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Ep 39 - Liz and Alissa Make Secret Gifts (But Mostly It's About Halloween)

Our annual quilt guild retreat is approaching so we teamed up to make secret gifts for our Fabric Fairies (think Secret Santa but for quilt dorks). With Liz's help, Alissa faced her fear of sewing bags and they came out awesome. We also have a rundown of Halloween costumes, Harvaween costumes and how at peace we are now that October is over! The Bitter Fairy In a glass combine, over ice, 1 1/2 oz reposed tequila, 1 oz sweet vermouth, 3/4 oz Campari and 1/2 oz fresh orange juice....


Ep 38 - Liz and Alissa Make Oktoberfest (Nobody Puts Cabbage in a Corner)

Roll out the barrel cause we're having a barrel of cabbage. Also sausage, spaetzle, pretzels, sauerkraut and cheese sauce. It's an extremely delicious barrel. We are still obsessed with cucumber snack, thanks for asking and we even found a way to fit it into our German feast. The Salty Brat Salt the rim of a pint glass. Fill the glass 2/3rds of the way with German lager and the rest of the way with grapefruit soda (we used San Pellegrino). Add a squeeze of lime and 5 dashes of grapefruit...


Ep 37 - Liz and Alissa Make Condiments (Sauce is Boss)

We're having flashbacks to the Night of a Thousand Dips because we made condiments! Are they dips? Are they sauces? Are they everything that our hearts desire? How about all of the above. Join us on this magical journey of making mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise and ranch. Find out what Liz made with 3 pounds of bananas, hear what Alissa has been experimenting with in the Duggarverse and so much more! Hot Sauced Make honey syrup: combine 3 TBSP honey and 3 TSP water in a glass measuring cup...


Ep 36 - Liz and Alissa Make Duggar Food (A Quiver Full of Cans)

You asked and we delivered. We've made a veritable feast, fit to feed a family of 21. There were so many cans involved, our recycling bins are overflowing. And we're joined by very special guest (sorry, not Jana) Liz's sister Lauren! The Side Hug In a glass, muddle 6 luxardo or similar cherries, 1/2 tsp syrup from cherry jar (or more or less to taste), 2 oz bourbon or vodka, juice from one wedge of lemon, 1/8 tsp vanilla, 2 dashes angostura bitters. Strain into a different glass over...


Ep 35 - Liz and Alissa Make Fall (Ignore the weather, eat the pumpkin)

In Southern California, we cling to what meager scraps of Autumnal changes mother nature deigns to kick in our direction so we have no choice but to manufacture that crisp fall feeling that you know we love. Knitting, pumpkin, cider, we are making it happen, because science won't do it for us. PLUS! We got a phone number! Give us a call and leave us a voicemail! The Amazing Cider, Man In a shaker, combine: Shake for 15 seconds. Pour over ice. Top with sparkling cider. Alissa...


Ep 34 - Liz and Alissa Make a Pupu Platter (The REAL Best Egg Rolls in Los Angeles County)

Even if you've never ordered a pupu platter in your life, if you live in the US you've surely snickered at it's amazing name. This episode we made more pseudo chinese food than your pupu can platter with SHOCKING results. Well, we're shocked at least. The SummerRoll Spritz Makes two cocktails. In a shaker, combine: Shake for 15 seconds then pour over ice. Top with coconut LaCroix. Ginger Cilantro Simple Syrup Dissolve two cups of sugar in two cups of water in a medium pot over...


Ep 33 - Liz and Alissa Make Ice Cream (You Are My Weird Boyfriend)

Hey! it's still summer and it's still hot and we're still making cold food! Mostly ice cream but there's also a boozy frozen Arnold Palmer and kick ass cocktail. Our kids are back at school (some of them at least), we review bad romantic comedies on netflix, talk about Trader Joe's so much that you'd think we were sponsored by them (we're not) and we experiment with different ways to channel our inner Ben and Jerry. The Bloody Sloshed 750 mL (one bottle) light red wine ½ cup tart 100%...


Ep 32 - Liz and Alissa Make Cold Soups (TMZ Presents: 2 Farty Old Ladies With Soup)

I know, I know, what could possibly be more thrilling than cold soup? How about: SELENA GOMEZ and THE DUMPIEST CAMEO THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN. You don't want to miss this episode. We made gazpacho x 2, vichyssoise, beet buttermilk soup and more milk punch! Now with 100% more goat and 100% less cow! The Goat-Mopolitan (aka Tequila Goat-rise) Chartreuse and Tequila Milk Punch Pineapple Gomme Golden Beet and Buttermilk Soup Gazpacho recipe from Vegetable Love by Barbara Kafka White...


Ep 31 - Liz and Alissa Make Savory Yogurt (Reunited and it Tastes Like Yogurt)

Imagine us, two ladies, lounging by a pool, eating yogurt, loving life, loving yogurt yet being so SO salty. Bring on the spinach. Bring on the cucumbers. GIVE ME ALL OF THE CHICKEN THIGHS. This is not the Yoplait commercial that you're used to. We've made yogurt and we've salted it up and it is good. Also discussed: Religion Shark Tank, Old Sturbridge Village, boyfriend potatoes, slam dunks vs. grand slams. EVERYTHING YOU LOVE. If you couldn’t tell, we are super out of practice and we 100%...


