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Join the Loremen (James Shakeshaft and Alasdair Beckett-King) as they "investigate" local legends and forgotten folklore.

Join the Loremen (James Shakeshaft and Alasdair Beckett-King) as they "investigate" local legends and forgotten folklore.


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Join the Loremen (James Shakeshaft and Alasdair Beckett-King) as they "investigate" local legends and forgotten folklore.






S3 Ep107: Loremen S3 Ep 107 - William Adams, The First Englishman in Japan Part 1

Content warning - we say "willy" a LOT In 1600, William Adams was the first Englishman to visit Japan. Little was known about Japan at that time, apart from IN Japan where they knew pretty much all about it. In this, Part One of Adams's tale, we follow what must be one of history's most meandering, misbegotten and (probably) malodorous sea voyages. They really did not plan it well. The Loreboys are also exploring unknown territory with this, our first 2-part episode. The full story...


S3 Ep106: Loremen S3 Ep106 - The Witches of Wallsend

Seaton Delaval Hall was once home to Sir Francis Blake Delaval - the man who puts the "pranks" in "I am sick of this guy's terrible pranks". But, although living with Sir Francis must have been a nightmare, it doesn't compare to the gruesome tale he told of the Wallsend Witches. At the stroke of midnight, the Loreboys meet a gaggle of hags in the old church. We learn why Hadrian's Wall is so jumpable, and how to spot Jeremy Beadle in disguise. Meanwhile, James Shakeshaft's run of...


S3 Ep105: Loremen S3 Ep105 - The Public Universal Friend and the Fresno Nightcrawlers

The Loreboys share two legends from the other side of the extremely big pond (the Atlantic). Shakeshaft goes west to Yosemite National Park and encounters the Fresno Nightcrawlers. Meanwhile, ABK meets Rhode Island's Public Universal Friend. This episode was originally a livestream/shambles, beset by jetlag and the untimely demise of the Loremen laptop/loretop. But it came out surprisingly OK! Why not listen on your drive to the Cow Palace? Or check out the full stream here:...


Ride Along Minisode

It is a twofer this week! Not only an advert for tonight's live stream BUT ALSO a preview of the new Patreon exclusive ep.. Ride Along 2: Carlectric Cargaloo! Ever wondered what it is like being in an car with the Loremen? Wonder no more with this special clip. www.Patreon.com/loremenpod Loreboys nether say die! Check the sweet, sweet merch here... https://www.teepublic.com/stores/loremen-podcast?ref_id=24631 Support the Loremen here (and get...


San Francisco Minisode

A Loreman Abroad! James sends back a podcast from America, as The Proclaimers never sang. Naturally, the Loremaster has tracked down a couple of local ghosts: a vengeful wife and a cruel pirate captain from the good old Californi of A.


S3 Ep104: Loremen S3 Ep104 - The Legend of Maud's Elm, Cheltenham

Alasdair brings James the "pathetic" legend of Maud's (or Maude's) Elm, a story as thrilling as it is obviously made up. You've got your heroines: tragic. Your lords: wicked. Your uncles: damnable! Plus, someone's dear old mum will be cast out into the street. And we're talking olden days streets here, so that's 80% poo. Listeners will also discover who really killed Tsar Nicholas I, and what size of potato was considered noteworthy in the mid-19th century. (Spoiler alert: it wasn't...


S3 Ep103: Loremen S3 Ep103 - Dame Creswyke's Spectre, Moreton-in-Marsh

Welcome to the Loremen Guesthouse! Join us in the lounge for the bite-sized tale of Dame Creswyke: a restless spirit who has more than outstayed her welcome at one Moreton-in-Marsh hotel. We do hope you enjoy your room. A traybake breakfast is served 7-9, all our ghosts are en suite, and if you require a wake-up call, someone will yell "QUOZ!" Now settle down on that denim pillow... and relax. www.Patreon.com/loremenpod Loreboys nether say die! Check the sweet, sweet merch...


S3 Ep102: Loremen S3 Ep102 - The Wells of St Walstan, Norfolk

James brings Alasdair a piece of Norfolklore... It's the story of St Walstan, a monk who was mates with a pair of oxen who had magic wee wee. Can you come down with lockdown fever outside of a lockdown? Have Alasdair and James drunk from St Walstan's well? Are you sure that's water?! This episode was livestreamed, so check out youtube.com/loremenpodcast It won't make any more sense, but it'll be longer. www.Patreon.com/loremenpod Loreboys nether say die! Check the sweet,...


Breaking the Lore 02

Two BIG bits of Lore Breaking this week. Return to Yorkshire Atlantis and actual BREAKING lore news from Japan But it is all a ruse to advertise the livestream tonight (24 March at 830pm GMT) *Update* It's happened now! Rewatch it here https://youtu.be/g0ZnFR3e77I


S3 Ep101: Loremen S3 Ep101 - Seán Burke - St Columba and the Monster

Happy St Patrick's Day! To celebrate, we tell the monster-packed tale of Ireland's rival patron, St Colmcille (aka St Columba). Joining us is the frankly hilarious Seán Burke, an actual Irish comedian, who is remarkably forgiving about the Lorebois Irish-ish accents. Pronunciation fans will be overjoyed to learn we say "rhododendron" no less than 4 different ways during the episode. Subscribe to the Patreon for a special bonus episode that reveals THE SHOCKINGEST twist the Loremen...


