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Mystic Pizza Minute is a podcast where we watch the 1988 movie "Mystic Pizza" minute-by-minute without ever having seen it before. It's a slice of Heaven!! New episodes Mondays and Fridays.

Mystic Pizza Minute is a podcast where we watch the 1988 movie "Mystic Pizza" minute-by-minute without ever having seen it before. It's a slice of Heaven!! New episodes Mondays and Fridays.
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Mystic Pizza Minute is a podcast where we watch the 1988 movie "Mystic Pizza" minute-by-minute without ever having seen it before. It's a slice of Heaven!! New episodes Mondays and Fridays.




Minute 84: Digital Scabs

In our eighty-fourth Minute, fireside gourmet Hector Pleshette spends a solid forty seconds eating our guest. Your faithful pizza boys are joined by the Mystic Pizza himself, and they have a pleasant chat about the filmography of Andy Warhol, Jaimie Kennedy's botched 2013 New Years celebration, and the state of food in modern cinema. Special Guest: The Mystic Pizza


Minute 83: The Mystic Pizza Minute

In our eighty-third Minute, Kat serves an uncooked pizza to a pair of hungry customers, before going on to serve a certain very special guest... Speaking of very special guests, Mystic Pizza Minute is proud to welcome the film's titular character, the Mystic Pizza himself, who offers some behind the scenes gossip about filming in Connecticut, which costars were a pleasure to work with and which ones were... less of a pleasure, and some fun tidbits about props and makeup. Special Guest: The...


Minute 82: Mostly Crying

In our eighty-second Minute, Kat cries for about forty five seconds, then grabs an uncooked pizza from the Mystic Pizza kitchen. Resident psycholinguistics expert Caitlin joins David and John in the studio, and they have a freewheeling discussion about nail biting, the untold truth of green bell peppers, and the onetime national pastime of waiting for Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen to turn eighteen. Special Guest: Caitlin Fontecchio


Minute 81: A Milkshake Cult

In our eighty-first Minute, Kat mopes off to her room, and Daisy goes in to check on her after needling her about boots and comb scuzz. Hulford and Windsor welcome back to the studio popular recurring guest Caitlin, and the three rap about sex cults, the 1997 Salma Hayek vehicle Fools Rush In, and nonbelievers invading holiest of holy places. Special Guest: Caitlin Fontecchio


Minute 79: The World's Third Oldest Profession

In our seventy-ninth Minute, Kat, Tim, Jojo, and Nikki stand around the Travers living room, staring dramatically at each other, before half their number exit into the rain. Who's that in the Mystic Pizza Minute studio, with your hosts John and David? It's Yoni, a new guest, that's who! They discuss butt plug animal tails, the tell-tale signs of cataract surgery, and Windsor's Life-Alert-equipped Jitterbug phone. Special Guest: Yoni Wilson


Minute 78: Different Types of Relationships

In our seventy eighth Minute, Kat and Tim burst into the Travers household only to come face to face with estranged wife Nikki herself, as second-string babysitter Jojo frantically spins lies. Bungler's back. Hulford and Windsor are present as always. With their powers combined, the three talk about lawn weatherization, wasting the police's time, and reconsider some of the most sacred cows of comedy filmmaking. Special Guest: Paul Hewes


Minute 75: Indoor Pizza Picnic

In our seventy-fifth Minute, Kat and Tim Travers go on a massively inappropriate haunted house date. Windsor is out on assignment, so Hulford invites producer Steve and recurring guest Dominique to keep him company. Topics include Windsor having herpes and Windsor being on trial in a sovereign citizen court for having herpes. Podcast history is made as the three attempt to order a pizza, live on the air. Special Guests: Dominique Holland, Steve Richardson


Minute 74: Typical Lullaby Fare

In our seventy fourth Minute, worlds collide as Jojo babysits Phoebe on behalf of Kat, serenading the witch-costume-clad child with a Portuguese (???) lullaby. Addison Davis is back in the studio, and he and Hulford and Windsor have a nice conversation about the totally legitimate science practiced by definitely-not-a-cult Unarius, socially conscious custom haggadahs, and the influence of Lord of the Rings on the movie Cold Mountain. Windsor impresses the group with his flawless...


