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#456:Jimmy Carr/Comedian

Today on this episode of Let There Be Talk my friend comedian Jimmy Carr and I sit down at the Comedy Cellar in NYC for a full on conversation on Comedy,Watches,Cars and Clothing making this the perfect Let There Be Talk. Do not miss Jimmy's new show The Fix which can be seen right now on Netflix. Jimmy is one of the best comedians in the game and a great human and it was an honor to have this man on the show. Thanks for tuning in everyone don't forget to leave a review on iTunes and...


#455:Corey Taylor/Slipknot,Stone Sour

Today on Let There Be Talk we are kicking off the new year with the incredible Corey Taylor of Slipknot and Stone Sour. This man is an amazing Vocalist,Songwriter and Performer and if you have not seen him live do yourself a favor and Do it ASAP. Corey and I sat down last week in Las Vegas and had a real conversation about the Music Biz, Addictions, Recording, and Life in Las Vegas. This man bust his ass 24/7 to get where he is now in his Career and it was a honor to have him on the...


#454:Joe List/Comedian

On today's episode of Let There Be Talk my guest is comedian Joe List. Joe is a fantastic comedian and a great friend and I could not think of a better guest to have for my end of the year Episode. Joe and I sit down today and dive into our end of the year list of Favorite Records, Films and Concerts of 2018. We also get into a lot of Stand Up Comedy talk. Joe has been doing Stand Up for 18 years and recently had a kick ass Netflix 30 min special released that you should watch...


#453:Josh Zee / Protein / The Mother Truckers

Today on Let There Be Talk my guest is one of the greatest guitars players alive Mr Josh Zee. If you have never heard of Josh Zee you can thank me after this episode. This man is a monster on the guitar. Josh is one of my oldest friends from the Bay Area and today we sit down and reminisce about all things Rock n Roll. Josh played in a great band in the early 90's called Protein that signed a massive record deal on Sony / Works records. After a couple of records Protein disbanded and...


#452:Lizzy Borden

Today on Let There Be Talk my guest is heavy metal lifer Mr Lizzy Borden. Lizzy has been in the Metal game for 35 years and has no plans on stopping. His latest record My Midnight Things has received some of the best reviews of his career and even found its way into the Billboard top 200. It was an honor to sit down with this man and talk about the history of Lizzy Borden. All of Lizzy Borden's music can be found at https://www.metalblade.com/us/ This episode is brought to you by the...


#451:Catherine Popper/ Bass Guitarist, Singer and Songwriter

Today on Let There Be Talk my guest is the incredible Catherine Popper bass player for some of the biggest names in the music biz. Catherine has played bass guitar with Jack White,Willie Nelson,Levon Helm,Jesse Malin,Ryan Adams and the Cardinals and many many more. Catherine also has a band called Puss n Boots with Norah Jones and Sasha Dobson and they are out playing gigs around New York City. It was an honor to sit down with Catherine and I think you guys are gonna love this...


#450: John Joseph/Cro-Mags

On today's episode of LET THERE BE TALK my guest is NYC Hardcore legend John Joseph lead vocalist of The Cro-Mags. In 1986 i saw the Cro-Mags on the Age of Quarrel tour at the River Theatre in Guerneville California and it was a concert I never forgot. Today John stops by and Pulls No Punches as he goes deep into the history of the Cro-Mags. John also talks about his Plant Based Diet, Training for Triathlons, Religion and his brand new book The PMA Effect. John's Life has been a wild...


#449:Alex Skolnick/Testament

On today's Let There Be Talk the guitar god Alex Skolnick stops by and tell some amazing stories about his career. Of course you know Alex from his work with the Thrash Metal Gods Testament but did you know that he once played guitar in Ozzy's Band for a week or that he Auditioned for the Spin Doctors? Hear all these great stories on todays Brand New LTBT. Also get his brand new record Conundrum on iTunes right now. This episode is brought to you by Quip Toothbrushes use this link for a...


#448:Phil Campbell/The Temperance Movement

Today On Let There Be Talk my guest is the incredible Singer Songwriter of The Temperance Movement Mr Phil Campbell. If you have not heard this band do yourself a favor and dive down the rabbit hole right away. This band has 3 smoking records out and was just on tour with Judas Priest and Deep Purple. Phil is the real deal and it was a honor to have him on the show. This Episode is brought to you by hairclub. Use the link for a special discount deal for all...


#447:Jorma Vik/Drummer for Eagles of Death Metal

Today on Let There Be Talk my guest is the drum god Mr. Jorma Vik from the incredible band Eagles of Death Metal. Jorma stops by and talks about how he joined the Eagles of Death Metal. We also we cover his early days of playing drums with The Bronx,Motorcycles and his love of Camping. Do not miss this great episode. Brought to you by Quip Toothbrush use the link for a great discount https://www.getquip.com/delray Also Butcher Box for incredible meat use the link...


