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Mystic Pizza Minute is a podcast where we watch the 1988 movie "Mystic Pizza" minute-by-minute without ever having seen it before. It's a slice of Heaven!! New episodes Mondays and Fridays.

Mystic Pizza Minute is a podcast where we watch the 1988 movie "Mystic Pizza" minute-by-minute without ever having seen it before. It's a slice of Heaven!! New episodes Mondays and Fridays.
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Mystic Pizza Minute is a podcast where we watch the 1988 movie "Mystic Pizza" minute-by-minute without ever having seen it before. It's a slice of Heaven!! New episodes Mondays and Fridays.




Minute 104: The Stars of Tomorrow

In our one hundred and fourth, and final, Minute, the movie is over. Your Mystic Pizza pals, David Hulford and John Windsor, look back at the film and the podcast that was. Topics include the Bechdel test, upcoming Robert Zemeckis film Welcome to Marwen, and Windsor's weird obsession with the 1995 film Casper. It has been a real and true pleasure recording this show for all of you, and we're proud of what we've made here. Thank you for listening.


Minute 103: Finale, Part Two - Probably More Than The Movie Mystic Pizza Really Calls For

In our one hundred and third minute, the credits keep rolling, as do your intrepid Mystic Pizza podcasters, traveling through Mystic, eating pizza and stealing hearts. All good things come to an end though, and as we head home, we reflect on the journey that was. Special Guest: Steve Richardson


Minute 102: Finale, Part One - Welcome To Mystic

In our one hundred and second Minute, the movie is over, but this podcasting journey has a few stops left before we can call it finished. Hulford, Windsor, and producer/driver Steve head north to Connecticut to see Mystic for themselves, try its pizza, and examine some of its landmarks. Special Guest: Steve Richardson


Two-Part Finale Begins Monday, June 25th

Mystic Pizza Minute's regularly scheduled broadcast is being temporarily delayed in order to prepare for our multipart finale, premiering this Monday, June 22nd. Same Mystic Pizza time, same Mystic Pizza channel. Catch the fever!


Minute 101: Anybody Can Go To Prison

In our one hundred and first Minute, Jojo joins Kat and Daisy out on the back porch of Mystic Pizza for a few final laughs before the camera slowly pans up to the stars above, and the credits beyond. Mystic Pizza Minute producer Steve joins John and David in the studio for the LAST standard format episode before we enter our grand finale. Topics discussed include the Electronic Entertainment Expo, the Free Willy franchise of films, and something Windsor calls "laugh takes". Special Guest:...


Minute 100: May We Have 100 More

In our big one zero zeroth Minute, Daisy 'scoopervises' Charlie as he mans the ice cream bucket before joining her sister Kat on their pizzeria's back porch. Mystic Pizza Minute is joined one last time by Caitlin Fontecchio for a talk about nostalgia based television adaptations of the late nineties and early two thousands, the ostensibly nice restaurants of South Florida, and a possible spiritual successor to the 1988 Julia Roberts vehicle Mystic Pizza. Special Guest: Caitlin Fontecchio


Minute 99: Throwing Rocks is Super Fun

In our ninety-ninth minute, wedding crasher Charley attempts to apologize to Daisy and in the process is enlisted to help serve ice cream. This week Hulford and Windsor are joined again by resident psycholinguistics expert Caitlin Fontecchio for a chat about adults imitating high school students, Wes Andersonian movie endings, and the simple joys of throwing rocks at passing vehicles and fellow children. Special Guest: Caitlin Fontecchio


Minute 98: Tomatoed Cheesecake

In our ninety-eighth Minute, wedding crasher Charlie sneakily works his way to the back of Mystic Pizza. Hulford and Windsor are joined in-studio once more by Barbara Levin, a.k.a. Hulford's mom, who shares her knowledge of traditional Shavuot treats, the portrayal of intelligent female characters in cinema, and the proper amount of cocaine to bring to prom. Special Guest: Barbara Levin


Minute 97: People Are Animals

In our ninety-seventh Minute, Leona pulls Kat aside at Jojo's wedding and gives her a wedding gift of her own. Your humble Mystic Pizza podcast hosts are joined this week by Barbara Levin, a.k.a. David's mom. Hi Mom! They talk about all the things they got wrong about this movie, the inconsistent portrayal of gay characters in large tentpole franchise films, and the location of Windsor's conception/eventual death. Special Guest: Barbara Levin