Minute 73: More Smaller Bets

In our seventy-third Minute, Kat proves bad at apologies and Daisy gives her a healthy dollop of reality in return. The Mystic Pizza Minute podcasting studio is once again graced by the presence of returning guest Addison Davis, who joins your humble hosts for a wide-ranging discussion of bike safety, speculation as to the number of curse words appearing in the subject of this podcast, and tip distribution among shift-changing waiters. Special Guest: Addison Davis


Minute 72: AKA Fran Flencher

In our seventy-second Minute, Kat takes a little too long to apologize to Daisy, and Daisy gives her an earful in return. Hulford and Windsor are joined in the studio by Stevie Spitts, and the three discuss filming locations of 1958's the Blob, early adventures in using naughty words, and the occupational hazards of babysitting. Special Guest: Stevie Spitts


Minute 71: Mister Pizza

In our seventy-first Minute, Charlie forgives Daisy for missing their date with his parents. Later, Kat arrives at Mystic Pizza just in time to catch the end of what was supposed to be her shift. Hulford and Windsor are joined welcome to the studio a new guest, Stevie Spitts, and having gotten that introduction out of the way, have an engrossing discussion about the dissolution of the American middle class, tricks to close stores and restaurants slightly early, and recurring sailor extras....


Minute 70: Pickles and Toothpaste

In our seventieth Minute, Daisy is prevented from meeting Charlie's parents due to a sudden and total abdication of responsibilities on the part of her sister Kat. Mystic Pizza Minute producer Steve Richardson joins hosts David Hulford and John Windsor on the other side of the sound board mixer thing/array of other technologically impressive equipment that we definitely really have, to share in woeful tales of stolen Stromboli recipes, robotic restaurant mascots, and our edible bug filled...


Minute 69: Honk honk

In our nice sixty-ninth Minute, Kat avoids leaving for work while Tim dances around the existence of his wife and Phoebe flies in for a kiss. Producer Steve is live in the Mystic Pizza Minute studio, talkin' with Hulford and Windsor about maze monsters, Bill Paxton/spaghetti, and the mystical significance of the number sixty-nine. Special Guest: Steve Richardson


Minute 68: Castaway Minute, But Backwards

In our sixty-eighth Minute, Tim Travers relieves Kat of her babysitting duties and somewhat reluctantly answers some questions about his perhaps-somewhat-estranged wife. Hulford and Windsor use their guest Jeff Martin to run some ideas by, including some sequel podcast ideas, a loose association of man-boy actors, and just a whole bunch of other stuff before they get around to discussing the minute proper... We love our editor! Special Guest: Jeff Martin


Minute 66: Dishwasher Wisdom

In our sixty-sixth Minute, Jojo regales her coworkers with a monologue detailing a fantastical, maybe-not-entirely-true version of her recent breakup with Bill. Back in the Mystic Pizza Podcast studio, Hulford and Windsor play host to returning guest Alex Colic, and the three discuss dentistry and more questionable forms of medicine, and the illustrious career of recently deceased character actor Bucky Walsh. Hulford makes podcasting history by using a nasal pore strip, live on the air....


Minute 65: Our Spaceships Run On Prayer

In our sixty-fifth Minute, Jojo shows up for work three hours early and fibs about who broke up with whom. Your humble hosts, Dave Hulford and John Windsor, are joined again by third time guest Alex Colic for a long discussion about pretty much every topic you shouldn't talk about on a movies by minute podcast... but it basically works out okay. Special Guest: Alex Colic


Minute 64: Forty-one Litterboxes For Forty-one Cats

In our Nintendo sixty-fourth Minute, Bill accused Jojo of only loving him for his dick, and presents an ultimatum. Hulford and Windsor sit down once again with multiple-time guest Caitlin Fontecchio to talk about the dearth of Mystic Pizza fan fiction, daytime talk show transcripts, and the labyrinthine logic of boat curses. Special Guest: Caitlin Fontecchio


Minute 63: XFL Super Bowl Champs

In our sixty-third Minute, Jojo goes out to Bill's boat to invite him to some sexcapades in her previously unmentioned sister's apartment, but Bill seems unimpressed by her proposition... Back in the lovely Mystic Pizza Minute podcasting studio, David Hulford and John Windsor are joined again by Caitlin Fontecchio for a lively chat about the XFL's new premise, some theoretical State of the Union scenarios, and the little known sexual revolution of 1988. Special Guest: Caitlin Fontecchio


Minute 62: We're Artists Here

In our sixty-second Minute, Charlie gives credit where credit is due and asks the gals of Mystic Pizza for a ride. Returning guest Dominique and the fellas play around with the new Mystic Pizza Minute soundboard (sorry!) and have a meandering discussion about labor inducing plants, John Windsor's working schedule, and Michael Wolff's Fire and Fury. Special Guest: Dominique Holland


Minute 61: A Car of Koi

In our sixty-first Minute, Daisy takes a swing at Charley, who then introduces the girls to what turns out to be his sister... Regular guest Dominique stops by the studio, and leads us in a conversation about male menstrual cycles, Jake Gyllenhaal's seminal turn as Marvel comic's Nightcrawler, and the end of the recent government shutdown. Special Guest: Dominique Holland


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