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Ep. 20: Call Me By Your Name (2017) & Mommy (2014)

Hello. New episode, yee yee. Stephanie makes us read a movie and half on this episode. Logan expresses his hate for the French, which is actually racist but no one says anything about it. Logan also does three visual jokes on this podcast, so just uhhh try to imagine it when it happens I guess. Next week there will be no podcast, but the week after that is the start of our Christmas movie month. Ben starts it off by being a basic bitch and he chose Elf and Die Hard. Follow us on...


Ep. 19: Scaramouche (1952) & Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them (2016)

This week we watch Scaramouche and complain about Fantastic Beasts. Logan and Stephanie say a bunch of Harry Potter words that Ben doesn't understand and then Logan debunks the whole concept of the movie at the end. Watch out JK Rowling, Logan's coming for you. Next week we are watching Mommy and Call Me By Your Name. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram: @LCWTIAPod Also we are probably just going to start posting on Sundays so we're never late again.


Ep. 18: Avengers: Infinity War (2018) & Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017)

This episode we got two guests on, Anand and Terrell. They were good additions to the cast. Also this was the most people we ever had on the pod and as a result, we did not have enough mics! Stephanie and Logan share a mic and I think Stephanie got tired of having to grab the mic from Logan to talk cause by the second half she maybe said 10 words. Its our most on-topic episode to date. We laugh, we dissect, and we rap. What a ride. Next week, Logan's got us watching Fantastic Beasts and...


Ep. 17: The Dark Knight (2008) and Phantom Thread (2017)

We talk about The Dark Knight and Phantom Thread. Ben is still sick and sounds bad. Logan and Stephanie fight a lil and Ben is just kinda there but he also chimes in with Logan because of the shared characteristic of a penis. This had the potential to be a really good episode all the way through but that quickly dipped once Stephanie started withholding her research from us. Maybe we all got some stuff we got to work out with each other. Also this one is edited better. There was really too...


Ep. 16: The Green Mile (1999) and Captain Fantastic (2016)

We talk about The Green Mile, Captain Fantastic and Make-A-Wish. Ben was in the process of getting sick throughout this episode, Stephanie was running off 4 hours of sleep, and Logan barely did any research. Its a mess I'm not gonna lie. Also my ears were plugged while I was editing this so yeah. Next week we're gonna be "talking" about The Dark Knight and Phantom Thread. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram: @LCWTIAPod


Ep. 15: The Shining (1980) and Hereditary (2018)

We watch and talk about The Shining and Hereditary and oh boy is there a lot of talking over each other. I injured my neck when editing because I had to re-listen to Logan's opinions on Hereditary. Diego and Ben read each other's jokes, Stephanie has a racist nickname for Stanley Kubrick, and Logan possibly overshares some deep stuff. Its up to you, but you better appreciate it. Next week Logan has us watching Captain Fantastic and Green Mile. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram: @LCWTIAPod


Ep. 14: Beetlejuice (1988) and Psycho (1960)

Back on our October Spooky hype with Beetlejuice and Psycho. Logan forgot all our equipment but Ben came in clutch with a backup setup while also making a theme song for the podcast. A true superstar. This is our shortest episode yet and we also straight up broke Stephanie and she yelled at us like she's our mother or something. Join us next week when we watch The Shining and Hereditary.


Ep. 13: The Mist (2007) and 28 Days Later (2002)

No episode last week. Sorry about it, but we're busy so who gives a fuck. We watch The Mist and 28 Days Later this week though. For some reason Logan is the only one with a pop filter so you'll have to endure Stephanie's loud ass Puuhfs and peaks. Also finally Stephanie delivered on that new logo and it's looking really good but then Ben immediately crowded it with shit so was it really worth it? Next week Stephanie got us watching Beetlejuice and Psycho.


Ep. 12: Phase IV (1974) and Brigsby Bear (2017)

Sorry for the late upload, but if you were upset it's your fault for listening to a podcast that no one else listens to. This week, Ben gave Stephanie and Logan the honor of watching Phase IV and also let them watch Brigsby Bear. Ben sounds very passionate about Phase IV in the beginning even though he agrees it is kinda shitty. Everyone has a good time talking about Brigsby Bear and then we all talk about middle school. Logan was a loser who got bullied, Ben was super cool, and Stephanie...


Ep. 11: The Graduate (1967) and 500 Days of Summer (2009)

This week Stephanie makes us watch The Graduate and 500 Days of Summer. We also brought on our best guest, Frank. It's a good episode I think. I keep forgetting what happens in the episode by the time I write these descriptions. Ben needs to enunciate better. He keeps saying "Mrs. Robinson" but it sounds like "Mr. Robinson". Also still no new logo. Stephanie keeps saying she "needs color pencils" like it's anyones problem but hers. Next week Ben is having us watch Phase IV and Brigsby Bear.


