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This husband and wife duo (Melissa Rycroft Strickland and Tye Strickland) tackle relationships, family, pop culture and of course Reality TV in a hilarious and logically irrational way. She’s a TV Personality, and he’s an Insurance Agent who is obsessed with pop culture (that’s a lie), and together their unfiltered approach to life is pure entertainment.

This husband and wife duo (Melissa Rycroft Strickland and Tye Strickland) tackle relationships, family, pop culture and of course Reality TV in a hilarious and logically irrational way. She’s a TV Personality, and he’s an Insurance Agent who is obsessed with pop culture (that’s a lie), and together their unfiltered approach to life is pure entertainment.
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This husband and wife duo (Melissa Rycroft Strickland and Tye Strickland) tackle relationships, family, pop culture and of course Reality TV in a hilarious and logically irrational way. She’s a TV Personality, and he’s an Insurance Agent who is obsessed with pop culture (that’s a lie), and together their unfiltered approach to life is pure entertainment.




26: Hunky Lumberjacks and Reality TV Curses

Melissa and Tye went to a country music concert this past weekend. The concert ended up not being the main show however, as Melissa tells the real main event of finding out her husband is a lumberjack who was getting pursued by a not-so-sober woman. And a listener question to the couple raised a very good topic of conversation: Why do Reality TV personalities always seem to separate or divorce? Melissa and Tye get into their thoughts of why so many TV couples fall prey to the Reality TV...


25: Introducing Motherhood Sessions from Gimlet

Confronting Your Parents After Motherhood Julia was born in South Korea, but was adopted and raised by a white family. Now that she has her own child—the first biological relative she’s ever known—she’s rethinking her relationship with her own family, and on a search to find her birth mother.


24: Celebrity Meltdowns and Bitter Exes

The leaked audio of Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s off camera meltdown surfaced this week, and sent Melissa and Tye down memory lane, revising other times celebs got caught with a hot mic on! And RHOBH has been pretty boring this season. Except Denise Richards, who’s cluelessness and Tequila indulgence steal the show! The Married at First Sight reunion aired, and what we thought would be juicy, was just awkward and uncomfortable. There was definitely some bittnerness that came to the table. And...


23: Vacation Injuries and Bachelorette Reunions

Another VEGAS getaway!! Tye got a mysterious sprained ankle, and Melissa burned her thumb…but they were still in Vegas, so there’s that. And with the ever popular Bachelorette Reunion filming this week, the duo takes a look back at Bachelorettes Past, and some of the best moments of the franchise. (Eeeesss ok). A listener shares her concerns about a recent job promotion, because it means she now makes more than her husband does. Melissa and Tye get into the financial struggle of a married...


22: Belated Movie Reviews and Couples Fights

So this past weekend, Melissa and Tye watched A Star is Born for the first time (no judgement!), and it only took them 6 hours to watch it with the kids in the house! Melissa did not like it, and Tye tried to interpret the whole thing. That and the series YOU was not a big hit in the household. And one of Melissa’s pet peeves?? An entitled Millennial! Private jets and assistants?! (Insert eye roll). And the couple talks about fights in a relationship - and those times you say things you...


21: Email Trolls and Negligent Parents

Melissa gives a **BOOB UPDATE** on her recent surgery, and share’s a letter of concern she received on social media (actually, it was just flat out hate mail). Everyone knows how much Tye wants another baby, so Melissa finally agreed! LIES! She got him a puppy instead!! Who needs a newborn baby in the house, when you have a 3 month old Pomeranian?? And during her recovery, Melissa went down the rabbit hole of the new Netflix series out about Madeleine McCann. The couple talks about parental...


20: Bacteria Boobs and Bachelor Lust

So, Melissa had a big weekend - if only she could remember it! She ended up having surgery to remove some bacteria from her body, and also had a birthday. Neither of which she recollects at all. The couple then talks about the college scandal going down with Aunt Becky from Full House! Uncle Jesse never would have let that happen! And duh, they have to talk Bachelor finale. Tye still doesn’t like Cassie, but Melissa has a soft spot for her. And she also wins for calling the next...


19: Travel Disasters and Runaway Bachelorettes

This weekend Melissa took her daughter to Disney World for the weekend (the happiest and most magical place ever, right?!). Well, before the magical adventure began, she lost her cool at the airline ticketing counter, and almost got arrested. We all know how friendly and helpful the customer service desk can be, right? Continuing on discussing her trip, she talks about how hotel security had to come do a wellness check in their room, body count included. But they came home just in time to...


18: Birthday Parties and Temptation Island’s Kaci

You know the love that we have for the show Temptation Island!! Melissa and Tye get to talk with one of the stars of the show, Kaci Cambell! She talks about the decision to go on a show like this, her journey throughout the process, and where their status is now! Needless to say, Melissa is a huge fan of hers!! They also talk about the Not Slumber Slumber Party their 8 year old daughter had at their house over the weekend….16 little girls running around their house. Need we say more?!...


