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We are real life lovers Diana and Murf, discussing your hearts and parts. In each episode we invite a third party to join us in the sack for a chat about sex, relationships and everything in between. Intro and outro sensual jams on Ménage à Trois are courtesy of French Horn Rebellion. Ménage à Trois is produced by Ben Hosley of UCB Comedy.

We are real life lovers Diana and Murf, discussing your hearts and parts. In each episode we invite a third party to join us in the sack for a chat about sex, relationships and everything in between. Intro and outro sensual jams on Ménage à Trois are courtesy of French Horn Rebellion. Ménage à Trois is produced by Ben Hosley of UCB Comedy.
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New York City, NY


We are real life lovers Diana and Murf, discussing your hearts and parts. In each episode we invite a third party to join us in the sack for a chat about sex, relationships and everything in between. Intro and outro sensual jams on Ménage à Trois are courtesy of French Horn Rebellion. Ménage à Trois is produced by Ben Hosley of UCB Comedy.






#167 - Kristen Bartlett, SNL writer

Lights, camera, perfection! The Lovers become comedy writer & performer Kristen Bartlett's instagram husband and everybody faves! Kristen adopts a randy rat, Murf hums a sensual tune and Diana gets an early morning boner; meanwhile, Hoz jerks off to a Sean Spicer clipping. Hit up KristenBartlett.com, follow @KristenCheeks, and watch SNL!


#166 - Jim Tews, I Was In Band

Frozen in time! The Lovers go in on a Groupon with stand-up Jim Tews for botox in their buttholes, and those brown eyes are lookin' TIGHT! Jim shows off his wrinkly dick, Diana frenches Nana and Murf makes a splash in the comments section; meanwhile, Hoz makes love to a pussy...cat :( Head on over to jimtews.com and follow him @jimtews. Don’t miss his show Fresh Out, every Thursday at 9:00pm, at the UCBT East Village, and check out his new comedy album, 'I Was In Band' on iTunes.


#156 - Casey Jost of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

POP! That's the sound of Casey Jost wigglin' through your eardrums as he joins the Lovers for some Q (just the) tip talk! Casey opines on future sex, Diana makes love to the elderly and Murf vacations on Staten Island; meanwhile, Hoz tweets while masturbating. Get more Casey—go check him out at ‘youtube.com/caseyjost’ and follow him @CaseyJost & @LesVinyl. Go download his band Les Vinyl’s latest EP, Milkshake, and checkhim out live at the UCB Theatre NY & East Village!


#154 - Noah Forman of Improvised Seinfeld

Sl-u-u-rp! Noah Forman of Improvised Seinfeld and the Chris Gethard show speaks to the Lovers about cockhey rules and regulations. Smoking marijuana gives the men boobs, and Diana and Ryan Gosling still have the same birthday after all these years. Follow Noah on Twitter (https://twitter.com/nforman)and check him out in the UCB NY shows Improvised Seinfeld and The Terry Withers Mysteries, as well The Chris Gethard Show! Keeees.


#150 - Dom Manzolillo, My Name Is Dom Hanks

Hide ur kids! Sensual comedic stallion, Mr. Dom Manzolillo, gallops into the Lovers' boudoir and burns the fucker down with his hot moves! Dom loses a testicle, Murf combines cocaine + molly for a s'experience and Diana screws her accountant; meanwhile, Hoz tries to hump a student and goes to jail :( Keep an eye out for Dom's next one-man show performance: My Name Is Dom Hanks, and, in the meantime, follow the lad @DomManzolillo, #HotDom.


#148 - Carly Ann Filbin of Single Blonde Failure

Yeehaw! Hold on to your horses, 'cause the Lovers welcome Miz Carly Ann Filbin to their boner barn and she's stirring up lots o' love trouble! Carly Ann tickles Hoz till he pees, Diana lusts after Jafar from Aladdin and Murf has a HUGE sack; meanwhile, Hoz drowns in his own piss, never having paid his taxes :( Don't miss seeing Carly Ann in action on Wednesday nights at the UCB Theatre East Village performing w/ her team The Nightmare, and go watch her series Single Blonde Failure on the...


#147 - Robert Dean of the Robert Dean Museum

Ho daddy! Comedian, Robert Dean jumps into our slippery wagon for some love bumps and let just say this horse ain't smooth. Robert picks a dog name, Murf's privates buffer, Diana gets locked in a closet and Hoz is now a ghost. Goto Robert Dean Museum Sunday, January 29, 2017 at Littlefield! Tickets here: http://ticketf.ly/2iECarJ


#145 - Amanda Duarte of #pussygrabsback

Put that cyanide away, cuz comedy maven Miz Amanda Duarte stopped by and put rose-colored glasses on the Lovers with her sensual sorcery. Amanda bundles for the holidays, Diana balls Santa and Murf makes sweet love to the Taco Bell menu; meanwhile, Hoz dies in a fire. Get more Amanda-D @duarteamanda and don't miss her monthly show Dead Darlings, where creators read their best work that didn't make the cut.


#143 - Josie Long of Off-Broadway's Something Better

It's a hot bird! It's a fuck plane! It's comedian Josie Long zipping across the pond to party with the Lovers! Miz Long delights and the three become fast fuckers over some sensual wine product. Josie makes love to her barrister, Murf makes Sister Act 3 and Diana sports a merkin; meanwhile, Hoz learns how to pack his bras. Don't miss 'Something Better,' Josie's fabulous show running through December 3rd at the Barrow Street Theatre, and follow this gem @JosieLong.


