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We are a bi-weekly podcast covering murder, mysteries, and mayhem.

We are a bi-weekly podcast covering murder, mysteries, and mayhem.
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We are a bi-weekly podcast covering murder, mysteries, and mayhem.




Episode 36-Richard Chasin' Walking Tacos

Here it is! The first Martinis and the Macabre crossover episode! Erica and Billy are joined by Kate from the Ignorance Was Bliss podcast to discuss an incredibly unstable man and the carnage left in his wake. Was he schizophrenic? Was he a manipulator? Was he really into organic protein shakes? Spoiler alert: the answer to that last question was yes. Like, RAW organic, if you catch my drift. But the bigger question is how do we as a society decide who to lock up and who will get the key...


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Episode 35-Dr. Acula, Hematologist

Peuchens and Manananggals and Penanggalans! Oh, my! These aren't the suave and sophisticated blood suckers we've come to know and love here in the modern age. In this episode, Erica and Billy are going old-school revenants. You know, the kind that are covered in furry, greenish-white skin...or the ones that can take off their heads with their entrails still attached as they fly around looking for victims! There will be blood...and instructions on how to prank call someone in medieval...


Episode 34-Spit In My Mouth

Want to be a sorcerer? Want to harness the powers to will someone's significant other to remain faithful? (Oddly specific, but relatable to the show topic.) Want invincibility? Then look no further! Just let Ahmad's dad that he saw in a dream when he was 10 tell you how! In this week's tell-all, Erica and Billy will reveal the ritual needed to acquire true invincibility as they discuss one of Indonesia's worst serial killers. By the end of the show, not only will they let you in on the...


Episode 33-Two Out of Three Ain't Good

THIS is the episode that was not meant to be! For almost a year, Erica and Billy have recorded this episode a total of 3 times, and every time the audio files have been corrupted or lost...until now! (Unless you go to listen and it's just white noise. If so, the bitch has won cause Erica and Billy are over it.) Join them this week as they further descend into madness with the case of a murderous mother who enlisted the help of her own children to beat, torture, and kill 2 of their own...


Ep. 32-Beer..RUN!!!

This week, join Erica and Billy as they discuss what they personally consider the two saddest days in world history. There's catastrophe and destruction and deaths, lots of deaths. But there's also a LOT of wasted free-flowing booze...the greatest loss of all. In memoriam: Beer and Rum. We will forever hold you in our hearts. And bellies. Yum. Thanks, as always, go to Phazer765 for the show artwork and music at the end of each episode. Be sure to listen until the end for the new...


Episode 31-What Happened to Mr. Kitchener? (Part 2)

Join Erica and Billy this week for the twisted conclusion of the 10 Rillington Place murders! More murder! More laughs! Need we say more? Thanks, as always, go to Phazer765 for the show artwork and music at the end of each episode. Be sure to listen until the end for the new song-I'm Happy. You can find him on SoundCloud and YouTube as Phazer765 or minimusnoah. You can also find him on our website on the music page, along with a fully playable track listing of all of his songs that have...


Episode 31-What Happened to Mr. Kitchener? (Part 1)

Stop me if you've heard this one: A man walks into a police station and says, "I put my wife down the drain." The police officer says, "Well, I guess you don't need to worry about putting the seat back down for her now!" There's a round of laughs and the man gets a pat on the back from the officers. Oh, what fun! That totally didn't happen in this case. Instead, the man's brought up on murder charges for the deaths of his wife and baby daughter. But he blames the neighbor. Just when you...


Episode 30-Happy Birfmas

ERMAGERD! It's been one year since Erica and Billy started down the rabbit hole that is true crime, mystery, and all things macabre. And what a year it's been! There's been murder and possessions and murder and plagues and murder. So what better way is there to celebrate their one-year podversary than with more murder? You're right! There is no better way! And what's better than one murder? Three murders that happened guessed it-anniversaries! Oh, you're all so stars...


Episode 29-Fanta Claus (Merry Christmas!)

Have a holly, jolly Christmas! It's the best time of the year...unless you're spending the holiday season with the perpetrator of the worst familial slaughter in U.S. history. Or you're not even related to him but you're still on his shit list. Either way, have yourselves a merry little beer break while Erica and Billy tackle the story of this extraordinarily evil and determined little Grinch. And be sure to have a safe and happy holiday from the whole Martinis and the Macabre...


Episode 28-#WeekendAtBernie's

Cleveland. 1930's. The Great Depression. A serial killer. Dismemberment. Kick the kid with one shoe. Good times. Thank you to Phazer765 for the song at the end of this episode-Katz-as well as the show art. You can find him on SoundCloud, YouTube, and our website, There is a full playable track listing of all of his songs used in previous episodes and a link to his Patreon. Please take a moment to rate and review us on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or any...


