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Two Moms. Different stages. Same S**t. Listen as 2 women share what it's really like in the mom world (NOT what the books tell you it's like).

Two Moms. Different stages. Same S**t. Listen as 2 women share what it's really like in the mom world (NOT what the books tell you it's like).
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Two Moms. Different stages. Same S**t. Listen as 2 women share what it's really like in the mom world (NOT what the books tell you it's like).




How Much Of Your Childhood Do You Tell The Truth About To Your Kids?

How much truth do you share with your kids about your own childhood?


Episode 17 - Why Is SAHM Vs. Working Moms Still A Thing?

Who DOES have it harder? Stay At Home Moms or Working Moms? Isn't it all hard? With different but the same challenges? What about the whole "mom tribe" thing? Jessica & Ro talk about finding your mom posse that relates, understands and doesn't judge you. Necessary for survival. Or just listen to Live And Let Mom!


Episode 16 - Which generation are we raising?

Jessica & Ro talk about how their parenting style is mostly them trying NOT to be like their parents were...Millennials were raised by the kids of the baby boomers (don't fact check that) - and Millennials get a lot of crap for struggling and not finding their way as fast as the generations before them. But it's not their fault is it? Raised by parents who were latch key kids... Is the generation thing a thing?


Episode 15 - Does Your Path Stop During Motherhood Or Just Detour?

Does everything you want for yourself and in life just stop and go away when you're a mom? Do you ever come back to yourself? CAN you come back to yourself? And seriously... Don't look down when doing a plank.


Episode 14 - The Holiday Episode. Well, sorta.

Jessica hates that Elf... Ro hasn't had to do one... yet.. but she's going with the Lazy Gnome. Is Santa a LIE? Or is it just fun?


Episode 13 - Is Wearing A Bathing Suit Bottom Because You Haven't Done Laundry a Parenting Style?

Why is "parenting style" a thing? Helicopter mom, relaxed style, strict, Lax, Over protective, uninvolved, aggressive... Which one is best? And who cares? Shouldn't just "doing our freaking best" be a style? And even though it's 2018, most parents are still expecting their sons to know how to throw a ball and wanting to whack things with a stick and our girls loving pink and purple and twirling like a princess.


Episode 12 - Dear Pediatricians, Take your "average" chart and suck on it.

To our kids doctors everywhere, Don't use a graph to tell me my kid is chubby or overweight. "Average" isn't welcomed here. Ro's life force is draining and Jessica is finding a hobby (not really).


Episode 11 - We Are Moms. We Rule. When We're Not Failing Miserably.

Jessica & Ro are BACK! Ro had to go have her second baby - blah blah, excuse, excuse... but she's IN IT NOW! Officially a mom of 2 under 2 and Jessica's soul hasn't been crushed yet by her teens. If it wasn't real before, it is now. Catch up with Jessica & Ro and tune in every Monday!


Episode 10 - Your Non-Mom Friends Might Be a Better Parents.

Jessica & Ro often make fun of the things their "Non-Mom" friends say - so we decided to invite one of our favorite non-moms (yes, she has Fur babies) to chat about how annoying WE are... but she might be to cool to ridicule. Please enjoy Our mutual Non Mom Bestie, Actress, comedian and in a LOT of commercials (one with a robot), Fran Nichols.


Episode 9 - Co-Parenting/Shmoe-Parenting & Still Hot For Husband? Or Repulsed?

Jessica may die alone and is totally ok with that. A pregnant friend is repulsed by her husband where as Ro is still hot for hers but can't do a damn thing about it. Not even dry hump. Co-Parenting has it's perks, but can be really f***ing annoying too.


Episode 8 - Wait, Am I over parenting or Under parenting?

Coddle too much? Not enough? Everyone tells you to back off a little with teenagers, but how much and why?


Episode 7 - What The Hell Happened to My Weekends?

Jessica has every other weekend to herself now and plans to do a LOT with the free time, but does nothing. Ro has to get her guts pulled out of her to get the baby. Not really, but that's what Google says when you search "C-Section." She will be joining that club soon while Jessica needs a hobby. wtf is a hobby?


Episode 6 - He Googled 'Boobies'. How much internet and Social Media access should your kids have?

"Boobies" were googled by my son & his 13 year old friends. TOTALLY normal, but do I find some age appropriate content to let my son look at or do I let him find it on his own?? ... which will inevitably lead him to the dark web where he will never be able to UN see what he sees. Do I get him a playboy? Social media for kids - Jessica is against for her tween/teen until they are 18. But she's not "that" mom either, so what does she do? Ro's life is over. Jacob is walking and sleep is...


Episode 5 - This Mom Thing Is No Joke

Ro & Jessica are rocking this mom thing. or are they?!


Episode 4 - What Everyone Tells You About Having Kids & Why We Don't Listen

Everyone tells you how hard being a mom is but we don't listen... Or we assume they're just doing it wrong. Which is easier; babies or teens? NEITHER! So different, so the same! Jessica & Ro are finding their way!


Episode 3 - Screw you "perfect" judgy moms!

Live and Let Breastfeed as you so choose and is right for YOU! Jessica & Ro take on Breastfeeding and tell their TRUTH! Those perfect images we are inundated with of the happy, content mom looking dreamily at her nursing child, while gently rocking in their chair as the sun rises through their track home window shade is a SHAM! (Not for everyone of course)But, not for anyone WE know... "Breast is Best" comes with some blood, sweat and tears. Literally.


Episode 2 - Sex before & after baby and how the "6 week ok" isn't always ok.

What no one tells you, but said that they did when you say "why didn't you tell me?". Sex before, during and after a baby. How the six-week “ok” isn’t always ok and that’s ok.


Episode 1 - Welcome To The real mom life. We're not like the rest. We are like you.

Meet Jessica & Ro. Two Moms. In different stages of parenting, realizing real quick, it's a lot of the same shit. Jessica is a mom of a tween and teen. Ro is a new mom to a 2 year old (and pregnant). A well intentioned intro quickly turns Into the over-sharing of two moms and their mom life. (The real mom life – not the one you think you should have).