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LMOE #130 - Roger Ailes Is Dead and Fat and In a Movie

There are days I don't want to get out of bed. But not podcast show days. Those are the times I raise myself by sheer force of will and find the strength to share the truth with the world. Also, cocaine mixed with Maxwell House. More the latter really. Everybody must do their part. Check out this week's Patreon Exclusive Bonus Content for rather sensitive information about Melania Trump's hooking. On this week's episode of Last Men on Earth, Matt and I question the logic of letting...


LMOE #129 - Straight White Men, The Male Bashing Musical

Being a straight white male comes with tremendous privileges. The secret clubs come to mind where we hand each other the keys to the kingdom and recommit ourselves to denying access to all others. Not all that secret; we meet in the back of Carrows every other Tuesday, codename: Kiwanis. With all of this privilege, it's about the disenfranchised people who produce Broadway shows bring to the stage, Straight White Men, a satirical takedown of all this privilege. Matt and I just ordered our...


LMOE #128 - Gay Conversion Sleep-away Camp

Sometimes I wonder if two half-breeds with poor work habits can actually save this gaseous spinning orb. Then I remember that's the precise winning character formula of every space opera ever. So Matt and I persist. Not because we must, but because we long ago forgot where the door is. On this week's Last Men on Earth Podcast, we wade hip deep into the latest bit of Sacha Baron Cohen shtick exposing how stupid old white people are pretty much stupid, old, and white, consider the fact that...


LMOE #127 - Sexual Mummification

Neither the rockets red glare nor the illegal Mexi-fireworks bursting in air could sway Matt and I from our appointed recording rounds to knock out LMOE #127. America! You're far from perfect, but you're still the girl at the dance everybody wants to feel up. On this week's podcast we delve into the sexual mummification death of a UCLA gay studies professor in the dungeon of a William Morris executive, laugh again at Terry Crews for his tears-of-an-oversized-clown routine before Congress,...


LMOE #126 - The Chrissy Teigen Breast Pump Dump

My grandmother once told me, there's a reason they don't have boxing in the Special Olympics. She left it at that. It took me nearly two decades to figure out what she meant. And no, I'm not telling you. You've got nineteen years to beat me. On this week's Last Men on Earth podcast, Matt fights through a raging case of cerebral herpes as we discuss CHRISSY TEIGEN breasts as dutiful mother and attention whore, SUGE KNIGHT denied request for an obvious escape attempt, laugh at KAT VON D for...


LMOE #125 - Gender Studies Breach

June is Offensive Podcast Appreciation month, I'm fairly sure, need to look that up. Matt and I were determined to add some nuggets of wisdom and truth to our crap salad of words this week in honor of the celebration. Did we succeed? Probably not. I think we need a life coach. On this week's Last Men on Earth podcast we ventured into the musings of Gender Studies deep thinker Suzanna Danuta Walters, she's one of the best, agreed that we'd hang ourselves with a bathrobe belt if Rose...


LMOE #124 - Mocha Frappucino With a Shot of Overraction

Lex and Matt are back to talk about a gay conversion summer camp memoir that's probably automatically going to win Best Picture, Starbucks making themselves look worse by trying to fix their loitering problem, that stupid royal wedding, why Matt feels honest cheap food is better than food that tries to be better than it actually is, Hannah Simone's sexist nonwhite discrimination card against ABC, whether Brian or Rocco's Tavern is more to blame for him dumping half of their pizza on the...


LMOE #123 - Feminist Dystopia

Lex and Matt sneak into Rocco's Tavern when there's no big soccer game on to talk about Amber Rose and Amanda Knox's weird discussion on sexual history and murderous tendencies, DJ Khaled's oral opposition, Johnny Depp's violent drunkenness (and Matt's apology to Amber Heard), Stormy Daniels' undeserved praise, Ashley Graham's "flawless" overweight body, Kevin Hart's friend's sex tape extortion plot, and finally, the utter ridiculousness of The Handmaid's Tale.


LMOE #122 - Smallville Sex Cult

We discuss Allison Mack's role in Keith Raniere's NXIVM sex cult, how the media ignored a lesbian couple driving six adopted black kids off a cliff, Amy Schumer not being fat enough to be funny, how Shania Twain would have voted in 2016 if she wasn't Canadian, #TimesUp's exclusivity, Charlize Theron's plan to escape American racism by bringing her black babies to South Africa, and Amelia Gray's battle with anorexia and apparent indifference to teen exploitation in celeb culture, all while...


LMOE #121 - High School Nipple Distraction

The boys probe into the depths of the Internet's reaction to Facebook's data collection and sales policies, and to Apu on The Simpsons for being a racial stereotype (after decades of silence on the issue). And of course there's that Florida high school student who got kicked out of class for going braless, Matt's thoughts on reverse sexism, how sorry Jimmy Kimmel is, and how white women seem to benefit most from "diversity" initiatives. Also, we are now live on Patreon! Get rewarded for...