17: Rejected Housewives and Cheating Boyfriends

Melissa and Tye talk about how they have recently been going through the process of Real Housewives of Dallas casting. And she got REJECTED! They talk about the pros and cons about being on the show....and the fact that rejection is 99% of what she deals with in the entertainment industry (but is still hurts!). And, after doing a listener poll, they talk about Temptation island! Are all the couples real?! They get into that, and how any couple can expect to survive a process like that! And...


16: Introducing One Plus One

Every great collaboration is a love story. It’s intense. Passionate. Along the way, there are flashes of love, hate, pride, ego, ambition, and brilliance. This is One Plus One, the show about the spark that drives two original thinkers to ultimate success. We’ll unearth the stories of Paul McCartney & John Lennon, Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera, Beyonce & Jay-Z, Shaq & Kobe, and many more, and learn what it is about their chemistry that led them to greatness. Subscribe to One Plus One today at...


15: Flirty Lesbians and Bathroom Escapades

Melissa and Tye talk with a woman who has quite the dilemma. Brooke wrote into the show about an issue she is having with her husband…and a flirty co-worker! Uh-oh! They then get into the disturbing Netflix documentary called Abducted in Plain Sight. Parents: Don’t let strange men sleep in a bed with your daughters. Duh! And of course, there’s a quick Bachelor recap - complete with a ‘guess the next scene’ game! You guys had so many things to vent about last week, we carried it over to this...


14: Poop Accidents and Angry Wives

Tye's day got off to a rocky (and messy) start when one of the kiddos had an accident that required an unplanned trip home and change of clothes. And in their newest segment 'Vent it Out' Melissa and Tye had listeners call in with their gripes about their spouses. Let's just say, Tye had a lot of man-defending to do...(why DO they take so long in the bathroom?!) And there's a bit of Bachelor drama taking place off camera. It's been discovered that one of the front runners already has a...


13: Ebola Flu and Pervy Skaters

Bear with Melissa on this one, as her voice is gone and her phlegm is out of control!! The couple talks about their uneventful, eventful weekend. It started with a fun date night, followed by some awkward, pervy roller skating, ending with some time in the public flu chamber at the urgent care. Then the couple talks about how women react to rejection in a relationship, and she also gives her new front runner on The Bachelor!


12: Tempting Singles and Baby Names

The couple gives an update on a recent Scam Melissa was involved in, and discuss how their current KETO diet is going. And good TV season is kicking in full force! They discuss the battle that is a-brewing on The Bachelor between the beauty queens, some Big Brother controversy, and talk about being tempted by a slew of beautiful singles on Temptation Island. This week's listener's Q&A has the couple quite baffled - did she just read their minds?!?


11: Fad Diets and Love After Lockup

The Strickland’s are trying out the super popular KETO diet right now! Do they low carbs make them crabby? What made them decide to try the super fat (and super fad) diet?? And please!! No more virgin talk on The Bachelor - we are over it! Instead, the couple talks about Love After Lockup - and how people can fall in love with hardened criminals who are in prison. They give their final thoughts on Dirty John since the show is now over (and Tye’s love for Connie Britton). And since the last...


10: Bachelor Crazies and Double Standards

In this episode, Melissa and Tye break down the premier of The Bachelor. And there was a lot to break down. They get into the way-over-the top Virgin talk, the ridiculously long watching parties that ABC made us watch, and of course introduce the newest cast of ladies to win young Colton's heart. There was plenty to like, and of course....plenty to not like. "


9: Gross Travelers and Newlywed Games

In this first episode of the New Year, Melissa and Tye rant about their recent traveling experience. Delving into how rude and disgusting people can be - specifically at the airport. And since there is such a lull in good TV right now, there is no Reality Roundup this week. Instead, the couple introduces a new segment called Game Time. And of course, they answer audience questions - this time, with the help of some of their kiddos.


8: Fake Fights and Love Languages

In this episode Melissa talks about her recent experience taking her daughter to The Nutcracker. From camp pants to wine in tumblers, they get into the etiquette that comes with going to social events. And they delve into the never ending debate they have at their house every year: Does Santa wrap presents, or not? And while there seems to be a low in Reality TV at the moment, the couple discusses a DWTS shocker and fake fights on Vanderpump Rules. And finally, Tye surprises everything with...


7: Traffic Tickets and Prison Escapes

Melissa tries to figure out if she got scammed while trying to make a charitable contribution, and if this will lead to having to get yet another new credit card. And Tye calls out Melissa for having 8 traffic tickets that he just had to pay for, leading to a debate on ‘rules’ and ‘guidelines.’ They briefly get into the very boring episode of Vanderpump Rules, but delve deeper into the true story prison escape document-series Escape from Dannemora. And they answer a listener question about...