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Every comedian has a guilty pleasure, a weird hobby, or an obscure fascination. Kristin wants to hear all bout it. Each week host Kristin Key follows a guest comedian down a new rabbit hole of their choosing, tests their knowledge with 5 quick trivia questions, and ends the show with a MadLib.

Every comedian has a guilty pleasure, a weird hobby, or an obscure fascination. Kristin wants to hear all bout it. Each week host Kristin Key follows a guest comedian down a new rabbit hole of their choosing, tests their knowledge with 5 quick trivia questions, and ends the show with a MadLib.


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Every comedian has a guilty pleasure, a weird hobby, or an obscure fascination. Kristin wants to hear all bout it. Each week host Kristin Key follows a guest comedian down a new rabbit hole of their choosing, tests their knowledge with 5 quick trivia questions, and ends the show with a MadLib.






Ep. 69 ”The Sickly Kid” with Katrina Davis



Ep. 68 ”Trans-Parent Comedy” with Debi Gutierrez

When Debi isn’t hosting television or touring the country as a headlining comedian, motivational humorist or keynote speaker, she’s busy living an action-packed life with her girlfriends, children, and former Marine husband who all provide her with tons of laugh-out-loud moments to pass on to her audiences. Her upcoming TED talk delves into her real life experiences parenting a trans child and her journey to acceptance. Follow Debi Follow host Kristin Key...

Ep. 67 ”The Man in the Middle of the Bed” with Justin Ripple

You may have seen this week's guest on the most recent season of "America's Got Talent". Justin Rupple has ALL KINDS of talents: comedy, impressions, eating a dozen donuts in 4 minutes.... so much more. Today, he's on the show to talk about his hobbies off stage, his passions, and his polyamorous family. Follow Justin Rupple Follow host Kristin Key Join the Kristin Key Patreon

Ep. 66 ”Sugar Daddies and Disney Money” with Leedy Corbin

Leedy Corbin is an INCREDIBLY talented artist, actress, and comedian. She is best known for her live stand up comedy illustrations and her roles in Lemonade Mouth and Stranger Things. Follow Leedy on insta @LEEDYCORBIN Follow host Kristin Key via Kristin Key's Website Support this show via Kristin Key's Patreon

Ep. 65 ”Tik Tok-ing Politics” with Jarret Berenstein

Kristin met Jarret through the SDSC show and became FAST FRIENDS. They sit down for the second time on the KNBV Pod to talk: POLITICS. JARRET BERENSTEIN is a writer, comedian, and producer based in NYC. He has won:TimeOut NY Critics' Pick, CBS Local News Best of New York, LA Comedy Festival Best Solo Show, United Solo Theater Festival Best Storytelling Show Find and Follow today's guest Follow HOST Kristin Key Support the Kristin Knows Blank...

Ep.64 ”In Pie we Crust” with Kermet Apio

Born in Hawaii, this comedian has made audiences laugh world wide. He has a HILARIOUS comedy special on DRY BAR COMEDY and LOVES Pie. Follow @kermetapio About the host: Find and follow host Kristin Key Support this show by joining Kristin Key's Patreon


Ep 63. ”The Church of Dolly” with guest JJ Barrows

Today's guest is a comedian, author, artist, actress and DOLLY PARTON enthusiast JJ BARROWS! Listen or watch JJ and Kristin discover how much they have in common from career choices to their stories of rebellious preacher's kids. Follow and become a fan of JJ Barrows Follow host Kristin Key Support the Kristin Knows Blank show through Kristin Key's Patreon


Ep. 62 ”Stand Up for Pits” with Rebecca Corry

REBECCA CORRY is an actress, comedian, writer, and founder of the STAND UP FOR PITS Foundation to work against abuse and discrimination towards pit bull type dogs. In 2014, she organized the One Million Pibble March On Washington, which had an estimated 4,500 attendees, in an effort to end breed-specific legislation and dog fighting. She is hilarious, fiercely dedicated to pit bull type dogs, and an absolute pleasure to talk to. SUPPORT and DONATE to STAND UP FOR PITS Find and Follow...


Ep. 61 ”Biscuits and Michigan” with CJ Starr

CJ Starr drops by the show to take a stroll down comedy memory lane with Kristin, discuss his love of MICHIGAN SPORTS, and how he loves to recreate restaurant recipes! ABOUT THE GUEST CJ Starr has been on Fox’s Laughs. CJ Starr was picked to perform at The Odd Ball Comedy festival, and Gilda’s Laughfest past three years in a row. He has continued to expand his comedic talent as writer for Apple TV and actor for the soon to be release Web series “Giggle-Lows”. CJ Starr has appeared on Fox...


Ep.60 ”Sex Dungeons in the City” with Allison Goldberg

Today's Episode features comedian and content creator ALLISON GOLDBERG. Featured in LA TIMES, VICE, and on Good Morning America, Allison is a curious person and self proclaimed voyeur. Her adventures have taken her to sex dungeons, furry parties, and a reptile convention... Needless to say, she's the best podcast guest EVER! Find and Follow Allison: Follow HOST Kristin Key Support this podcast: Join the PATREON at...


