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Hollywood vs Housewife sisters fascinated by how people think. A fun conversational podcast with heart. With interviews & stories, we cover relationships, sex, music, film biz, family, parenting. Our goal is to put laughter & joy back into the world!

Hollywood vs Housewife sisters fascinated by how people think. A fun conversational podcast with heart. With interviews & stories, we cover relationships, sex, music, film biz, family, parenting. Our goal is to put laughter & joy back into the world!


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Hollywood vs Housewife sisters fascinated by how people think. A fun conversational podcast with heart. With interviews & stories, we cover relationships, sex, music, film biz, family, parenting. Our goal is to put laughter & joy back into the world!






Johnny Depp, Jessica Chastain, Steve Pieters, Robert Morse

E130 - We talk about the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial, Julianne's memories on set with Johnny Depp on "Mortdecai" with Gwyneth Paltrow, her thoughts on the Alec Baldwin shooting, Rob Huebel's and Paul Scheer's thoughts on the trial, and the wacky psychology involved. What is your own psych diagnosis? Take the test, linked below! Weens updates us on her grad school career updates in social work, specifically in the death and dying and hospice fields, while Jo ranks California colleges as...


How To Say Hi

E129 - Errands are not the most fun part of adulting. But, rather than rushing through them, why not try to make it a special part of your day...or someone else’s! We share some awkward and silly examples of how getting groceries, running to the Post Office, or filling up at the gas station can bring a little joy to those often-dreaded errands. In this episode, we chat about some simple ways to liven up your to-do list while connecting with people along the way. Laughing is good for you! The...


Raising Teens, Marriage Tune-up, Making a Documentary

E128 - Raising teenagers is tough as they enter new phases and get into new predicaments. Driving, learning independence, sneaking around, getting caught! Hear a list of tips for parenting teens as Mouse shares the latest and wants advice. How do you parents feel when your kid starts driving? What do parents do when it comes to catching their kid up to no good and what is the right punishment? How much is too much? We discuss guilt and shame, and how birthday chocolate and junior college...


Tahiti, Moorea, Prune Tips, Departure Songs

E127 - Recapping our recent amazing Tahiti and Moorea trip with mom, we talk tsunami from Tonga, the food forest pool boy, crazy drives in our mango jellybean car, a backwoods pig, chumming, and our favorite memories of the beautiful islands in French Polynesia. LISTEN TO THE END for the sweetest song we recorded at the airport going home. We were crying into our masks! But first we get up close and personal about travel bowels, otherwise known as vacation constipation, and wonder if anyone...


Personal Space, Weens Covid, Dog High

E126 - A single Hollywood woman moves into her sister's busy San Diego household of five plus pets. That's us! How are we handling it two weeks in? We talk about it all and go over an article, the Top 5 Ways to Protect Your Personal Space, hopefully to help others who are moving in together or changing a roommate situation. Then we move on to married people and scheduled sex! Get some Dr. Laura type of advice on how to get what you want from your man! Also Weens' possible Covid, Mouse's dog...


Weens’ News

We catch up on some major events that have been going on and some big news! Music credits: Julianne Eggold Voice acting: Matt Thompson Promo: Cretin's Guild Both of us are part of the Podfix Network Find all of our stuff on xoxo


She Podcasts Late

E124 - Coming in hot! It's a sister fight over Mouse being late to record. But the schedule with family and the new job are hard to juggle, man! How do you feel about late people, rescheduling, and windows of time? Weigh in on how we plan to resolve it. Then hear about our trip to Scottsdale for the She Podcasts Live conference. Lots of takeaways - some predictable, some not so much! Weens also gives us an update on explains the IATSE strike in Hollywood and what it means for her job and for...


Vikram Baliga of Planthropology: PodFix PodSix

E123 - Meet Vikram Baliga, host of podcasts Planthropology and The Plant Prof, and fellow PodFix network pal and professor! This is a special re-airing of our PodFix Presents PodSix episode from January 2021, where we ask Vikram six questions. You will hear all about plant people, whether almond milk is bad, where he stands on the men are like waffles women are like spaghetti issue, and his favorite C + C Music Factory gear. Learn about a dad moment he wishes he could do over, what his...


Homecoming, Creative Juices, Intimate Laundry

E122 - We talk old movie humor, Elon Musk in a tiny house "Martian" style, and Mouse's kids with their embarrassing homecoming story. Then it's back! Guess that Weenie Tune! Learn this song's real origin and collaboration with guitarist Ishan Cooper, aka Coop DeVille of "Bat Funk Crazy" and George Clinton Parliament Funkadelic fame. Afterwards we get into dream jobs, creative juices, and how to take Julianne's psychology knowledge and combine it with her other filmmaking skills. Should we...


Mentalist Jim Eggold, Psychic Mom Story

E121 - "Think of a name. Write it down. Tear it up into little pieces." Can he read minds? Is this magic? How does it work? Meet our Uncle Jim, a professional mentalist. Our dad's brother gives us insight into his profession in entertainment mentalism, as we delve into the differences between this, a sixth sense, psychic abilities, and meditation. Hear his intelligent take on mind readers and mindfulness, and then hop over to our mom who gives her story about a recent psychic reading! These...

