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Join Luke Moore and Pete Donaldson every Monday as they spend the summer pulling on the threads of the universe and revelling in the discovery of where each one takes them. From ancient history and modern phenomena to the week's events and everything in between, Luke and Pete's Summer is your chance to share in the fun of two men with time on their hands and a good idea of how to waste it.

Join Luke Moore and Pete Donaldson every Monday as they spend the summer pulling on the threads of the universe and revelling in the discovery of where each one takes them. From ancient history and modern phenomena to the week's events and everything in between, Luke and Pete's Summer is your chance to share in the fun of two men with time on their hands and a good idea of how to waste it.
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Join Luke Moore and Pete Donaldson every Monday as they spend the summer pulling on the threads of the universe and revelling in the discovery of where each one takes them. From ancient history and modern phenomena to the week's events and everything in between, Luke and Pete's Summer is your chance to share in the fun of two men with time on their hands and a good idea of how to waste it.




Episode 101: Tale as old as time

As we speed down the conversational highway past a century of Luke and Pete Shows, episode 101 is a chance to pull into the rhetorical lay-by and take some time to assess which things in the world our listeners truly hate. That's right, in a format that is in no way ripping off a previously popular TV show, Luke puts all our listeners' gripes to Pete and the pathologically strange man decides whether or not they're worthy of entry into Room 101. Expect 3G mobile reception, Bono, Caffe...


Episode 100: We actually made 100 of these shows

START THE FANFARE! It's time to celebrate our 100th episode! We do this by counting down the top five stories, incidents and discoveries of the past 100 shows, all the while finding it hard to believe we made it quite this far. Stay tuned for all your favourite moments (well five of them anyway), and in addition to that, as ever, Pete has a whole load to get off his chest including a remarkable segue into something that he witnessed at kids' camp when he was about 9 years old. Thanks for...


Episode 99: Hunter S Thompson v Mark Wahlberg

Hello everyone, we're back and we're talking about daily routines after Mark Wahlberg released his last week to much derision and confusion. There's more fuel to the crucifixion debate, and some time to dissect Pete's strongly held views on veganism and the environment. Strap yourselves in, plant fans! Elsewhere there's time for a Man v Lemurs incident, the lid is lifted on Pete's worst habits, and a startling revelation rears its head regarding an 80s Page 3 girl... If you want to...


Episode 98: Flavour Dad

Let episode 98 be forever known as the time we finally discovered the best Dads ever, including a tour manager for the Rolling Stones and a father who literally brought home 20 different types of milkshake for his kids to sample and rate. Incredible. We also hear about the most expensive brandy in history, village fetes, rhubarb, and why Pete had never been asked back to the BBC. All your usual favourites are also included: Pete's Dad, Pete's tattoos, Pete's opinions on food etc. You know...


Episode 97: The podcast Mick Hucknall

Happy Monday! The Puke and Leek show is back once more for no other reason than we've got nothing better to do, so why not spend half an hour talking about bad poems at tube stations, Keith Moon, listeners stealing Techdecks and video game re-releases? We also take in a few other bits and pieces from *you* the listener, including an extremely insightful missive about crucifixion. What larks! If you want to contribute, you'd be very welcome: ***Please take the...


Episode 96: Fodcast ferfection

What better way to start a podcast than chat about the lesser-spotted Hard Fi? Staines' finest are piquing Mr Donaldson's interest for some reason or another, and after that we find it within ourselves to ruminate on Masterchef, white chocolate, chicken shops and plenty more besides. Before we dash, there's time to hear from the LAPS community about the Butterfly Effect and how it pertains to Kim Kardashian being famous. Fascinating stuff, and it also includes OJ Simpson. What more can you...


Episode 95: A podcast kakistocracy

Ever wondered what a society run by the least qualified individuals would look like? Well, that's sort of what The Luke and Pete Show is, isn't it? And it's called a kakistocracy. Anyway, we're diving straight into this episode with talk about the nuances of the Jagger family, and rapidly moving into Maplin-esque territory by lamenting the loss of electronics giant Dick Smith. Elsewhere there's chat about brandy, Jim Davidson, Oliver Reed, and of course more stuff listeners' Dads have...


Episode 94: A parachute jump without a parachute is just a jump

We're back, just like you said we would be. Let's get straight into it, shall we? A man enters the Guinness Book of World Records in a way that must surely mean he's tired of living, we discover a land beneath the sea that we never knew existed, someone directly related to an Arctic Monkey gets in touch, and Pete lets us in to the nightmare that is his subconscious. Elsewhere, there's emails on tips for visiting the UK, the building in London that Hitler purposely avoided bombing, and a...


Episode 93: The bad boy of perverts

Good morning and welcome to this episode of The Luke and Pete Show, you're very welcome. Make yourselves comfortable. This time around, Pete kicks off proceedings by furnishing us with some Japanese pornographic film titles translated into English. It's actually funnier than you'd expect. After that we take in subjects as diverse as Duran Duran, saving animals from extinction, Ian Botham and, in an unrelated matter, hear from a listener with arguably the best Dad ever. To get in touch and...


