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Let's Write an Episode: writing Reba

Welcome back Reba people! Last week you heard our reading of Reba now you get to hear how we came up with the episode! This was recorded before the episode was read so this is your behind the scenes look (if you will) at the writing process of our parody episode of Reba! We had a lot of fun performing and writing it and I hope you have fun listening to it! The writing team on this episode: Natalie Higdon Caleb Holland Tommy Oler If you like the show, subscribe and share it with your...


Let's Write an Episode LIVE: Reba

Hey-HEY! We're back with our script reading of REBA! Yeah, we wrote a Reba. Don't roll your eyes, the show was pure comfort TV. Our episode is no different but with a few more bad words. If you recall, Reba was a CW/WB show from the mid-00's staring country superstar Reba McEntire. It was all about family and what it means to be a family no matter how unconventional. We put Reba and family on a snowy mountain. What happens next? Listen and find out! Our Cast: Bridgette Wallace is...


Let's Write an Episode: writing Xena: Warrior Princess

Last week we gave you our performance of our parody episode of Xena: Warrior Princess, today you get to hear us write it. Hear the problems we encountered coming up with the tests Xena had to go through, why Hades is so different from his TV show counterpart, and more. Helping come up with the story: Caleb Holland Judaea Driscoll Tommy Oler Come back next month to hear us perform an episode of Reba! Hey-Hey!!


Let's Write an Episode LIVE: Xena: Warrior Princess

It's a BRAND NEW parody episode of Xena: Warrior Princess! Ares and Aphrodite get Hades help to test Xena. What happens next? I don't know (I do) you'll have to listen to find out!! (Or message me and I'll tell you and won't have to listen.) This month we've got a huge cast of awesome people so be sure to follow all of them! Angela Garrone is Xena Judaea Driscoll is Gabrielle Caleb Holland is Joxer Natalie Higdon is Aphrodite Doug Gillon is Ares Richard Douglas Jones is Hades and...


Let's Write an Episode LIVE: Family Matters

LOOK WHAT YOU DID!! It's our live episodoe of Family Matters. Last week you heard us come up with a parody plot now listen as we perform it! Our amazing cast: Angela Garrone as Steve Urkel Richard Douglas Jones as Carl Winslow Judaea Driscoll as Laura Winslow Azizah Bashirah as Harriet Winslow Caleb Holland as Eddie Winslow Tommy Oler as the Narrator Like, Share, Subscribe and catch us next month when we parody Xena: Warrior Princess! And be sure to check out the podcasts of the...


Let's Write an Episode: writing Family Matters

DID I DO THAAAAT?! We're writing an episode of Family Matters!! This time the writing team is a little different now that Nick and KC have moved away forever. Joining Tommy are Judaea Driscoll and Caleb Holland. Two very funny and smart people stepping up to take on this brand new episode of Family Matters. One note: There's some noise in the background. It was really really hot and I turned on an oscillating fan. The tools to fix it made us sound like we were underwater though and I hated...


Let's Write an Episode Live: Gossip Girl

Spotted! It's the Live episode of our parody Gossip Girl! Will all the Manhatten's teen elite survive this installement of the popular CW franchise? Only one way to find out! This month's cast is: Nick Cox as Dan KC Shornima as Nate Natalie Higdon as Jenny Sara Kaye Larson as Blair John Miller as Chuck Bridgette Wallace as Serena and Tommy Oler as The Narrator Follow us on social media, the links are in our names and have a good day!


Let's Write an Episode: writing Gossip Girl

Hello friends! This month we are taking on Gossip Girl. Spoilers are in this episode if you have not finished Gossip Girl! Gossip Girl was a mid-00's show that aired on the CW about rich teens in New York City's upper east side. It. Was. Crazy. And our episode is no different. We actually take the show in a different direction all together which means it took us awhile to get our episode down. Listen to the struggle and like, share, subscribe if you feel that in your heart you want...


Let's Write an Episode Live: Home Improvement

Hello friends! The LWAE crew is back with another live recording, this time it's Home Improvement! Randy comes out to his parents but Tim has a hard time accepting who his son is. We have another wonderful cast of comedians trying to be actors: Angela Garrone as Tim "The Toolman" Taylor KC Shornima as Jill Taylor Nick Cox as Randy Taylor Hayden McOlgen as Al Borelin Jackson Maness as Wilson Tommy Oler as the Narrator Click the links above to our social media pages and give us a like...


Let's Write an Episode: writing Home Improvement

I hope you're ready for the fastest episode yet! We're a well oiled machine now you guys. You give us an idea and we'll shit something out. Today we're shitting out a plot for Home Improvement! This time we take on a serious issue as seriously as we can. As you'll hear we're pretty proud of the result. Hope you enjoy! If you enjoy the show please subcribe, leave a review, and follow us: Tommy Oler KC Shornima Nick Cox


Let's Write an Episode Live: Scooby Doo, Where are You?!

