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Episode 24: Huey Lewis's Choad

Quizmasters Lee & Marc analyze a homebrew scoring system adopted by listener and fellow Quizmaster Christopher, AKA The Guy Who Knows Everything in Portland, OR. Questions In what cue sport would a player try to pocket 15 red and 6 colored balls in a set order? What nationality is country singer Keith Urban? How many kings sat on the british throne in 1936? What pop singer got a push into fame by being sampled on the chorus of the Eminem song Stan? Who played piano for Bob Dylan to help him...


Episode 23: I Can Skip-It In My Dreams

Quizmasters Marc and Lee are joined by Max and Lucas of Team Moist fresh off a victory at a live Know Nonsense Trivia Challenge. They talk about their trivia beginnings in and the allure of trivia, including a connection to Marc's trivia origin. Max and Lucas also ask several questions of Marc & Lee, stumping and marveling the Know Nonsense Trivia Podcast hosts with a dazzling display of trivia. Questions What 2 college teams played for a record 7 overtimes on Saturday night with a final...


Episode 22: Al Roker's Hog

Quizmasters Lee & Marc continue their discussion on scoring methodology. Trivia Questions Round One * What band had albums such as Ghost in the Machine, Regatta de Blanc and Synchronicity? * What are the names of the three main robots that inhabit the Sattelite of Love in the sci-fi comedy series Mystery Science Theater 3000? * The law passed in 1873 that called for the "suppression of trade in and the circulation of of obscene literature and articles of immoral use" was called what? * An...


Episode 21: A Tale of Two Captains

Quizmasters Lee & Marc discuss scoring methodology and Lee's recent experimentation at a recent game. Trivia Questions Twin brothers Ross and Norris McWhirter are best known for creating what reference book? Geographically speaking, The Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building and the MetLife building all have their own what, that other buildings don't? Who was James Garfield's vice president? In what 1994 movie did Marlon Brando paste Johnny Depp's lines to his coffee cup so he could...


Episode 20: Come, Pop Pop

Featured Questions Which south-central U.S. state was the last to recognize Christmas as a legal holiday? The Mist, Here There Be Tygers, The Raft, and Survivor Type are all titles of short stories collected in Skeleton Crew, an anthology featuring the work of what author? In which sport would you perform an Adolph? In April of 1981, the first Space Shuttle orbitor was launched into space by NASA going by what name? What is the heaviest chemical element on the periodic table that has a...


Episode 19: Mister(s) Surprise(s)

In this episode of the Know Nonsense Trivia Podcast, Quizmasters Lee & Marc talk about the merits of a balanced quiz, as well as themed quizzes, while fielding some listener questions (as well as their own!) Featured Questions First hosted by Bill Cullen, what is the longest continuously running game show in television history? What popluar American toy line is referred to as "Action Man" in the UK? Acey-Deucy is a variation on what board game, gaining popularity after WWI in the US Navy and...


Episode 18: Little Black Book Full of Regretful Team Names

In this episode, quizmasters Lee & Marc are joined by a team of five guests and regular Know Nonsense Trivia Challenge players, Seth, Aaron, Fletcher, Kristen and Jamie, otherwise known as the Little Black Book Full of White Nationalists! Plus, a double dose of Rate My Question and we pick our winner of the Know Nonsense Trivia Podcast T-shirt contest live! Questions in this episode include: In what Asian country was the first cucumber cultivated? With only 700 lines of dialogue for his...


Episode 17: You Bet Your Sweet Bippy Cheeks

Quizmasters Lee and Marc return for their weekly set of trivia questions, with fascinating facts from the worlds of art, literature, current events, sports and more. Also some big Know Nonsense Trivia event announcements! In this episode, questions asked include: Monet and Renoir are both painters famous for which style? "What is the meaning of the phrase "Sock it to me?" What famous author wrote Chitty Chitty Bang Bang? At 5'3", who was the shortest player to have ever played in the NBA?...


Episode 16: Nancy Apple Titty Orange

Quizmaster Marc returns from his adventures in the British Isles with inspired trivia and to answer the questions of Quizmaster Lee in this episode of the Know Nonsense Trivia Podcast! Plus: our first giveaway! Trivia questions in this episode include: Who was known for their coffee drinking in the book Moby Dick? What does "WB" stand for in WB Yeats? Twyla Tharp premiered her ballet Deuce Coupe on February 8th, 1973, tracing the full range of steps to the music of what California music...