Ep 30 - Liz and Alissa Make a Summer Picnic (You Say Potato Salad, I Also Say Potato Salad)

Happy 4th of July, Americans! And happy July 4th, rest of the world! Whether you're celebrating or not, it's always a good day for potato salad, cole slaw, pasta salad and hamburgers. So join us for a summertime picnic, complete with punch for all ages and alllllll of our many opinions on picnic foods. Picnic Punch (You in the Face) 1 small watermelon cut into small chunks 1 English cucumber 3 1/2 cups water 1 cup sugar 1 small bunch fresh mint 1 cup lemon juice Vodka Juice the...


Ep 29 - Liz and Alissa Make Macarons (Let's Ruin It With Fish)

Join us and our fabulous guest Becca as we wing our way to France for a fanciful buttercream filled adventure. Except we didn't use buttercream, we used fish. Yes, you heard that right, we thought it would be a good idea to fill cookies with fish. Maybe we were successful?! (Shrugging lady emoji) We also get the nasty details from Liz's camping trip and hear about how Alissa spread the joy of Claud's pickles to the fathers of Sierra Madre. The French Salmon-y Salmon Unlike our cookies,...


Ep 28.5 - Liz and Alissa Checking In (What A Twist!)

It's summer vacation and that means we are going to do our best to keep the off-week bonus episodes coming but we can't guarantee there won't children screaming in the background. Today we are together making macarons for our next episode that will be blissfully child freeeeeeee!!!!!!


Ep 28 - Liz and Alissa Make Scrubs and Balms (Medium Love From Me)

We’ve acquired some of that sweet millennial heat from our guest, Julia Williams, to pamper (?) ourselves with homemade scrubs and lip balms. I know what you’re thinking, have they not learned their lesson after the make-up and the face masks? What can we say, we just love putting food on our faces! Also, what else are we going to do with this 5x lifetime supply of beeswax pellets? Julia can be found on Instagram @alchemytea And on the web at: As well as at:...


Ep 27.5 - Liz and Alissa Checking In (Night of Zero Dips)

Mini episode! The masses have spoken so we're back with another mini episode. This is a little bit of a Night of a Thousand Dips post mortem and we break down the Liz and Alissa patented method for dipification, discuss how to dedipify something and explore the life cycle of a dip. Liz also mentions quite a few of her in-laws, for some reason.


Ep 27 - Liz and Alissa LIVE! (Night of a Thousand Dips)

We've been podcasting for one year so we decided to make one thousand dips and talk about them in front of a live audience to celebrate! Ok, we didn't actually make 1000 dips, we're being hyperbolic, give us a break already. It did feel like a thousand and, dare I say, taste like a thousand? Let us regale you with our tales of dipification, gallons of milk punch, romance novels and Mark Ruffalo? It's all here for you! The Drinks! I Dip, You Dip, Milk Dip Milk Punch We used this recipe but...


Ep 26.5 - Liz and Alissa Checking In (Claudia Kishi is for Sour Cream)

Surprise! It's a mini episode! We are busy making dip, dip and more dip for our live show, May 19 but we thought we'd take a break and give a few updates, visit Chex mix corner, and learn what incredible trick Alissa has devised for remembering dip recipes. If you can't be at our live show, please join us in a virtual dip party! Make dip, buy dip, order dip at a restaurant, just EAT DIP Saturday night and share a photo on your social media platform of choice. Use the hashtag...


Ep 26 - Liz and Alissa Make Bread (No Dicks, Just Plaits)

This episode is ostensibly about bread but somehow we manage to talk about dicks WAY too many times. Sofie, skip this one for sure. We also talk about children's literature, Finnish comfort food, Japanese reality tv and candy that does not at all look like candy. Also, Quincy, the world's hungriest cat update! And if you can't come to our live show, find out how you can still participate from wherever you are, May 19! Also, get tickets to our live show. They're free!!!!! May 19! Challah...


Ep 25 - Liz and Alissa Make Deodorant (Welcome to Pitsburgh, Population US)

Get ready to hear us say the word PIT roughly 43,902 times. We counted. Along with our special guest Leasa, we made three varieties of homemade deodorant with, no joke, surprising results! We also give you an update on Liz's corned beef, take 2, learn that our accents (?) have been confusing some of our listeners and find out which kitchen utensils Alissa considered applying to her underarms. Check out Leasa's Instagram and her amazing Disney dresses! LIVE SHOW! Yes, we are planning a...


Ep 24 - Liz and Alissa Make Eggs (Liz and Alissa's Egg-cellent Adventure)

Liz and Alissa are OVA THE MOON about eggs! Listen to us talk about our egg victories, failures, and the various issues of shell-permeability affecting our lives. Find out what Alissa made in her college dayz and what personal hygiene products Liz thinks are fit for human consumption. And STAY TUNED FOR THE BIGGEST ANNOUNCEMENT WE HAVE EVER MADE! The Ova the Moon You guys, we’re bad. Our cocktail this episode is this: But (hint,...


Ep 23 - Liz and Alissa Make Corned Beef and Pastrami (Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em)

Guess who's back...back again...Pastrami's back...tell...a.......your stomach? I guess?? This is my way of telling you WE MADE PASTRAMI and it was very very good. We also made corned beef and it was very very mediocre to not at all good! Listen to find out all those meaty (wink) deats! We're also drinking more fat washed bourbon, finding disgusting things inside of Easter eggs, joining the sisterhood of the traveling currants and discovering new and creative uses for stump remover AND lime...