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Is cuddling enough? With Epiphany Jordan

We talk an awful lot about sex here, but what happens if you’re asexual, possibly due to circumstance such as age or health? Do your needs of human contact and the chemical experience of oxytocin diminished? We don’t think so. A book came across our desk called “Somebody Hold Me” by Epiphany Jordan. Epiphany lives in Texas. She wrote a “how to” book on the power of human touch through “cuddling” or simply increased human contact. If you’re like my mother, and find this silly, you probably...


There’s just so much more to learn…..

We continue with Bella this week. She has simply experienced more in her life than most of us could hope to experience in 10 lifetimes. Her wisdom and outlook on life and its relationship to sex is fascinating. She talks about children, polyamory, dom/sub relationships and so much more. Its 25 min of constant learning. We were mesmerized. -The American Sex Pod You can find out more on Bella at: and read her book “Fetish Girl” available for download everywhere.


Hello Bella!!!

One of the most wonderful aspects of deciding to talk in a public forum about sex and relationships are the wonderful people I am getting to meet. We are chatting with Bella Lavey from Texas. Bella is a wonderful spirit who has spent her life working in and around the sex industry from erotic wrestling to erotic dancing to dominatrix and more. She’s very candid, and very self aware. She has a unique ability to communicate her experiences driven by her intense desire to effect her world in a...


Living life with intentions

Hillary and Berg are very authentic and realized. I’d say that they are fully realized, but that would be counter to the idea of a constant journey. We talk about several different points from #metoo, from dealing with your parents and the loss of the generational wisdom as we begin to live openly and outwardly in ways that the previous generations simply don’t understand as a generalization. -The American Sex Pod


Flashback to a Burning Man wedding

I had the privilege of attending Hillary and David’s wedding at Burning Man, and how we get to chat with them about their new commitment to their relationship. They’re in their 20’s and living in Denver, CO. They are a wonderfully original couple and talk about their status for themselves, and how that relates to their family life and friends. If you’re curious or wondering what the conversation sounds like when you want to authentically live a life thats your own. -The American Sex Pod


I love my sexuality! What do I tell my children? When do I tell them? What do they already know???

We’re back with Janet who is wonderfully open and fun. She talks more about her work and her life, and really opens up to us about her relationship with her work to her family life. Its not all sunshine and roses, and choosing to live an authentic lifestyle can have consequences and challenges. As in Janet’s case, we hope you too find that “the truth will set you free.” If you enjoyed this episode, please remember to like and comment. We hope this is helping. -The American Sex Pod Who is our...


The importance of touch. Is sex all there is?

Why is sex so important? Is it the sex at all? Is it touch? If sex isn’t desired or possible, what now? Meet Janet: She’s the first of a few guests that are going to focus on the importance of touch in their lives. Why they need it and where they get it from. The rabbit hole is about to get deeper. Janet Trevino is a Platonic Touch and Cuddling Specialist. I am devoted to exposing and creating a brave space for one of society's largest unspoken and unmet needs: platonic touch. When not...


No man is an island

We talk with Brian. Brian is a pansexual male living and working in Los Angeles. He’s insightful and articulate and explains how living his true self is not always the easiest thing to do. Don’t worry, its got a happy ending. -The American Sex Pod


I think firemen are sexy….

Genevive and Alex return to talk about role playing, a particular fantasy of Genevive’s. We talk about the how and why. Interested? How to get your partner interested or excited. Here are some fun games to try and play. This is at the heart of the podcast. How to have a better relationship through better sex. -The American Sex Pod We realized, for reasons unknown, this original post was silent. We’re trying to figure out why, but nonetheless, here you go. The next episode release will be...


How long is….long enough?

Alex and Genevive are back post Burning Man to talk about duration, porn and how long is too long? Men and women climax differently and with different stimulus. The key to being a great lover is putting your attention on the other person, and then everyone has at least one person focused on them. Porn focuses you on yourself UNLESS you can retrain your “practice” to do just that...practice. If you allow porn to be totally self-indulgent and not self-exploratory then it can be problematic...


