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Milky Podcast 13 - Belated Christmas and Shenanigans

Just around the corner to Christmas, well quite a while ago after actually. Next year exactly, oh well.. We are out! Remember to Email for business or advice! We’ll be back next week Double deuces!


Milky Podcast 12 - P!nk, Margot Robbie, Star Citizen

12 – hey. Podcast Run Schedule: Intro 0:00 Headliners! 19:50 Tim’s Time Movie News Nugget 47:20 Margot Robbie working on Harley Quinn movie 49:59 Games 2014 Insurgency has a sequel 52:47 Star Citizen has some mad expansion packz 55:39 Back to a movie thing 01:05:05 For next Week y[all


Milky Podcast 11 - Schoolies, 300m of $#!^, Avatar 2

– We have some Phat would you rather’s, Tim and Reags swam 300m in shit, and someone died on a train… (p.s. these events did not happen) Podcast Run Schedule: Intro 0:00 Headliners! 03:58 Question game with Meag 40:15 Break tiemmmm 01:12:30 Today’s podcast is brought to you by Tim’s Time 01:14:53 Games has nuttin’ Movie News Gambit starts production soon 01:15:33 Captain Marvel has an actor 01:16:21 Avatar 2?? 01:19:12 Tim talks about Murder on the Orient...


Milky Podcast 10 - Bad Microphones, Washing Machines, Black Lightning

10 – Yeah nah we don’t know what happened to Meag’s and Reag’s Microphones this show it is bloody rude how it turned out and we didn’t do anything different… RIP BOYS & GIRLS! And who the hell was making a ruckus in the background???? Podcast Run Schedule: Intro 0:00 Headliners! 13:03 Would You Rather? Time 24:27 Tim’s Time 38:42 Video Game News Nugget 39:12 Hunt: Showdown Closed alpha is coming! 39:41 PUBG people making an MMORPG 40:44 EA bought Respawn (RIP) 45:24 Call of Duty WWII...


Milky Podcast 09 - Parents, Bad Moms & Predators

09 - The Trio had a good chat about parents before Meag & Reag need to go off and do some Uni exams, RIP to all Uni students! Podcast Run Schedule: Intro 0:00 Headliners! 03:07 Question Time 48:15 Tim’s Time 01:08:45 Movie News Predator 01:09:15 Venom on set photos 01:11:50 Video Gamesss PAX Just happened 01:13:24 PUBG coming on Xbox 01:13:49 Nugget 01:16:11 Destiny Curse of Osiris 01:18:21 Break 01:23:24 Don’t forget that code word Today’s show is brought to you by Glossy Apples What we...


Milky Podcast 07 - Hunt: Showdown, King Arthur, and Korean Cop Cars

This week is a dooo-sy, we are sorry for the late upload, Uni work has got the best of us (subtract Tim). This week we spoke about a couple of games, Fortnite included, and really threw banana skins at each other. Nonetheless enjoy the show until next week when we have a surprise! Podcast Run Schedule: Intro 0:00 Australian Police may team up with Korean Car Company 06:25 Acupuncturist explains what food to eat to get pregnant 10:29 Tim’s Review of the Latest King Arthur 16:07 Reagan has...


Milky Podcast 06 - Fish with camera eyes & Tim the funcle

06 - The team battles it out for the mic, talking about suits, funcles, not the punisher and most importantly some would you rathers. Intro 0:00 9 Y/O Girl kicked out of church for wearing a suit 08:58 Fish with cameras at airports lel 40:47 Break brought to you by RB Apparel, congrats to the winners  48:10 Tim’s Time 52:08 Movies Pacific Rim 2 trailer released 52:50 Gambit Release date is here! 56:14 Tims Spooky Story!!!@@ 01:01:25 Old CatWoman may be back for the new batman 01:06:37...


Milky Podcast 05 - Reagan Doesn't Use Toilet Paper

05 - we go through some serious stuff but we're definitely sure that you will fill good after listening to this one. Podcast Run Schedule: Intro 0:00 Unfortunate events in Las Vegas 06:00 Tim’s Time 33:00 Movies The Punisher has been pulled from Comic Con 33:26 Edge of Tomorrow sequel script complete 35:11 Bladerunner 2049, honestly don’t know what to title this 44:22 Halo now has a 9 hour BlueRay set 50:43 BREAK AND SPONSOR :] 53:24 Video Games Anthem beta release coming soon 01:00:44...


Milky Podcast 04 - Pitbull, Meghan Markle, AntMan 2

Today we talked about somethings that people would consider questionable. We spoke about stupid media coverage as well as some silly Hollywood secrets. We lastly went through advice for something that thinks their girlfriend is using them for his money. Podcast structure: Intro 0:00 News Pitbull Saves the day in Puerto Rico 05:24 Meghan Markle apparently is hinting something… 11:51 Break brought to you by you ;) 22:53 Tim’s News 25:59 Movie News Terminators on the scrap bench 27:10 Another...


Milky Podcast 03 - Kingsman, Punisher, Jenna Marbles

Podcast Run Schedule: Intro 0:00 News Geelong Cats vs. Adelaide Crows 03:03 Jenna Marbles House Stalking 07:21 Tim’s News Red Dead Redemption Website & date release 13:17 Movie News 15:53 Linda Hamilton starring in T6! 16:30 Netflix The Punisher trailer release! 21:40 Look up: “Please, Mr Punisher!” Unbreakable & Split Sequel (GLASS) Release Dates 28:50 HBO has given Watchmen TV Series the green light 32:00 Bladerunner 2049 Talk 34:26 Short Break! 38:01 Give us some suggestions and...


Milky Podcast 02 - Gifs, New IPhones, IT, Red Dead Redemption 2

The second sit down podcast from your boys and girl from Milky Toucan! Podcast Run Schedule: Intro 0:00 Review us on ITunes, YouTube, Soundcloud IPhone News IPhone 8 & 8 Plus Specs and release Date 2:26 + IPhone X (Ten) Specs and release Date 28:33 Gif is apparently pronounced ‘Jif’ 38:22 Video Game News 40:28 NES Classic Re-Released 2018 41:07 Red Dead Redemption 2 Screenshots 45:34 Movie Time 50:17 Tim’s IT screening review 50:41 Nightwing Director Chris McKay Promises Badass action film...


Milky Podcast 01 - Destiny 2, Hurricanes, Girl's Trip

We are back to our normal weekly podcast schedule. Remember to Email for business or advice! Podcast Run Schedule: Intro 0:00 What is the brand? 3:30 How was America, Tim? 6:00 Current News Hurricanes Harvey & Irma 10:05 Website mentioned in show: Destiny 2 18:20 Setup is on twitter Movies 27:15 Potential joker solo movie 27:15 Evangeline Lilly in new Antman 2 32:12 Game of Thrones Season 7 34:34 Our thoughts on Girl’s Trip 39:30 Tim’s thoughts on...


Sunday Driving - 02 - German Exchange

Tim & Reagan take a tour to a beach suburb to find a book whilst Reagan's Girlfriend Meaghan tells a tale of her German Exchange student.


Sunday Driving - 01 - We Are Live!

The first Official Sunday Driving episode where Reagan and Tim go to a Sand Sculpture beach and talk about how 'Uber' stole Reagan's $114.


Sunday Driving - 00 - Pilot

First zesty moustaches created.