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This short pod is to fill you in on why we been MIA


#36 Pound Town

If your last name was Pound and had the ability to change the name of your town it’s a no brainer. There has been an outbreak of herpes in space which we suspect is where it came from. Cail finds a hot sauce that will give you seizures and Jason tells us about his past as a Girl Scout.


#35 Goat Flesh

We have a hunger that can’t be quenched, a fire that burns deep inside for goat flesh, but not in our mouths. Goat thefts plague California, cousin Omar is beat by police who thought a blue razz jolly rancher was meth, a mad pooper interrupts a broadway musical of Magic Mike and an interesting rumor about Bruno Mars surfaces from a mystery guest...


#34 Human Piggy Bank

A man finds out his third testicle is his twin, a Texas neighborhood is assaulted by a house painted Pepto Bismol pink, a ninety year old man downs half a quart of paint thinking it was yogurt and a man from South Korea has two kilograms of coins removed from his intestines. All that and more!


#33 Sweet Dipped Revenge

A man gives his own 2 cents over an extremely low tip, CIA tells us aliens can turn people into limestone, a billionaire thinks his junk needs to resemble his wealth, many dogs enjoy licking a man covered in peanut butter, and much more!


#32 Flat12 Bierwerks with Dylan Ray Coats

This week’s episode is a special one. We had the opportunity to sit down with the General Manager Dylan Ray Coats of Flat12 Bierwerks in Jeffersonville, Indiana. He shares with us his experiences and many of their delicious brews! Beer List Menu


#31 The Boofing Depot

Teens in Indonesia are starting to drink tampon juice, a homeless man has his penis snapped in half after trying to have sex with a man hole cover, Mumbai man sues his parents for bringing him into the world without his consent, a Barack Obama mannequin is found in a lingerie store and we found the best idea for the hottest nightclub to ever exist!


#30 Sexsquatch

A father and son from Ohio encounter something they’ve never seen before while hunting bears. A domestic dispute starts out with a bloody wound from a frozen pork chop. A man with “harmless” back pain injects himself with his own semen. FBI raids a morgue employee’s home and found 3,000 penises in glass jars. Strap in everyone, it’s gonna get weird.


#29 He Ejected...Twice

It’s finally here! We are coming at ya with a man who sensually licks doorbells, man who died from losing control of his car because he was watching porn, a WWII flamethrower sex game, a man who named his machete kindness and more! We also review Great Divide Brewing Yeti and Tommyknocker Cherrywood Sour Brown Ale. Don’t miss it!


#28 The Best Laughs of 2018

Well it's 2019 and we've covered quite a few stories and guzzled a lot of craft brews. We've been on a little hiatus due to life making a mess of things. We'll be back soon with more unrelenting dad jokes, the sassiest of sarcasm, names we can't pronounce and a ton of examples where drug use might be beneficial. For now, enjoy the very best stories of 2018!


#27 Take One for the Team

In this weeks' episode one of stories is Fast & Furious meets Sandlot. You'll never be albe to scrub it from your brain... FOR-EVVV-ER


#26 Trans Plant

Don't count us out! We hate to disappoint, but we're not dead yet. Planet Fitness shenanigans, mountain lion telepathy, Shenghai does blackface skits, 360 no scopes, Nvidia vs. AMD leads to murder, man with no arms is arrested. All of this and more! Cocaine, let it rain. Beers: Clown Shoes Chocolate Sombrero Salt Creek Cream Ale


#25 Death Roll Baptism

An Ethiopian priest and a crocodile square off in the river, rat scrotums are used to prevent infidelity, Captain Kirk gets charged with disorderly conduct, man kidnaps scientist to request immortality for his dog and a father and son battle each other for Cheez-its and Tea. Jason picks our beer with interesting results and a good chiding! Left Hand Polestar Pilsner Tin Man Overlord Imperial...


#24 Louisiana Wetsuit

Start catching them frogs and de-silking some worms, it's time to make your very own frogkini! Papa LeFleur in the studio teaches us that and practical life lessons. Brazil demands American sperm, future serial killers break a silicone hooker, the Flat Earth Society claims Australia is a made up place and no matter how crazy a person is nobody likes crap between the cheeks. Prepare yourself, let's get weird. Kentucky Peach Barrel...


#23 Gallo terrorista

When you think of what a terrorist might be or how they act you probably wouldn't think of a rooster putting his talons in the back of a bulldog, but that is exactly what happened in Miami, Florida. We've got elementary teachers giving birthday spankings, homemade energy drinks and much more! Grab a beer, put us in your ear and prepare to laugh until hurts! Beers: New Day Rethinker Wild Ohio Brewing Mango Hops


#22 Hitler's Hamster Wheel

Need we say more? Just in case that doesn't entice you enough, we talk about a man who wants to become a genderless alien with a look that is out of this world, a meteor shower of ham flies over Florida, a Canadian coke smuggler who did it for the likes, and a man who turns dogs into Nazis. Also, its about that time again for another IPA challenge for Jason! Beers: Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout Southern Tier 2X IPA, Stone...


#21 Mount Si’nai Dew

"This is Jesus Christ and I just broke into the pizza hut. I'm Jesus," says a North Carolina native. Apparently the second coming was only there for the thin unleavened cheesy crust with a side of Mount Sinai Dew. A lady tries to remove her boyfriend from her chihuahua by baking it, a man dies getting his head stuck in a cinema seat, we learn too much sushi can give you a tapeworm, and how you should check to make sure you're not allergic to bees before getting acupuncture from...


#20 Flamin' Hot Cheeto Baby

How many bags of Flamin' Hot Cheetos does it take to turn your newborn's hair red? Around 323 family size bags according to one homely woman. Not only does she not understand genetics but also thinks having a photo shoot while laying in a bathtub of cheetos is sexy. Dive into the mind of a lady who should be in a padded room and snug jacket as we hear about a chinese fight club opening, badminton in space, getting beat with an electric cord over stale cereal and our hope that meth burritos...


#19 Colorblind Sailors

It's pitch black with a faint glimmer of light barely coming through the dense fog setting in over the water. You and your significant other are exploring this new channel, trying to make it to shore alive. As you turn to your first mate to ask if he can see anything he barks at you, for he is a pug. You look out at the grey buoys bobbing violently which should've been marked as a bright green or red. As you stare back into the bug eyes of your furry first you mate you realize the one thing...


#18 Goodwill Hunting

If you're thinking about the movie with the late Robin Williams think again. Turns out there is nothing that Goodwill won't take, even a loaded grenade launcher. Strap in as we discuss how an Indian plumber fights an MRI machine, getting arrested for demanding barbeque sauce and what's really going on in Area 51. Beers: Dark Horse Plead the Fifth Imperial Stout !8th Street The Fox and The Hunted Robust...