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Issue 35: A Tinkle In Time

After years of Cher publicly begging and pleading, Lifepile has answered her call and turned back time for Issue 35, our ode to time travel. Cam cracks down on time crime, Dylan discovers how buckwild Canada is, and Ryland is extremely conflicted about giving his grandpa the sweet kiss of death. Inside the Issue: Chupaquito Big Time Traveling Boatsexual Poist Coitus Milk CatPhone XS


Issue 34: Boys In Toy Land

Fling open your toy box because it’s Issue 34 and we’re playing with all of your favorite toys for pretty much the whole dang show! Cam shares a story about toxic masculinity on Easter, Dylan takes another crack at reining in his diabolical son, and Ryland shares an absolutely bonkers report about a group of children experiencing an existential crisis while performing surgery on their fluffy god. Inside the Issue: Baby Shark Shoplifting Good Jewish Furbies Houdini’s Netherworld Con The...


Issue 33: One Way Ticket to Bone Town

ALL ABOARD! When Ryland comes gigglin’ down the aisle with his lil’ overalls and his corduroy cap you best be ready to have him stamp your One Way Ticket to Bone Town! It’s Issue 33 baby!!! Cam takes us all to church and it’s worse than we remember, Dylan rants a little (a lot) about the history of gender, and Ryland shows us how capitalism ruined dinosaurs and friendship. Inside the Issue: Skeeter the Mystery Eater Jake’s Bones Bone Wars Elderly Gay Skeletons


Issue 32: CULT-ure SHOCK!

Remove your cloak, lower yourself into the mud bath, repeat the ancient chants of yore, and lay down in the coffin that is Issue 32 with guest expert Sarah Adler! Sarah tells the boys about spirit orbs, talking to angry plants, animal carcasses, coming of age ceremonies, women professing their love for her father, and the mountain community she grew up in that’s counting down to the end of the world. Also Cam creates a new dairy-based sports drink, Dylan gets invited to a circuit party, and...


Issue 31: Fast Food

It’s Issue 31 and we have a value-sized combo special about all things fast food! Dylan is check-mated into renouncing his buffalo wings brand, Cam does a TED Talk on the Principia Discordia, and Ryland reveals the one topic that makes him very truly actually genuinely angry. Inside the Issue: What’s So Gross About Hair? The Lone Urglar Burger King Menage a Quatro Burrito Lagoon Vaquero


Issue 30: Self Care Special

Welcome. You’ve reached Issue 30, Lifepile’s soothing, ambient, wellness, and self care special. We’ve lit our oil diffusers and dimmed the lights. Please remove your robe, lie down on the table, and explain to us what an oil diffuser does. Cam gets an in-depth lesson about positive energy, Dylan has to defend the concept of drinking water, and Ryland finally brings us the segment we’ve all been expecting from him. Inside the Issue: Buffalo Wing Confessional Psychic Prank Calls Let Them Eat...


Issue 29: Gamer's Delite

Issue 29 is goin’ to the gamers baby!!! Strap on your headsets, boot up your Gateway, and tell your mom to holler when the pizza rolls are done. Cam tries his absolute darnedest to extend the word count of his college essay segment, Dylan finds out about a tantalizing cookie made by the good, sexy, salad man, and Ryland brings the world’s worst photo into our lives. Inside the Issue: B&E&Sad Digital Light Squirrel Yoshi Sangria All Kirby’s Babies


Issue 28: The U.S.S. Starship Lifepile

In Issue 28 Lifepile is going bravely where other people have not previously gone in our outer space issue. Dylan does advertisements for like 9 different products and businesses who aren’t paying us, Cam brings a horrible song by a bad salad man back into our lives, and Ryland dredges up his old rivalry with birds. Inside the Issue: Bad Lil’ Case of The Zoomies Space Chimp’s Beautiful Powder Teen Alien Diplomats Land-Dwelling Octopedes


Issue 27: Tiny

The Tiny issue of Lifepile is absolutely STUFFED with content. Think of it like a clown car. You open the door and out walks conspiracy theory Drake, Batman holding hands with Juno, Cam’s mom in a leather jacket holding a gun, and a million sparkly basketballs. Also Cam reveals a very alarming secret talent, Dylan hits the bong and talks about murderous biker gang capitalism, and Ryland receives some good ol’ fashioned game show persecution. Inside The Issue: Eat The Booty Like Broccoli...


Issue 25: Veni! Veni! Veni!