Minute 96: The Portuguese Electric Slide

In our ninety-sixth Minute, Bill and Jojo are wed, guests are Borat-dancing at each other, and we are officially in the final stretch of this movie! Hulford and Windsor are alone in the studio one last time, talkin' dinosaurs, speculatin' about if humans had horns, and Google translatin' traditional Portuguese wedding songs into English. David makes a perfect inverted pyramid with his vape. Special Guest: YOU


Minute 95: When Pizza's On A Bagel

In our ninety-fifth Minute, Leona explains to a caller that they don't take reservations, and Bill wears an all-white tuxedo for some yet unrevealed purpose. Windsor and Hulford are alone in the studio for one last round (should be all guest spots from here) and chat amicably about pizza bagels, four star rating systems, and the 2000 Minnie Driver vehicle, Return to Me.


Minute 94: Face Mime

In our ninety-fourth Minute, Kat and Leona have their too-long hug interrupted by the Fireside Gourmet's long-awaited review of "the" Mystic Pizza. Dominique comes around for one last spin around the Mystic Pizza Minute carousel, joining Hulford and Windsor for a closure-filled talk about fire allergies, unwanted hugs, and the crankiest of cranky head chefs. Special Guest: Dominique Holland


Minute 93: Ho Money is Yo' Money

In our ninety-third Minute, Nikki Travers serves as Tim's getaway driver, as Kat tears up his hush money check in the back. Hulford and Windsor welcome back to the studio popular recurring guest Dominique, and have a rambling conversation about brutally honest cults, enviable t-shirt necklines, and strategies to keep your man from pulling a Tim Travers. Special Guest: Dominique Holland


Minute 92: A Letter of Recommendation

In our ninety second Minute, while they're in the neighborhood Tim Travers and Phoebe swing by Mystic Pizza to drop off some hush money. Windsor and Hulford are by their lonesome selves in the studio again, and take the opportunity to share some Infinity War spoilers, transportation woes, and vague disappointment in Westworld season 2.


Minute 91: Horatio and Tammy

In our ninety-first Minute, Daisy calls out Charley and then back at the titular pizza place, Kat receives an unexpected visitor... Hulford and Windsor are alone in the studio this week and go over some workplace drama at Jiminy Cricket's, discuss the universal applicability of pumpkin imagery in autumn-based holidays, and wistfully recall a bygone era of public smoking.


Minute 90: Kronum

In our ninetieth Minute, Charlie trashes his family's dinner and Kat takes the opportunity to make an early exit. It's part two of Mystic Pizza Minute's second annual sweeps week, and Hulford and Windsor are joined in the studio by Steve Chandler (as well as another Steve, our editor) for a lively discussion about Trump's doctor getting his office raided, middle school freak-outs, and Kronum, the sport of kings! Special Guest: Steve Chandler


Minute 89: Millennials Have Podcasts

In our eighty-ninth Minute, things get a little awkward at dinner between Daisy and Charlie's racist aunt. It's sweeps week again at Mystic Pizza Minute, and your favorite Mystic Pizza pod-pals are joined in studio by new guest Steve Chandler (not to be confused with editor Steve Richardson, who is also in the studio) to exchange information about hacking friends' Facebook profiles, the historic beef (or lack thereof) between the English and the Portuguese, and the noble profession of...


Minute 88: The Fiftieth Heaviest Gas

In our eighty-eighth Minute, you're gonna hear some serious shit as Daisy runs into an old friend while having dinner at the Windsor household. Your faithful hosts go on a conversational journey touching on topics including the secrets of Freemasonry, strange bugs that look like flowers or live under the sea, a


Minute 87: The Plight of the Pizza Podcaster

In our eighty-seventh Minute, fresh off an awkward conversation with her mom, Daisy heads to lobster dinner at the Windsor household. Your hosts, Hulford and Windsor, are alone in the studio and morale might be kind of low. Nevertheless, they persist, and have an intimate discussion about parade floats, occurrences of incest in America's upper crust, and then take listeners on a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Mystic Pizza Minute.


Minute 86: Charisma is Currency

In our eighty-sixth Minute, Daisy asks her mom what she REALLY thinks of this Charlie fella she's seeing. Levi Buffum finishes out his first guest turn on the show, talking with Hulford and Windsor about Mystic accents, Philadelphia style soft pretzels as easy meal substitutes, and the importance of parental approval in relationships. Special Guest: Levi Buffum