Purr and Gadget at Burning Man

We are at Burning Man. Recorded on the playa with Purr and Gadget, they are a homosexual monogamous couple. We talk all about why they make the choices they make, and they even have for the first time a conversation about a third party in their relationship. If you’ve ever wondered or speculated about who goes to Burning Man and why, I think Purr and Gadget might shed some light and really give you a perspective of the wide variety of people and things happening at this world famous...


Dirty Talk!

We’re back with Alex and Genevive and honestly it's not often I, as a sex podcast host, learn something completely new during a podcast, but wow, I was doing dirty talk all wrong. Are you doing it right? Check in and find out what turns men and women on when you want to use your voice to make everything sexy. It can be a vulnerable state opening yourself up and talking about all the wonderful and naughty things, and that vulnerability can be scary. Of course, that is what makes it so good. I...


Let’s have a baby!!!

So now we come back around to Alex and Genevive who are now almost 5 months pregnant....with twins!! We check in on them and how they are doing. How is being pregnant affected their open relationship and their sex life in general. You’ll get to hear the truth on what is happening and how each are dealing with a new direction This isn’t the typical candy coated “being pregnant is beautiful” session. You get the good, the bad, and the sexy. Listen in! - The American Sex Pod


What does it mean to be “open”?

We’re concluding our introductory sessions with Jackie and Mike, and we say introductory because any more sessions with them will simply be wonderful. What does it mean to be “open”? How do we define that in a world that is both defining and redefining sexuality and gender and at the same time seems to be insisting we stop defining things. It can be confusing. Hopefully, after 30 minutes with Jackie and Mike, it will be less daunting for you, you and your partner or partners. -The American...


To be open or not to be….at the beginning

Jackie and Mike are a wealth of experience and knowledge. We talk about many of the beginners guides to “dipping your toe” in without drowning. Some amazing pointers to help start, and how to deal with those “pointers” when they inevitably fail. It’s a great sexy discussion including the best way to give a blowjob. You might want to pay attention to that one. -The American Sex Pod


Open for life…

Intelligence, long term commitment, communication, great sex... Do you want that? We have the pleasure of chatting with Jackie and her partner Mike. They are a couple approaching 60 years old that have been together for over 20 years, raised a family and been through it all. Their insight, point of view, and experience cannot be undervalued as they enlighten us with their thoughts. If you have ever considered, wondered or by nature are listening to this podcast at all, listen to them...


When the spontaneity dies… - American Sex Pod

We are still chatting with Sam, a monogamous, bisexual (although she doesn’t like the term), woman. We talk about communication upfront, and what happens when she finds herself attracted to another person while in a relationship, and what that means to her. We chat about sex as the “cheese” to relationship “pizza”, and how to sprinkle it all over, and her belief that sex should spontaneous and not planned. Sound familiar to you? -The American Sex Pod


Meet Sam, she’s single and loves everyone. - American Sex Pod

Sam is a fascinating woman. She’s had relationships with everyone, men and women. She doesn’t like the label of bisexual, and we appreciate that. Sam talks about her relationships and her expectations as she is monogamous. She fun and straight of New York. She’s currently single, and seeking her next romantic partner. We had a wonderful time speaking with her over the next three podcasts. Listen in to her how she pursues her relationships from the beginning, middle and the ends. We hope you...


If I am open, am I allowed to have limits? - American Sex Pod

David and Laura are two of the most open people that we have met. They have a calmness and a clarity about their relationship and seem to enjoy pushing each other boundaries, but are their limits? Can I say no without hindering or judging my partner? The short answer is: of course you can, but listen in and see if you don’t discover something about yourself and how to navigate your own relationship whether is monogoumous or not. -The American Sex Pod


It’s not always easy - American Sex Pod

We continue to explore David and Laura’s relationship and talk about their experiences. We grow and learn from our communication. He says “we prioritize each other’s time over our affection.” Brace yourselves, these people are open, honest and get right to it. We talk about orgies, parties, psychedelics and the combination of it all. No matter who you are, or what your relationship or sexuality, I think you’ll learn something about yourself here. -The American Sex Pod