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Two wine-loving Toronto-based Asian millennials, sit down with a glass of wine and talk about everything basic. Kick back, relax and get ready for the ultimate girls night in.

Two wine-loving Toronto-based Asian millennials, sit down with a glass of wine and talk about everything basic. Kick back, relax and get ready for the ultimate girls night in.
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Two wine-loving Toronto-based Asian millennials, sit down with a glass of wine and talk about everything basic. Kick back, relax and get ready for the ultimate girls night in.




Episode 23: LTBachelor Finale

The Let's Talk Basic BACHELOR FINALE is finally here and just in time for cuffing season! Mike has gone on three incredible dates with three beautiful and amazing ladies and in this episode, he has to pick ONE to continue a relationship with and calls her on the spot. Who will it be? Find out in this dramatic (and kind of awkward, cause real life) final episode of the Let's Talk Basic Bachelor!


Episode 22: Meet our Bachelorettes

Last week we “Met Mike”, this week we are thrilled to introduce to you to our 3 lovely bachelorettes! These 3 ladies are all super eligible in their own ways! It’s safe to say that all of them have their SH*T together!- You’re welcome Mike! We went through these bachelorettes' bios line by line and were so intrigued by some of their answers, we had to call them for clarification. One bachelorette said she was looking for someone to try NEW things with her in ALL aspects of life ;) … (you...


Episode 21: Meet Mike

Let’s Talk Basic will be trying something NEW this coming month! With our obsession/ addiction to the “Bachelor” TV series, we are excited to make our own mini-version and play match-maker for our dear friend Mike! We will be setting him up with some amazing women, and will be in charge of planning their fun-filled dates for him! In this episode, we sit down with Mike and get to know him! And then things take a weirdddd turn and Vanessa reveals a secret about herself.


Episode 20: Enneagram

On this episode, we talk about the ENNEAGRAM. You may have heard us talking about our "numbers" in previous episodes, or from other people, and wondered what the heck is everyone talking about. It's like a personality system, similar to Meyers Briggs, that says everyone has a basic personality type that explains motivations and behaviours. We run through the 9 basic personality types, talk about what number we are (can you guess?!), and how we've seen it in our own lives, to understand...


Episode 19: Interracial Relationships

This week’s episode is extra fun! We invited our awesome friend Christina to discuss the UPS and DOWNS of being in an interracial relationship. Joanne and Christina both share their stories being Asian (Chinese and Korean) married to white guys. Join us as we laugh at embarrassing stories about their husband’s first meeting with their families, and learn about all the cultural differences they've had to overcome and endearing family traditions that they have adapted as their own. Trust us,...


Episode 18: Children...Yay or Nay?

Children… YaY or NaY? Kids are soooo adorable! From their cheeks, to their soft skin to the smell of their baby skin, everything about them is just (Heart Eyes)… but to choose a life without children and have extra cash to spend on vacation is undeniably an extremely attractive option as well! This week we dive into the YAYS and NAYS of having children and whether we see them in our futures or not! We have soo many fun stories to share about our friend’s kids, how our relationships have...


Episode 17: Jealousy in Friendships and Relationships

Jealousy… it happens to the best of us and brings out WORST in all of us! This week we talk about this larger than life emotion that can sometimes takes over our mind, controls our behavior and leaves us thinking how in the world we got here in the first place! Jealousy can come into play in all relationships- Yep that can includes your closest friends too! We will be looking back and laughing at all the moments of jealousy on our part and sharing how we got over it, and what was...


Episode 16: Cheating Defined

Cheating… have you done it? Have you experienced it and how do you define it? This week we discuss a sensitive topic that often bring up many different emotions. Whether you are on the receiving end of it, the one acting on it, the one who witnessed it, or the one comforting someone who has been cheated on… at the end of the day…it’s all heartbreaking and an emotional roller coaster. One of us has been through EVERY SINGLE ONE of the scenarios above… and let’s just say it’s not pretty and...


Episode 15: Meeting the Parents

You know what’s more nerve-wreaking than going to a job interview, public speaking, and getting your wisdom tooth removed COMBINED?! Meeting your boyfriend/girlfriend’s parents for the FIRST TIME! – who’s with us on this one!? Join us this week as we share embarrassing stories about our encounters and moments that sent us straight into PANIC MODE! What was supposed to be a relaxing couples weekend at the cottage, turned into a full-on family reunion… LOL With that said, one of us has...