Ep. 59 ”Reincarnated and it Feels So Good” with MYLES WEBER

Todays topic REINCARNATION About the guest: Myles Weber is a Comedian on the rise. In addition to being on MTV’s Greatest Party Story Ever Told, his Dry Bar Comedy Special was voted 8th best on Dry Bar in 2021. He has also been apart of some of the biggest Comedy Competitions and Festivals in the United States. He took first place in the 40th Annual San Francisco International Comedy Competition. (Past competitors include Robin Williams, Dana Carvey, Sinbad, Ellen Degeneres, Patton Oswalt,...


Ep. 58 ”Luke Drives with a PS5”

Today's Guest, LUKE SEVEREID, is a comedian and avid recreational gamer. Luke has also been in several prestigious comedy festivals including being a semifinalist in the 2021 San Francisco Comedy Competition, the Bumbershoot Music Festival, and the Seattle International Comedy Competition. You might have also seen him in the award winning horror movie “Buzzard Hollow Beef” or the several short films he’s been a part of that recently won Best Comedy at both the HUMP Film Festival & West Sound...


EP. 57 ”Funny Business” with Nick Guerra

Nick Guerra takes comedy seriously. He studies the art of comedy, the science of performing, and the psychology of audience reactions to deliver hilarious and unforgettable performances. Seen on HBO, Last Comic Standing, and Dry Bar Comedy Follow Nick Guerra on Instagram @nickcomic Follow Host Kristin Key: Support this show via Patreon: Follow, Like, Subscribe and COMMENT on this podcast


Ep. 56 ”Stuck on Ru Paul’s Drag Race”

Actress, comedian, and musician JACKIE TOHN joins Kristin to talk about recovering from COVID while binging America's favorite Drag competition, "RU PAUL's DRAG RACE" ABOUT JACKIE: Jackie Tohn is best known for her role as MELROSE on the hit Netflix show GLOW. She also hosted the incredibly bingeable cooking competition show "Best Leftovers Ever" also on NETFLIX. Jackie is HILARIOUS and was kind enough to leave her covid bed to chit chat with Kristin on the show. Follow Jackie on Instagram...


Ep. 55 ”Loving the Deadpool” with Susan Thompson

Comedian Susan Thompson has met some of the world's biggest superstars on film sets in Canada. Was she allowed on these film sets? Was she trespassing? Did she break into Michael Buble's house? Find out on this week's episode. Susan is an active player in the Canadian & US comedy scenes & has placed twice as BC's funniest female. She's an in-demand Master of Ceremonies specialist for larger scale touring shows & productions in both Canada & the US. Follow Susan Thompson on all her...


Ep. 54 ”When a Van Loves a Woman” with Scout Durwood

SCOUT DURWOOD joins host Kristin Key to discuss her journey to TINY LIVING during the Pandemic of 2020. Scout Durwood is an actress, comedian, writer, producer, and musician best known for her role on MTV's "Mary and Jane" and her viral music web series "Take One Thing Off" Follow Scout on Instagram @scoutdurwood SUPPORT THE KNB PODCAST by LIKING, FOLLOWING, and SUBSCRIBING Join the Patreon Follow host Kristin Key


Ep 53. ”Comedian Buys Church” with Jon Stringer

Comedian Jon Stringer has traveled the wold performing comedy in comedy clubs, colleges, and on cruise ships. He and his wife decided to start the next chapter of their life together by buying their first home. They bough an Episcopal church. Why? Listen and find out. Follow Jon via his website Follow host Kristin Key via her website Support this podcast buy joining the Kristin Key Patreon LIKE FOLLOW AND SUBSCRIBE...


Ep. 53 ”Santa is Cheap” with Brooklyn Jones

Comedian and actress Brooklyn Jones (best known for her role on OWN's "Flex and Shanice") joins the podcast to get into the holiday spirit and talk about how cheap Santa is. Follow Brooklyn @itsbrooklynjones Follow host Kristin Key Support the show by joining the Kristin Key Patreon


Ep. 52 ”The Shaking of Jurassic Park” with Bil Dwyer

THIS WEEK:JURASSIC PARK and having MAX HARDCORE for a landlord. Fellow Last Comic Standing alum, host, comedian, and actor Bil Dwyer joins the podcast to discuss his love of Jurassic Park. @bildwyer INSTAGRAM Subscribe to Kristin Key's YouTube channel Like Follow and Subscribe to KNB Podcast on APPLE POD, GOOGLE PLAY, ETC SUPPORT the show by joining the Patreon


Ep. 51 ”Thor‘s Hammer” with Ken Boyd

Today's guest is comedian Ken Boyd. In Sept. 2021 Kristin and Ken found themselves working a Holland America cruise ship in Alaska for 3 weeks. This sparked a friendship and some very interesting shows at sea. About KEN BOYD- He has been seen on Comedy Central's "Kevin Hart Presents: Heart of the City." and Fox's "Showtime at the Apollo" where he received a standing ovation. He is HILARIOUS and knows a lot about THOR, Marvel, and other obscure BS. Find and follow Ken at...