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A podcast about bad gals and the good chicks who love them.

A podcast about bad gals and the good chicks who love them.
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A podcast about bad gals and the good chicks who love them.




MTG006 - The Snekdel Test

Beloved listeners! We return after a brief hiatus with our arms laden with gifts for you! Two gifts to be exact, and they're both girlfriends. We would apologize for giving you terrible ones, but that's exactly what you signed up for. This week, we discuss the logistics of attending your girlfriend's wedding and the awkward conversations that happen when your girlfriend absorbs you and everything else in the known universe. ========= Theme music is "I Wanna Be Your Woman" by The...


MTG005 - The Girlfriend of My Girlfriend is My Girlfriend

Listeners! Loves of our lives! Another week, another girlfriend. This week our earnest missive of love is brought to you with backing vocals from local demon son/sharp boy Oscar (Alex's) cat. Listen as we yowl mournfully about the follies of curing bad tropes with dating, murderous plants, and girlfriends who want to be the very best, like no one ever was. To love them is our real test; to document their greatness is our cause. pokémon! ========= Theme music is "I Wanna...


MTG004 - Backless Leather Situations

Darling Listeners, We return to you again for another week of awful girlfriends who are both good at what they do and delightfully scornfully gay. Join us as we discuss the eroticism of 80's teen movie bullying, bad ladies who love rules and schedules, and how sometimes all a girlfriend needs is someone to be there for her while she rules with an iron fist. We got intimate with some tallboys and debated the pros and cons of murder as a bonding activity. ========= Theme music is...


MTG003 - Bangable Human Bodies

Dearest listeners! This week our girlfriends are vicious and violent and love our bones more than they love us. We talk about the women who live under our skin and the cruel femmes who are fanatics of fur. Once again, we raise our glasses to the beautiful rage of the spirit and dream about the many ways our girlfriends love to wreck us. ============================ Theme music is "I Wanna Be Your Woman" by The Jeanies. Album art is by Alyssa Torres. Get up close and personal with...


MTG002 - A Blob With Feelings

Hello, listeners! On Wednesdays we wear pink, and on Thursdays we talk about our girlfriends. This week we talk about the romantic allure of mean girls with sweet voices and the romance that lurks in the unfathomable depths of the ocean. We had a little bourbon and a lot of things to say about love, loving women, and the inevitable heartbreak of dating women who are too great and terrible to be tied down. ============================ Theme music is "I Wanna Be Your Woman" by The...


MTG001 - Tragic Gay Woefulness

Hello, world! Welcome to My Terrible Girlfriend! Join Anna and Alex, sisterwives of FBI Agent Dana Scully, as they explore dreams of sapphic joy and idyllic domesticity with some of history's best and baddest fictional female villains. Listen to them wax poetic about smooching robots and crushing on sharks over a few drinks, a lot of snacks, and (usually) a cat. This week, Anna and Alex talk about a puzzling girlfriend and a misunderstood antagonist with a heart of...