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Step 104 - Block Party Episode 53: Brooke, Nikki, and An Evening with Donnie Wahlberg

Um, is this real life? Listen in as Brooke and Nikki have a conversation with the one, and only #NationalTreasure - Donnie Wahlberg. We'll talk about #BHLove, New Kids on the Block, and so much won't want to miss it!


Step 103 - 80s & 90s Storytime with Diana, Charlene, Jennifer, Stacy, & Courtney

It's another 80's & 90's storytime! Join us as we share stories from Diana, Charlene, Jennifer, Stacy, & Courtney. You won't want to miss it - lots of nostalgia in this one!


Step 102 - NKOTB Block Party: Episode 52 - Fan Stories from Christina, Stacie, Wendy, and Kelly

Join us this week as we share NKOTB stories from some of our forever friends…Christina, Stacie, Wendy, and Kelly! And be sure to check out the awesome 900-NEW-KIDS audio clips, submitted by Rachel!


Step 101 - Let's Remember: Food from the 80's and 90's

In this week's episode we talk about food that we used to love from the 80's and 90's that - for the most part - you can no longer get. Chime in and let us know what foods you miss!


Step 100 - We Were Here (On the Boat) Part 3 : NKOTB Cruise Stories

Join us as we share some recent experiences of meeting Blockheads in the wild, and then jump into some incredible NKOTB Cruise X stories from our friends Lindsey, Deneice, Charlene, Gina, Mariah, Sandy, and Angie & Jenny. Stay tuned through the end to hear some messages left by you!


Step 99 - We Were Here (On the Boat) Part 2: Thoughts from OG Cover Girl Jenny & MSCW Friends

Join us as we venture into more post NKOTB Cruise X thoughts and start our episode with Jenny, the OG Cover Girl, then continue with some messages from our MSCW friends!


Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark - A MSCW Bonus Episode

Happy Halloween! Here's a bonus episode to celebrate with lots of scary listener stories to scare the crap out of you!


Step 98 - We Were Here (On the Boat) Part 1: Nikki and Brooke's NKOTB Cruise Recap

We are BACK FROM THE BOAT! Join us, Nikki and Brooke, as we give our play-by-play of the New Kids on the Block cruise (Cruise X)…all from a first timer’s perspective. Needless to say, it was an amazing time with some amazing forever friends! Listen for audio clips from some of them during the episode!


Step 97 - My So-Called Weekend in NYC with NKOTB at the Apollo

Join us as we recount all the fabulous details of our weekend in NYC!


Step 96: Get on the Boat 2018 - New Kids on the Block Cruise Stories from Emily, Jennifer, Lisa, and Jackie

Sound the horn! We have some amazing cruise stories to share from our friends Emily, Jennifer, Lisa, and Jackie!


Step 95 - October Scary Listener Stories: Part 1

It’s October and Halloween is just around the corner! Join Brooke and Nikki as they read a dark true crime story from Katie, a ghostly story with a visit from the other side from Rene, Halloween memories from Kelley, and some very cool pick-a-pic’s from Jerusha, Linda & Stella, and Gabby. And wait to the end to hear some phone messages from our listeners!


Step 94 - NKOTB Block Party: Episode 46 - New Kids on the Block Fan Stories from Amanda, Katherine, Gillian, Eva, and Ashley

Join us this week as we hear some amazing New Kids on the Block Fan Stories! This week you'll hear how amazing Joey McIntyre was in the late 90's as well as how amazing he smelled thanks to a fan story submitted by Amanda. Katherine recounts an amazing news story and a chance encounter with Donnie Wahlberg that was cut short, Gillian describes the reasons she was grounded for an entire month in Scotland in the 90s, Eva tells us about her NKOTB journey and how it's encouraged her to start her...


Step 93 - 80s and 90s Stories from Our Friends Sarah, Maria, Christina, Jerusha, Angela.

Welcome to our 80s/90s story time episode! Visit our website to view photos: Visit our store Become a Patreon Peep Ela's Non-Cruisers Collage & Donation to Generation Rescue


Step 92 - NKOTB Block Party: Episode 45 - New Kids on the Block Fan Stories from Shannon, Annie, Alyssa, Courtney, and Brooke

Join Nikki and Brooke as they read fan stories from friends Alyssa, Annie, Brooke, Courtney, and Shannon...and also tangent all over the place!


Step 91 - Hanging Out with Airborne and Swans Crossing 90's Heartthrob Shane McDermott (THIS REALLY HAPPENED!)

Join us while we totally fangirl over Nikki's teen crush from the shows Swans Crossing and All My Children AND the movie Airborne, 90's teen heartthrob - Shane McDermott. Nikki will try to keep it together as we talk about how Shane got his start, to what he's doing now. Dreams really do come true! Be sure to visit our website - for photos, videos, and more! Also, visit Shane's website at


Step 90 - NKOTB Block Party: Episode 44 - Fan Stories from Angela, Natasha, Karen, Alyssa, and Candace

We do get a little serious in the beginning of this week's block party - but after the seriousness (skip to the 35 minute mark if you have trouble with discussions around depression) - we have a lot of fun with a 1995 weekend in Boston story from Angela, We hear about Natasha's NKOTB Journey, We'll hear Karen's international NKOTB fan story, we hear part one of Alyssa's NKOTB Summer of 1989 and her Old Orchard Beach Experience, and we'll lastly hear about some great NKOTB moments from...


Step 89 - Block Party Episode 43: Nikki & Maria's Chat about NKOTB, Stories from Kristen & The Lobsters!

Welcome to the BLOCK PARTY! Join Nikki and guest host, Maria, as they chat about New Kids on the Block and read some amazing stories from Kristen and "The Lobsters" - aka Kim and Jenn.


Step 88 - 80's & 90's Storytime with Kelley, Danielle, Courtney, Heather & Joy

Join Brooke & Nikki for an 80s & 90s storytime with stories from our friends Kelley, Danielle, Courtney, Heather & Joy. Don't forget to send your stories to


Step 87 - NKOTB Block Party: Episode 42 - Kelly, Jenn, Andrea, Kristin, and Misty

We're back to the old format - bring on the stories - it's time for the NKOTB BLOCK PARTY! In this episode, we will tangent as always but you will also hear some pretty amazing fan stories including a very happy birthday from our friend Kelly, a VIP Wahlburgers experience from our friend Jenn, a "knock out" encounter from our friend Andrea, a couple amazing Donnie stories that solidify why #WeAreAllDonnieGirls from our friend Kristin, and a super amazing meet & greet with Jenny McCarthy from...


Step 86 - Friday Night Chat

In this episode, Brooke & Nikki wind down after a very busy week and have a nice Friday night chat. We have some pretty awesome stuff coming up for you in the next few weeks so hold tight! Special thanks to Jackie for our amazing rap intro! Live tweet @socalledwhatev your answers to our questions!!!