LMOE #120 - #Enough About Parkland

Lex and Matt return to Rocco's Tavern for a rousing discussion on Stormy Daniels, the Parkland kids' prolonged media attention (and their lack of acne), the true meaning of Saint Patrick's Day, the NFL player/cheerleader pay gap and unequal treatment, Rotten Tomatoes for women, Vivica A. Fox and 50 Cent openly discussing their sexual exploits, and K-Fed still living off Britney's teat


LMOE 119 - The Rise of the Beta Males!

Is Hollywood trying to kill the idea of masculinity? Can transsexuals legally force Tinder to make accommodations for their inclusion? Should a fake prince make more than a fake queen? And when did SXSW become a venue for Katie Couric to lead a panel on being Muslim in America? Lex and Matt squeeze in these topics just before Rocco's Tavern gets loud and rowdy for some European soccer game.


LMOE #118 - Fifty Shades of Seacrest?

Lex Jurgen and Matt Ralston are back at it, this week diving into Texas' transsexual state wrestling champion, an African woman-only commune called Umoja, Funny Or Die taking the easy, safe route for comedy in a departure from their origin, Ryan Seacrest and his hairdresser's spanking allegations, NBC's "Good Girls" and the thousands of women-can-do-men-stuff-too TV shows to come, and finally, of course, stats surrounding school shootings.


LMOE #117 - The Shitholing of Africa

Princeton students walk out of a class after the professor teaches about hate speech...during a class on hate speech. Sharpie messages on Sports Illustrated's #MeToo Swimsuit models. "Black Panther" is totally not from a shithole country. People knew about Harvey Weinstein but kept on working. Lex and Matt grapple with these issues, plus Rose McGowan is demanding attention and the Hollywood gender pay gap continues spitting in the face of economics.


LMOE #116 - Get your ass off the plane, Jen Selter!

Lex and Matt descend on Rocco's Tavern once again to discuss how Nicole Eggert changes her story about Scott Baio's alleged sexual misconduct from 30 years ago, sports and stage parents shoulder zero blame for their kids being sexually abused (like USA Gymnastics), Vanity Fair whitewashes the Oscars of James Franco, Woody Allen and all his weird shit, Instagram ass model Jen Selter's incident with an American Airlines flight crew, and how Kim Kardashian's mind and body are holding up after...


LMOE 115 - Iceland Solves the Gender Pay Gap!

We kick off 2018 chatting about CNN's big gay New Year's Eve party, Terry Crews' backfiring male #MeToo lawsuit, some guy suing Iliza Shlesinger for her girls only comedy night, Iceland's solution to unequal pay, F1 driver Lewis Hamilton's thoughts on his nephew's wardrobe choices, the new name for Hollywood's new anti-sexual harassment coalition and its fundraising, and Logan Paul's Suicide Forest video.


LMOE #114 - #ESPNtoo

We wrap up this crazy year with ESPN's John Skipper departing the network due to substance abuse, and how they released the John Buccigross/Adrienne Lawrence texts, Anita Hill's new CASHEW gig, SI swimsuit model Paulina Porzikova on sexual harassment as a compliment, Hollywood celebrities jumping the gun on hot button social issues, Morgan Spurlock pre-confessing his sins, and finally Amanda Knox's new TV show about gender bias toward women on trial.


LMOE #113 - Sarah Silverman's Flag Freakout

Journalist Ryan Lizza gets fired from The New Yorker for something unexplained but definitely not work-related. Mei Rui, "cancer researcher and pianist" kicked off Spirit Airlines plane for breastfeeding, films the ordeal. Lex and Matt dive deep into these topics as well as Paz de la Huerta's rape case that isn't going well, Sarah Silverman freaking out about her boyfriend purchasing an American flag, Adriana Lima's fully-clothed announcement, Bella Hadid strays from her lane and gets all...


LMOE #112 - UFC Sexism

Angela Magana claims she lost her UFC 218 fight due to a sexist male referee stopping the fight prematurely, MSNBC host takes flak for gay slurs in blog posts about Charlie Crist from a decade ago, Time Magazine's short list for Person of the Year honors, Facebook's COO's warning against the #MeToo movement, and a new edition of the Morrissey Quiz (more sexual harassment victims).


LMOE #111 - Flakesgiving Week

We were stood up by another guest, but we press on to talk about Lena Dunham defending Murray Miller against teen rape allegations, Al Franken's groping history, Feminists wanting Johnny Depp removed from "Fantastic Beasts," Playboy's new Big Beautiful Playmate, Kevin Spacey and other celebrities in sex rehab, and Matt takes the new Morrisey-themed Victimization Quiz!