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Join Luke Moore and Pete Donaldson every Monday as they spend the summer pulling on the threads of the universe and revelling in the discovery of where each one takes them. From ancient history and modern phenomena to the week's events and everything in between, Luke and Pete's Summer is your chance to share in the fun of two men with time on their hands and a good idea of how to waste it.

Join Luke Moore and Pete Donaldson every Monday as they spend the summer pulling on the threads of the universe and revelling in the discovery of where each one takes them. From ancient history and modern phenomena to the week's events and everything in between, Luke and Pete's Summer is your chance to share in the fun of two men with time on their hands and a good idea of how to waste it.
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Join Luke Moore and Pete Donaldson every Monday as they spend the summer pulling on the threads of the universe and revelling in the discovery of where each one takes them. From ancient history and modern phenomena to the week's events and everything in between, Luke and Pete's Summer is your chance to share in the fun of two men with time on their hands and a good idea of how to waste it.




Episode 170: Endings

This time around on what the kids are affectionately called 'LAPS', we hear of a bunch of school kids that got to spend their time hanging out at a theme park rather doing exams, we hear of a plastic poo practical joke that went horribly wrong, and we also hear what Pete thinks about darts. Elsewhere there's a discussion about how to end a successful TV or video game project, a few good pointers on the difference between Patsy Palmer and Patsy Kensit, and Luke's been to Santorini. To get...


Episode 169: A Townshend warning

Is Pete Donaldson the Champagne Papi of podcasting? Answers on an email. And if not, what is he? This time around on The Luke and Pete Show, despite proclaiming himself to be the Drake of the podcast game Pete announces he spent almost an entire weekend in Cardiff Wetherspoons a few weeks ago which, however you slice it, has to be seen as rascal behaviour. Speaking of rascal behaviour, we also take the time to run the rule over Pete Townshend, hear about a nice little wager between two of...


Episode 168: That pigeon will not hang

Thursday's child doesn't have that far to go guys because it's almost the weekend. Allow Luke and Pete to guide you there with chat about reservoirs full of bromide, a chance encounter with a gameshow stalwart, and news of Pete's new favourite sketch show. And if that isn't enough, there's celebrity crushes, a stunning piece of trivia about eider down and an impassioned retrospective of some of Jarvis Cocker's finest work, courtesy of young Peter. Wrapped up in all that are of course the...


Episode 167: Intercom games

Luke and Pete muster back in the studio for another audio missive, delivered fresh to your ears like a new piercing from Claire's Accessories (are they still around?). There's a Peter the Dolphin update, a touching gift for Peter from Luke, and some, dare we say, quite good Louis Theroux impressions. Elsewhere, we talk a bit about TV shows and Bryan Adams before hearing about something quite chilling that's manifested itself on Pete's intercom at home. To continue the recent run of frankly...


Episode 166: Queen cubicle

We're back and ready to bother you within an inch of your lives with 30 more minutes of premier nonsense. This time around, we pass comment on the new royal arrival before Pete chats about someone encountering the actual Queen in a toilet, and there's an absolutely ludicrous amount of emails about brands of cheap cider. Elsewhere Luke takes Pete to task quite literally by setting him a quiz about urban myths, and after that there's a showstopper of a story about a woman trying to teach a...


Episode 165: What is your location?

Hi all! It's a bank holiday but that doesn't mean the hustle stops for your two eponymous heroes. No sir. Luke and Pete are back in the studio and discussing, among other things, a row they had this morning, how radio schedules are populated at Christmas, and what it's like in a hot air balloon. Elsewhere, there's an ingenious new system invented for how to tell someone your location, we hear of another school trip gone badly wrong, The Elephant Man, and plenty more. *** THERE IS A SMALL...


Episode 164: Irn Bru bars and bustrains

Yes, that's right, BUSTRAINS. Listen in to find out more, but rest assured that it's not a typo. Also featured in this all-new episode, a beluga whale has been spotted wearing a harness and so is obviously some sort of cetacea spy, but how intelligent are whales and dolphins *really*? Listen to two completely unqualified men to find out. Elsewhere, we discuss people being abused at the London Marathon, the technical proficiency of Game of Thrones (don't worry, no spoilers), British...


Episode 163: Paulo the Heartbreaker

Luke and Pete are back from Lisbon, and quickly warm up into telling some tales of their experiences there. There's also chat about watching movies when we were underage, Pete introduces us to the weird world of Lasagne Cat, and we marvel and wonder at the point of hotel safes. For your part, you guys wade in with emails about Pete's attractiveness, an awful handshake scenario, and plenty more besides. See you on Thursday for more of this guff! To make a contribution on any of this stuff,...


Episode 162: Sid the racist neighbour

Want to know what you can expect on this, the latest episode of The Luke and The Peter Show? Well, I'll tell ya: Abbey Road, racist neighbours, baseball, David Bowie, Mick Jagger, perverted tree surgeons and much, much more. What's not to like? In addition to all this, there's national treasures and yes we know we've done that before but it's a fresh take, and we hear from a man who has been frankly disrespected in his place of work. Nasty. To get in touch:...