Back at it! This time with the Live Performance of the hit cartoon "Scooby Doo, Where are You?!" Scooby and the gang find themselves looking for aide in a deserted mansion, but it's not help that arrives. It's g-g-g-g-ghosts! How are they gonna get out of this one?! If you enjoy the show please leave a rating and subscribe. Be sure to follow the amazing cast on social media. The links available below. Scooby Doo - Erik Algood Shaggy - Nick Cox Daphne - Bridgette Velma - KC...


Let's Write an Episode: writing Scooby Doo, Where Are You?!

The LWAE gang set their sights on the classic 70's cartoon Scooby Doo, Where Are You?! We make Velma dumb, Shaggy's not as progressive as he thinks he is, and we wonder about adding Scrappy into the mix. Listen and find out how this episode shakes out. If you enjoy the show, subscribe and leave a rating! Follow us on social media! @TommyOler @_NickCox_ @shornimak And be sure to check out the podcast Page: New Voices in Fiction! If you'd like to submit your short story to...


Let's Write an Episode Live: Boy Meets World

You heard us write it, now hear us perform it! It's a brand new parody episode of Boy Meets World! Cory and Topanga are vacationing in Hawaii when disaster strikes! Minkus reveals a long kept secret that could have lasting implications on the Boy Meets World gang. Meanwhile, Mr. Feeny gets some surprising news! Take a listen and see where this one goes! Performers: Tommy Oler as Narrator, Guy at the Bar Nick Cox as Cory Matthews Bridgette as Topanga Judaea Driscoll as Shawn Hunter/Eric...


Let's Write an Episode: writing Boy Meets World

"Boy Meets World" was a huge show in the 90's, and it left an indellible mark on Tommy and Nick. KC hasn't seen much of it. She's not from America. Now, nearly 20 years after the show has left the air, Tommy, KC, and Nick write a brand new parody episode of the much beloved series. Take a listen! If you enjoy the show, leave a rating, subscribe and Follow us! @TommyOler @_NickCox_ @shornimak


Let's Write an Episode Live: That's So Raven

We are back doing a live read of That's So Raven for you! Raven's vision shows her boyfriend Devon might be up to no good, meanwhile Cory has to help keep Devon's secret! This brand new parody episode of That's So Raven is written by Tommy Oler, Nick Cox, KC Shornima, and Sammy Anzer. Performers: @TommyOler as Narrator, Strip Club DJ, and Victor @_NickCox_ as Raven Baxter @shornimak as Chelsea, Strip Club Dancers @artificialross as Devon, Eddie @johnandrewmilla as Corey, Bouncer, and...


Let's Write an Episode: writing That's So Raven

Raven Baxter is in the house! Listen in as Tommy, KC, Nick, and special guest comedian Sammy Anzer write an episode of That's So Raven! The hit show from the early 00's left quite an impression on the group and they take Raven to places she's never been before. Listen as Raven explores her lesbian desires at a strip club while investigating if her boyfriend Devon is cheating on her! Next week we perform this episode in front of a live audience! So don't miss that! If you enjoy the show,...


Let's Write an Episode Live: Saved by the Bell!

We're back live reading the episode of Saved by the Bell we wrote in the last week's episode! Episode synopsis: One of the Saved by the Bell gang is DEAD! Now they have to attend the funeral but the subject of mortality has one member of the group scared of not living life to the fullest and another has a plan to get top scores on the SAT. How does it all shake out? Listen and Find out! Catch our next podcast episode on Feb. 26 as we write an episode of That's So Raven! On this Live episode...


Let's Write an Episode: writing Saved by the Bell!

Comedians Tommy Oler, KC Shornima, and Nick Cox get together and write an episode of the hit 90's show "Saved by the Bell". Take a listen as they kill off a major character and put others through sexual misadventures. And don't forget to listen next week as they read this episode in front of a live audience! If you enjoy the show, leave a rating, subscribe and Follow us on Social Media: @TommyOler @_NickCox_ @shornimak


Let's Write an Episode Live: Are You Afraid of The Dark?

Last week Tommy, Nick, and KC wrote an episode of "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" now you'll get to hear them read it live to friends and fans! Take a listen as they tell the story of a young boy cursed into being old! A tale worthy of the hallowed ground of the Midnight Society itself! Enjoy! Follow us on Social Media: @TommyOler @_NickCox_ @shornimak


Let's Write an Episode: writing Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Comedians Tommy Oler, Nick Cox, and K.C. Shornima get together and write their version of an episode of the classic Nick series Are You Afraid of the Dark? Follow us on Social Media: @TommyOler @_NickCox_ @shornimak