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The world's only Podcast Review Podcast We are three guys, two podcast persons and one that is decidedly not.

The world's only Podcast Review Podcast We are three guys, two podcast persons and one that is decidedly not.
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The world's only Podcast Review Podcast We are three guys, two podcast persons and one that is decidedly not.






What's the Tee? with Rupaul - Reviewed!

Hello Pod Averse! This week we're listening to and reviewing Rupaul's hit podcast, What's the Tee? It's a conversation between America's favorite drag queen and her bestie Michelle Visage. Sometimes they have on guests they interview, sometimes they just spill that tea! Our review starts at @21:40 We listened to three episodes - Episode 15: Bareback Betty Episode 206: John Cameron...


Call Her Daddy - Reviewed!

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Pod-Averse! This week we're reviewing the extremely sexually explicit show Call Her Daddy. CHD is a show hosted by two young woman who recount their sexual exploits, sexual history, sexual proclivities, you get it, it's about sex. Three heterosexual men in their 30s-50s mansplain their viewpoint on what these women should and should not be doing. It's fun though! Have fun. We listened to two episodes: We listened to Stop Nutting Early...


Unspooled with Paul Scheer and Amy Nicholson - Reviewed!

Hello Podaverse! This week we listen to and review the movie review type podcast Unspooled. An Earwolf Network movie review podcast featuring hosts Paul Scheer and Amy Nicholson. We listen and review them as they tackle the AFI's 100 Movie List. We'll talk about new and interesting podcasts and then John will talk about the VCR in his body. We listened to: 2001: A Space...


Anna Faris is Unqualified - Reviewed!

This week we reviewed the Anna Faris podcast Anna Faris is Unqualified. On her podcast she brings on well known guests that are exceptional to talk to the hoi polloi about their tiny little problems. Listen as the rich and famous take pity on us and our boring lives. She'll never read this because she doesn't make podcasts anymore, so I'm not concerned. We listened to Chris Evans and Jenny Slate pretend they weren't sleeping...


Anna Faris is Unqualified - Reviewed!

This week we listened to and reviewed Anna Faris is Unqualified. It started as a celebrity interview and relationship advice show and now it's been of the podwaves for about three months! Whoops! We listened to Jenny Slate and Chris Evans and Lena Headley next week Unspooled with Amy Nicolson and Paul Scheer - Tootsie and 2001: A Space Odyssey


Blackout Featuring Remi Malek - Reviewed!

This week we're reviewing the narrative podcast Blackout which features the Oscar winning actor Remi Malek. We discuss strong New Hampshire accents, bad accidents, bizarre incidents and the over whelming evidence that our country is on a collision course with calamity! Something like that, it's still fun! We listened to every episode - Listen to our review to see if you should as well. Next week we review Anna Faris is...


Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People - Reviewed!

This week we listened to the call in sort of self help/ story telling/ comedy podcast Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People, sometimes shortened to simply Beautiful/Anonymous. It's a show hosted by Chris Gethard and the premise is simple, an anonymous person calls in and Chris talks to that person for an hour. We listened to Deaf and A Hero's Journey Here's the video I referenced featuring Pearl...


The Dave Ramsey Show - Reviewed!

This week another financial advice podcast! Dave Ramsey is a well established radio show host who has a debt free attitude toward personal finance. He's a man who pushes the financial advice of God and Grandmas. That's right his financial plans are divinely inspired, or so he claims. We listened to two episodes of his show Follow the Formula Hard Work plus Focus and Step One:...


Bad with Money with Gaby Dunn - Reviewed!

This week we review a podcast about Millennial Finance Bad With Money with Gaby Dunn. Gaby Dunn is a former buzzfeed writer who now hosts this queer and minority focused finance podcast. We review how good her advice is, whether or not we'd want to take that advice, and whether or not Suze Orman is a huckster. We listened to Earning that Private Island (w/ Suze Orman) Difficult Bitch (w/ Lexi...


Bill Simmons Podcast - Reviewed!

This week we review the sports and media focused Bill Simmons Podcast. Bill simmons started in sports journalism, got tired of that, and the started The Ringer, a podcast media powerhouse. This week we reviewed the Malcolm Gladwell guesting episode and the Bill Hader guested episode...


