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Episode 24 - Troy Akin

I met this guy on Instagram. I liked this vibe. So I brought him to talk and have mimosas. BIO: Troy Akin born and raised in Orinda, CA was a two sport varsity athlete where he played NCAA tennis at Chapman university. Unexpectedly Troy fell in love with acting at Chapman. There he found his passion for screen acting and moved to LA to pursue his dream. He has worked with major brands like Gatorade, Apple, Mizuno, NCAA and more he finally booked his first pilot in the summer of 2018. This...


Happy One Year Anniversary

In September of 2017 I approached my friend Richard Trejo and told him I wanted to launch my own podcast. He was gracious enough at the time to open his home studio for me to record at. He even served as my engineer - and was my third guest on the show! I was fairly new to podcasting - I suppose even one year in I would still be considered a newbie - I just knew I had a good idea and that I loved talking! My first several guests called into the show as Richard's studio was not in Los Angeles...


Episode 23 - Brian Nuesi

Met this gentleman on Instagram and we became friends. I found him interesting and asked him to come have mimosas with me! BIO: Brian is an actor, producer from the Dominican Republic and living in Los Angeles.


Episode 22 - Ben Patrick Johnson

Episode 22 - Ben Patrick Johnson by MwMPodcast


Episode 21 - Veronica Kuznets

Episode 21 - Veronica Kuznets by MwMPodcast


Episode 11 - Brandie Sylfae

I am excited to introduce you to another kick ass female this month on our podcast - Brandie Sylfae. You'll definitely have to listen to this episode to find out why she is so truly amazing. I can promise you this....you won't be disappointed! BIO Brandie Sylfae is an actor, voice over and stunt performer born in Los Angeles, California. As a second degree black belt in Tang Soo Do under Chuck Norris, she got her start in martial arts focused roles, including the television series V.R....


Episode 10 - Burgandi Phoenix

I am traveling abroad this to the UK for my birthday....and I thought it would be great to introduce you to my dear friend Burgandi Phoenix. I adore this wonderful lady. Sit back and enjoy Mimosas with Michael...and Burgandi Phoenix BIO: Actress Burgandi Trejo Phoenix, is a radiant, feisty, petite, Native American/Latin American actress in Los Angeles with a beautiful smile and an infectious laugh. She has worked in several independent feature films. She has produced 2 short films for the 48...


Episode 9 - Ray Mc Cann

To open February and Black History Month I thought I would interview my good friend and President of SketchHouse Entertainment, Ray McCann. He was chillin with his home boy Donte Spears - and we talk to them about being young producers in Hollywood! BIO Raymond McCann President of Sketch House Entertainment has extensive experience in the entertainment industry. Coming from the TV Sitcom world he has worked under major producers like Bentley Kyle Evans (Martin, Jamie Foxx) and Jeff Franklin...


Episode 8 - Gregory Blair

Award-winning actor/writer/director/producer Gregory Blair was born and bred in Southern California. He studied theater at various locations throughout Los Angeles--including UCLA--and also studied abroad at Cambridge University. He is a Geoffrey Award winning actor, EOTM Award winning director, Stonewall Award winning novelist and multi-produced and award-winning screenwriter and playwright. As an actor, Gregory has graced the stage (Sylvia, Working, Six Degrees of Separation, etc.) the big...


Episode 7 - Eric Vollweiler

We start off the new year by having mimosas with film festival promoter Eric Vollweiler. Listen as we talk about movies, love, Tinder, eHarmony, JWed and film festivals. Bio: Eric is based in Upstate NY and has been producing and marketing film festivals, conferences, movie premieres, parties at major film festivals and concerts in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Utah, Connecticut, Boston, New Jersey, Manhattan, Albany and Buffalo since 2005. Some of Erics Credits include the Saratoga Springs...


Episode 6 - Tyler Gallant

Our last interview of the year is our friend, actor and retired hockey player, Tyler Gallant. Bio: Tyler Gallant is an American born actor and former pro Ice hockey player. Tyler was born in Boston, MA to Robert and Janice Gallant and brother to Ryan Gallant. Tyler's first love was acting but had always been involved in various sports as well. At the age of 12, Gallant really started to excel at ice hockey and played for various select teams. Gallant played college hockey for St Norbert...


MWM Podcast Theme Song

Our theme song, composed by Richard Trejo


Episode 5 - Matthew Fleming

Michael sits and has a mimosa with horror author Matthew R. Fleming, who has self-published his first novel The Dreams. Synopsis: Waking up in an unknown forest with four strangers, James has an unsettling feeling that the group is not alone. As tension mounts and he finds himself questioning the motives and loyalty of his companions, one of the group members disappears, leaving only a pool of blood behind. It soon becomes clear that something very large and unnatural is in the deep secret...


Episode 4 - ThankfulFor

It’s now November and we are quickly moving into the holiday season. The days get shorter, the nights get longer and we drink more hot chocolate and apple cider as winter moves in (unless you are in Los Angeles where we seem to be having a small heat wave). The best thing about Thanksgiving – besides spending it with family and TURKEY – is being able to look back on the year and think about all the things in which you are thankful for. It’s time to celebrate the small successes of life! I...


Episode 3 - Richard Trejo

This week I talk with my sound engineer, and overall cool dude, Richard Trejo! He is a film maker, location sound mixer, and Composer, and we talk about his journey through film. Enjoy!


Episode 2 - Dee Wallace

This week to talk to actress Dee Wallace. Star of ET, the Extra Terrestrial, Cujo, The Howling, and the Hills Have Eyes, she stopped to have a mimosa and talk about being a woman in horror.


Episode 1 - Kevin Phipps

Kevin Phipps Kevin has a new documentary, Friday the 13th Part 3: The Memoriam Documentary that is being released this October. He stopped by to have mimosas with Michael and tell us more about the film!