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Mystic Pizza Minute is a podcast where we watch the 1988 movie "Mystic Pizza" minute-by-minute without ever having seen it before. It's a slice of Heaven!! New episodes Mondays and Fridays.

Mystic Pizza Minute is a podcast where we watch the 1988 movie "Mystic Pizza" minute-by-minute without ever having seen it before. It's a slice of Heaven!! New episodes Mondays and Fridays.
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Mystic Pizza Minute is a podcast where we watch the 1988 movie "Mystic Pizza" minute-by-minute without ever having seen it before. It's a slice of Heaven!! New episodes Mondays and Fridays.




Minute 46: The False Daisy

In our forty-sixth Minute, Charlie follows the breadcrumb trail of discarded clothing at both Daisy and the sexy sax's urging. Caitlin Fontecchio joins your pizza pals in-studio for an extra long and lively discussion of basic income, 90's Touchstone Pictures' love of the sea, and writhing masses of bugs. Special Guest: Caitlin Fontecchio


Minute 45: Shoe Clue

In our forty-fifth Minute, Charlie answers Daisy's question by the fire, giving her the opportunity to silently sneak away. Caitlin Fontecchio joins the third-timers' club, and shares stories about her recent pilgrimage to Mystic Pizza, the real-life restaurant, which Windsor momentarily believes to be a theme restaurant of some sort. Special Guest: Caitlin Fontecchio


Minute 43: Bill's Big Floppy Horse Penis

In our forty-third Minute, Kat and Jojo switch days off, and Charlie brings Daisy to his creepy darkened haunted mansion home. Your Mystic Pizza Minute ringmasters welcome Paul Hughes, a.k.a. Bungler, the creator of all the podcast's awesome music, to their dark and twisted three ring carnival of terrors. In the center ring, Hulford and Windsor recap the plot so far to an incredulous Bungler, and in the second ring, the boys discuss the power imbalance inherent to overly public wedding...


Minute 42: This Sauce Is People

In our forty-second Minute, Jojo and Bill get freaky in the Mystic Pizza ladies' room. Hulford and Windsor are joined again by their old Lunar Media Broadcast co-host, Kudos the hyper-intelligent dolphin. The reunited (and it feels so good) trio go for a deep dive in a variety of topics, including secretly decaffeinated coffee, the surprisingly high-tech surveillance system at Media, PA's own Jiminy Cricket's Magical Italian Eatery, and that time Hulford kicked Windsor's ass in Chicago....


Minute 41: You're Good On The Water We're Good On The Land

In our forty-first Minute, Daisy senses something's up between her sister Kat and Tim Travers and does what any sister would: throw condoms at her. In this very special episode, Hulford and Windsor are joined in studio by their old podcast's third co-host, Kudos the hyper intelligent dolphin. After catching up with each other, they discuss Mystic Pizza Minute's recent journey to Chicago, regrettable college posters, and the lost art of musical scatting. Special Guest: Kudos the Dolphin


Minute 40: The One Where We Threaten Tom Petty

In our fortieth Minute, Robin Leach walks us through late 1980's Mar-a-Lago, and Daisy notices that her sister Kat is wearing a different sweater than usual. Your Mystic Pizza sherpas are joined in their latest expedition by returning guest Dominique Holland, and together the three scale the topics of the recent solar eclipse, Windsor joining the alt-right, and Hulford definitely *not* threatening the President. David momentarily confuses Tom Petty with Tom Waits, because he's only...


Minute 39: Hello, Cairo!

In our thirty-ninth Minute, Kat returns home just in time to feel sorry for herself seeing Daisy and Charlie share a glamorous kiss in the driveway. Thrice returning guest Dominique Holland helps Windsor interpret Hulford's Mystic Pizza spirit drawings before he later wraps his fingers up in electrical tape. Windsor explains how he thinks TVs work, and it involves literal tubes, because he's kind of a dummy. Special Guest: Dominique Holland


Minute 38: There Is Farms

In our thirty-eighth Minute, there's romance in the air, not to mention a slight chill, as Tim Travers offers Kat a sweater and the two share a meaningful stare. The Mystic Pizza patrol is joined again in their latest expedition by Steve Richardson, our ever-patient editor, and together, the trio explores topics including cured morning meats, Great Balls of Fire, both the possibly banned movie and the wrestling pay per view, and movie mirror logistics. Windsor gives an update as to the...


Minute 37: Cat Toy Industrial Complex

In our thirty-seventh Minute, Phoebe is getting ready for beddy when she accidently lets slip that perhaps Mr. and Mrs. Travers' marriage isn't long for this world. Steve's back. You know Steve, he's the show's editor. Steve, John and David talk about spherical rooms (not to be confused with domes), the Glass family lineage (from George to Ira), and the defining characteristics of an Uncle Sam Hat. Special Guest: Steve Richardson


Minute 36: If They Only Knew

In our thirty-sixth Minute, Jojo begs Leona for the Mystic Pizza secret recipe and dreams of designing pizzas of her own. The Mystic Pizza Players theater troupe is joined again by Jeff Martin, and the trio perform a series of vignettes about Polygon's Nick Robinson sexually harassing his way out of the video game media industry, the dearly departed Darren Daulton becoming Unstuck in Time, and being the Beast. Windsor attempts a backdoor pilot of a podcast about polyamory, Special Guest:...


