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Johnny Pemberton talks to people. It’s funny, weird, inspiring, and sounds cool.

Johnny Pemberton talks to people. It’s funny, weird, inspiring, and sounds cool.


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Johnny Pemberton talks to people. It’s funny, weird, inspiring, and sounds cool.




164. Brad Breeck 2.0

Superstar synth syncopator, dedicated drum dynamo, and captivating cybernetic composer, Brad Breeck, hosts the executive buffet from inside his lucious perfectly appointment studio for a an hour plus of musical traveling. It's a star studded psychedelic event! See for privacy information.


163. Howard Kremer

Rapper, comedian, podcaster, and unstoppable genre-defying icon, Howard Kremer, comes back to the executive buffet yet again for another wicked blast of pure talking entertainment. See for privacy information.


162. Amy Miller 3.0

Ostentatious Oakland Oakie, cantankerous comedic cavalcade, and friend to masses and classes, Amy Miller, makes a legendary 3rd appearance on the executive buffet pulling exactly zero punches. See for privacy information.


161. Halloween Special with SleepyBritt - PART II

Micro ghost manufacturer, halloween spook savant, and longtime executive buffet insider, Britt Pemberton AKA Sleepybritt, joins up for round TWO of a special halloween edition of Live to Tape. We discuss halloween memories, listen to music, and figure out the correct age for OUIJA use. See for privacy information.


160. Billy Wayne Davis 2.0

Cultured cannabis connoisseur, dynamic democratic diplomat. effervescent ex-eschatologist, Billy Wayne Davis, jumps back into the deep end of the executive buffet for the full experience and then some. Check out Billy's new marijuana focused podcast "Grown Local". See for privacy information.


159. Halloween Special with SleepyBritt - PART 1

Micro ghost manufacturer, halloween spook savant, and longtime executive buffet insider, Britt Pemberton AKA Sleepybritt, joins up for a special halloween edition of live to tape. We discuss movies, listen to music, and get to the core of what is Halloween. See for privacy information.


158. Robby Hoffman

Reluctant gymnast, pioneering McDonalds connoisseur, and globe-trotting comedian, Robby Hoffman, joins the executive buffet via satellite from deep inside an unknown foreign location. See for privacy information.


157. Irene Tu

Omnivorous ombudsperson, wit-writing renegade, and cavorting comedian, Irene Tu, joins the executive buffet for yet another edition of the backyardcast® deep in the heat of summer. See for privacy information.


156. Mike Burns

The mover of power, the nachos of pizza, and dad's most hilarious garage buddy, Mike Burns, slides into the zone on another overdriven session of the executive buffet backyardcast® special edition summer fun bump. listen enjoy repeat. See for privacy information.


Blair and Steve and Only Feet

Another brilliant and scintillating round of the best podcasting there ever was! A full executive session with Blair Socci and Steve Hernandez. Together with Johnny Pemberton they create a self-sustaining conversational triangle that knows no end. See for privacy information.


155. Mark Nelson of Biosphere 2

terrestrial terranaut, biome believer, a desert dynamo, Mark Nelson, links into the executive buffet from deep within a thriving organic garden in New Mexico to talk all things biosphere in all its iterations. See for privacy information.


154. Duncan Trussell

Clancy's clairvoyant comptroller, mister magical magnanimous, the one true family practitioner, Duncan Trussell, returns for yet another ripping installment of sound gem expression straight from the back of daddy's big red truck. See for privacy information.


153. Lake Mono with Patrick

Frog spotting specialist, vicarious volkswagen vagabond, and multi-elevation musical journeyman, Patrick Lien, returns to the executive buffet! One of the most requested and repeated guests sits down for a beer-filled musical listening session on the banks of the crusty sage-rimmed Lake Mono. See for privacy information.


152. Blair and Steve return again

Well you guessed it, another block rocking blaster with the dynamic duo of chatter and palaver, Steve Hernandez and Blair Socci, reunited and it feels so good! This is a pinnacle episode in the ongoing series and features some backyard sounds for your added enjoyment. not to be missed! See for privacy information.


151. Adam Lazarus

Formidable formicidae fanatic, mechanical mandible manipulator, and ever-effervescent esoteric entomologist, Adam Lazarus, joins the executive buffet for the second ever backyardcast! An exciting journey for all through the lives of the most successful insect on the planet; ants! and then some. See for privacy information.


150. Amy Miller

Rainbow cult magnate, unabashed twitter empresario, and fearless international comedian, Amy Miller, rejoins the executive buffet for some high-end shit talk from deep inside the stand-up drought. See for privacy information.


149. Alex LeVine

Effervescent electrical engineer, connoisseur of cultivated combustibles, and wild west weed wizard, Alex LeVine of Podtones™, sits down for the first backyardcast of 2020! This particular executive buffet comes fully stocked with knowledge carts and wisdom chairs for a full grade custom experience guaranteed to enlighten, inform, and blast you forth into cloudy realms of fun. See for privacy information.


148. Shane Mauss returns!

Barefoot rock crawler, cerebral escape artist, and world famous comedian psychonaut, Shane Mauss, makes his 3rd appearance on the executive buffet and serves a double helping of mindful midwestern knowledge. See for privacy information.


147. Blair & Steve Return!

The proton and the neutrino, the captain and the cook, the dancer and the romancer, Blair Socci and Steve Hernandez return to the executive buffet for a perfect hour of 3-way riffing. See for privacy information.


146. Death Valley Girls

Sonic halloween experts, psychedelic goth trailblazers, and high-order witches, Bonnie Bloomgarden and Laura Kelsey of "Death Valley Girls" guest on another mind-altering trip to the executive buffet featuring daddy's big red truck co-pilot, Britt Pemberton. See for privacy information.