S3 Ep100: Loremen S3 Ep100 - Danny Robins - The Cauld Lad of Hylton

The Loremen are joined by supernatural pod king* Danny Robins! Danny is the voice behind Haunted, The Battersea Poltergeist and Uncanny, as well as being an award-winning playwright. And he brings James and Alasdair a little-known North-Eastern legend: The Cauld Lad of Hylton. Was the Cauld Lad a ghost? A sprite? A murder victim? Or just an annoying guy who didn’t know how ducks work? Darting between Newcastle and Sunderland, we also encounter a somewhat smutty version of the Fish and the...


S3 Ep99: Loremen S3 Ep99 - Talking Heads

Since the dawn of time, humanity has dreamed of one thing: making a little robot head that talks in a funny voice. Alasdair and James chart the history of that dream, from Friar Bacon's diabolical brazen head to Professor Faber's ill-fated "Euphonia". With more body-horror than you would normally expect in an audio-based medium, it's the story of some of the strangest head-cases England has ever seen. Check out the full livestream on YouTube to hear from a mechanical man of our own...


Breaking the Lore 01

Ahead of tonight's Livestream (Update this has happened now... https://youtu.be/qlnDKuUR43Y) The LoreBois round up all the breaking Lore in a new segment - Breaking the Lore!


S3 Ep98: Loremen S3 Ep98 - The Curse of the Silk Shoes

The boys hit the road (and rail replacement bus service) and made their way to the East Midlands, for the Leicester Comedy Festival. Whereupon, James regaled Alasdair and a live audience with a local tale. It's the story of a devilishly handsome gentleman and a pair of silk shoes that are very much house shoes. As in, if you take them out of the house... you die. Find us on www.youtube.com/loremenpodcast for more stuff. Loreboys nether say die! Check the sweet, sweet merch...


S3 Ep97: Loremen S3 Ep97 - Jenny Collier - The Dream of Maxen Wledig, Valentine's Special

Why, it's Valentine's times again! (Valentimes.) The Loremen welcome Welsh Romance correspondent Jenny Collier back to the show, with tales of kings, prophetic dreams and gold. Gold. GOLD! Too much gold? Maaaybe, yeah. This episode will also furnish you with a brand new euphemism for the downstairs area, and tell you where to buy the best horse bum leather. Loreboys nether say die! Check the sweet, sweet merch...


St Wistan | Leicester 22 Live Preview

As an amuse bouche for the Leicester Live gig on 6th February here is an icky tale of Prince murder and the ever so odd repercussions... Watch live in person at https://comedy-festival.co.uk/event/loremen-live/ Or online* at https://watch.nextupcomedy.com/videos/1642681807413-live-event *Patreons get 25% off a Next Up subscription Patreon.com/LoremenPod


S3 Ep96: Loremen S3 Ep95 - Yorkshire Dragons

The Loremen go dragon-spotting in Yorkshire! From the Worm of Sexhow to the Dragon of Filey Brigg, Alasdair uncovers a simple traybake recipe that *you* can use to defeat a fiery serpent. Meanwhile, James dredges up a terrible childhood memory and irrevocably damages the dynamic of the podcast. So, a normal episode really. Listen out for fishy folklorist Ruth L. Tongue. and frenemy of the show Chris L. Cantrill. Loreboys nether say die! Check the sweet, sweet merch...


S3 Ep95: Loremen S3 Ep95 - The Pedlar of Swaffham

James delivers a triptych of tales, originating in the land of dreams. Chief among them is the Pedlar of Swaffham - the story of a country bumpkin who goes to That London and stands on a bridge. For ages. Are the locals friendly? What do you reckon, geeza? This episode is brought to by those titans of the fruit industry, Big Pear. (This will make more sense after you've listened.) Loreboys nether say die! Check the sweet, sweet merch...


S3 Ep94: Loremen S3 Ep94 - The Well of Seven Heads

A grisly tale of revenge from the Scottish Highlands. In the shadow of Glengarry Castle, one bald man with nothing to lose seeks justice for the infamous Keppoch Murders. That’s right, the Lorebois are back! And everything you love is still here: -Wilful misunderstandings -Disturbing mascots from the 90s -Excellent Scottish accents -Also James also does his Scottish accent Plus, arbitrary scoring and beheadings. Bring on 2022*! *2022 Loreboys nether say die! Check the...


S3 Ep93: Loremen S3 Ep93 - The Loremen Almanac 2021

Join us for a celebratory Lore-nanny, showcasing some of the listeners' favourite moments from 2021*. Recorded on Dec 31st, the Loremen accurately predict all the major podcasting events of the previous year. Raise a glass with deputy lorepeople Amy Gledhill, Robin Ince, Jenny Collier and Marjolein Robertson. In Dulci Jubilo! Usual (and unusual) service will return next week. * (2021) Loreboys nether say die! Check the sweet, sweet merch...