Episode 14: Ask Me Anything - A Basic Bro Edition

This week’s episode is going to be EXTRA BASIC! We invited our FIRST EVER special guest, a “Basic Bro” to get a male perspective on how to navigate the modern dating scene. This Basic Bro reveals EVERYTHING from... how long he waits to ask a girl our after swiping right, to where he takes his dates and even lets us in on the DEAL BREAKERS that will get you ghosted. And YES we were somewhat shocked with his answers… just goes to show how different men and women really are!


Episode 13: Do You Believe in "The One"

“Match made in heaven” “My one true love” – what do you feel when you hear those phrases? Are you making heart eyes? Or are you cringing with a questionable face? This week we discuss our thoughts on whether there is only ONE person in the world, that is completely made just for you! Take a second and look back at your first love, your most painful heartbreak, that guy you almost dated, and the person you should have given a second chance to. How would that have played out and impacted...


Episode 12: The Sibling Life

The oldest child always sets the bar. Thank goodness they set it low! Who can relate!? Yep, this week we are talking about our siblings! Enemies or Besties? Take a guess! This is episode is one our favorites, because it brings back so many great childhood memories! We dive into all the funny moments when Joanne got bullied by her brother, and the strange mother-daughter relationship Vanessa has with her sister. Be ready to laugh at all the dumb things we did as a child, and learn how our...


Episode 11: How To Survive a Long Distance Relationship

Building meaningful relationships whether it’s a romantic one or a friendship is hard enough these days! Now try factoring in different time zones, and only seeing the person ever so often... this week we are digging deep and talking about the long distance relationships we hold in our lives. The ups and downs, the trust, the jealousy, and all the uneasy feelings in between. We will be sharing all the great moments that come with distance, and promise not to leave out any of the bad ones!...


Episode 10: Home is Where Your Pants Aren't

The ultimate level of adulting: buying your first home. In this week's episode we talk about our experiences buying our first home, moving in with a significant other and turning a house into a home.


Episode 9: Let's Get Down to Business

Work is a pretty significant part of our lives, whether you are just starting out, close to landing your first “real” job,learning and growing in your current role or ready for a new challenge, moments like these help shape who we are This week we spend time looking back at our very first jobs, cringing at awful interview experiences in our early 20s and remembering all the great memories made with our colleagues turned friends.


Episode 8: #Wanderlust

Summer is officially here and that means VACATION is near! It’s time to breakout those jean shorts, tanks, sundresses and bring on the ADVENTURE and of course TANS! This week we are taking you on our favorite #Wanderlust spots around the world! Guess which one of us likes to explore the city and which one of us likes to kickback in the countryside!? We dive into the details of traveling with family, a group of friends, girlfriends and our significant others. This is one of our favorite...


Episode 7: Bridesmaids Dun Dun Dun

Behind every bride is a tribe of women who has been through many ups and downs with her. Some may have been there since childhood, some may have just joined the tribe, but nonetheless all just as special. How in the world is a girl suppose to choose!?🤦🏻‍♀What are the “rules” when is comes to selecting braidsmaids!?🤷🏻‍♀ Join us in this week’s episode as we dive into how best to navigate this.🙇🏻‍♀


Episode 6: Rings and Lobster Things

On this week’s episode we continue with PART II of our “Wedding Series”… RINGS!! Whenever the topic of rings arise, naturally we think about the “engagement” and the man getting down on one knee and the woman with a “shocked” face screaming YES! – pretty accurate eh? In this episode we discuss how the diamond industry is ruining lives for all of man-kind! Men are pressured into buying “ring-pop” sized diamonds, because shows like ABC’s The Bachelor, is now the standard “reality”!? ONE of...


Episode 5: It's Wedding Season!

Whether you are planning your wedding, or being a guest at a wedding, this occasion often brings up a lot of different emotions. In this episode, we dive into wedding guest list, rules of the plus ones, how much is the “appropriate” amount to give as a guest, what your parents want vs. what you want, and all the wedding etiquettes in between! We also reveal what NOT to do as a wedding guest, ie…. leave halfway through the wedding and “forgetting” the wedding gift. When all is said and...


Episode 4: Roomies

In this week’s episode we talk about roommates! The good, the bad and the ones we choose keep around for life! In many ways, living with someone whether it’s your friend, a schoolmate, a colleague, a boyfriend or a complete stranger, you are essentially “pedal to the metal” accelerating the relationship full steam ahead. Disclaimer: All views expressed are our own opinions, and may contain strong language and unusual humour. Not suitable for all audiences.