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Metaphysicist, postHumorist, poet, Fabulist

Metaphysicist, postHumorist, poet, Fabulist
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Metaphysicist, postHumorist, poet, Fabulist




More Than True with David Raffin ep. 1

In these trying times what is needed is More Than True now more than ever.


Pod 6: A disquieting tale

A story about a man and his place in the universe.A story about the many uses of cell phones.A story that asks the philosophical question: What is it that makes a chair?An excerpt from Tragic Stories Disguised as Jokes.


Pod episode 5: Obama has an old hat; George W. Bush a one-track-mind

I have a joke about Gennady Zyuganov, Head of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, but odds are you will never hear it. Even though Gennady Zyuganov is a funny name. To western ears. And this has nothing to do with the podcast. Sort of.Two pieces, one about Barack Obama telling jokes, one about George W. Bush having a one track mind.I don't ordinarily do topical material. The danger being that people will forget things like that the Nobel prize was given out to a man running a...


Pod episode 4: “Go Bananas, or Go-Round! With R.D. Laing.”

If you are feeling off, perhaps you need a good talking to; which is why I have devoted the second half of the podcast to the Scottish psychiatrist R.D. Laing. I discovered him in college on the alternative reading list for psychology. He was an existentialist psychiatrist.This episode is sponsored by bananas. Not artificial bananas, but the natural mutant kind.Also there is some discussion of mass transit, other libidinous foods, and when to say yes.That's all in episode 4 of the podcast,...


Pod episode 3: Wonderful Cake

This episode of the David Raffin podcast begins with an homage to the golden age radio show Escape!Then a story about a trip filled with false fronts. But I must warn you, should you seek to emulate the trail, the poison gas has since been removed from those roadside pup tents. It was for the best. It was a terrible tourist draw.(By the way, and this has nothing to do with the podcast episode so where better to place the observation but right here, I recently read George Orwell's Such,...


Podcast episode 2: Robot Pancakes with Gustav Hasford

This second episode of the David Raffin podcast is both delightful and delicious. It's about pancakes and war. And it has robots in it. And Stanley Kubrick. Yes, all that in a 10 minute package. For free. Almost like it was made by a robot. For robots.And it was. This episode also offers a story about Gustav Hasford, author of the novel The Short-Timers, which became the Stanley Kubrick film Full Metal Jacket.If you want to know more about Gustav Hasford, you can track down some of his...


Podcast Episode 1: Tesla’s Wings

This is episode 1 of the new podcast. It includes the story Tesla's Wings and a discussion of US currency.Tesla's Wings is a story from my new book, Tragic Stories Disguised as Jokes.


DR extra: Do the Math, Henry Rollins

This is a demo for a radio program from about two years ago. Henry Rollins was not harmed during the recording of this show, nor was the Dalai Lama. Also, a song is sung. (MP3 at the end after the two bonus Dalai Lama stories. The audio is different than the stories.)Post Papal Nirvana Blues by David Raffin davidraffin.comIs a retired Pope “Pope” or “ex-Pope"? The Pope’s a quitter. Remember, the Dalai Lama retired. So he could move to Florida. Learn to meditate. Roomies? Sitcom?The Pope &...


DR extra: Well, that’s another fine fuhrer you’ve gotten us into!

A commentary on style, a lesson in history, and a fact about the mustache.