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Milky Podcast 13 - Belated Christmas and Shenanigans

Just around the corner to Christmas, well quite a while ago after actually. Next year exactly, oh well.. We are out! Remember to Email for business or advice! We’ll be back next week Double deuces!


Milky Podcast 12 - P!nk, Margot Robbie, Star Citizen

12 – hey. Podcast Run Schedule: Intro 0:00 Headliners! 19:50 Tim’s Time Movie News Nugget 47:20 Margot Robbie working on Harley Quinn movie 49:59 Games 2014 Insurgency has a sequel 52:47 Star Citizen has some mad expansion packz 55:39 Back to a movie thing 01:05:05 For next Week y[all


Milky Podcast 11 - Schoolies, 300m of $#!^, Avatar 2

– We have some Phat would you rather’s, Tim and Reags swam 300m in shit, and someone died on a train… (p.s. these events did not happen) Podcast Run Schedule: Intro 0:00 Headliners! 03:58 Question game with Meag 40:15 Break tiemmmm 01:12:30 Today’s podcast is brought to you by Tim’s Time 01:14:53 Games has nuttin’ Movie News Gambit starts production soon 01:15:33 Captain Marvel has an actor 01:16:21 Avatar 2?? 01:19:12 Tim talks about Murder on the Orient...


Milky Podcast 10 - Bad Microphones, Washing Machines, Black Lightning

10 – Yeah nah we don’t know what happened to Meag’s and Reag’s Microphones this show it is bloody rude how it turned out and we didn’t do anything different… RIP BOYS & GIRLS! And who the hell was making a ruckus in the background???? Podcast Run Schedule: Intro 0:00 Headliners! 13:03 Would You Rather? Time 24:27 Tim’s Time 38:42 Video Game News Nugget 39:12 Hunt: Showdown Closed alpha is coming! 39:41 PUBG people making an MMORPG 40:44 EA bought Respawn (RIP) 45:24 Call of Duty WWII...


Milky Podcast 09 - Parents, Bad Moms & Predators

09 - The Trio had a good chat about parents before Meag & Reag need to go off and do some Uni exams, RIP to all Uni students! Podcast Run Schedule: Intro 0:00 Headliners! 03:07 Question Time 48:15 Tim’s Time 01:08:45 Movie News Predator 01:09:15 Venom on set photos 01:11:50 Video Gamesss PAX Just happened 01:13:24 PUBG coming on Xbox 01:13:49 Nugget 01:16:11 Destiny Curse of Osiris 01:18:21 Break 01:23:24 Don’t forget that code word Today’s show is brought to you by Glossy Apples What we...


Milky Podcast 07 - Hunt: Showdown, King Arthur, and Korean Cop Cars

This week is a dooo-sy, we are sorry for the late upload, Uni work has got the best of us (subtract Tim). This week we spoke about a couple of games, Fortnite included, and really threw banana skins at each other. Nonetheless enjoy the show until next week when we have a surprise! Podcast Run Schedule: Intro 0:00 Australian Police may team up with Korean Car Company 06:25 Acupuncturist explains what food to eat to get pregnant 10:29 Tim’s Review of the Latest King Arthur 16:07 Reagan has...


Milky Podcast 06 - Fish with camera eyes & Tim the funcle

06 - The team battles it out for the mic, talking about suits, funcles, not the punisher and most importantly some would you rathers. Intro 0:00 9 Y/O Girl kicked out of church for wearing a suit 08:58 Fish with cameras at airports lel 40:47 Break brought to you by RB Apparel, congrats to the winners  48:10 Tim’s Time 52:08 Movies Pacific Rim 2 trailer released 52:50 Gambit Release date is here! 56:14 Tims Spooky Story!!!@@ 01:01:25 Old CatWoman may be back for the new batman 01:06:37...


Milky Podcast 03 - Kingsman, Punisher, Jenna Marbles

Podcast Run Schedule: Intro 0:00 News Geelong Cats vs. Adelaide Crows 03:03 Jenna Marbles House Stalking 07:21 Tim’s News Red Dead Redemption Website & date release 13:17 Movie News 15:53 Linda Hamilton starring in T6! 16:30 Netflix The Punisher trailer release! 21:40 Look up: “Please, Mr Punisher!” Unbreakable & Split Sequel (GLASS) Release Dates 28:50 HBO has given Watchmen TV Series the green light 32:00 Bladerunner 2049 Talk 34:26 Short Break! 38:01 Give us some suggestions and...


Milky Podcast 02 - Gifs, New IPhones, IT, Red Dead Redemption 2

The second sit down podcast from your boys and girl from Milky Toucan! Podcast Run Schedule: Intro 0:00 Review us on ITunes, YouTube, Soundcloud IPhone News IPhone 8 & 8 Plus Specs and release Date 2:26 + IPhone X (Ten) Specs and release Date 28:33 Gif is apparently pronounced ‘Jif’ 38:22 Video Game News 40:28 NES Classic Re-Released 2018 41:07 Red Dead Redemption 2 Screenshots 45:34 Movie Time 50:17 Tim’s IT screening review 50:41 Nightwing Director Chris McKay Promises Badass action film...


Milky Podcast 01 - Destiny 2, Hurricanes, Girl's Trip

We are back to our normal weekly podcast schedule. Remember to Email for business or advice! Podcast Run Schedule: Intro 0:00 What is the brand? 3:30 How was America, Tim? 6:00 Current News Hurricanes Harvey & Irma 10:05 Website mentioned in show: Destiny 2 18:20 Setup is on twitter Movies 27:15 Potential joker solo movie 27:15 Evangeline Lilly in new Antman 2 32:12 Game of Thrones Season 7 34:34 Our thoughts on Girl’s Trip 39:30 Tim’s thoughts on...


Sunday Driving - 02 - German Exchange

Tim & Reagan take a tour to a beach suburb to find a book whilst Reagan's Girlfriend Meaghan tells a tale of her German Exchange student.


Sunday Driving - 01 - We Are Live!

The first Official Sunday Driving episode where Reagan and Tim go to a Sand Sculpture beach and talk about how 'Uber' stole Reagan's $114.


Sunday Driving - 00 - Pilot

First zesty moustaches created.