Coverville with Brian Ibbott Reviewed! With guest recommender Shani!

This week we have a guest recommender - Shani! She's brought us the cover song focused Coverville. Coverville is a podcast of curated covers played by the host Brian Ibbott. Brian hosts what I consider essentially a radio show that he calls a podcast, but I digress. We covered two episodes - Hair Metalville Covering the 2019 Rock and Roll Hall of...


Spilled Milk Podcast - Reviewed!

This week we review Spilled Milk, a podcast about food and food stuffs. It features Molly Wizenberg and Matthew Amster-Burton, two people that love food and talk about it at length. As always we'll catch in and check up, talking about the favorite things podcast we found this week, and then we dive into the review of two episodes. Then we play a little game called, Name Those Ingredients! Here's a link to the two Spilled Milk Episodes we reviewed - Baked...


Voyage to the Stars - Reviewed!

This week we discuss the sci fi Earwolf series featuring four improvisers, Felicia Day, Colton Dunn, Janet Varney and that other guy. One is the captain, another is an officer, one is the ship's computer, etc etc etc you know the drill. We listened to and reviewed it so you don't have to. Next week is Spilled Milk - A food focused podcast hosted by two food journalists. They pick an item or type of food and then review myriad types of said...


Myths and Legends with Jason Weiser - Reviewed!

This week we listen to and review Jason Weiser's Myth and Legends podcast. This is a show that takes classic tales and legendary myths and reinterprets them, bringing them a modern understanding that we might not otherwise have. Disney did a lot of these stories dirty, stripping them of their brutality and gruesome origins. Jason Weiser wants to tell you the real story behind these stories. This week we listened to two episodes - 50-Dracula: Bad...


S.F. Chronicles - Not Your Century - Reviewed!

Hot off the presses! Snatched from today's headlines! This week we review the surprisingly, refreshingly, unambiguously short podcast Not Your Century from the San Francisco Chronicle. This is a podcast that pulls up a headline from the current date but not the current year! We talk about the past, we talk about the future. We listened to the first maybe eleven, but you can choose how many you'd like to listen to on your...


The Ron Burgundy Podcast Featuring Will Ferrell - Reviewed!

Ron Burgundy! The Man, The Movie, The Podcast! Will Ferrell has started a podcast as the character he played in the movie of the same name. We'll listen to and review Top 10 Women featuring the incomparable RuPaul and Christmas Memories which doesn't feature anyone We check in and catch up, talking about the newest podcasts of the week. We then talk about the podcast based on a character from a movie that the character...


Wait Wait Don't Tell Me - Reviewed!

Hello I'm Bill Kurtis, and this is Making Doug Listen to Podcasts, with your hosts, John, Brandon and Doug! This week we review the NPR news quiz beloved by millions! Peter Sagal and his panel of three tackle the news of the week, try to bluff the listener, fill in the rhyme and have a good time with a celebrity guest! This week we listened and reviewed two episodes, George...


Here's the Thing With Alec Baldwin - Reviewed!

Hello! Hello! This week we sat down around the table and caught up and talked about the podcast Here's the Thing with Alec Baldwin. It's an interview show hosted by Alec Baldwin (30 Rock) and he interviews Questlove and the creator of the film Human Centipede We listen to and review the podcast, we wonder why Alec would do this, and we of course...


Criminal featuring Phoebe Judge - Reviewed!

This week we listened to two episodes of true crime podcast Criminal which is hosted by Phoebe Judge. It's a deep dive into all of the ways that the justice system, the police, criminals and their personal stories can affect all of our lives. We listened to Bully and Willie Bosket in that specific order, but you don't have to, you can do whatever the heck you want. Next week...


Death, Sex, & Money - Reviewed!

This week we listened and reviewed the popular WNYC podcast Death, Sex and Money. This show takes a clear and sometimes clinical view at sex death and money. We based our review on two episodes, Let's talk about Porn Again, and Sharing an Egg and Nothing else. Both thought provoking episodes about what makes a family, and what do we watch that gets us...