Road Rage, White Lies, Sticky Barbies

E120 - We talk the why, what, and when of road rage at minute 20. Find out about anxiety and control as we talk about bad driving, bad drivers, and stories of our road rage moments! (Did someone say dangling side mirror?!) But first we catch up on figgy neighbors, types of podcasts, psychic phones, sticky Barbies, punk roots, and parental bucking the line. Is it better to be a strict rule-follower or are we entitled to nuance those rules? Should we protect friends' and family's feelings and...


Best Of: Coolsculpting Yanni

E119 - This one is a favorite! We're back with some life updates and mustache talk. Weens describes her new gig on the set of the LA tv show The Rookie and her Fishbone concert, and Mouse talks about her family vacation in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico. Warning: if you're squeamish about pool attack iguanas or ticks, skip this part. Mouse gets CoolSculpting done on her belly and gets into her feelings on body image, curves, self care, diet and exercise. Hear the whole description of how this fat...


Bathturbating and Powaypalooza

E118 - A fun train of thought episode as we talk Sandler the Love Guru, dog stew, bathturbating, vacations, living abroad, housesitting, gaydar, and a crazy 4th of July party. Hear the sounds of the Powaypalooza pop-up suburban Coachella that happened. Is your post-Covid (or are we even post-Covid?) social life picking up steam too and how do you feel about it? Let us know Song Credits: Mouse and Weens theme song and "Freedom" by Julianne Eggold at


Panic Attacks, I Need Compliments, Dream Incubation, Cat Talk

E117 - Tooth holes and a Huck Finn breathing tube? Find out what Weens learned about Panic Attacks in her psychology course. We discuss Mouse's oldest during the summer, the tiny house idea, tease upcoming professors, and compare Weens' leg to Bob Odenkirk on silks. Then it's our new segment Cat Talk! Who doesn't love, or have, or would love to have, or maybe not love to have, a cat?! Our sweatshirt shenanigans and name origin story will get your whiskers tickled. Then hear the bloody sad...


Matty from Nooks and Crannies on UFOs, ESP, Botanicals, Bonobo Sex, Orgasm Boxes, Indigenous Groups, Racial Classification, Brains & CTE

E116 - Hope your brain sponge is ready to soak up some fascinating knowledge! Matty, easily the smartest Nooks and Crannies podcaster besides co-host Evan, serves us up a verbal pu pu platter of stories and information as to why humans do the things and think the way we do. He has thoughts on ancient alien theory, having under his belt 17 years of college, multiple degrees in many social sciences, a touch of ESP, and two personal UFO sightings! Yes, he gives details on his spacecraft...


She Writes the Songs, Grape MTV, Mad About Pets

E115 - Feisty! What starts as a fun conversation about work and stay-at-home-mom life, turns a corner in this episode! First we play a guessing game while listening to one of Julianne's rad original songs "Cave Girl" This inspires personality test chatter and we wonder: are you a storyteller or an archiver? Mouse gets called out on a personal chef on vacation and explains why she feels like an imposter during talk of thrift stores. We go deep on grape Flintstones, Red Vines, 80’s hair, and...


Summer Camp, Psychic Dreams, Ethnomusicology, and Jaja Ding Dongs

E114 - While catching up, we talk psychic abilities and manifesting your thoughts into reality. Do you believe in karma? Then we jump into what’s on mama Mouse’s mind: summer camps and plans for her 3 kids now that California is opening up. After reminiscing about our camp memories, including wheelchairs and Wildman, we talk about the safety of summer camps, especially sleepaway camps, when it comes to COVID and predators. Of course this gets us talking about kidnappings and murders here in...


Patrick Wilson, Black Widows, Cadaver Mouth, and Re-Entering Post-Pandemic Society

E113 - The loins of Weens have been stirred! We wonder if her admiration of actor Patrick Wilson's pecs is a result of the vaccine giving her a steroid boost, or is it the fact that the world is opening back up? We talk about re-entering society now that we've all become introverts. Are we just comfortable at home or is it agoraphobia? Hear the difference between our socializing these days amidst talk of hikes, gardening, loneliness, and family. We list 6 helpful tips to help us get back to...


Steve Pieters: Gay Pastor of Tammy Faye Fame on Queer Life & Near Death Lessons

E112 - He wasn't supposed to live past 1985, yet here we are sitting down with Reverend Steve Pieters! Hear the incredible life story of this inspiring pastor and long-term survivor of AIDS. His interview with televangelist Tammy Faye Bakker in 1985 turned the Christian and LGBTQ communities both upside down, a storyline featured in the upcoming film "The Eyes of Tammy Faye," starring Jessica Chastain and Andrew Garfield, coming out September 2021. Steve discusses his background growing up...


Cabo Mexico Vacation

E111 - Come escape to Baja California Mexico with us! Traveling with the family, Joelle recounts her recent Spring Break week in Cabo. She has some tips for parents who want to travel with kids, especially teens, and talks about timeshares Vidanta and Cabo Azul. Mouse recounts the things to do while vacationing in Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, especially the fishing and Flora Farms adventures! There are deep questions that Mouse has for listeners too, such as when going on a resort...