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Pet peeve - Episode 14

Eveyrone has that one thing (if not more) that really grinds their gears, in todays show we are touching on some of those pet peeves that bother us, everything from people having food in thier teeth to long gross thick toe nails and evrything else in between. One of our long time freinds Evie will join in with us in our peeves conversation.


Labels - Episode 13

Lets have a serious conversation about labels


Death why so serious? - Episode 12

I dont believe this is ever a comfortable topic to talk about. But some how we found away. Tune in to the Banter Damany and Mike has about death. Join in on the conversation, possibly pose the topic to your friends as well and see what exactly are the conversations you all have and let us know.


B4 I get married lets go see some Birthday suit Dancers! - Episode 11

Marriage is ment to be a forever thing, but but before you take that step there are a few things that tradition requires us to get accomplish. Yup! thats right i'm talking about a good old fashion Bachelor/Bachelorette party. Is this something that is neccesary, and if so why are there so many double standards? Let talk about this, and the many other questions we want to ask


Thoughts of a Musician….and 2 Nukes - Episode 11

Today we are picking the brain of our guest Sekai, a musician based in Texas. We are finding out his viewpoints on multiple subjects as well as discovering more about his music and how other musicians have influenced him on his musical journey.


I am an Underling - Episode 10

Let me ask you a question. If you could trade places, and I mean really trade places with someone thats in a higher position than you would you? If so would you take full advantage of the perks that comes with the role? Be honest no judging here. Listen to me and Damany Banter about role switching and the art of ass kissing.


We got Beef but don't judge me - Episode 9

This week we are having a discussion about the current Beef going on in the Hip Hop community between Drake and Pusha T. We also continued our discussion with relevant issues that our community deals with on an everyday basis. Enjoy the discussion and leave a comment.


Life as a TV producer - Episode 8

Today we have a guess on the show, that will share with us her experiences being television producer.


Hypothetically - Episode 7

Have you ever ask questions to your friends just to see where their head is at? This is one of those conversation where we had listeners send us questions that are put in a hypthetical sense. Listen and let us know if these are questions you could answer and ask your friends the same questions and see what they say.


Dont forget your Melanin - Episode 6

Ask the question, do you think there is something going on behind the scenes in Kanyes world? Well lets talk about it. We all need to realize dispite the views you may or may not have of a celebrity, the ones that are Black represents a big part of our culture. Even though its hard to be bear the weight of an entire culture, It should be looked at as an honor and a priveldge. Especially when celebrities want us to give them our continued support. So in the case when they miss up or...


Realities of World Travel - Episode 5

Sometimes when people travel they have an idea of what the country they will be visiting is going to be like and most of the time their expectations are WRONG, which is why it is important to keep an open mind when exploring this beautiful planet of ours. In this show we are chatting with one of our good friends about his worldly adventures and how it was to actually visit and live in the countries he was in, tune in and find out if your assumptions of these countries are correct....wait...


Corporate Responsibility - Episode 4

The definition of corporate responsibility is they have a responsibility to those groups and individuals that they can affect, i.e., its stakeholders, and to society at large. In this show we are touching on whether corporations should be held responsable for the things they are doing, whether it be on what kind of clothes they release or even down to how they treat thier customers. Who is held responsible?


Poor dog :-( - Episode 3

Would you put your dog in the over head cabin in a airplane, or down in the buttom of the airplane? Dog you like the ugliest dog competition? Why do people think its ok to breed dogs the way they do?


Discipline - Episode 2

What have you experienced when you were a kid, being black and Caribbean gave us a different perspective when i comes on to getting discipline. Listen and tell us if this is a simliar experience to how you get discipline.


Marvel Vs DC - Episode 1

Welcome to ear serenity. The Mike and Damany show will hit you where it hurts. be prepared to laugh your butt off, but also feel the need to hate us for what we might say. We just consider ourselves regular Joes with opinions. Listen to us get involve ask questions, make comments and let us make this experience enjoyable. Share our station with your friends and continue to enjoy the content that we will bring you.