Ep. 10: Detective Heart of America: The Final Freedom (2015) and The Hogfather (2006)

This week, Logan makes us watch Detective Heart of America and The Hogfather. Its interesting. Ben keeps saying he's going to check out future projects by the creators of these movies but deep down, he knows he's lying. We got new mics though so we sounding real good. So good, you can hear everytime we swallow and it's really gross. Also, we should have had a new logo like 3 weeks ago but I guess Stephanie doesn't know how to color things. Next week, Stephanie is having us watch The...


Ep. 9: Jaws (1975) and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

This week Ben's got us watching Jaws and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. This episode starts off with high energy but it quickly dipped near half way, I don't know what happened. It was probably Stephanie saying all that racist stuff. It's fucked up. That's all I remember from this episode so I hope the rest is good. Next week Logan is having us watch Detective Heart of America: The Final Freedom and Hogfather. Yeah, I don't know either.


Ep. 8: Harold and Maude (1971) and Paris, Texas (1984)

What's up everybody. We got another episode coming at ya. Stephanie made us watch Harold and Maude and Paris, Texas. Logan says something really racist. Like too racist for Ben. It was wild. Also I'm not gonna lie, the second half of this podcast gets really shitty. Audition crashed but then it recovered itself and everyone had to finesse their way back into the swing of things but then that didn't happen and it just got really shitty. Next week, Ben is having us watch Eternal Sunshine of...


Ep. 7: Thoroughbreds (2017) and A Clockwork Orange (1971)

We watching and talking about murder this time around. Thoroughbreds and A Clockwork Orange baby. Also yeah, Ben fucked up and they had to re-record the first 30 minutes of their discussion but who cares. They try to call out Ben for "laughing" at some dude's death but its not even true. No one mentioned it, but Logan also said some questionable shit about murder in the old recording too soooo like, leave Ben alone. Next week, Stephanie is making us watch Harold and Kumar Go To...


Ep. 6: Get Out (2017) and Moonlight (2016)

This week we watched and discussed Get Out and Moonlight while also exposing Stephanie for the racist she is. Ben spills his kool-aid on himself, Logan tells a story of a supressed childhood memory, and Stephanie does blackface. What a time! Next week, Logan is having us watch Thoroughbreds and A Clockwork Orange.


Ep. 5: What We Do in The Shadows (2014) and Lady Bird (2017)

This week, Diego joins us as our special guest and we have a mostly fun conversation about What We Do in the Shadows and then we yell at each other about Lady Bird. Logan and Stephanie intensely argue about it and its like...chill..its just a movie. Also, last week Logan joked about having a live studio audience and this week, it actually happened! A whopping two people! I guess you can really speak things into existence. Next week, Ben is having us watch Moonlight and Get Out.


Ep. 4: Moon (2009) and Baby Driver (2017)

This week Logan made us watch Moon and Baby Driver. Moon discussion probably goes on for too long and Stephanie maybe says like 5 sentences throughout it all but the Baby Driver discussion gets wild and we bring up some important ass questions. Next week we got Stephanie hosting with What We Do in the Shadows and Lady Bird being discussed. Lady Bird is gonna be crazy because Logan has some bullshit ass opinions on Lady Bird.


Ep. 3: The Lobster (2015) and Inside Llewyn Davis (2013)

This week's episode is hosted by Ben. His two movies were The Lobster and Inside Llewyn Davis and honestly? Great picks! And although Logan wasn't on board with Stephanie's Odyssey/Ulysses idea during the recording of this episode, he did later text us and tell her she was pretty much right. So, there's that. Next week we got Logan back in the hosting chair with Moon and Baby Driver being discussed.


Ep. 2: Spirited Away (2001) and Pan's Labyrinth (2004)

Stephanie is our host this week and she made us watch two fucking foreign films, Spirited Away and Pan's Labyrinth. We also had a special guest this week, Frank, and he seemed to be more prepared for this than any of us. Also, Ben had the hiccups for like 5 minutes but he did a pretty good job at covering it up. Give it up for Ben! Next week is Ben's turn at hosting with his two movies being The Lobster and Inside Llewyn Davis.


Ep. 1: Arthur (1981) and Wonder Woman (2017)

First episode of our podcast entitled Lights, Camera, Wait this is a Podcast. A podcast hosted by three best-friends Stephanie, Logan, and Ben where each week, one host picks two movies for the three of us to watch and discuss. Logan starts us off with the 1981 comedy Arthur and the 2017 blockbuster Wonder Woman. So, if you're wanting to hear some dude nitpick the shit out of Wonder Woman for well over 30 minutes then this is the podcast for you. Next week we have Stephanie hosting where...