Episode 92: Never arm-wrestle an actor

This time around, we hear from a listener who became involved in an ill-advised tete-a-tete with The Shield's Kenny Johnson, with quite spectacular results, learn of the tallest free-standing structure in the UK (Hint: It's not in London), and marvel at a truly horrific tree surgery injury. Meanwhile, there's Tony Hawk, storm chasing, frontmen with the best mic skills and much, much more. All packed into a commuting-friendly half hour. What more can you ask for, eh? To get in touch:...


Episode 91: Non-brewed condiments

Congratulations on your download! Your all-new Luke and Pete Show will contain the following: White Chocolate Chicken Shops Fish n Chips Sweaty Armpits How to assemble a band for a wedding Warning: Results may vary, do not listen to while operating heavy machinery. To prescribe us a higher dose: ***Please take the time to rate and review us on iTunes or wherever you get your pods. It means a great deal to the show and will make it easier for other potential...


Episode 90: A conspiracy theory special!

As promised, Pete delivers (sort of) on his Conspiracy Theory Special chat from shows gone by. What we mean by that is that he found a list of them in a magazine and would quite like to read them out. And the excitement only ramps up from there - in the second half of the show both Luke and Pete get tucked in to a tube of space food that their pal brought back from Russia. I mean, they have to translate the label first, but it can't be that bad can it? To send us into space, or give us any...


Episode 89: A husband's bulge

Finally, finally, FINALLY, Pilot Neil returns. We don't know where he's been or what he's been doing but the most important thing is that he's back. We weren't angry, just disappointed. Also on your all-new edition of The Luke and Pete Show - tales from Bruges, the most beautiful/perverted city in Belgium, pinball machines, elaborate record packaging and the time Pete was attacked by a police dog for no reason. Can you tell we don't plan these in advance? We also took the time to get...


Episode 88: Why are we even friends?

Howdy everyone! We're back in our respective saddles and looking to artfully waste another half an hour of everyones' time with some more pith and nonsense. Huzzah! Pete's been to Korea and so joyfully regales us with tales of his travels, including of course the eating of octopus. A textbook Korean pursuit if ever there was one. Elsewhere, there's plenty of your emails including job interview chat, a laugh spared for Alex Jones' latest woes, and Pete wonders whatever happened to that most...


Episode 87: A knife made of pasta

The Luke and The Pete are getting to the age where they need to think about going grey and what that means for them. Apparently, Anthony Kiedis of Red Hot Chili Peppers takes affirmative action on that front. Who knew? Also, there's a revisiting of the 'posh people getting angry' trope, and we discover (via a listener) a man who can literally make a sharp knife out of just about anything at all, including clothing and pasta. Incredible really. Steer our conversations any way you choose:...


Episode 86: Kneeling in mud in the name of Liam Neeson

A police helicopter has been keeping Luke from watching TV. Pete's more interested in those little finger trick skateboards you used to get back in the day. What were they called? Did you ever become good at using one? If so, let us know. Meanwhile, we hear of a man who died by having a tortoise dropped on his bald head, and another, separate, man who had a rum old time working as Liam Neeson's stand in on a Martin Scorsese movie. Yes, really. Have you ever worked with Marty? Let us know!...


Episode 85: Never eaten a crisp

Rejoice at the return of your favourite podcast featuring two men that know nothing about anything talking for half an hour. Pete's been to the seaside, and this time he managed to avoid getting sunburnt! He celebrates by talking for a bit about pants. We then move on to the well-trodden subjects of haircuts, how much one should pay, and finish off with a good dose of British awkwardness, something both Luke and Pete know very well. There's time before we go to hear two incredible stories...


Episode 84: Do you keep those spider monkeys in a van?

Why is Sir Paul McCartney so odd? And, while we're at it, why is Ringo Starr also so odd? Any advice greatly appreciated. This time around, we break bread over the differences between the Japanese and Korean languages, marvel at possibly the worst job interview experience of all time, hear a Mencarta, and find out that, in the 70s, people that used to go door-to-door selling spider monkeys. Yes, really. To tell us of your worst ever job interview experiences, or anything else for that...


Episode 83: Careful of the laburnum

We start this episode as every podcast should begin - with Tom Jones impressions. After that we keep up the music theme by finding out that Pete has been hobnobbing with Franz Ferdinand's Alex Kapranos and bonding with him over Graceland. Once we finally get past the name-drop section of the show there's time for an email from Brunei, some more weird baby names, a discussion about LiveJasmine, some more Jurassic Park chat and much, much more courtesy of you, the lovely listener. What...


Episode 82: Next stop, Hither Green!

Tune in this time around for Luke and Pete reminiscing about puncture repair kits, before marvelling at how strange and unreliable the passing of time and capturing of memories can be. Don't worry though, we get on to much more firm and familiar ground shortly after that as Pete waxes lyrical about how he hates leg day at the gym. What's more, you beautiful listeners step up to the plate with tales of Don King, ejecting from a jet in the middle of a thunderstorm, and much, much more. Don't...