The 25th issue is an ancient and deeply classical issue of Lifepile. In this great triumph of civilized western podcasting we find the young scholar Dylan discovers his immortality only to have it quickly taken away, the old philosopher Cam muses on the inception of his new smoothie shop venture, and our brave hero Ryland explores the cavernous depths of a sweat lodge and also his great uncle’s balls. NEW! Leave us a voicemail describing your sweet lifestyle and we’ll Live It or Leave It on...


Issue 24: Golden Oldies

The 24th Issue of Lifepile marks a monumental day for us- our first-ever special guest, Sophia Jaeckel stops by the show! A self-described Namenda hoe, geriatric enthusiast, and human cane, Sophia brings her professional knowledge of the elderly community to Lifepile along with a collection of nursing home stories that will make you laugh, cry, and recoil. Cam tells us about literally everything that comes out of spiders, Ryland learns about the most famous robot on earth, and Dylan...


Issue 23: Wifepile

Welcome to Issue 23 of Wifepile! We weally hope you wike it :-) Anyways this whole episode is about wives. Also the boys have some frank discussions about pre-nups, depression and whether you cease to exist once all the people who remember you have died? Anyways Cam teaches his kids outer space is more important than bullying, Dylan makes a living off Skype role-play, and Ryland tries to figure out what Mulan was actually about. Inside The Issue: Ice and Bread In A Cup Ultimate Power Gin ’n...


Issue 22: The Spy-tacular

Psst… PSST! Here. Take this. It’s Issue 22. An issue of Lifepile entirely dedicated to spies. In it you’ll find Cam hot on the stink ape’s trail, Dylan getting absolutely OWNED about the Cold War, and Ryland reigniting the Red Scare for 2018. Now quick. Hurry. Go. There’s not much time. Go listen to these three dummies try and have a conversation. Inside The Issue: Dick Pic Espionage Big Billy Mouth Bass Thompson Taylor Thompson Helen Taylor Thompson Dylan’s Star Point


Issue 21: Fourth of July Extravaganza

It’s Issue 21 and we’re proudly celebrating what our country hypothetically could be! Dylan gives it all up for Barry O, Cam pulls a gotcha journalism stunt, and Ryland tries to get everyone to sleep in a litter box. Inside The Issue: MacArthur Genius Patriot Chester Cheetah Chicken Dungavenhooter Billy Possum


Issue 20: Mustard Sandwich

Get out your pen and paper folks because we’re straight up giving away some all-star White People Recipes™ in Issue 20. Dylan gets tricked into caring about Ryland, Cam defends his secret food arboretum, and Ryland floats down the river with a Horde Red. Inside The Issue: #YourHotGaySoup Licker Lacquer Theresa Kerry Heinz 007’s Tummy Time


Issue 19: Lil' Papa

You know how oppressive victorian geometry is kind of like going on vacation? Yeah me neither. This week Cam buys all his enemies vacations, Dylan lifts a car off a fashionable woman, and Lil Papa is Counting! Up! Those! POINTS!!! Inside The Issue: Your Personal Moon Bunny Island Laboratories Mickey’s F@!k Land Thanksgiving Asshole Gratitude


Issue 18: This Is Hell Pig

Hey gamers welcome to Issue 18! This week Cam indulges in a luxurious fur coat, Dylan breaks up a marriage, and Ryland tries to bring 10 video game consoles on an airplane. Inside The Issue: Hump ’n Dunk Rubies! Rubies! Rubies! Glypie’s Carcass House Twinksquatch


Issue 17: The Meaning of Pride

Issue 17 marks the beginning of LGBT+ Pride Month and as you can imagine, we talk a lot about spiders. Dylan rolls out the space cowboy welcome wagon, Ryland invents an embarrassment university, and Cam plays horse judge, horse executioner, and horse pastor. Inside The Issue: BRUTHER LGBT Vending Machines Horse Eggs Secret Boss Fair


Issue 16: Smokey The Footloose Oracle

In Issue 16 we find our heroes engaged in their first semi-serious discussion about the nature of pride, belief and argument. We’re basically a sociology podcast now. Also Dylan reveals his gorey toe superstition, Ryland finds a new group of supernatural beings to make fun of, and Cam picks the briefcase "A". Inside The Issue: Magical Online Arguments Satan’s Pokemon Portal Vampire Dorks Bone-In Fortune Telling


Issue 15: Gorillamaids

Issue 15 finds our heroes settling a very topical debate about a polarizing audio clip. Ryland brings back a beloved crowd favorite, Cam starts a very sexy zoo, and Dylan makes everybody a personalized t-shirt. Inside The Issue: Stip It or Tip It ATF Twine Jeans Ryland’s Dessert Planet King Tut Is Vers