Episode 15: The Darkest Episode

Lee is joined by Old Man Seth for three rustic Gen X-fueled rounds of interesting and entertaining trivia. Questions include: What city’s hot bands of the 80s included Green River, The Thrown-Ups, and the Melvins? What is the most widely-spoken first nation language spoken in North America? What seafood is stuffed in your beef when you order carpetbagger steak? Where, in the contiguous 48 American states, will the next solar eclipse first appear? In the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off, what...


Episode 14: Ghost Melodies

According to the Association for Dressings and Sauces, what is the most popular salad dressing in the U.S.? In what video game would you play as Rash, Zits and Pimple? In chamber music, a string trio consists of what 3 instruments? By what name is the painting "Arrangement in Gray and Black" #1 better known? Adding the letter “a” to the end of what president’s surname gives the name of a wildly popular 19th-century dance? What 1989 movie was almost titled Teeny Weenies? Jaco Pastorious is...


Episode 13: Powerful Carnival Sperm

What superhero did Elvis model his persona after? Which British liner did a German U-boat sink on May 7, 1915? What do Pee-Wee Herman and Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, have in common? What US state boasts counties including Hardeman, Glasscock, and Loving? What is Scooby-Doo's first full name? In 1985, what mythical creature did Ringling Bros. Circus claim to have? What Beatles song lasted 9 weeks at number 1 in the Billboard charts…the longest of any Beatles single? Who was the first...


Episode 12: Of Beatles & Bizkits

What game of chance was originally called "Beano"? What country has the longest coastlines in the word? What kind of sea creature has pale, bluish green blood? Join quizmasters Lee and Marc as they guess and reveal the answers to these questions and more in this episode of the Know Nonsense Trivia Podcast!


Episode 11: Mike Breaks the Internet

According to Irish folklore, all Leprechauns claim what as their profession? Twitchers are known as appreciators of what non-gaming hobby? Who has been played in a movie by both Robert Duvall and Colin Farrell? The "Nascondino World Championship" is the international championship event for what classic children's game? Join quizmasters Lee and Marc and special guest Mike as they guess and reveal the answers to these questions and more in this episode of the Know Nonsense Trivia Podcast!...


Episode 10: Sesquipedalians

In the song "Money For Nothin" by 80s rock band The Dire Straits, who sings the ethereal lines "I Want My MTV"? Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia is the fear of what? What is the third largest national park in the United States? What is the name of the highest rank in sumo, a word which translates to "horizontal rope?" Join quizmasters Lee and Marc as they guess and reveal the answers to these questions and more in this episode of the Know Nonsense Trivia Podcast!


Episode 9: A Lot of Pneumonia

What actress has appeared in two roles that were both set in 1962, playing along side actors with pork-based names? What is another name for the card game "patience"? Instead of "Snowflake," what is the type of the fruit that the people of China call an individual that is over-sensitive or insubordinate? Join quizmasters Lee and Marc as they guess and reveal the answers to these questions and more in this episode of the Know Nonsense Trivia Podcast!


Episode 8: Rumplesnailtskin

How many years can a snail sleep in a single hibernation session? By what serial killer nickname is Dennis Rader better known? What artist painted his masterpiece while in a hospital in the south of France in 1889? What African animal can withstand hundreds of killer bee stings, an attack that would kill any other animal? Join quizmasters Lee and Marc as they guess and reveal the answers to these questions and more in this episode of the Know Nonsense Trivia Podcast!


Episode 7: Honey Tree Evil Eye

Iguanas, Koalas and Komodo Dragons all uncommonly have two what? What weather phenomenon's presence would increase the likelihood of a Roman emperor being assassinated? What multinational technology company once used the motto "Be What's Next?" Join quizmasters Lee and Marc and our first guest Seth as they guess and reveal the answers to these questions and more in this episode of the Know Nonsense Trivia Podcast! Special Guest: Seth.


Episode 6: Ugli Fruits

What color are mosquitoes attracted to most, almost twice as much as any other color? What element was named after the inventor of dynamite? What president saved 77 people during his stint as a lifeguard? What children's toy design was originally used as a hunting tool in the Phillipines? Join quizmasters Lee and Marc as they guess and reveal the answers to these questions and more in this episode of the Know Nonsense Trivia Podcast!


Episode 5: Communist Guacamole

Quizmasters Lee & Marc wrap up their weekly live games and discuss the trivia origins of future Know Nonsense Trivia Podcast guest Seth. They also talk about whether or not they care how they as players perform against competition. The Quizmasters also share their thoughts on extremely difficult questions, as well as the importance of reading your players' general knowledge-base. Questions What actor made a living as a professional accordion player before landing roles in films such as Mr....