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A new podcast from Brendan Schaub and Theo Von

A new podcast from Brendan Schaub and Theo Von
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A new podcast from Brendan Schaub and Theo Von




Episode 47: Thanksgiving Special

The guys share what they're thankful for and talk Disney Plus and BUST, Turkey Whores, Butt Flex Walking, Freddy Cruisers, High School Years vs College Years, Crotch Pocket Relationship Advice, Jurassic Chide My Ride, Sweet Potato Penises, Purple Yam Dicks and much more! 1. MVMT - code: HOLIDAY19 2. Indochino - code: KATS 3. MyBookie - promo code: KATS 4. FIGS - code: KATS


Episode 46: Tits Don't Lie

The guys do an all new segment called "Who's More Likely?" and talk Muzzle Loading Season, Thot Hunting, Asian Hunters, Insect Eating, Penis Bugs, Acoustic Guitar Life, Butt Play Relationship Advice, Hippo's vs Elephants, Ubering With Your Heart and much more! 1. Hims - 2. MVMT - 3. Manscaped - code: KATS 4. Audible - or text KATS to 500-500


Episode 45: Hat Fishing

The guys talk Dark Nut Butter, JFK, Conspiracy Theories, Ethnic Experiences, Hat Fishing, Sand Urban's, 50 Shades of Sand, Bungee Jumping vs Sky Diving, Singing Like Stephen Hawking, Carl Weathers Theory, Pastor P and much more! *Please enter your "Who's More Likely?" videos submissions to 1. Postmates - download the app and save with code KATS2019 2. Stance - 3. Mack Weldon - enter promo code: KATS 4. UNTUCKit -...


Episode 44: Sinaloa State Zoo

The guys talk opening a Zoo in Sinaloa, Fragile Quarterbacks, Asian Serial Killers, Original Planters Cheese Balls, Ford vs Chevy, Will Ferrel vs Ben Stiller, Corn Mazes, give an update on Paula Abdul and much more! 1. Honey - 2. Postmates - promo code: KATS2019 3. Manscaped - offer code: KATS 4. FIGS - offer code: KATS


Episode 43: Halloween Special

Theo is Buzz Light Month and Brendan's a Giant Woody. The guys rip Halloween costume submissions, wonder if ghosts are real, and talk Trick Or Treating Stories, Pedo Scares, Best Halloween Outfits, The Dark Hearts, Urban Pickle Life and much more! 1. MyBookie - promo code: KATS 2. ShipStation - offer code: KATS 3. HelloFresh - promo code: KATS80 4. Policy Genius -


Episode 42: Beef And Thongs

The guys get into a Hairy Leg Debate and talk Day Strippers, BBQ Beef & Thongs, Justin Long, Halloween Celebrations, Furries vs Bronies, Hair Loss Race, Rockstars vs Rappers, D'Elia vs Santino and much more! 1. Mack Weldon - promo code: KATS 2. ButcherBox - or enter promo code: KATS 3. MyBookie - promo code: KATS 4. UNTUCKit - promo code: KATS


Episode 41: Repurposed Hair

Theo got his hair did and the guys talk Love for Filipinos, Orange Chicken Bitches, Loud Mimes, Exotic Pets, Dirty Fritos, Good Will Haunting, Jason Airborne Ilness, White Guys with Black Names and much more. Hims - Manscaped - offer code: KATS MyBookie - offer code: KATS Audible - or text KATS to 500-500


Episode 40: Cream Me Up, Scotty!

The guys talk Hamburgers vs Hotdogs, Magic City Hounds, Milky Squad Cows, Sumo Wrestlers w/Eating Disorders, Taco Bell Goalies, Home Owner Erotic's, Thighceps, Trucks w/Scoliosis, VR Porn and much more! 1. Honey - 2. MVMT - 3. Postmates - Download Postmates offer code: KATS2019 4. Indochino - code: KATS


Episode 39: PLANTASIA

Theo returns from Hawaii and the culture corner welcomes comedian Shapel Lacey. The gang talks Theo picking up hitchhikers, Mountain Drunks, Crash Cab'n, Cheer Bodies, Super Nintendo vs Sega Genesis, Badge Bunnies, Salmon Sosa, Dwight Howard University, is Lester Holt white? And much more. 1. Manscaped - offer code: KATS 2. Policy Genius 3. Shipstation - offer code: KATS 4. Postmates - Download Postmates offer code: KATS2019


Episode 38: Power Bottom Ranger

The guys are back with all new Roast My Hosts and talk Beef Titty Taste, Uber Pool Lifeguards, Boss Babies, Tim McGraw, Bruce Buffer vs Michael Buffer, Soft Crabs, Relationship Advice for dating a Porn Star, Vacuum Stealing Strippers, Misbehaving Pigs, our favorite video submitter J-Rod is back and much more! Stance - HelloFresh - promo code: KATS80 MyBookie - promo code: KATS ButcherBox -...