Episode 161: A walrus in free fall

Hello all! We know you're probably not commuting today as it's Easter Monday but don't let that stop you listening to the latest instalment of this fine podcast. You don't get to the dizzying heights of 188 in the UK podcast comedy charts for nowt, you know. This time, Pete's received a towel through the post and he's not sure why, we reopen the great B'n'B v Airbnb debate, and there's a close run encounter with a polar bear (on TV that is, we live in London for goodness' sake). Elsewhere,...


Episode 160: Hands off my Tabasco

What a lovely day it is outside (if you're living in the London area)! But don't let that stop you downloading and listening to this, the 160th edition of our collective midlife crisis. Perhaps stick it on while you're having a lovely walk around the park. The subjects that feature in this episode include but are not limited to: flies, The Peckham Terminator, The People's Republic of Fuseland (a nation invented by one of our listeners), beards and free alcohol or a lack of it. To tell us...


Episode 159: Superglue your hands together

Happy Monday y'all! The terrible two are back! On the agenda today: Stewie D's weekend in The Big Smoke and his unorthodox moisturising technique, a man that's sued his family for destroying his porn collection, and Pete's guide to tech, wires and storage. Those items are all unrelated, by the way. We also take the time to appreciate Tiger Woods' recent achievement in winning the Masters a colossal 22 years after his first victory, and take in emails on imaginary childhood games, more dogs...


Episode 158: Locked out by your Dad

They said it wasn't possible, but our 158th instalment of this vanity project has landed, and GOODNESS ME it's a doozy! There's bees in a woman's eye, the first ever photo of a black hole, Julian Assange vacating the Ecuadorian embassy, and a bit closer to home, Pete has been locked out of his flat by his own Dad. Elsewhere a teacher gets in touch about a dog in his classroom, we cover Take That and their alleged crimes, and a man from Norway gets in touch with a few complaints. Fair...


Episode 157: A Morph-less London Marathon

Greetings all, we're back on this drizzly Monday to offer you half an hour more content to help pass your commute/gym session/run/whatever it is you do while listening to us. In fact, what *do* you do while listening? Let us know. Our resident doctor gets back in touch to answer Pete's medical questions, both Luke and Pete talk about their exploits with fake poo purchased from the joke shop, and then Pete announces he's incurred the wrath of the online alt-right brigade somehow. All in a...


Episode 156: Toenail removal

Hello everyone and a very warm welcome to this, your latest episode of The Luke and Pete Show! You're very welcome! Come in and make yourself at home. On this occasion we cover a plethora of different subjects, including but not limited to, celebrity spots, Pete's Dad's obsession with comedian Rich Hall, dining etiquette, international carrot day, and having one's toenail removed. And if you can't find something to enjoy in that little lot, God help ya! To get in touch:...


Episode 155: A dog in the playground

Welcome back to your all-new shiny episode of The Luke and Pete Show. Spring has sprung, so what better way to get out there and enjoy the sunshine than to pop this episode in your headphones? Don't answer that. If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. This time around, there's talk about foreign food when we were growing up, there's a bit on April Fool's Day, a truly baffling Tom Hiddleston advert, a wonderfully boring school trip, and lots, lots more. To get in touch,...


Episode 154: Pete Donaldson lorry attack

Episode 154: Pete Donaldson lorry attack Welcome one and all, we're back in the studio and this time around dishing out red-hot chat on a variety of wide-ranging and different subjects, from webcam security to Zach Braff losing his temper, and from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Pete almost getting run over. In addition to that of course, as is the custom, we hear from you the listener as well. In this episode we take into account the sheer size of Comanche country back in the Old West, a phobia...


Episode 153: Spring has sprung!

Luke's parents' tortoise has proven beyond all reasonable doubt that spring is now well and truly in the air, and on that happy note we get into this episode of The Luke and Pete Show. This time around there's chat about Jordan Peele's new movie Us, a theatre production of A Few Good Men, and of course a few of your emails too. Pete also finds time to inform us all at what point he turned from Straight Edge into the boozer he is today, and bizarrely it involves 90s indie band Gay Dad. To...


Episode 152: MOTs make me cry

Howdy! On your brand new episode of The Luke and Pete Show, you can expect to hear tales of plastic wrap, stockpiling food for Brexit, Pete openly weeping at the fate of machinery, and what we all look for in bums. Also, there's plenty of pigeon chat, Bernie Slaven gets another mention in his campaign for President, a campaign that's gaining momentum by the way, and we also take the time to appreciate the return of the excellent Derry Girls. There's loads more besides, including of course...


Episode 151: Bernie vs Bernie

A new pilot has entered the game! Pilot Dave brings The Luke and Pete Show squadron up to three pilots, and all we need now is a handful of planes and we're away. Also available on this, your all-new episode: old people, the Japanese language, The Kid Who Would Be King, iron lungs, and teeth. We also hear from a weather chaser, Pete gets stuck into his own teeth, and we exclusively reveal Bernie Sanders' running mate for the 2020 US Presidential Election. Clue: he's from Middlesbrough. To...