls

Welcome Guys & Dolls! Enjoy our first episode which has some "get to know you" questions to get a feel of Miss Joy & Lissy Doll. We are still getting the hang of our equipment and editing so bear with us. We hope to cover a wide variety of topics that matter to us. Please subscribe and tell your friends. The dolls will bring you a new episode every other Thursday. Thanks for listening, -The Killer Dolls


Episode 0

Hey guys & dolls! We are almost ready to begin. Thanks for being patient! -Killer Dolls