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Podcast made by Teddy And Byron, two cousins from So Cal.

Podcast made by Teddy And Byron, two cousins from So Cal.
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Podcast made by Teddy And Byron, two cousins from So Cal.




M-O Cast Episode 56 (W/ Sway)

We are back! we have been dealing with life and have had little free time, but we are here! in this episode we have a Guest Sway, he is a videographer with multiple media companies. find out what we have to talk about. Also, a warning this episode takes a turn towards the end stay tuned to find out why. instagram: @TheMOCast @100Sway Twitter: @TheM_O_Cast Facebook: www.facebook.com/mopcast WWW.100clips.com


M-O Cast Episode 55

Whats going on everyone hope you all had a great weekend. join us as we talk circus, apple watch? and towards the end we talk about being financially stable and making sacrifices to make things better for ourselves. instagram: @TheMOCast Twitter: @TheM_O_Cast Facebook: www.facebook.com/mopcast


M-O Cast Episode 54

Lets catch up its been a while. no description for this one just take a listen and let us bring you up to speed on whats going on in our lives. instagram: @TheMOCast Twitter: @TheM_O_Cast Facebook: www.facebook.com/mopcast


M-O Cast Episode 53 (Interview W/ @Fides_Rex )

Lets talk cars, photography, Videos, and what happens behind the scenes after photo shoots, the work never ends and Fides Rex lets it be known. we also talk about his possible new series involving a beloved car that unfortunately is no longer with us. RIP. Tune in and find out what we talk about and don't forget to follow us on social media. instagram: @TheMOCast @Fides_Rex Twitter: @TheM_O_Cast Facebook: www.facebook.com/mopcast


M-O Cast Episode 52 (Interview W/ Deigi)

In this Episode we speak to David Gutierrez AKA Deigi. He is a singer songwriter, producer, rapper, and many more things. We speak to him about his work, his music and his upcoming EP. Deigi also speak on working with David Lopez AKA Juan. whos popularity on Vine sky rocketed him to stardom. we speak behind the scenes and creative process. We also get a little preview of a song that is soon to be released titled "venenosa" we also had a packed house on this episode it was a real good...


M-O Cast Episode 51 ( Did Soulja Boy have the best come back of 2018)

Episode 51! man oh man is this a good one. In this episode we continue where we left off with questions on Episode 50. Drake!? (Soulja boy voice) Tyga!? Tyga!?? did Soulja Boy have the best come back of 2018. find out what we think, also find out why why may or may not think Soulja Boy is the pioneer in the digital music world. did he pave they way for what music has become with catchy melodies, easy yet amazingly difficult dances and dance video tutorials. find out what we think of Soulja...


M-O Cast Episode 50 ( Fyre Festival)

Welcome to Episode 50!! in this episode we talk about "Fyre" or the Fyre Festival documentary that recently hit Netflix. this documentary takes an exclusive behind the scenes look at the infamous unraveling of the Fyre music festival. find out why Byron thinks Billy McFarland is a sociopath scammer also, lets see what teddy and Shy have to say about this. we also talk about a few other things, we answer some questions and give some shout outs. Hope you guys also like the new intro. Don't...


M-O Cast Episode 49

Welcome back to episode 49. in this episode Teddy and I catch up. since i missed the recording of the previous episode he fills me in ( all homo🤣) we talk about a bunch of thing and how in a way social media plays a big role in these instant celebrities. we also speak about credibility and touch base on flakes. people who stand people up with no notice or care. Hope you guys enjoy and make sure to follow us on instagram @TeddyOsuna @ShayelDupree @phisiks1 Website: TeddyOsuna.com


M-O Cast Episode 48 (Alberto Mendoza how he quit his job to travel)

Teddy is back solo with this first reinstatement of the M-O Cast. with Guests Shy and Alberto. Alberto speaks about how he along with his girlfriend quit their jobs and took of a on a 6 month trip in many centra and latin American countries. what he did for money? how he managed to book more trips. Join us!!? make sure to follow us. Instagram @TeddyOsuna @ShayelDupree @A_Mendoza_ Website: TeddyOsuna.com


M-O Cast Episode 47

Hello!! and welcome back to another episode. in this episode we have special guest Alberto and Alberto. 2 photographers and videographers from San Diego, CA. in this episode we talk gear, we talk editing and we talk about the over all business end of this industry. hope you enjoy and like always share with your friends. #Dale


M-O Cast Episode 46 (interview with John form the Hit Project.)

Its been a couple months, but guess what? we are back. in this episode we get together with John, John has a project he is working on and its huge! its called "The Hit Project". his goal? easy! to create a hit record. be doing so with people he might randomly meet out on the street or at coffee shop. so stick around on your drive home or while editing thousand of pictures for that wedding, and enjoy!!


M-O Cast Episode 45

Its been about a week since our last episode. so that should have been plenty of time for all of you to catch up. In this podcast we talk a little bit about the the hurricane and the craziness that is. we also go back to the "Big Fight". we dig into a few other things so make sure you stick around and listen to it all. Don't forget to share with friends. Enjoy


M-O Cast Episode 44

we are on a streak! 4th episode since starting back up. with special guests Doty, and shy. hope you are all enjoying the episodes. we are working on having a better subject matter and being more organized. as you may tell we got a little rusty lol share with your friends and family.


M-O Cast Episode 43

Another episode for all of you to enjoy. we do apologies for the quality of this one it was rushed and may sound like an echo. we have now fixed the issues so all others will be good to go. hope you all enjoy this episode. make sure you share with your friends and family. Thank you once again


M-O Cast Episode 42

we are back for episode 42 enjoy!!


M-O Cast Episode 41

We are back!! its been over a year but we are back. in this episode we catch up with a few of the things that have gone on in our lives. we talk vegans and vegitarians, we also talk hipster and how easy it is to voice an opinion among other things. Hope you all enjoy the new intro and stick around for an exclusive outro.


M-O Cast Episode 40

trying to stay on a somewhat consistant schedule, key word trying. here is episode 40. hope you guys enjoy and please make sure you share this with people you think might like it or even with those who might just think its funny don't just do it!!! thank you. see you guys next week.


M-O Cast Episode 39

Don't call it a come back!! its been a little over a year since our last episode. join us to find out why we've been gone for so long. and what we have been up too. again thank all of you for listing to our random yet interesting conversations lol


M-O Cast Episode 38

The return of the M-O Cast, it has been almost 6 months, if not more, since we uploaded but we have been truly busy working on other projects. we expelling them further, we also talk about DISNEYLAND because thats our sh*t.. anyways hope you enjoy.


M-O Cast Episode 37

What is up everyone!? hope you guys have had a great week thus far. Here is another episode for you guys to enjoy. we do a little catching up and a whole lot of talking about crazy shit that interested us. hope you guys share like and rate us on iTunes!!!!! have a good day