Happy TurkeyFuck 2016

No episode this week lovers, but to tide you over here's a special bonus track. We love you all, and we're thankful for your ears. We'll see ya next week!


#141 - Ben Hosley of UCB Comedy

Snap on some rubber gloves, because Ben "The Hoz" Hosley is this week's dirt boy! After 100 episodes as producer Ben shows why he's a monster, Murf takes too much acid and Diana is all giggles. For more hoz-jinks follow him @benhosley on Twitter.


#139 - Dru Johnston of The Chris Gethard Show

Cackle! Put on your scariest sex mask cause Dru Johnston stopped by the hump castle to give out ear candies to all our dear listeners. Dru discovers caffeine and booze don’t mix well with maggots, Murf eats all the Reese’s, Diana authors a self-help book and Hoz is sick pile of hot garbage! Trick and treat him every him every Saturday at the UCB Chelsea with Grandma’s Ashes, or check out his recent Fusion video ‘Not Your Normal Pick-up Artist’ and be sure to follow this demon on Twitter...


#137 - Lou Gonzalez of The Mannequin Room

Slurp! Improviser and filmmaker Sir Lou Gonzalez stops by the threeway glory hole and there's not a dry crevasse in the joint! Lou invents a condom-flavored condom, Diana buys a Trump mask for sex and Murf jazzes all over the Macy's perfume counter; meanwhile, Hoz tries to 69 himself and dies. Find Lou online at @angrylou and in person most Tuesdays at the UCB Theatre in Chelsea, NYC, performing with his house team, Higgins. He's the best in the biz!


#136 - Lorelei Ramirez of The Special Without Brett Davis

Suckle, suckle! Fine artist and comedian Miz Lorelei Ramirez joined us in the bang barn and this tantalizing trifecta slurped and burped till the cows came home and boned. Lorelei finds an equine orifice deep in her phone, Murf tongues a saucer and Diana joins the cum choir; meanwhile, Hoz discovers Gollum has been living in his underpants. Say "hi" to Lorelei by hopping on over to pileoftears.com and follow her artistic antics @PileOfTears. You can also see her in action at two upcoming...


#135 - George Lucas of Star Wars

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... The Lovers had a threesome with George Lucas live at the UCB Theatre in Chelsea! George explains his preference for length over girth when it comes to light sabers, Murf argues a crucifix can be used for pleasure, and Diana questions the Go-Gurt flavors in the Star Wars universe. Roman Pietrs of The Magic Touch provides the mood music, and Fred Carlos is forced to make some tough judgement calls behind the bar. George Lucas hosts his own monthly...


#134 - Shane O'Neill AKA SHANE SHANE

Squirt! The Lovers are joined by comedy & music legend Mr. Shane O'Neill in their water bed and the juices, they are a'flowing! Shane faps to some racy 16th century engravings, Diana faps to farts and Murf faps to nude celebs a decade after the photos surface; meanwhile, Hoz does lift & carry with his mom's ex-husband. Get more Shane by following the gent @shaneisland and go see him in action‚ his next “SUCK (Stand Up Comedy Klub)” show is Thursday 9/22 at Double Wide!


#133 - Riley Soloner of The Chris Gethard Show

Punch! Stud Vacation Jason AKA Riley Soloner stopped by the sex studio for a banana rub and we made one helluva fruit salad. Riley IDs the red bump on Hoz's dick, Murf crashes a wedding and Diana does some light munging; meanwhile Hoz dies and gets dead-humped by his cousin. Get more of Mr. Soloner by following @VacationJason and checking out Seasons 1 & 2 of TCGS on Fusion. Also stop by his FB fan page—The Riley Soloner—for updates on his whereabouts, projects and hilarious shenanigans!


#132 - Jamie Kilstein of Citizen Radio

Sssss-ha! We sobered up with stand-up and activist, Mr. Jamie Kilstein, over black coffee and some red hot lovin'. Jamie contracts Zika, Diana changes her last name to Ass and Murf humps the AC; meanwhile, Hoz makes a list of lovers past and it's very short. Follow this hopeless romantic @jamiekilstein and don’t sleep on his new album, ‘A Bit Much.’ He’ll be playing The New Alternative Music Festival in Asbury, NJ on Sept. 17th!


#131 - Anna Drezen, author of How May We Hate You? LIVE from the UCB Theatre

Splash! This gleesome threesome heads down to the ole water park for some interspecies blowhole action! Anna unfortch drowns in pubes, Diana beats off some chubby chasers and Murf rubs one out at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial; Meanwhile, Hoz doesn't even show up for the goddamn show :( Go buy Anna's book right now and follow this sweet 'n' sassy lass @annadrezen


#129 - Lee Chin of The Flama

10001101010101011010—we went analog AF with comedian & dope MC, Mr. Lee Chin, and all our records got gooey! Lee romanced a sexbot, Diana nuked her KY and Murf spied a huge wang; meanwhile, Hoz made chunky guacamole in his pants. Again. For more L-Chin, follow the gent @iamleechin, peep his rad vids at theflama.com and watch his videos on UCB Comedy.