#446:David Bryan/Keyboard player for Bon Jovi

On today's episode of LET THERE BE TALK we have Rock n Roll Hall of Famer and Keyboard legend Mr David Bryan of Bon Jovi. David is a huge part of the Bon Jovi sound responsible for some of the great Keyboard hooks on songs like Runaway,Wanted Dead Or Alive,Bad Medicine and Wild In The Streets. David joins me today to talk about what its been like to play in Bon Jovi for most of his life. Bon Jovi still tours Arenas all around the world and are about to start a tour of Japan this...


#445:Robby Staebler and Charles Michael Parks, Jr / All Them Witches

On today's episode of LET THERE BE TALK Charles Michael Parks Jr. and Robby Staebler from the Nashville band ALL THEM WITCHES stop by and talk about their new record and everything else about ALL THEM WITCHES. This band has been one of my favorites over the last 5 years and I was super fired up to have them on the show. Do not sleep tune in asap and also catch them out on tour right now in the States. This episode is brought to you by HAIR CLUB for a special offer go to...


#444:Sage Francis/Rapper

On today's episode of LET THERE BE TALK my guest musician Sage Francis stops by and talks about how he got started as a Rapper. We cover all kinds of cool stuff in this interview including the current state of Hip Hop,Underground Hip Hop,Rap Battles and what its like being a musician in the Music Streaming era. Sage has many many records out so make sure you check them all out on iTunes and also look for his new Epic Beard Men record out early 2019. This episode is brought to you by...


#443:Noam Dworman/Owner of The Comedy Cellar NYC and Las Vegas

On today's episode of LET THERE BE TALK my guest is Noam Dworman owner of the iconic Comedy Cellar. Noam sits down with me today and gives me the History of the Comedy Cellar starting all the way back to when it was a music club. Noam also talks about the new Comedy Central show that's about to begin shooting in the club and we also cover the new Las Vegas Comedy Cellar at the Rio Hotel. This episode is brought to you by Audible.com https://www.audible.com/delray or text Delray to...


#442:Gene Hoglan/The Atomic Clock

On today's Episode of LET THERE BE TALK "The Atomic Clock"himself Mr Gene Hoglan stops by and talks some Metal History,Health and Drums all right here for the next 2 hours. Gene has played drums with some of the best Metal Bands in the biz including- Dark Angel,Fear Factory,Testament and Death. Do Not Miss this Episode. Brought to you by my fantastic sponsor Wyco Vintage Hit the link and find you favorite Rock N Roll Vintage T-Shirt. Use the Code delraiser and save big time...


#441 Nancy Wilson/Heart

Today on Let There Be Talk my guest is Rock N Roll Hall Of Famer Nancy Wilson of Heart. Nancy and I sit down and talk all things Heart including how the band started, Songwriting,Guitars and a possible Heart reunion. Do not miss this episode. This episode is brought to by my sponsor https://wycovintage.com this kings of Vintage Rock n Roll T-Shirts. Use the code delraiser for a discount on all your purchases


#440:Ron Bennington/Comedian and Radio Host

Today on LET THERE BE TALK my guest is the very funny NYC comedian Ron Bennington. Ron is the Host of the Bennington Show on Sirius XM and also the host of his other show Unmasked. When Ron is not on the air you can catch him nightly on stage at all the great NYC Comedy Clubs. Ron and I sit down today and talk about all the different Music Scenes that have gone down over the years in Cities like San Francisco,DC,Detroit,New York and Seattle. Hope you guys enjoy our Music and Comedy...


#439:Duff McKagan/Guns N' Roses

Today on Let There Be Talk the great Duff McKagan returns for Part 2 of our conversation on the history of Guns N' Roses. Back when Duff was on 4 years ago Oct 6th 2014 we dug deep into the first part of GNR's amazing history and he promised to return and cover the USE YOU ILLUSION era and today he kept that promise. Tune in and hear all about how the Illusion records were made and also many other amazing Guns N' Roses stories. This is by far one of my all time favorite episodes so do not...


#438:Pete Yorn/Singer Songwriter

On today's episode my guest is the great Singer Songwriter Pete Yorn. Pete has been a favorite of mine for years so it was really cool to finally get to sit down with him and talk about his music. Just a Heads Up if you don't know Pete's music he released a record in 2001 called Music for the Morning After that quickly went Gold and he's been making incredible music ever since including a recent EP with Scarlett Johansson called Apart which came out in June. Tune in and Spread The...


#437:Sam Morril/Comedian

Today on Let There Be Talk my friend comedian Sam Morril stops by for a great conversation all about Stand Up Comedy. Sam grew up in NYC and started his comedy career years ago in the city and now he has his first 1 hour special coming out on Comedy Central Sept 14th called Positive Influence. Do Not Miss This Episode. Brought to you by https://wycovintage.com the very best Vintage Rock T shirts in the world. use the code Delraiser for a great discount.