Minute 35: Zip Zap Zop

In our thirty-fifth Minute, Mystic Pizza might be in financial trouble, and only television food critic Hector Plechette can save them. Hulford and Windsor and new guest Jeff Martin discuss improv warm-ups, Cruella DeVille's spaghetti recipes, and an in depth look at the cover of the September 1987 issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine. Special Guest: Jeff Martin


Episode 34: The True Orgy Planetarium

In our thirty-fourth Minute, Tim Travers and a sleepy Phoebe show up to Kat's awesome planetarium job to wreck her planned remarks twice. The Mystic Pizza partners are joined once more by psycholinguists expert Caitlin Fontecchio, and the three talk about Trump ruining all political fiction forever, construction worker hook-up spots, and sexy, sexy science. Oh, and the Fincher-attached movie David was thinking about at the beginning was World War Z 2... baffling, right? Baffling. Special...


Episode 33: Here's To Sickness!

In our thirty-three and a third Minute, Daisy kisses Charley upon learning his dad owns a yacht, and we the audience learn that KAT WORKS IN A PLANETARIUM!! Exciting! David and John are pleased to be joined this week by returning guest Caitlin Fontecchio, and the three discuss billiards-themed swimming pools, the worst constellations, and the sexual politics of SuperTrain. Special Guest: Caitlin Fontecchio


Episode 32: I Did It Wrong In The Last Episode

In our thirty-second Minute, having successfully hitchhiked back to civilization, Charley and Daisy continue their date at the local yachting club. Your Mystic Pizza Minute co-pilots are joined once again in the cockpit by Hannah Litvin, and together they attempt to safely navigate the treacherous subjects of biking coincidences, gendered expectations surrounding dating practices, and whether Neil Diamond is great or terrible. Special Guest: Hannah Litvin


Episode 31: This Episode Is A Mess (In A Fun Way)

In our thirty-first minute, Daisy and Charlie compare hitchhiking techniques, each one-upping the other until they reach the inevitable conclusion of such contests: Charlie dropping his pants in the middle of the road. John and David record their first episode in two weeks due to the latter's extended adventures in north Florida, bringing new guest Hannah Litvin in to help them shake the dust off. Discussed topics include J & D's aborted "Movies By Memory" webshow, a long, rambling story...


Episode 30: Charlie Is A Murderer

In our thirtieth Minute, Daisy and Charlie go for a brief joyride before the latter's Porsche gets a flat, instantly transforming the stylish young couple into hitchhiking vagabonds. Your faithful Mystic Pizza viewing companions and returning guest Marshall improvise the start of a hardboiled detective novel and swap sordid stories of working in toy stores, and David shares a theory he's developed that gives this episode its name... Special Guest: Marshall Bruno


Episode 29: His Name Is My Name, Too

In our twenty-ninth Minute, Daisy turns down her mom's offer to feed her and Charley Gordon Windsor Jr. some nice home cooked 'lobst' and Daisy's mom in turn slut-shames her daughter, right in front of her date. Returning guest Marshall Bruno helps Hulford and Windsor test out some new potential recurring segment ideas for the show, including 'Mystic Pizza Moments,' 'Who Won the Minute?' and 'Who Would You Rather French Kiss?' Some of those go better than others.


Episode 28: Ronald Reagan is the President's Son

In our twenty-eighth Minute, Daisy runs off carrying the better part of a six-pack with Jojo and Kat in hot pursuit, then some indeterminate time later, she is unexpectedly greeted at her home by a familiar-ish face and an even more familiar car. David and John are once again joined in-studio by none other than Joshua Edward Hulford, who helps your humble hosts close out David's-Cat-Throwing-Up Week in style, with discussion of a wide range of topics, including the structural integrity of...


Episode 27: American Beauty But Again

In our twenty-seventh Minute, Daisy drunkenly recites her insecurities on the docks as a sperm-like shooting star passes silently overhead. Your Mystic Pizza Copilots welcome David's little brother Josh into their cockpit, leading the audience on an aerial tour of dickish pizza opinions, wishing life-hacks, and terrible helicopter sound effects. David's cat throws up. Special Guest: Joshua Hulford


Episode 26: Dying On A Lot Of Weird Hills

In our twenty-sixth Minute, the ladies of Mystic Pizza gather under cover of darkness on the local docks, where Daisy acquires a damp six-pack and commiserates with Jojo about Bill's sexy thicc wrists. Hosts John Windsor and David Hulford, along with guest Alex Colic, delve into a variety of topics including but not limited to Sri Lankan coconut retrieval, butt privilege, and the unrefined pre-micro-brewery beer landscape of the late eighties. Special Guest: Alex Colic