Episode 27-Incest is the Best (Happy Thanksgiving)

Happy Thanksgiving! We here at Martinis and the Macabre would like to thank you, dear listeners, for all of the support you have given us this year! You guys are amazing! When Erica and Billy were trying to decide on a topic to cover for the first Thanksgiving podcast, they wondered, "What do people always say they're thankful for on Thanksgiving?" The obvious response was, "Family, dumbasses!" (Though they're not quite sure who responded or if it was all in their heads.) But those...


Episode 26-He Who Smelt It..

"Girl, I must (warn you) I sense something strange in my mind. Situation is (serious). Let's cure it cause we're running out of time... That girl is POISON." This week Erica and Billy delve into the mystery of The Toxic Lady, a woman who was rushed to a hospital in 1994 and the staff taking care of her started falling ill. No toxins were found, so what caused this mass sickness? Was is sewer gas? Was it a deadly vapor that's been studied by the Department of Defense? Was it all in...


Halloween Minisode-The Candyman

In this special Halloween minisode, Erica tackles the man who killed his son and has panicked parents for decades, all with a piece of candy. Enter at your own risk...Trick or Treat! Thank you to for the spooky background music in this episode, which includes Constricted, Lost Souls, Necropolis, The Orphanage, Desolation, In My Nightmares, Death March, and Wrong Turn. Please take a moment to rate and review us on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or any app that you...


Episode 25-The Thorazine Shuffle (Electric Avenue)

Do you know a chronic masturbator? Is your lady having menstrual hysteria? Do you want to just scare the shit out of your rebellious teen? Then bring them on down to one of these 3 fabulously horrid asylums that Erica and Billy talk about this week! There are so many fun things to do! There's water therapy, electroshock therapy, and there's even a doctor who will surgically remove their "infected" organs to rid them of their delusions! (We know there's no infection but don't tell the...


Episode 24-"Seat belt for my belt for my legs..."

In the first Halloween-themed episode for the month of October, Erica and Billy cover the murder of a nun in the early hours of Halloween in 1981, and the subsequent wrongful conviction and execution of the MR 17-year-old that lived across the street from the convent. Sounds grim, right? It is. But there's also talk of kicking trees' asses, the top hits from 1981 (that all the nuns were jamming to), and a curse! Everyone likes a good curse, right? As always, listen until the end for a new...


Episode 23-Little Orphan Ani

How much red string does a task force need to connect the dots involving a serial murderer? A lot. Especially when the killer is "The Terminator" and he has 52 confirmed murders under his belt. Join Erica and Billy this week and learn how to kill with kindness. And a sawed-off shotgun. And a knife. And an ax. And evidently, Angry Birds 2. Yes, Billy has an addiction. He's come to accept it, and that is the first step in recovery. Anyone know of any good Angry Birds support groups? And, as...


Episode 22-A Warlock, a Goth, and a 300-Year-Old Werewolf Walk Into a Murder...

In episode #2 of the Kids Who Kill series, Erica and Billy will face three of the worst creatures known to man...a 14-year-old, a 12-year-old, and an adult male who thinks he's a 300-year-old werewolf. The worst, right? So bad that Erica had to get extra tipsy just to talk about them! Well, not really. She chose to get a extra tipsy. What else do you do when it's been a sh*tty week and you're going to discuss little a**holes that watch some murderous movies and try to emulate them? You...


Episode 21-Have You Ever Seen a Grown Man Without Nipples? (Part 2)

Welcome to part 2 of Episode 21, covering the mysterious death of Colonel Shue! This week Erica and Billy try to wrap their heads around what could have possibly happened to the Colonel...'s nipples! Erica will incorrectly say "cause of death" in place of "manner of death" (her apologies), and Billy can't get his brain off of fisting! Go back and listen to part 1 if you haven't already, then enjoy the conspiracy theories! THANK YOU ALL FOR 25,000 DOWNLOADS!!! Please kindly rate and...


Episode 21-Have You Ever Seen a Grown Man Without Nipples? (Part 1)

For the first time ever, Erica and Billy are bringing you a 2-part episode! Why? Because this case has too much weird f*cking sh*it to absorb all at once. Like, a snowball of bizarre that just keeps rolling and adding weirdness as it goes. Billy's going to tell you the best way to be sure that your feet stay attached first, then Erica is going to lay down some morbid details surrounding the mysterious death of an Air Force Colonel. Was is an accident? A suicide? A murder involving torture?...


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