Episode 37: Olympic Sized Tits

The fellas talk the Best Serial Killers, Balloon Funerals, Unicorn Fights, Slangeroo's, Fredrick Cougar, Dykle Angelo, Hourglass Pit Bull Bodies, Relationship Advice for a Handsome Hilary Swank, Theo Hiding Cheeks, Slam Pigs, a special NFL Rip My Drip, Hardcore Camping and much more! Hims - Postmates - promo code: KATS2019 Honey - Raycon -


Episode 36: The Final Boss

The guys read all new Roast My Host's and talk Khabib vs Poirier, Gayted Communities, Buff Pigeons, Shitty Beers, Chicken Coupe De Ville's, Netflix and Children, Cars with Eyebrow Fronts, Door To Door Sales, Champ Stamps, Davey Crackhead and much more! MVMT - MyBookie - promo code: KATS Mack Weldon - promo code: KATS - Create a free website at or Get 20% off a yearly premium plan...


Episode 35: Know Your Cheese!

The boys get heated in a game of "Know Your Cheese" and talk Fabric Ho's, Textile Bitches, worst vacation destinations, being starstruck over Uncle Kracker, Seashell Puppies, Hermit Crab Hitters, Sugar Ray Cyrus, Athlexicans, Andy Dick Aunt's, GI Janis, Nephew Saltine Brendan, Relationship Advice for the Bald and much more! ShipStation - promo code: KATS Postmates - promo code: KATS2019 Policy Genius - Join our Wix website competition by creating a...


Episode 34: No Buzzer

Theo roasts Brendan's romper and the boys talk about their night at Joe Rogan and Friends, Dave & Bust's, Sean Kingston, Lil Bow, Chide My Ride, Zebra edition, Sproiler's, Harrison Ford vs Tommy Lee Jones, Solo Cooter's, Tragic Johnson and much more! MyBookie - promo code: KATS - Join our Wix website competition by creating a free website at Email submissions to Get 20% off a yearly premium plan with code...


Episode 33: Loitering Tits

The gang talks Deric getting bumped by Dave Chapppelle, Brendan distracted by Theo's tan, the fan that got Theo tattooed on him, Compton Krusty the Clown, Mexican Terrorists, Masturbating Hounds, Trans Am vs Trans Man, Favorite Wrestlers, all new Punk My Unc's, Catfish Noodlin, Pickle Back's, they also welcome in Ehsan Ahmad for today's show and much more! Hims - - Join our Wix website competition by creating a free website at...


Episode 32: Playing With Your Organ

The boys talk Bust Lamp possibilities, Louisiana Rat Hounds, Cat Snortin, Last Chance U, John Wayne vs Clint Eastwood, Triscuit Riskin, Theo witnessing a goose hit a plane, Brendan singing Phantom of the Opera, Bram Stokers Conventions, Flat Asses and much more! - Join our Wix website competition by creating a free website at Email submissions to Ring - promo code: KATSPOD Postmates - promo code: KATS2019 Hims -...


Episode 31: Quack Cocaine

The boys talk Theo's trip to Disneyland and epic Asian bird shirt, Thiccy Mouse Brendan, Hot Dog Aunts, Snow Dog Drug Mules, Marbled Women, Rib Eye Bitches, Dynamite Donkeys, all new Roast My Hosts, Chide My Ride's first Car/Houseboat, Stranger Danger Rims, advice for a Tinder Marriage and much more! WIX - Join our Wix website competition by creating a free website at Email submissions to Get 20% off a yearly premium plan with code...


Episode 30: Welcome to Ghetto Heaven

Brendan and Theo get a surprise hospital call from Simon Rex aka Dirt Nasty, Brendan's blown away by Theo's old rap video and the guys talk Dongs vs Fart jokes, new giant wrinkly one eyed Hounds to Clown, Dead Pool Cat, Theo's Ultimate Smelling Championship nose, a camp counselor love story, pierced nipples and much more!No Bull - more about your ad choices. Visit


Episode 29:: Transgender Magician

The boys introduce a new segment called Chide My Ride and talk 90's fashion, Theo hanging with Damn Long Neck, why Brendan looks like Shia LaBeouf, Tang bottle Aladdin's, Bust Lamps, Alphabet Hopscotch, all new Roast my Hosts, unpaid chore money, Matthew McConaughey vs Brad Pitt, Unicycling and much more!Hims - - Promo Code: KATSPODRaycon - - Promo code: KATS20Learn more about...


Episode 28: Everybody Loves Ribs

Theo and Brendan watch music video's they've cameo'd in, Brendan in MC Hammer's, Theo in Bhad Bhabie's, and introduce brand new segments - Clown my Hound, Chide my Ride & Punk my Unk. They also wonder if Drake is white and talk ribs, drinking "Lean", Tigger, T-Pain, 50 shades of brown, Mel Gibson, riding Lawnmower's, Snack Mates and much more!Postmates - Promo code: KATS2019Hims - Weldon - promo code: -...