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We are a bi-weekly podcast covering murder, mysteries, and mayhem.

We are a bi-weekly podcast covering murder, mysteries, and mayhem.
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We are a bi-weekly podcast covering murder, mysteries, and mayhem.




Episode 40-Setting Your Hair On Fire Is Like Yoga...Really, When You Think About It

When an Australian police officer calls up the FBI and says, "Don't think I'm mad, but I'm gonna tell you this story about Jesus Christ reincarnated in the female form," the agents know its going to be a good day at the office. This week Erica and Billy cover their first cult and discuss alternative yoga poses, purple thrones, LSD, and how any two things are alike...when you really think about it. Dive in and then give us your thoughts on social media! The 48 Hours 2-part documentary that...


Episode 39-The Bad Decision Bandit Goes Postal

Think of one of the most boring U.S. government jobs you could have and you might think of working for the United States Postal Service. Taking customers' money and putting a stamp on their package. Sorting addresses between countries, states, cities, and zip codes. Driving, or even worse-walking, from mailbox to mailbox to mailbox. But there's always the exciting risk of papercuts, anthrax-laced envelopes, and getting shot! Who wouldn't want this dream job? This week Erica and Billy will...


Episode 38-I'm Old Craig!

In the 3rd installment of the Kids Who Kill series, Erica and Billy delve into the story of one of the youngest multiple murderers in U.S. history, committing 4 vicious murders by age 15. But as a juvenile, the courts' hands were tied and he got just 5 years in juvenile detention. But good old Craig just doesn't know when to shut the fuck up and keep his hands...and teeth...and himself. Boy, if Erica and Billy had a nickel for every time someone got bitten or stabbed in this...


Patreon Teaser Episode

Hello, listeners! Erica and Billy thought they would give you a little teaser of what you could expect if you become a Patron of the show. For as little as $1 a month, you will get access to Patron only bonus audio, such as this! And you'll also get a shout out on the show! Our Patreon exclusive audio will start in May, so hurry and sign up! Go to And thank you for listening, sharing, and for your contributions! None of this would be possible without...


Episode 37-Izzi: The Human Wind Chime

You're sitting in a high-rise in Chicago on a sunny Saturday morning. As you admire the view, your attention is immediately drawn to a figure that appears to be hanging from a noose outside of a 14th floor window across the way. There goes your Saturday. This week, Erica and Billy will discuss the mysterious death of a well-known author in 1996. Was it suicide? Was it murder? Was it death by misadventure? Let us know your thoughts after you listen by finding us on social media! We want...